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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet 
John Page in 1737 bv King George II of 
England, was carried by his son, Nathaniel, 
who fought with the Bedford Minutemen at 
the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

JUN 2000 

S^Atl^^V^ 2.00C 


M M J Ae Way 

^eJfo^J, Ma 017^0 

Vol urv»e XVII 

rdix ix fde ycAl' 2.000, file cr?J of fdc rviil 

firv^c ivdcn JVC 

fAnf ycAK UcAiAxe if ix A ncfv Uginrring 

foK oppoKfunificX fvden eVe^Yorfe ivi|| 

U aMc fo xfAi-f om ot confinue fo 
xdinc. Ri^df tiotVj m cAti^i tnoiv ivdAf 

fdc fni[\H dolJx; ive only l^rroiv ifVfde cnJ 
of A firvic ivc dolJ r^oxf dcAi-. Wc dAVc aIivavx 

Ucn fAi4^df fo xdoof for f de Xf AKX, fo U fdc Uxf ivc 
CAn AhJ fo excel fo fde di^dexf Je^Kee. V/e leA^rreJ fo 

fAcfcfe A lincUctcr, ^♦'^P^^ <=|lAAjMfic 

fo cIaxx on fir>»e. Bi'er? fdoiA^d m enfei-ej dcre AX Anonyr^oux 
ftexdr^en Af^iJ fo XfAnJ ouf fror>» fde CKoivJ, fde 
xenior cIaxx noiv explojex ivifd Jixfincfion. rdAf 
Jixfincfion corviex fi-or^ four qhM f dAf 
tv€ AKe l^elKCfAnfly leAVin^ UdinJ. We 
Al'e f dAntful for oiAl' rnerviohex AnJ fol' 
fde leXXonx ive dAfe leAl^neJ f^or^i 6eJ- 
fo^J Wigd Tcdool. We dAVe Uen inxpi^ej 
Ivifd A pKorviiXe of gl^oivfd, inJil'iJuAliXr^, AfiJ 
dAppneXXfdAf ivill XlA^ely te KAli^eJ AnJ cdeK- 

fxdej in fde nexf fdouxAnJ yeAi'X AnJ UyonJl 

qMfionx AnJ gef 

It's midnight, the moon shines down and a sort b 

: breeze is blowing. Almost 
the entire class of 2000 gathered in the high school parking lot for the traditional 
bleacher painting the night of the all night graduation party for the previous 
class. That night we officially became SENIORS! It was also the first time that 
the entire class gathered for an out of school activity. It was a little risky, a lot 
of fun and will be memorable 
for a long time. 

before flic Pi^or^... 

the class of 2000 spent the entire day transforming the gym into a 
jungle. With the aid of a few hammers and saws , a magnificent 
waterfall arose in the corner and thousands of red and yellow paper 

flowers bloomed. With a huge 
roll of green plastic and a few 
monkeys hanging on the 
vines, the gym looked 
like an amazing rainforest. 
The class had a wonderful 
time decorating for the prom 
and an even better time at the 

Prom Queen Catherine Hill and King 
Kevin Shephard 

Junior Prom Court: Talise Harris, Suzanne Kim, Catherine Hill, Alyssa MiUigan, Cirilia Rose, Mike Greicci, 
Larrv Brutti, Stephen Lv, Jon Boschetto, Kevin Shephard 

Andy Read and Crystal Salvi 

Sarah Mongalier and Meff Leonard 

Right: Eric Rogers, Jeff Dederian, 
Bobby Dutton 

Beth Ziulek and Mike Lindgens 

Right:Mike Gartland and Kristin Kremer 



Johnny Whallon, Amanda Colford, Christine Blanchard, Mark Duffany, Matt Gagnon, 
Andy Read, Crystal Salvi, Erik Lanza, Gail Connelly, Betsv Payne, Jimmv Higson 


Jon Boschetto, Suzanne Kim, Stephen Ly, Meredith McGowan, Eric Rogers, 
Tracey Gardini, Kristin McNamara, Jeff Dederian 

Left: Bethany Aiken and Vikram 

Nicole Volpicelli, Carrie Frank, Jon 

Above: Katie Busa and Karan Wadhera 
Below: Emily Perkins, Jimmy Higson, 
Nicole Gosine, Suzanne Kim and Katie 


Money.... what we won't do for it! No one 
likes doing it, but unfortunately most of us 
do not have an option. Working does not 
have too many perks, not only does it require 
hard work, but also lots of time, including 
most weekends. However, many of us have 
clothes to buy, cars to pay for, and for seniors, 
college. So it may not be fun, but work is an 
important part of most students' lives. 

Jimmy Higson packing the shelves. 

Jose Sanoja takes a 
break from bagging 
to smile at us. 


Crystal Salvi stops developing film to smile 
at the camera. 

Darren Harris smiles while he works. 

Kristy Tropeano smile. ..customer hos- 

,11 n-.ii o( 'vi>>ri- 


Maybe with this job Tom Blohm will have 
enough money to buy a pair of sneakers. 

T 4 

^^^^^^ ^^pa^VMP rl^^im^l 

Tricia McGreedy "hmmm... work. .run" 


Pep r^aIIy 

Stefan Iwanchuk takes a break from his drumming. 

Jimmy Lawrence, Eric Rogers, Beth Ziulek, and 
Stephen Ly cheer their class on. 

It is the time when there is the 
most amount of people crammed in 
one room. When the entire school is 
screaming and cheering. The pep 
rally preperations started the 
preceeding afternoon with the gym 
decorating, the different classes 
decorated their quarter of the gym 
with class pride. Then last period 
on Friday, all the students and 
teachers shuffled into the gym for 
the traditional yelling and the taunt- 
ing of the underclassroom. As usual 
it was all in good fun and 
everyone had a great time. 

■11 wet 

The Cheerleaders do their stuff. 

Crystal Salvi crowns Jeff Dederian as the king of toe 


f ^ V 

Shauna Crehan is superebly spir- 

Marcus McLeod speaks to the crowd . 

The Class of 2000 shows of their pride. 

Kathryn Brooks 
looks on with a 
sly smile. 


■ . 1 (J ' «v . .S_r; 

EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes into the Atlantic 
Ocean on October 31, itiiling all 217 people 
on board. Although suspicious actions of a 
pilot are under scrutiny by American and 
Egjptian officials, the cause of the crash 
remains a mystery. 

On October 12, the world's official population 
f hits 6 billion. The designated 6 billionth human 
is a baby boy born in Sarajevo. 

As part of Rome's continuing restoration, the 
■ city unveils a plan to create an 18,000-square-yard 
rambling space connecting the Imperial Forums 
with the Roman Forum. 

In September, 
more than 
300,000 Japanese 
are checked 
for radiation 
exposure after 
an inadvertent 
nuclear reaction 
at a uranium 
processing plant. 

In an October coup, the Pakistani army dismisses 
elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 
his government after Sharif announces the 
removal of his powerful military chief. General 
Pervaiz Musharraf. 

APA\lilf World Pholos 

'1 .1' 

Nearly a million ethnic Albanians flee Yugoslavia 
■ and thousands are killed after Serbs begin a 
violent ethnic cleansing campaign in 1998. 
Seventy-eight days of NATO bombing bring the 
war to an end in June. An international tribunal 
later charges Yugoslav President Slobodan 
Milosevic with crimes against humanity. 

iritain's Prince Edward marries 
>ngtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys- Jones 
n June 19. 

:uban Elian Gonzalez, 6, becomes 
ie center of a bitter citizenship 
ebate after surviving a November 
oat wreck off the Florida coast in 
'hich his mother dies. 

In a violent October coup, gunmen storm 
the Armenian Parliament and assassinate 
Prime Minister Vazgen Sarkisian and sue 
other top officials. 


n India, two trains collide head-on in August, 
killing 285 people and injuring more than 300. 
It is one of the worst train disasters in the 
country's history. 

Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is 
y unveiled in June after 21 years of restoration. 
The centimeter-by-centinaeter rehabilitation 

cost $7.7 million and involved 
.electronic microscopes. 

In September, Russia begins a military campaign 
against Chechen nationalists to regain control of 
the breakaway republic. More than 200,000 people 
flee the region, but a fierce rebel resistance 
stays to fight for control of the capital, Grozny 

in June, Thabo Mbeki succeeds President Nelson 
Mandela, South Africa's first democratically 
elected president. 

After almost nine years in power, Russian President 
Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation in Januar)' 
. Yeltsin names Prime Minister Vladimir Putin 
acting president pending elections in March. 

In September and October, powerful earthquakes 
strike around the globe, killing 15,000 people in 
Turkev, 1,450 in Taiwan and at least 122 in Greece. 

excavate 105 
mummies in a 
Egyptian tomb 
believed to contain 
a total of 10,000 
mummies. The 
necropolis will shed 
new light on the 
Greco-Roman era 
and will allow 
scholars to chart 
demographic data 
and the incidence 
of disease. 

Kennelh Garrell'NGS Imasp rollpftion 

On December 31, the U.S. returns control of 
the Panama Canal to Panama. Opened to the 
world in 1914, the canal is considered one of 
the greatest construction achievements in 
American history. 


In December, torrential rains cause Venezuela's 
worst natural disaster of the century. Mudslides 
and flash floods kill up to 30,000 people, while 
damage estimates run into the billions of dollars. 

Cartoonist Charles M. Schulz retires in January 
2000, bringing an end to PEANUTS, America's 
most popular comic strip for almost 50 years. 
Schulz dies in February, the night before his last 
strip runs in the national newspapers. 

As a way to boost tourism, Chicago displays 
301 life-size, fiberglass cows decorated by local 
artists. The public art exhibit lasts all summer 
until the cows are auctioned for charity. 

In July, John F. Kennedy Jr, 38, his wife, Carolyn 
Bessette Kennedy 33, and her sister, Lauren 
Bessette, 34, die in an airplane crash in the 
Atlantic Ocean near Martha's Vineyard. Kennedy 
a relatively inexperienced pilot, is believed to 
have become disoriented in heavy fog. 

Hurricane Floyd 
strikes the East 
Coast in September, 
killings! people and 
destroying over 
4,000 homes. North 
Carolina is hardest 
hit with total damages 
estimated at a record 
$6 billion. 

PEANUTS © Lniled Fealure Svndica: 

The drought of 1999 causes severe damage to 
■ Northeastern and mid-Atlantic farms. Several 
states impose mandatory water use restrictions 
and emergency federal loans are made available 
in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia ^ 
and West Virginia. 

Lewis and Clark's Native 
American guide Sacagawea 
is featured on a new 
gold-colored dollar coin 
released into circulation 
in early 2000. 

. Beginning in 1999, the U.S. Mint 
releases specially designed 
state quarters, the first 
five representing 
Georgia, Delaware, 
Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey By 2008, 
each state will have 
its own quarter 


A President Clinton announces the removal of 
the American bald eagle from the endangered 
species list. In 1999, there are over 5,800 
breeding pairs, an increase from 417 in 1963. 

A In November, a 60-foot log tower collapses at 
Texas A&M University, killing 12 students and 
injuring 27. The tower was to be burned at a 
traditional bonfire pep rally 

* k." 

On April 20, !999, the nation mourns after two 
students go on a shooting rampage at Columbine 
Higti School in Colorado, wounding 23 and liilling 
15, including themselves. Schools across the 
country take extensive security measures to 
ensure the safety of students and staff. 

In an effort to ease the burden on the traditional 

courts, most states now offer teen court for 
juvenile offenders. After determining guilt, a jury of 
teens along with a judge decides the sentence, 
typically community service and financial restitution. 

In November, protesters at the World Trade 
Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle provoke a 
show of force by local, state and federal officers. 
Protesters blame the WTO for eroding human 
rights and labor and environmental standards. 

^ Despite 
" 30 years 
of official denial, 
in December a 
jury finds the 
assassination of 
Reverend Martin 
Luther King Jr 
was the result 
of a conspiracy, 
not the act of a 
lone gunman. 

An epidemic of rampage 

shootings intensifies America's growing concern 
over gun control. Many state legislatures pass new 
gun-control measures despite nationwide controversy 
over restrictions vs. Second Amendment rights. 

© Rip Schulke/Corbis 

A in August, a female panda is born at the San ' 

Diego Zoo. Hua Mei, which can mean "China USA' 
or "Splendid Beauty," is the first panda born in 
the Western Hemisphere in nearly a decade. 


A A bumper sticker invites drivers to call a 
toll-free number to report reckless driving. 
Officials hope the system will help parents stay 
informed about their teenagers' driving habits. 

In the first such admission by a cigarette 
manufacturer, Philip Morris publicly 
concedes tobacco is addictive and can 
cause serious diseases. 

Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy 
for a U.S. Senate seat from New York. 
As law requires, Clinton establishes New 
York residency in suburban Chappaqua. 


in September, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates 
and his wife Melinda announce the creation of the 
Gates Millennium Scholars Program. The Gateses 
will donate $1 billion over the next 20 years to 
finance scholarships for minority college students. 

FEELit technology allows users to experience 
y computer technology through their mouse. Users 
can "feel" buttons, text, the weight of a stuffed 
desktop folder and the groove of a scroll bar 

Fifteen-year-old Amber Ramirez undergoes surgery 
in which half of her brain is removed to stop the 
spread of a rare neurological disease. Doctors 
hope the remaining portion of Ramirez's brain will 
compensate for the removed tissue. 

In August, NASA releases photos from the Chandra 
X-ray orbiting telescope of a hot cloud of gas from a 
star that exploded more than three centuries ago. 
The telescope took 23 years and $1 billion to develop. 

In an epilepsy treatment 
breakthrough, surgeons 
implant a "pacemaker" 
into the chest with a 
nerve stimulator 

/connected to 
the brain. The 
unit can last up to 
five years. 

A The Java Ring contains a computer chip providmg 
electronic access into buildings for students. 
Eventually the ring could be used as a library card, 
digital wallet, electronic ID and authentication for 
students' online homework. 

The body of a 23,000-year-old woolly mammoth is 
discovered in October frozen in the Russian tundra. 
Study of the preserved fur, organs and soft tissue 
could unlock the mystery of why the species died out. 

Cyberonics, Inc 

A In August, U.S. surgeons begin using computer- 
"IP^" enhanced robotic technology for heart bypass 
surgery. Because the chest cavity is never 
opened, this technique reduces pain and 
shortens recover\' time. 


On August 1 1, the last total solar eclipse of 
the millennium crosses the globe. Thousands 
of people from Canada to India experience 
daytime darkness during which the moon 
completely covers the sun. 


The jawbones of two kangaroo-sized dinosaurs 
y are discovered in Madagascar in October. Dated 
to the early Triassic period, 230 million years 
ago, the bones could be the oldest dinosaur 
fossils ever found. 

Parents, mlh help from their doctor, select 
the gender of their baby using a technique 
called MicroSort, which separates X-bearing 
(female-determining) and Y-bearing 
(male-determining) sperm. The success 
rate is about 92 percent for females and 
69 percent for males. 

A new board game. 
Infection, hits stores in 
Fun and educational, players race around the board 
catching diseases, described in detail, and trying to 
be cured. 

In October, Sea Launch Company a multi-national 
' consortium, launches the first commercial satellite 
into space from a floating platform in the Pacific 
Ocean. Boeing is a major partner in the venture, 
along with companies in Russia, Ukraine and Norway 

In October, 
biologists isolate 
one of the 
enzymes that 
sets Alzheimer's 
disease in motion. 
This scientific 
discovery Viill 
lead to new 
treatments and, 
possibly a cure. 
Over 4 million 
including former 
President Ronald 
Reagan, are living 
with the disease. 

A Researchers report they have successfully 
"^P" altered the learning and memory behavior of 
mice by inserting a gene into their brains. 
This genetic-engineering breakthrough may be 
helpful in treating human learning disorders 
and Alzheimer's disease. 

To mark the 30th anniversary of the first moon 
landing, astronaut Neil Armstrong's lunar 
footprint is featured on a 1999 postage stamp. 

The fashion accessory of 1999 goes by many 
names -power beads, mood beads and prayer 
beads. Many sellers claim the beads boost 
tranquility, energy, creativity and intelligence. 

Airnnes Deg.,. .uo^,,,,,^ wuuv.ui^ n,-,„^„^ 
entertainment systems that allow passengers 
to watch movies, play computer games, listen to 
music, read headlines or browse the Internet. 

increase in cell 
phones, many 
cities enact laws 
restricting their 
use while driving. 
Restaurants and 
theaters are also 
requiring patrons 
to turn phones 
off as a courtesy 
to others. 


A Apple Computer introduces its new iBook laptop 
in September. The super-slim, neon-colored 
units follow the highly successful launch of the 
translucent iMac desktop. 

In August, a Levi Strauss & Co. megastore opens 
in San Francisco. The store features a hot tub 
where shoppers can soak in their jeans for the 
perfect fit and a computer-scanning system to 
help customers get the right size. 

In December, Honda introduces Insight, 
a car that combines a conventional 
gasoline engine with a small electric 
motor, decreases ozone and carbon 
dioxide emissions and gets 80 mpg. 

Several companies offer "digital wallets" 
for teens who want to shop online 
but don't have credit cards. Parents 
deposit money into an online account; 
then teens can spend the money at 
"'esignated Web sites. 


A new line of scented candles called Aromapharmacy 
■ comes in amber glass containers and looks like 
prescription drug bottles with creative names such 
as Ritalert, Cramprin and Valiumello. 

A Magellan, a satellite navigation system for 
motorists, offers complete U.S. mapping data, 
voice and visual instructions in seven languages, 
turn-by-turn directions and a library of points 
of interest. 

A growing number of U.S. school cafeterias offer 
pruneburgers, a healthy low-fat combination 
of hamburger and prune puree. Other prune 
items in the works include hot dogs, pizza sauce, 
barbecue sauce and gingerbread cookies. 


f of Sega s highly anticipated Dreamcast system in 
the first 24 hours after its launch in September. 

ABC's summer fill-in quiz show "Who Wants 
to Be a Millionaire," with host Regis Philbin, 
returns in November and is a huge hit with 
viewers. By January 2000, several major networks 
launch quiz shows of their own. 

The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley 
Joel Osment is the No. I box office hit for five 
consecutive weekends in the summer. 

After 19 
Susan Lucci finally 
wins an Emmy 
Award for best 
actress in a 
daytime drama 
series for her role 
as Erica Kane on 
the ABC soap opera 
"All My Children." 

Launched in January 1999, MTVs "The Tom Green 
Show" becomes one of the season's most popular 
shows. The Canadian host's bizarre man-on-the- 
street pranks are the show's main attraction. 

The Blair Witch Project, the year's surprise movie 
hit, is the documentary-style footage of three 
students lost in the Maryland woods and 
threatened by the presumed Blair Witch. The film 
costs $100,000 to make and grosses $140 million. 

A Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves "Party of Five" to star in 
her own Fox television drama, "Time of Your Life." 
The show focuses on Hewitt's character trying 
to make it in New York while searching for her 
biological father. 


In June, Mike Myers' sequel Austin Powers: The 
" Spy Who Shagged Me proves to be a bigger hit 
than the 1997 original. Dr. Evil's alter ego Mini-Me 
is extremely popular even though he has no lines. 

American Beaut)', starring Kevin Spacey, Annette 
y Bening and Thora Birch, raptures the Golden 
Globe Best Drama Award. The dark satire of 
suburbia and family dysfunction receives a total 
of six Golden Globe nominations. 

In September, the New Roc City entertainment 
center opens in New York. The complex includes 
an amusement park ride on the roof, two skating 
rinks, 19 movie screens, restaurants, an arcade, a 
health club, a supermarket and a hotel. 

The Talented Mr. Ripley, starring Matt Damon, 
Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Gate Blanchett, 
opens in December and earns popular and 
critical praise. 

U.S. sales of music by Latin artists shoot up 
48 percent in the first quarter of 1999 thanks 
to artists such as Ricicy Martin, Jennifer Lopez, 
Enrique iglesias and Marc Anthony. 

Superstar Mariah Carey releases Rainbow in 
November and begins a world tour in February 
2000. Carey is named Billboard Music Awards Artist 
of the Decade and is awarded the distinguished 
American Music Award of Achievement. 

Released in June, Santana's Supernatural shoots 
up the Billboard album chart, sells over 6 milhon 
copies, and earns 10 Grammy nominations. 


Saturday Night Live: The 
Musical Performances 
Volumes I &nd 2 are 
released in September. 
The CDs feature 30 of the 
musical acts that have 
appeared on SNL over the 
past 25 years. 

Limp Bizkit leads the way in the resurgence of 
rock music, along with Kid Rock and Korn. In 
September, MTV showcases the trend by airing 
"1999: Return of the Rock," which examines the 
history and future of rock music. 

Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton and the 
Dixie Chicks are a few musicians 
who rock Central Park in a first-ever 
trimulcast concert seen and heard 
on the radio, television and Internet. 

More than 1 million viewers tune 
in each weekday to vote on their 
favorite videos on MTV's "Total 
Request Live" with host Carson Daly 
and popular musical guests. 

k Computer games feature big music stars on 
their soundtracks. Sheryl Crow contributes her 
talent to the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, 
Metallica to Hot Wheels Turbo Racing and 
Naughty by Nature to NBA Live 2000. 

'1; >t 

Backstreet Boys' Millennium wins the Billboard 
Music Awards Album of the Year and becomes 
the best-selling album of the year with over 10 
million copies sold. 

Lou Bega's 
rhythmic "Mambo 
No. 5" hits the 
Top 40 in August 
after selling 2 
million copies 
overseas and 
topping the chart 
in 15 countries. 

"NetAid,"a concert dedicated to relieve hunger 

and poverty, airs live in October on MTV, VHl, 
the BBC, as well as radio stations in 120 
nations, making it the widest-heard musical 
performance in history. 

In a strange twist, Garth Brooks releases the album 
The Life of Chris Gaines in which he pretends to 
be a fictional rock star. Gaines will be the main 
character in a movie called The Lamb, currently 
in development. 

Shania Twain becomes 
the first woman since 
1986 to win the Country 
Music Association's 
Entertainer of the Year 
Award at the 33rd annual 
awards show. 

MP3, technology 

that compresses sound into a very small 
file, becomes a popular alternative to 
the CD. MP3 files are dovmloaded from 
the Internet onto computers or portable 
player units, making it possible to take 
a personal music selection anywhere. 

VH 1 's "Concert of the Century" spotlights the 
*Y importance of music education in schools. The 

all-star show includes Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Eric J; 
Clapton and B.B. King, as well as high-profile actors. 

AP/Wide World Phoios 


Fiona Apple releases her long-awaited second 
album to rave reviews in November and begins 
a tour in February 2000. The album features a 
90-word title, which is commonly shortened to 
When the Pawn. 

After a successful New Year's Eve 
reunion performance, the Judds 
begin their first tour in almost 10 
years in February 2000. Since 
they disbanded in 1991, Naomi has 
recovered from Hepatitis C. 

Best New Artist Grammy nominee 
Christina Aguilera gives an exciting 
performance during the Super Bowl 
XXXIV halftime show. 


Ricky Martin takes the music industry by storm 
after his show-stopping performance at the 1999 
Grammy Awards show. Martin's first chart-topping 
single, "Livin' la Vida Loca," helps him win the 
Billboard Music Award for Male Artist of the Year. 


Lance Armstrong wins the 1999 Tour de France 
in July. Armstrong, who survived a three-year 
battle with testicular cancer, becomes the 
second American to vnn the event. 

The Dallas Stars beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 
in triple overtime to win the 1999 Stanley Cup 
championship, four games to two. 

David Cone of the New York Yankees pitches 
a perfect game against the Montreal Expos in 
July. Cone's feat is the 14th perfect game in 
modern baseball history. 

A Golf 

Payne Stewart is 
killed in a bizarre 
airplane accident 
in October After 
the airplane's 
takeoff from 
Florida, an 
apparent loss of 
cabin pressure 
everyone aboard. 
The aircraft flies 
on autopilot for 
four hours until it 
runs out of fuel 
and crashes in 
South Dakota. 

^ 'It 

In September, 
tennis phenom 
Serena Williams, 
17, overpowers 
Martina Hingis 
to win the 1999 
U.S. Open title. 

The St. Louis Rams stop the Tennessee Titans 
at the 1-yard line on a final play to save their 
23-16 Super Bowl XXXIV victory. 

Rust)' Jarrett/Ailsporl 

The Houston Comets earn their third straight 
WNBA championship in September, beating 
the New York Liberty 59-47 to win in three 
straight games. 

Dale Jarrett wins the 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup 
championship after a four-victory season. 

In the Januan' 
2000 Sugar Bowl, 
No. 1 Florida 
State beats No. 2 
Virginia Tech 
46-29 to capture 
the National 

Audit .Agdb^i uiiia the French Open in June 
y and becomes the fifth man ever to complete a 
career Grand Slam. Agassi goes on to win the 
U.S. Open in September. 

A In July, the U.S. women's soccer team wins the 
1999 World Cup by beating China 5-4 in penalty 
kicks following a 0-0 tie. More than 90,000 fans 
attend at the Rose Bowl and another 40 million 
watch on television. 

Travis Pastrana, 15, wins the gold medal in the X 
Games' inaugural Moto X freestyle motocross event. 
The fifth year of this ESPN-sponsored competition 
is held in San Francisco in June and July 

n June, 
the San 
Antonio Spurs win 
their first NBA 
championship by 
defeating the New 
Vi irk Knicks four 
games to one. 

A The U.S. team beats the European team to win 
golf's Ryder Cup at Brookline, Massachusetts, in 
September. The American's stirring comeback 
is marred by unruly galleries and a premature 
victory celebration. 

Twenty-year professional hockey veteran Wayne 
Gretzky announces his retirement in April 1999 
after setting or tying 61 records. Two months 
later, "The Great One" is inducted into the 
Hockey Hall of Fame. 


k Fearing the collapse of the world's banks, utilities 
and transportation systems, thousands of people 
stock up on food, water, money, ammunition and 
generators. After midnight, it soon becomes 
apparent that the preparations were unnecessary. 

The public and private sectors spend 
hundreds of millions of dollars to ward 
off the Y2K bug. The world lets out a 
sigh of relief after midnight strikes and 
no major computer malfunctions occur. 

The FBI wams of possible terrorist acts 
on New Year's Eve and stays on national 
alert throughout the celebration. After 
the arrest of one man with bomb-making 
materials, Seattle decides to cancel its 
Space Needle celebration. 


A surprising number of people, appalled by the 
e.xorbitant costs of travel and events, decide to stay 
home on New Year's Eve. Many companies and 
performers drastically slash prices as a last-minute lure. 

Primed in USA.© 2000 Jostensjnc 990381 (1742) 

CIaXX of 2-000 FAl/ori-feX 

MoVfc: ArvichCAr? Pie 
FooJ: Pf«A 

Muxic ViJeo: ^IWArrf If 
rliAf Way'' -^Ackff reef 

T»veA+crx, (lAfX f (lAf lool^ 

ivorn, AnJ xi Je-l>ui^r?x 

PerviAlc VocaIIxI: ^Ki+ncy w ^ 

Acfi^exx: JmIia floUi^fx . 

PltMXcx: '^CA^fnA/^ 

Acfoi^: A jArv. ^ArrJIer '^^o'^ Vour Mc^' 

rpoKfX TeArv^: ^oXfor? P.eJ 

MaIc VoCAlixf: P^fcjcy 

Ferv»A|e AfMefe: MIa 

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Son^i ''1 Vt/Arrf If rliAf 

TV rdoiv: PAfvxon'x Crce(c 


MAle Afdicfe: Nor^AI^ 

^iHx FAxdiorr: rdi^ugx, 

Td^ee-quAl^fel^ xleevej 
xdfrfX, ^liffer, TuU fopJ 
ArrJ f Ml-fle rrecfc XlveAfel^X. 

VJotiJitt BkaJ $1.79 
^Allon of MilM2-.?>9 

piU (24eXpi'.) $4.49 
Po+A+o CitlpX 

^rofvn Eg^T (Jozen) 

Ci^Al^cffeX $3.^9 
Mol/ie f^en+Al $^.40 
^oX+orr <^loU pAfly 

^^fy^ $1.^9 
Pay Pitone CaII $0.35 
PoX+A^e r+Ar^p $o.j^ 
Movic Tichf $?>.5o 

Tcliool Uricd $1.50 
S^fct Sc{\oo\ i^nc{\ 

^ CIaXX Pic+ure IVAX 

Wi^deXf FmcI PhCcX 
met Vestti Siotfy^ 
^BeJforJ pu+ Con- 
cot Ji fo xltArv^e 

in TliAnkr^ivfng 
Foo+1>aII ^Ar>^c 

Corv^pAcf Pixl^ $1^.99 

tcVfV BImc JcArrl $4<^ 

Coffee $1 
Corv^pufer fvi+(i every- 
fltfrTg $iico 
Cati of Colce $.75 
Ice CreArv^ Cone $1.75 
Wa+c(i $45 
lArge Clteele Pl«A 


CAnJy $0.^0 

4 BeJl^oor^ HoiAXe 

ByexllAJoK' $3.^9 
Concert T!c(ce+T $2-9.50 

2.5^^ TeleVfXion $2-?>9.99 

2^000 Thl^fA 

^longeX+In+el^VAl ^e+»veen 

^norv FaII-3o2- jAyx 

^MoX+ PopulAr college 
ApplieJ +0: Ufy^AXX Apiherxf 

^Prexf Jenf Clin+on jvat 


ToAT+er Oven $54-99 
VM MA^Azine $2-99 
1 Tutjecf NofeUofc 

McPonAlJV WArv>- 

{yHYAtt $0.?>9 
pAperbAcl^ Boole 

VeA^Uolc $50 

MfCrofvAl/e $473.4^ 

VCP. $139 

VW plAyer $300 

TlveA+xlliK $2.0 

lArgexf Fl^exdrv^en CIaXX 

in r^Any Y^'^*'^^ 
Mr. ^^^gg^n An J Mrx. 
PonnoVAn refire 
Briglt+exf Fi^ll Moon 
Bexf pArlcing to+ Pic- 

i\AYtS ^Mffi+i 

FowJitY Puff Foof Ull 

The long standing tradition of annual girl's football game continued this year. As 
always the senior girls played versus the junior girls the day before Thanksgiving right 
after school at Page Field. It was a very warm day which made it a wonderful game. 
Although the junior girls had more players, the seniors were able to beat them. Yeah! 

Tou^r?Arv»cr?f of pIavx 

P1^^/c ia;;^c full r\f ovrcllpnt ne'rfrw- " 

This years' Tournment of Plays was full of excellent perfor- 
mances. The freshmen opened with Making Nice , a "play within 
a plav" which impressively earned them the Best Ensemble 
Award. The Sophomores play, The Exeter Papers, was a mys- 
tery written by Dennis McDonald, which was about schoolgirls 
on a class trip to Italy. Episocies in the Life of an Author was a 
hilarious performance by the Junior Class. Andy Churella starred 

in this combination of sock puppets, a flat and a mysterioi 
man named Leon. The evening ended with the Seniors' wii 
ning perfomance, Of Widows and Vegetables . The audiem 
was reminded to say "No to Lentils" and learned that a ma 
can become pregnant if he gives a woman a zucchini. 1 
addition to the Best Play award, the senior class claimed Be 
Actor anci Actress for fabulous performances by Kara 
Wadhera and Merecieth McGowan. Congratulations to e 
who participated for an entertaining evening! 

By Lilian Belknap 

"Welcome, Lords and Ladies, to fair Bedfordshire!" So spoke the queen, 
as the Madrigal Singers invited their guests into the castle at JGMS for the 1 1th 
annual Madrigal Dinner. Along with the many student musicians, jugglers, 
and serving wenches, the sixteen Royals created for their audience an evening 
of entertainment, in which wee babes fought duels, lovers fled through 
forests, horse-racing was not fitting behavior for ladies, and a banana-eating 
prince was "not quite dead yet." Overall 'twas utterly enjovable, and said bv 
many to be "the best we've ever had." For there is no better pastime than 
sharing laughter, good food and music with good friends. 

Bv Lilian Belknap 


Richie Volpicelli drums during pit 

Vik Sridharan keeps up with the 
pace on his trumpet. 

Danielle DeMoss arrives late for 
practice as usual. 

Bethany Aiken accompanies Mr. 



The 1999-2000 Bedford High School music was How to Succeed in Business Without Really 
Trying. With its upbeat songs and 60s-style humor, the show was quite a change from past plays, 
and was a huge hit with the audiences. Under the direction of Barry Low and Deborah Peros- 
Finnell, the talented cast worked hard for three months to perfect the show. The cast members 
learned how to "Play it the Company Way," in between their many "Coffee Breaks." They also 
learned many valuable lessons, such as "A Secretary is not a Toy," "How to Apply for a Job," and 
they were all "Happy to Keep Their Dinner Warm," during those late night rehearals. The girls 
in the show wore pink "Paris Original," dresses that were simply stunning, as opposed to the 
usual "Frumpy," clothing. It was a great bonding experience to be in such a great "Brotherhood 
of Man." 

By: Katie Busa and Meredeth McGowan 

Left: The members of the pit are busy prac- _ 
ticing for the show. 

Above: Jeff Derderian and Katie Busa rest 
during play practice. 
Right above: Lauren Gray plays her flute. 
Right: Keep playing, Nicole. 

Left: Katie Busa, Jon Boschetto, Jesse Dill, 
Lydia Willsky, Jeff Derderian, Karan 
Wadhera, Dane Mahoney and Jose Sanoja 
practice their lines. 

Above: Kathryn Healy says "It's for you," to Jesse Ratichek 

Below: Lydia Willsky strikes 
a pose. 

Above: Brian Laundry and his saxo- 

Right: Kathryn Healy is exhausted 
from the strenuous practice and takes 
a nap. 

Below: What do you know, it's 
Mr. Low! 

Above: Jesse Dill reads his lines. 

Above: Mei-Mei Tang concen- 
trates on her music. 


A\k, CU'tH 

No man, for any considerable period, 
can wear one face to himself, and 
another to the multitude, withotit 
finally getting bewildered as to 
which maybe the truth. 
- The Scarlet Letter 
Poems hide. ..What we have to do is 
live in a way that lets us find them. 
- Naomi S. Nye 
In my experience there is no such 
thing as luck. 
- Obi Wan Kenobi 

pAniellc AdAr^T ' 

JexxicA ^mom 

Around and inside, I am everywh 
Ruling my mind, I am made o 
poiver. Started doivn below, but i 
going higher and higher. I'm mor 
I'm glorious. I'm supreme, I'm t. 
- Unknown 


hose be rubies, fairy favors; In their 
freckles live their savors. 
- A Midsummer Night's Dream 
Music is a good thing 
- Huck Finn 
es e'toiles.-seront toutes tes amies. 

- Le Petit Prince 

kvays a beautiful answer who asks 
a more beautiful question. 

- e.e. cummings 


A little nonsense now and then is 
relished by the wisest man. 
- Willy Wonka 
Perched on the loftiest throne in the 
world/We are still sitting on our own 
- Montaigne 

Ehr? Colleen ^oyJ 

ellcrj, Pcfky, Bt 

We did then what we knew how to 
do, and noiv that we know better we 
can do better. 
- Maya Angelou 
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a 
mystery. Today is a gift. Tliat is why 
we call it the present. 

- Anonymous 


- Chris Ryan 

Atl^Ail MAhe 

Wat'cha doing? K Bye! 
- Us 

You guys, I had THE best time. 

- Jesse 
Hi Motn! 

- Munky 

- Divina 

Got lost in Boston lookin' for the Tea 
- Limp Bizkit 
Nothing changes, just rearranges. 

- Kom 

fCA+e BlizAUfd 

NAncy ^oivell 


...And we'll just drift. Like the 
Fourth of July we become the 
sparkles of the sky. 

Isn't it nice to know Marilla, that 
tomorrow is a new day, with no 
mistakes in it yet. 
- Anne Shirley 
(Bang, Bang)It's after eleven. 
- Mom 

Bli^Ate+d Anne 

Tivo SHf 

Treasure each other in the 
recogttition that we do not know 
how long we shall have each other. 
- Joshua Loth Liebman 
Tts better to have loved and lost 
than to never have loved at all. 
- Arthur High Clough 
Dream as if you'll live forever, live 
as if you'll die today. 
-James Dean 


lAtryt ^fK+KJ, B»-K+f', lAivf-encio 

/ don't mind falling down and 
scraping up my knees, scars and 
stitches always fade and only 
strengthen me. - Guster 
I don't care who you used to be I 
don't care what you're gonna be 
Somebody tell me who they are. 
- Tlte Push Stars 
Keep it real and you'll find who's 
fake. - G. Love 

Don't he dismayed by good-byes. A 
fareivell is necessary before you can 

meet again. And meeting again, 
after moments of liftimes, is certain 
for those who are friends. 
- Richard Bach 

He has also set eternity in the hearts 
of man... 
- Eccl. 3:11 
...nymph, divine, and rare,/precious 

- A Midsummer Night's Dream III, 
21. 227-228 
- Lili 
- Betsy 
Usta! - Larry the Cucumber 
Good Luck!. 
- John Calvin 

<^Af| PAfrOA 

You're my sunshine after the rain, 
You're the cure against my fear and 
my pain, 'Cause I'm losing my mind 
lohen you're not around. It's all 
because of you. 

- 98 Degrees 

Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest 
until your Good, is Better, than your 

- Anonymous 

Jenrri, Jen, Jen CoDfiof, 
Jtun-Ay, Hippie 

]enn-ay, I think I ruined your 
roomates robe. 
- Shawn Riley 
How does it feel to be one of the 
beautiful people? 

- Charlie Manson 
Tliis is me, the greatest! 

- Matt Evjy 
There are two ways of meeting 
difficulties: you alter the difficulties 
or you alter yourself meeting them, 

- Phyllis Bottome 


The silent dog is the first to bite. 

- German Proverb 
Go crazy, Don, go crazy -I crash I- I 
think that ivas a little too crazy. 

- Stephen Ly 
Against boredom, even the gods 

themselves struggle in vain. 

- Nietzsche 
Anything under the sun is beautifid 

if you have the vision— it is the 
seeing of the thing that makes it so. - 
Charles W. Hawthorne 

Pine, Pijine 

Dream as if you'll live forever, live 
as if you'll die today. 
- James Dean 
Si Tu as un reve, accompli-le, ce sera 
le plus beau des cadeaux. 
- Moi 

On ne voit bieu qu'avec le coeur, ce 
qui est essentiel est invisible aux 

- Antoine de Saint Exupery 

rltAMHA Mac 

fliAunA Mac, rltArliAnnA 

To Go Far 
- Kathleen Crehan 
Our greatest glory is not in never 
failing, but in rising up every time 
we fail. 
- Raph Waldo Emerson 
Wlteresoever you go, go with all your 
- Confucius 

Jodr? CrofeAu Jr.! 

rde MAn 

/ atn ivhat I am, and that's all 
- Popeye 



Jeffrey PACey 


NicdolAT Pel^CA 

Uhhlt...Wcll my ivinshield zvipers 
aren't working and iihhh... I couldn't 
see and uhhh... the stop bar... I don't 
know sir. 
- Anonymous 
Nick slow dozvn, No! it's the 
Metallica experience. 

Mind over matter. 
- Dad 

It's not the changes in life that 
matter; it's how yon react to those 
changes — that makes you who you 
- Unknown 
Hey, it could happen. 

JeXfe Vt/llllArr. Pill 

PicMe, Pill 

Mack! Mack! Mack! 
- Donald Cameron 
This is baby! - Mrs. Krueger 
Wliere are you going with that 
sticker? - Jon Ko 
Spoink! - Stephen Ly 
That would take coordination. 
- Bethany Aiken 

JeXxicA Pee 

Jen, Porrot/Ar? 
ar Lady can you hear the wind 
blow, and if you know, your 
airway lays on the wispering 

- Led Zeppelin 
Wliat is Life? 

- Eminem 
there are two paths you can go 
but in the long run, there's still 
ne to change the road yotir on. 

- Led Zeppelin 
Can you feel it tonight? 

- Buck Cherry 

PArrielle PeMoTT 

t?Anie||ie, Angel 

Don't walk in front of me I may not 
follow; Don't walk behind me I may 
not lead; fust walk beside me and be 

my friend. - Anonymous 
If you judge people, you have no time 
to love them. - Mother Theresa 
We will SURVIVE!! - Tlie Fluties 
...I hope you've had the time ofyur 
life... -Green Day 

Jefferey P. 

Jeffy-J, NirijA, PArr, JP. TeUr+ierr 

To touch is to heal. To hurt is to 
steal, If you zvant to kiss the sky, 
Better learn how to kneel... 
- Bono 

Anytime I see something screetch 
across the room and latch onto 
someone's neck,... (See Stephen) 
- Jack Handey 

Rfc(iArJ lArviuel 
CtoWt Pf-for»AXXf 


It takes a big man to cnj, but it takes 
a bigger man to laugh at that man. 

- Jack Jandey 

If I ever stop liking violence I want 
you to shoot me. 
- Bart Simpson 
You're never a failure in life when 
you fall as long as you tri/ and get 

- Evil Knievel 

Life is not a problem to be solved, 
but a reality to be experienced. 
- Kienkegiiard 
Oh NO! 

A life of lazi7iess is different than a 
life of leisure. 

/ zvas bom to yodel. 

- Flying W. Wranglers 
Can I get you anything Klump? 

Juice? Coffee? Rack of Lamb? 

- The Nutty Professor 

I like the night life. I like to boogie. 

- So I Married an Axe Murderer 
Git along little dogies.- Hey Dude 

todiA A. Becks 

r am me and I am okay. - unknown 
Do not grieve over what you do not 
have, but instead be happy for wha 

you have. - Anonymous 
If you love someone, don't wait imt 

it's too late to tell them. 

- Anonymous 
Always treat others with kindne- 
for it may be their last memory i 

you. - Anonymous 
If it was meant to happen, it wilt 

- Anonymous 

Phncm, Pcen 

One can not collect all the beautiful 
shells on the beach. One can collect 
only a few, and they are more 
beautiful if they are few. 
- Anne Morrow Lindbergh 
I value the friend who for me finds 
time in his calendar, but I cherish the 
friend who for me doesn't consult 
his calendar. 
- Robert Brault 
A spoken luord is not a sparrow. 
Once it flies out you can't catch it. 
- Russian proverb 

FAfdiorJ i^ueerr, Wctret- 

ve love is friendship set on fire. 

- French Proverb 
In three ivords I can sum up 
ythinkg I've learned about life. It 

goes on. - Robert Frost 
vi't know the key to success, but 
key to failure is trying to please 

everybody. - Bill Cosby 
ve down the street from you...we 
tave three cars! - Carrie Frank 

CAr-oline, FMr»Mt, (^encvicfe, 6l 

Perfect people have no stories to 

- My Mother 
Whoever is happy will make others 

happy too. 

- Anne Frank 
Peeing your pants is the coolest. 

- Billy Madison. 

Me Ne. - Dick 
If we all follow the age old saying an 
eye for an eye we would all be left 
Erik, Pull up your pants. 
- Mr. Mod. 
You owe me a dollar 

- Anonymous 

y all don't look alike. 

- Jay Williams 

PArryA Iaum 

V, Peetcr-, Paw, PArjyA-lA, 

Life is a sleazy stranger and this is 
his favorite bar. - Ani DiFranco 
If you were a chicken you'd be 
downright impeccable. - Gonzo 
It's ground up bones. It's what I do 
at night. - Enviroman 
We Can't stop here! Tliis is bat 
countrif. - HST 
Love is a dangerous angel. F. Block 
Tlte problem for this cat - myself, 
isn't to get lost. - James Dean 

lA-f+dciv p. Bi'iY 

t is in games that many men 
discover the paradise. 
- Robert Lynd 

CrAig RAYrv^onJ 

CMi^A, CApfAirr CmI^, <^c|o, 

Show me a good loser and I'll show 
you an idiot. 
- Leo Durocher 
Oh, that Yodel was so good, I wish 
that I was eating it right now. 

- Homer Simpson 

Of course it was a tarantulasaurus 

- Matt O'Donnell 

Nicole J eAtreffc 

Nic, Ni^l^i, PAf, tCr?ic(:|crJAc(: 

We did then ivhat we knew how to 
do, and now that we know better we 
can do better. 

- Maya Angelou 

Hold fast your dreams! Within your 

heart keep one still, secret spot 
where dreams may go and, sheltered 
so, may thrive and grow. 

- Louise Driscoll 

Mic(lAe| CiY\tc6 

PaoIa VimtttK 


MAhc (^Y\tc6 

AnJi, ArrJr, PfeA, (^Htc{i, BJi 

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live 
as if you'll die today. 

- fames Dean 
Don't do anything stupid! 

- Griecci Parents 
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, 
you'll land among the stars. 

- Les Brown 
Love conquers all. 

- Virgil 

Rict, Ricky, RicU 

You got to be tough zvhen consumed 
by desire, Cause it's not enough to 
stand outside the fire. 

- Garth Brook 

Only those ivho dare to fail greatly 
can ever achieve greatly. 

- fohn Kennedy 

CA+ltel-lne ReUc 
le Will 

FA»'r»>el', Jo, JoTepkine, CAfl- 

See, 1 am sending an angel ahei 
you to guard you along the w 
- Exodus 23.20 
After a while you leam that eve 
shine bums if you get too mud 
plant your garden and decorate ji 
soul, instead of waiting for son\i 
to bring you floivers. 
- Shoffstall 


e 1. 1, 

'2- Pinf 

The miracle is not that I finished,. 
Tie miracle is that I had the courage 

to start. - Anonymous 
)on't savor each moment as though 
t was your last; cherish it as though 
it was your first. - Anonymous 
I am me, and I am okay... 
- Anonymous 

... I r • JirrWojArrA 

The only regrets in life are the 
chances not taken. 
- Anonymous 
Out of sight, out of mind. 
- Shaun 
Wltat the.... 
- Dad 

BlIenMelorr, WAferrhelonEllen, 
'..N., ^00, Bdn, fivellelle, #3, 
6BWI, EllerrUrTellfr) 

may laugh for no reason, but you, 
iiig me, will also laugh. Wlten I see 
oil laugh, I ivill laugh in response. 

- Madam Kataria 
We are the music makers and the 
dreamers of dreams. 
- Willy Wonka 
ielloooo LaLaLa! - Jerry Seinfeld 
Hey man, nice shot. 
- Filter 

r+effy, ^iriA, S^^\t^, ffceffon 

Life can move pretty fast, if you 
don't stop and look around every 
once and a while you could miss it. 

- Ferris Bueller 
Glad you made it. Welcome to the 

farjn. - Ryan Miller 
If in tzventy years it won't matter, 
don't worry about it. - SCI 

Km'i Ann, Kayc ^cai-, 

Tlie future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams. 

- Eleanor Roosevelt 
The minute you start talking about 
what you're going to do if you lose, 
you have lost. 
- George Shultz 

Be strong and courageous. Do not be 
terrified; do not be discouraged, for 
the Lord your God will be with you 
wherever you go. 
- Joshua 1:9 
I'd rather do nothing with you than 
something without you. 

- Anonymous 
Happiness is not having zvhat you 
want. It's wanting what you have. 

- Anonymous 


Think Positive 
-Eric Diiggan 
If you really want something, go get 

Never forget those who always 
stand by you.-me 

Jor7Af(iAn V. Ko 

Jon, J0n-(co, tox+tr, R-wl)en,Jor» 

ivlf (t file Jo£ 
You'll be glad we stayed, Cause we'll 
have it made. 
- The Mr. T Experience 
Well that 's a nice story. 
- Mr. Palmer 
fust don't forget to think about me. 
And I won't forget you. 
-Blink 182 

A friend in need is a friend indeed. 
- Anonymous 
Make yourself a blessing to someone. 
Your kind smile or pat on the back 
just might pull someone back from 
the edge. 

- Carmelia Elliot 

Love is a fruit in season at all times, 
and within reach of every hand. 

- Mother Tlteresa 

Tltere comes a time when one must 
risk all or sit forever with ones 
-Trevor Peterson 

Pok^IaX IcjIlAne 

Live fast, die young and leave a good 
looking corpse. 
- Lijnard Skynard 
These are things known and things 
unknown and betiveen are the doors. 
- Jim Morrison 


A little nonsense now and then is 
relished by the wisest men. 
- W. Wonka 
Wlien you're content to be yourself & 
don't compare or compete, everyone 

will respect you. - Lao Tzu 
20 dollars can buy many peanuts! 

- Homer Simpson 
Seriousness is the only refuge of the 
shallow. - Oscar Wilde 

jAn fite MArr, Jiii 

When you have the challenge you 
feel the hunger for the gatne, the love 
for the game, the attitude of coming 

in and working harder in practice. 

- Michael Jackson 

Let your light shine so before men, 
that they may see your good works, 
and glorify your Father which is in 

- St. Matthew 5.-6 

Vf{\r\nj\ Mfc(iAe| 

Mib, P.Mitt, P. "Mic", Mictey 

W/iaf is the air velocity of a laiden 

- Monty Python 


- Harry Anderson 

Of all the flowers me thinks a rose is 

- RoooooaaaarrrH! 
- William Shakespeare 

tyllciour, ^oo-^oo, (^roTj", Jlg^Y> 
fly, cdopj-ficlt, SUien Vt 

No, she's NOT lookin' at you, dude! 

Will you quit askin' me if she's 
lookin' at you? She hasn't looked at 
you all. ..wait. ..she just looked. 
- Swingers 
OHHH! Tltat feels sooo good. I'm 
- Nicole 

...and the guy screams and tries to 
get it off. ..(see Karan W.) 
- Jack Handey 

Maz2A, MazJa, WouJa, Mutzo, 

If you lift weights everyday for the 
next tivo years. I think you might he 
able to get as big as me. 
- Shane Little 
I keep my friends close and my 
enemies even closer. 
- Sonny 

ex MicllAc' 
Ice McCaII 

C\^\^cV\t^t^t^l, "Too TaII" Mc( 

The future is a land unmapped, f< 
which no expedition has retunu 

- Unknoivn 
Life is a journey, not a guided tt 
- Seen on a T-Shirt 

siifKtit llffle 

S^^'^^^, 6oU, Fct+Kf 

Learn to live with what you have, 
beause many have less." -anonymous 
"Failure is the first step in 
succeeding. -Mchael Jordan 
"Dude, ...It's five o'ckock in the 
morning and I'm totally stoked right 
now." -me 
"Maybe if you lift weights for tzvo 
years, you'll be as big as I am." - 
Alex Marto 

cIiaJ Mac, C Mac, cItAppA CIiao, 
^wf ^fAf, Moore 

If you reach up as far as you can, 
God will bring down the rest of the 

way. - Unkoiun 
If you forget luhere you came from, 
you'll never get where you are going. 
- Unknown 
Tlie second you lose respect for an 
opponent is the same second you lose 
the battle. - Unknoivn 
It is not a game, it is a question of 
pride. - Coach Sabourin 
"Enthusiasm, Effort, Emotion" 

JeXxicA MA+el^rrA 



Ht MAn 

Dan's not short, he's contpac 
Know your role. 
- Tlie Rock 
I didn't do it, Jimmy did it. 


ife's truest happiness is found in 
endships we make along the way. 

- Unknown 

/oti fall I will catch yon. I will be 
ivaiting, time after time. 
- Cindy Lauper 
Every man dies, Not every man 
really lives, 

- Braveheart 

CfrrJxeY Micdclle 

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is 
just to love, and be loved in return. 

- Nat King Cole 

If you judge people, you have no time 
to love them. 

- Mother Tlieresa 

The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their dreams. 
- Eleanor Roosevelt 

VaUxxa MclcAn 


Je-fX, Jtjj-ie, Jej-j-rtUII 

Educated in a small town. 
- John Mellancamp 
I find the one great thing in this 
irld is not so much where we stand 
; in what direction we are moving. 
< reach the port of heaven, we must 
ail sometimes with the ivind and 
ometimes against it, but ive must 
lil, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. 
- Oliver Wendell Holmes 

Makmt McteoJ 

Mic(lAcl floUK 


Ml|c£, M\Uy, CApfAln, Citlef, Mr, 

CAfviAro, WoJftfJ' 
Give me back my pants and we can 
get down to business. 
- Mat OD to Chad 
If you can't impress them with 
intelligence, baffle 'em with bs. 
- Anonymous 
You get out of it exactly what you 

put into it. - Anonymous 
Remeber that time when Chad... 
- Brian 


6, B-i-oc 

There is only one life to live, but 
many ways to live it. 
- T.S. 

I am successful today because I 
surrounded myself with people who 
were larger than me. 
- Mev Pat 
Nah yo, Yeah yo 
- The toddler who stuffered 
gorgonzola cheese in people's 
A whole lot' a bouty. 
- Marcy Pryce 


PfA+lt^Irl, JrtWA, (CAfcltoo, H\^^t\ 

We who have become free spirits are 
the first to understand what nineteen 
centuries have misunderstood. 
- Friedrich Nietzsche 
I don't talk like a robot. 

- Mike 

This is just a bwtch of dead people. 
Bickfords ' got food! 

- Andy 

We are not in Kansas anymore Alice. 

6|;2aU+(i j 



P^An jAr^ex NolAr? 

Way^o, WAYne, (^irezty, NoIad, 

Queen of Victory pray for us. 

- Coach Sabourin 
Wliat's ivith the Army guy? 
- Kinds from Winchester 
In a row? 
- guy in Clerks 

Be+jy, e>tiz, ^uUa 

77/e thing that goes the farthet 
towards making life worth whi 
that costs the least and does tl 
most is just a pleasant smile. 
- Anonymous 
- Katie 

Use your head rather than for a 

^lyxxA Millf^Ar? 

IYTt, Tirit, VAnkr, A| 

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare 
- Walt Disney 
Maybe this year will he better that 
the last I can't remeber all the times 
I tried to tell myself to hold on to 

these moments as they pass. 

- Counting Crows 

It's not whether you fall down, it's 
whether you get back up. 

- Vince Lombardi 


It's alright letting yourself go, as 
long as you can get yourself back. 
- Mick Jagger 
I guess this is growing up. 

- Mark Hoppus 
Come Original. 

- Nick Hexum 

You guys, I had THE best time. 
- Jesse 

flAyriA B. Oier? 

RAirry, Ray,P-ay, P-Ain 

Whether you turn to the right or to 
the left, your ears will hear a voice 
behind you, saying, this is the way - 
walk in it. 
- Isiah 30:21 NTV 
People need love, especially when 
they don't deserve it. 
- Anonymous 

Citlctie, BrwrnY'-o'* 

I can do all things through Chri 
who strengthens me. 

- Philippians 4:13 
Wlioever is happy ivill make oth 

happy too. 
- Anne Frank 
I'd like people to think of me a 
someone who cares about then 

- Princess Diana 

\4arcie, Marc, Little Bit, Munchkin, 
Poos, Dionee, Pinkie, Baby Girl, 

- Anonymous 

The only rose without a thorn is 
- Fortune Cookie 
The relentless pursuit of happiness 
has often driven people crazy and 
now. ..because of you. ..1 am sane. 

- Marcus M. 

I'm painting a unique art form that 
others can only trace. 
-Peter Lopes U 

AriA R^Affv^onJi 

Some of God's greatest gifts are 
unanswerd prayers. 
- Garth Brooks 
Tiis key looks like it might go to a 

- Mr. Reagan 

m going to buy some tennis shoes. 

- Amity Smith 

^ing the best at this moment puts 
you in the best place for the next 


- Oprah 

Our greatest glory is not in never 
failing, but in rising up every time 
we fail. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Winning isn't everi/thing, wanting to 

- Anonymous 
United lue stand, divided ive fall. 
Together we are what we can't be 
- Dropkick Murphys 

(CcnJl^A P.eiry»Ar? 

/ haven't lost a step, only gained. 
- Alex M. 
Sara! You like it... 
- Justin 

B\rk (lowers 

EJ, EAry-B, Rocto, eJ'cI^o 

Any dream can come true if you 
make it happen. 

- Anonymous 

To live is the rarest thing in the 
world. Most people exist, that is all. 

- Oscar Wilde 

... And remeber, keep that chin up and 
- Tracey 

C!r!|iA RoJc 

CfCfiliA, RiA, Purnfny, Celery, 

A quick tongue, a good eye a sharp 
mind and a pure soul a frail frame 
but a strong heart will not fall 
without a fight. 

I like to live in America. 
- Richard Ditomassi 


J W 

No Photo 

^ r 

Some people come into our lives and 
go quickly. Some stay for awhile 
and leave footprints on our hearts. 
And we are never, ever the same. 

- Anonymous 
I was bom country, and country is 
what I'll always be. 
- Alabama 
Age is mostly a matter of mind. 

ICev, Ktevin, ICeVAno, \CevcOf 

Oh Lord, let my words be sweet and 
tender for tomorrow I may have to 
eat them. 
- Anonymous 
Some people exist just to annoy me !! 
- Garfield 
Geez Louis... 

WJiere's the waitress. .oops. 

Jennifer RoTe Sff^\' 

Jen Smith Class of 2000 
Tliat's what I'm talking abou 

- Anonymous 

- Anonymous 
Gosh dang it. 

- Anonymous 

Do you have any pain killer? 

- Anonymous 
Oh come on! 

- Anonymous 

VilAf, ViUog 
This is important! This is a physi 
- Mrs. Knieger 
Wliat, the curtains? 
- Monty Python 
Pipe! - Chris R. 
Listen to me! I'm getting exciter 

- Katie C. 
It's a cucumber you jerk! - O.D.^ 

And don't come back. 

- Me, to Chad 

h, I kinda missed the boat on that 
- Brian 
I am the law. 

- Judge Dredd 

I'm hom again. ..with snake's 
eyes...becoming...God size. 
- Pantera 

Juice, Juiced, J Micy, Ji4ic£-rnAr» 

Life ivill find a way. 
- Ian Malcom 
As the wise man says; you cannot 
run from your pants. 

- Andrezv Smith 

Big brother is watching you. 

- George Onvell 
Where's you enthusiasm? 

- Coach Sabourin 
Tlie last shall be first 

- Fremen saying 

Jer»r»Y, Jtf, J'Hf'-rhfi, Mirv>i, 

This above all: to thine own self be 

true, I And it must follow, as the 
night the day,/ Tliou canst not then 
be false to any man. 

- William Shakespeare 
Hoiv can you be certain that your 

ivhole life is not a dream? 
- Descartes 
I'm a dancing fool. 
- Josh 
Silly Mei... 

- Bethany, Lili, & Katie 

y rfAllion, Wdlff ^NaJ, tittle 
'rtJJy, RicA tcij, M\Ws htto, 

ust keep telling 7nyself you're on 

- Sara McCay 
You owe me a dollar. 

- Mike Gartland 
I got some lemonade, and 

- Kyle's Dad 


I wish to have no connection with 
any ship that does not sail fast, for I 
intend to go in harm's way. 
- Captain John Paul Jones 
I'm so tired. 
- Jimmy Lawrence 

♦ mm ■ %■% 'to. 

Nicole tynn 


Volpicelli, Tyler, T-Paiv^, pArmct 
Joe, JoJepltine,, V<\^^'^ V., pAfrhf 
Joe, JoJepltinc 

In matters of style, floiv with the 
current. In matters of principle, 
stand like a rock. 
- nomas Jefferson 
We can do no great things, only little 
things with great love. 

- Mother Tlieresa 

A friend loves at all times... 

- Proverbs 17:17 


NaI Alie JoAh 

You learn to like someone when you 
find out what makes them laugh, but 

you can never truly love someone 
until you find out what makes them 
- Anonymous 
Natalie, if you blow my car up, I'll 
kill you. 

There's a river of people I that run 
past my life I it's beautiful enough I 
just to watch it go by. 
- Ani DiFranco 

^c+k, ZJnlceY. Zoo, 

I've learned that you cannot make 
someone love you. All you can do is 
stalk them and hope they panic and 
give in. 
- Anonymous 
If you really want something in this 
life you have to work for it. Now 
quiet they're about to announce the 
lottery numbers. 
- Homer Simpson 

tcrnel, Ho+u, (CAren 

Bite my tongue for no otie. Call me 
evil or unbelievable. 
- Notorious BIG 
Soi-Cra-Tes! - Ryan K. and Me 
What you do is of little significance. 
But it is very important that you do 

it . - Mahatma Gandhi 
Baby, that was money! Tell me that 
wasn't money. - Swingers 

Seniors that have moved during our stay at Bedford High are still close to our hearts 
•ven though they will not be here with us at graduation. 

Jessica Barden 

Nina Cox 

Kristin Kremer 

Amy Hoffman 

Cynthia Sylvia 

Alex Richards 


J.P. Downs 

Coby O' Brian 

Kelly Alexander 

Bx^jt^ixifc BY^-r: Rktx Pup^ey adJ Jen Connor 

Lol/elicjf tockf: CiriliA Role AnJ 
TfcfAn IrvAnckut 

PAn^eroKl Pril/cn: ^efd ZIkIcIc AnJ SiiAtie Ciffic 

izlin^ PKcxxerx: Icj-Jxry BIa 
AnJ Makmx McteoJ 

Ar»J Nicole Volpialli 


\7^'- .... ■ 'A V-{^''''; TV- j 

Li'il i 1 1 i '>! "I'l'L'^i^fll'irilli I'ikMM Ii I 'I 

tcff: Ajr^iKAtle 

AnJ rfepdcr? 


(camu U^AJdeM 

AnJ (CA-fie ^UXA 



ArrJ CAI'he 


Ri^ltf: ToIaIIy ^'f^'^' t?Anic||c PcMco adJ Mite 


^t\oiv: S^ah fo Succeed: rfcpdcn ty AnJ rliAKriA 

MoTf lively fo Jl-op (til pADff in pi^Mlc: r(iAr?f tifflf 

Moxf lively fo lAr?j A jol> in A lif^li pAtJ Uxirrcn ftrn: tAi-ry 


MoTf lil^tly fo i)e A pKo fooft>All plAVci-: RyAfi (Ctrjnciy 
Moff lil^ely fo yoK A fviillion And one '^KexffonJ: Riclcy 

Moff likely fo fllj-oiv up on A police office^: Bht HeT^jKifA 
MoTf lil^ely fo (tAfe cnoK^ft TpACt fo fUorv fitc (loffcTf pAt-fy: 
Nic^: PeluCA 

MoTf lively fo jo^ fltl-oi^^lt a (ti^f-cicAne: Nicole Volpicelli 

MoTf lil^ely fo Itif A i>i|:e»': Viz ^Y^Jiy 

MoTf lihiy fo TfAll: rItAniA TlvAin: (Cel/in lltepAI-J 

MoTf lively fo llAl/c A CI-iatIi on \^tY Tut>Tifufc feAcltcl-: Nicole 


MoTf lively fo Ucorv»e a profeTfionAl V}: ^ol>t>y Pi^ffon 
MoTf |il:e|y fo fAll on ^^tt »vAy Kp fde TfAirT: Merejifk 


MoTf lilcely fo nel/el' ^I'oiv: PinA Pl/inof 

MoTf lil^ely fo Tieep oufTiJe penivAy: VAVt lACltAI-ifc 

MoTf |i|cely fo crATlt ina CAt- f ivice in one »vceh NAf Alie 


MoTf lil^ely fo fAll in loi'e ivifd A TAAtApltonc: ^j-iAn tAudry 

MoTf lihiy fo (tAl/e A ^ueTf AppeAKAnce on "xlte Tify^pTonT": 
MeKedifit leonA^d 

MoTf lilccly fo TfcAl yoi4>' clofdeT: Jl4Tfin S{. Uivrence 
MoTf lively fo U ^oddeTT of Anir^^Al phnff: Tam Mon^Alier 

MoTf lihiy fo UeAl^ A TlveAf »vAl|cin^ do»vn fite (iaII: Cm'i 

MoTf lil^ely fo U A fAxltion <|ueen: (ChTTy BIa 

MoTf lil^ely fo eAf A yodel el/eiydAy {oY fde KeTf of ItiT life: 

CKAi^ ^^cloKfv.ini 

MoTf lively fo join file ry>i|ifA»y: ^KAndon i'focl^ivell 

MoTf lihiy fo lAufld Knfil Tde fi4»'nT pKtple: Bllen HKr>iplth 

MoTf lively fo ^ef loTf fltl-ce fir^eT dhfin^ fo fde ^t^J-lin^fc 

MaII: PAnyA <^oodr»An 

MoTf lively fo U cnfduTiATfic At>oKf ^oin^ fo A TuperrvjAI-^ 
(Crtfie ^iaTA 

MoTf lively fo ItAl/e An AffA^ ivifd A pdyTicT fcAcdej-: AnA 

MoTf lively fo TfAll^ fde ^Ackffl-eef ^oyT: (CAfie Boivell 
MoTf lil^ely fo dAl/e fivo TKl-^eheT in one ycAf: ^efd 2il4|e|c 
And Bl'ic Ro^et-T 

MoTf lil^ely fo t>e Af ^etfKCci'T: Afv^ify Tr^ifd And Ricl^y 

MoTf likely fo fdinl^ Tde Tin^T UffeK fdAn fde Mdio: And» 

Moff lil^ely fo l>e eAfin^ An Apple: TfefAn IlvAncd^lc 
MoTf lil^ely fo Af^Ut AboKf nofdin^: Cil'iliA RoTc 
MoTf lively fo nel/el- fell fde ffMfd: I^AYAn WAddej-A 
MoTf ij-teTfiMe fo (vorxen: JeTTc Pill 
MoTf likely fo TpA2 ouf Al>oKf cdicl^en Mcnu^^efT: rfepdci 

MoTf lil^ely fo Ucofvie fAr^oi^T: tAe^An 


This is the preparatory year before your turbulent and exciting college experie 
f begins. ...enjoy it while you can! SAT's will dominate your thoughts. You will be constaiiy 

l| ir» I 1^ p comparing yourself with peers to find out who did better on what test. An onslaught of colL 
^1 ' ^ * catalogues and advice will flood you. This is the year when you get to know your counst 
better and start worrying about grades. This is also the year when you learn how to have f 
The Junior /Senior Semi-Formal and the Junior Prom are the highlights of the year when yt 
class pulls together and enjoys itself. Enjoy your year; one more and you're gone from 
hallowed halls of BHS. By Ellen Humphrey 

Andre Arzumanyan 


Brendon Baker 

John Bentley 

Jillian Bernardo 

Charles Bililies Christine Blanchard 

Christopher Bynoe 

Jenny Cargiuolo 

Zachary Carlson 

Matthew Carvey 


Maria Casella 

Matthew Castellana 

Andrea Chan-Moy 

Shira Charles 

Wei Chen 

David Cheng 

Rachel Ching 

Mark Donnelly 

Michelle Earl 

Kenneth Christie Andrew Churella 

Sarah Collins 

Monica Connarton 

Elizabeth De Weerd Kelin Dickerson 

Nicole Downs 

Jason Duggan 

Grachaun Dunn Christopher Duprey 

Robert Eaton 

Franscheska Eliza Krystel Eliza 


Scott Epple 

Kyle Gaertner 

Nathan Gray 

Pamela Hart 

Bonnie Feldman 

Shannon Pillion 

David Freedman 

Mark Giordano 

Nicole Girouard 

Colleen Gleason 

Peter Gray 

Kathryn Healy 

Stephen Hempton Kirk Henderson 


William Hillyard 

Heather Hodawanus Samuel Holland 

Terrance Horn 

Austin Friend 

Rebecca Gould 

Paul Higson 

Miguel laszczak 

Elizabeth Jacobs 


Emily Jamison Kristen Johannessen Michael Jones 

Rebecca Keating 

Stanley Knight 

James Kotwal 

Evan Lagasse 

Anna Larson 

Christina Lee 

Rachel Lehman 

Sarah Markow 

Thomas Lima 

Beth Lorusso 

Margot Lynn 

Thomas Matteo Christiana McCall 

Sara McCay 

Rebecca Magnone 

Patricia McCreedy 

Shane McDonald Morgan McDonough Barbara McElwain Lesley McGovern Patrick McGrath 


Tracv Samuels 

Jose Sanoja 

Laura Scaramelli 

Ian Sirois 

Sarah U 11 man 

Michael Warford 

Lauren Weeks 

John Whallon 

Lindsay Sternberg 

Alan Tomczykowski 

Richard Tomczykowski Meagan Tovado Gregory Trelegan Heather Twombly Jonathan Twombly 

Lydia Willsky 

Nicholas Wilson Matthew Winick Andrew Wotton 

Pawel Wrotek 


Congratulations, you have made it through a trying sophomor 
year. This is the year you will start worrying about driving am 
getting involved in the school. After most likely spreading yoursel 
thin in the music department, athletic department and other activitie 
you may find yourself taking up residency in hallways. This is th 
year when you will start to break away from parents and find yoursel 
within the school community... you will make a name for yoursell 
Have fun this year and do not be too scared by your driving instruc 

By Ellen Humphrey 


Jemini Abraham 

Timothy Adamow 

Jacqueline Adams 

Patrick Allen 

Eric Anzalone 

Rachel Arabasz Benjamin Armstrt 


Patrick Redmond James Reinhardt Joanna Reynolds 

Adam Rice 

Elie Rivoliier Bellmary Rodriguez Vincent Rose Katherine Rossin 

Nils Sandell 

Sheena Santos Michael Sargent 

John Saucier 

Ryan Simpson Steven Spellberg Meghan Spencer Peter Spencer 


As you make your way through the halls, trying to remember if your next class 
is in upper A or lower B, you may be intimidated by the upperclassmen and taller 
juniors. You may find yourself in class, checking your schedule and trying to plan 
the exact route to your next class including which side of the hall to walk on. 
Ahh.. Freshman year- the year of new experiences and responsibilities. Don't worry. 
You will soon be graduating and looking back to your first year in high school with 
fond memories. Never forget your past. By Ellen Humphrey 


Mark Ainato 

Alysia Bartok 

Julia Amirzadov 

Kathryn Anthony 

Sarah Armstrong Talor Aronson-Waint 

David Basile 

Lauri Baudanza 

Heather Baxter 

Heather Baylis 

Shamekia Comwell Hazel Corona 

Brenda Cortez Christopher Costa 

Justin Cronan 

Patrick De Priest 

Candice Duprey 

Robert Croteau 

Samuel Deans 

Marisa Demarco Nathanael Dem 

Keith Egan 

Joshua Feldman 

Matthew Fish 

David Gagnon 

Gregory Gannon Christopher Gartland 


Jason Kessler 

Nicole Lawrence 

Nikki Lua 

John Kipp 

Kathleen Kourian 

Ryan Lamb 

Jenna Lawson Christopher Leckband 

Kirsten Lundberg Robert Lundberg 

Tracy Luongo 

Cynthia Last 

Jung-Min Lee Mark Leonard 

Arthur Lusby 

Michael Lynch Brandon Magnuson Lindsay Mann 

Dorian Manning Matthew Marches' 

David Marks 

Benjamin Matema 

Christopher Matheson Jennifer McCormack 

Timothy Mcgrath 

Tucker Reimann Colin Richardson Jesse Robichaud Lillian Robinson 

Shawn Roe 

Bret Simpson 


Peter Stewart 

Jeffrey Taylor 


Sara Sabella 

David Salvi 

Karen Siegel 

Matthew Smith 

Nathan Smith 

Elyse Smith 


Jennifer Strachan Christopher Stuart 

Ian Sullivan 

Jamal Teque 

Katherine Thomas Joshua Thompson 

Kristina Tropeano 

Tara Tsoodle Chyrisse Valentine 

Jenelle Valliere 

make the 




Above: A bunch of NHSers anxious to give tours on the dav before school to the new 

Left: Officers: President Stephen Ly, Vice-President Suzanne Kim, Treasurer Shauna 
Crehan, Secretary Jon Boschetto (not pictured) 

NA-fforiAl Wonoi^ Sooth 


Stephen Ly, Suzanne Kim, Jon Boschetto, Shauna Crehan, Bethany Aiken, Daniel Baron, Kevin Baxter, LiUan Belknap, Larry Brutti, Kat 
Chapa, Danielle DeMeo, Danielle DeMoss, Jeff Derderian, Jesse Dill, Bobby Dutton, Dina Dvinov, Krissy Ela, Carrie Frank, Craig Gelormii 
Danya Goodman, Catherine Hill, Ellen Humphrey, Krystal Knight, Jon Ko, Dave LaCharite, Mike McEarland, Meredeth McGowan, Jes 
McGrath, Alyssa Milligan, Kevin Shepard, Amity Smith, Vik Sridharan, Justin Stern, Brandon Stockwell, Mei-Mei Tang, Meagan Tovad 
Natalie Wiener, Beth Ziulek, Don Cameron, Jin Ho Jang, Melody Lee, Lindsey McGrath, Brendon Baker, Jill Bernardo, Charles Bililit 
Kathryn Brooks, Jenny Cargiuolo, Matt Carvey, Shira Charles, Wei Chen, Dave Cheng, Andy Churella, Liz Deweerd, Catherine Ega 
Krystel Eliza, Shannon Pillion, Colleen Gleason, Becca Gould, Nathan Gray, Peter Gray, Kathryn Gregory, Kristen Johannessen, Jam 
KotwaL Anna Larson, Christina Lee, Beth Lorusso, Becca Magnone, Sarah Markow, Tom Matteo, John McGue, Ben Morgan-Clevelan 
Maura Neff, Erin O'Reilly, Brian Pantano, Derek Parham, Jesse Ratichek, Kevin Redmond, Nick Robichaud, Kim Robinson, Lau 
Scaramelli, Ben Stuhl, Alan Tomczykowski, Rich Tomczykowski, Heather Twombly, Sarah Ullman, John Whallon, Lydia Willsky, Dre 
Wotton, Pawel Wrotek. 

Right: Beth Ziulek, Stephen Ly, and 
Jon Ko await more freshmen. 


Senior Class of 2000: Advisor Mrs. Sullivan, Vice-President Ricky 
Harrington, Secretary Catherine Hill, Prom Committe Chairman Liz 
Brady, Advisor Mrs. Irving, Prom Committee Chairman Sara Mongalier, 
President Shauna Crehan, and Treasurer Brian Laundry 

)homores Class of 2002: Vice-President Mary-Kate 
Mamar, Treasurer Kate Valente, Secretary Dennis Griecci, 
I President Teddy Moy 


Freshmen Class of 2003: President Keith Egan, Vice-President 
Chris Minue, Treasurer Brett Boghigian, Secretary Lisa Paquette 
(not pictured) 

jLini(.)r^> Class of 2001: Co-President Josh Pierce, Prom Committee Chairman 
Jill Bernardo, Co-President Erin O'Reilly, Treasurer Leslie McGovern, Vice- 
President Andy Churella, Secretary Heather Twombly and Prom Commit- 
tee Chairman Becca Magnone 




Above Peer Leaders: Lilian Belknap, Erin Boyd, Larry Brutti, Katie Busa, Gail Connelly, Jen Connor, Shauna Crehan, Danielle DeMeo, Dam 
DeMoss, Jeff Derderian, Jesse Dill, Bobby Dutton, Dina Dvinov,Krissy Ela, Franscheska Eliza, Shannon Pillion, Craig Gelormini, Danya Goodrr 
Nicole Gosine, Andrea Griecci, Ellen Humphrey, Ryan Kennery, Jan Liechty, Mike Lindgens, Stephen Ly, Mike McParland, Meredeth McGow 
Lindsey McGrath, Kristen McNamara, Marcus McLeod, Betsy Payne, Emily Perkins, Eric Rogers, Anna Sabella, Tracy Samuels, Crystal Salvi, Ke 
Shepard, Jen Smith, Brandon Stockwell, Mei-Mei Tang, Nicole Volpicelli, Karan Wadhera, Lauren Weeks, Natalie Wiener, and Beth Ziulek. 


Front row: Talise Harris, Beth Lorusso, Nicole Gosine, Rayna Oien, Crystal Salvi. Back row: Jimmy Lawrence, Preston Kourian, and Ryan Kenn 

of AfviehCA 

ck row: Andy Churella, Katie Bowell, Danielle DeMoss, Shauna Crehan, Karan Wadhera. Front 
v: Dina Dvinov and Stephen Ly. 


ht: Craig Gelormini, Jon Boschetto, Betsy 
'ne and Shauna Crehan. 

I mmtm mm 

Left: Keith Egan, Shauna Crehan, Andy Churella, 
Jon Boschetto, Lindsey Harrington, Ricky 
Harrington, Larry Brutti, Mike McFarland, Dina 
Dvinov and Liz Brady. 


Above; Carrie Frank, Suzanne Kim, Stephen Ly, Shauna Crehan, Larry Brutti, Gail 
Connelly, Dina Dvinov, Krissy Ela, Pranitan Kulhom, Jimmy Lawrence, Mike Mead, 
Alyssa Milligan, Emily Perkins, Betsy Payne, Amity Smith, Mei-Mei Tang, Natalie 
Wiener, Beth Ziulek, Jill Bernardo, Kathryn Brooks, Monica Connarton, Liz Deweerd, 
Catherine Egan, Shannon Pillion, Nathan Gray, Jimmy Higson, Kristen Johannessen, 
Beth Lorusso, Becca Magnone, Meredith McLane, Sarah Minue, Erin O'Reilly, Laura 
Scaramelli, Lauren Weeks, Lydia Willsky, Rachel Arabasz, Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren 
Gray, Mary-Kate McNamara, Rachel Miller, Gunner Olson, Sarah Perkins, Mike 
Sargent, Sarah Sheppard, Chris Springer, Tony Tropeano, Steve Waite, David Webster, 
Kate Weston, Samantha Blanchard, Kellie Henderson, Betsy Holland, Rebecca 
Parkhurst, Peter Stewart, Danny Black, Colleen Gleason, Catherine Hill and Liz 


Above: Lauri Baudanza, Jen Caban, Bestey Holland, Rebecca Parkhurst, Colleen Reed, Sarah Arsenault, Jess Christin, Lauren 
Gray, Jessica Hamilton, Pam Harvey, Robin Lowe, Mary-Kate McNamara, Jeremy Oullette, Sarah Perkins, Joanna Reynolds, 
Sarah Shepard, Kate Valente, Ryan Wilson, Kathryn Brooks, Shira Charles, Sarah Collins, Monica Connarton, Liz Deweerd, 
Sha nnon Pillion, Colleen Gleason, Rebecca Gould, Lindsay Harrington, Jimmy Higson, Kristen Johannessen, Mike Jones, Anna 
Larson, Beth Lorusso, Meredith McLane, Erin O'Reilly, Josh Pierce, Laura Scaramelli, Sarah Ullman, Lauren Weeks, Katie Sylva, 
Stefan Iwanchuk, Jen Connor, Dina Dvinov, Craig Gelormini, Ana Raimondi, Jesse Dill, Liz Brady, Danielle DeMoss, Lilian 
Belknap, Jon Boschetto, Larry Brutti, Shauna Crehan, Danielle DeMeo, Jeff Derderian, Carrie Frank, Jinu Jang, Suzanne Kim, 
Jimmy Lawrence, Kristen McNamara, Meredeth McGowan, Alyssa Milligan, Emily Perkins, Amity Smith, Mei-Mei Tang, 
Nicole Volpicelli, Natalie Wiener, Pranitan Kulhom, Mike McParland and Catherine Egan 


Abtn e: Katherine Anthonv, Andy Churella, Anu Kaul, Pawel Wrotek, Derek Parham, David 
Cheng, Travis Wade, Liz Jacobs, Ben Stuhl, Samantha Richardson, Kate Wakkace, Jenny 
Carguiolo, Matt Waldron, Sam Holland, Meff Leonard, Danya Goodman, Becca Keating, Cassie 
Norton, Kathryn Healy, Bethany Aiken, and Dara Goodman. 

Above: 1st row: Bethany Aiken, Justin Stern, Mei-Mei Tang, Rebecca Gould, Kate Wallace, Katie 
Earl, Karan Wadhera, Alexis Rudd, Colleen Quinn, Steve Shamalian. 2nd row: Andrew Churella, 
Jeff Taylor, Brian Pantano, Stephen Ly, Stefan Iwanchuk, Jon Boschetto, Carrie Frank, Mike 
McFarland, Larry Brutti, Pat Redmond, Chris Springer, and Mike Debartolo 



Below 3rd row: Katherine Anthony, Jon 
Horowitz, Margot Lynn, Jenny Cargiuolo, Katie 
Bowell, Emily Jamison, Adam Lauziere, 2nd 
row; Mrs. Coyle, Courtney Campbell, Sarah 
Sheppard, Margaret Lowe, Heather Backman, 
Cassie Norton, Sam Holland, Jon Croteau, 1st 
row: Lilian Belknap, Shannon Pillion, Catherine 
Healey, Dara Goodman, Matt Waldron, Meff 
Leonard, Erin Boyd, Sara Mongalier, and 
Danva Goodman. 

Right 1st row: Sarah Sheppard, Mar- 
garet Lowe, Gina Fussi, Erin Boyd, 
Lilian Belknap, Shannon Pillion, 
Danya Goodman, Sara Mongalier, 
Sam Holland, Meff Leonard, Jon 
Horowitz, 2nd row: Courtney 
Campbell, Mrs. Coyle, Catherine 
Guisty, Katherine Anthony, Dara 
Goodman, Heather Backman, Kate 
Wallace, Emily Jamison, John 
Croteau, Andy Churella, 3rd row; 
Catherine Healy, Jenny Cargiuolo, 
Margot Lynn, Katie Bowell, Matt 
Waldron, Cassie Norton, and Adam 


Above: Ken Budka, Russ Venuti, 
Stephen Waskov, Chris Springer, 
Bobby Dutton, Ryan Wilson, Charles 
Bililies, Jacob Butrick, Patrick Allen, 
Jesse Ratichek, Dave Webster 

Above 3rd row: Jamie Vanaria, Lindsey Mann, Sara Arsenault, Ashley Campbell, Lauren Weeks, Liz 
Townsend, Shira Charles, Katie Rossin, Dennis Griecci, Katie Bowell, Erin O'Reilly, Becca Magnone, Ryan 
Wilson, Sarah Ullman, Leslie McGovern, 2nd row; Julia Stern, Jessica Christin, Nadia Darkezalli, Kate 
Weston, Sarah Sheppard, Courtney Campbell, 1st row: Katie Earl, Rachel Arabasz, Margaret Low, Alyssa 
Milligan, Anna Sabella, Lvdia Wilsky, Kristin Johannessen, Maura Neff, Liz Deweerd, Danya Goodman, and 
Ellen Humphrey 


Above: Philip Aiktii, barah Armstrong, Talor Aronson-Waintrup, Lauri Baudanza, 1 leather Baylis, Jill Bernardo, Charles Bililies, Chris Byr 
Adam Chan, Shira Charles, Danielle DeMeo, Liz DeWeerd, Kalin Dickerson, Whitney Dorer, Dina Dvinov, Robert Eaton, Catherine Eg 
Kristen Ela, Scott Epple, Shannon Fillion, Carrie Frank, Colleen Gleason, Rebecca Gould, Peter Gray, Tyler Gray, Jessica Hamilton, Lind 
Harrington, Catherine Hill, Will Hillyard, Martin Jaffer, Suzanne Kim, Lauren LeBlanc, Kurt Liechty, Lindsey Mann, Sarah Markow, T 
Matteo, Jessica Materna, Lindsey McGrath, Meredith McLane, Jacklyn Meyer, Rachel Miller, Alyssa Milligan, Sarah Minue, Jennie Moon 
Tom Moran, Jeremy Ouelette, Brian Pantano, Emily Perkins, Josh Pierce, Colleen Quinn, Daniel Raimondi, Nick Robichaud, Alexis Rudd, Ai 
Sabella, Chris Springer, Natalie Wiener, Dante Winteroth, and Beth Ziulek. 

Arv»ehCAr7 pielJ St\rvkt 


Above: Robin Lowe, Amandine Coulombe, Dina Dvinov, Mark Donnelly, Shauna Crehan, Suzanne Kim, Jon Boschetto, Danielle DeMoss, 
Steven Hempton, Mike Lindgens, Pranitan Kulhom, Gail Connelly, Natalie Wiener, Beth Ziulek, Kate Watson, Katie Bowell, Sarah 
Perkins, Joanna Reynolds, and Mrs. Allen 

e: Bethany Aiken, AmandmL' Lolombe, Sarah Arsenault, Alysia Bartole, Heather Baxter, Lilian Belknap, Christine Blanchard, Samantha 
hard, Liz Brady, Kathryn Brooks, Jenny Cargiullo, David Cheng, Andrew Churella, Tim Churella, Monica Connarton, Dan Conway, Rob 
au, Sam Deans, Jeff Derderian, Lindsay Dill, Lori Duffany, Carrie Frank, David Freedman, Dave Gagnon, Kathryn Healy, Kellie Henderson, 
rine Hill, Betsy Holland, Kristen Johannessen, Kurt Johannessen, Christine Kennedy, James Kotwal, Danielle Lagasse, Evan Lagase, Ken 
Aike Lindgens, Beth Lorusso, Stephan Ly, Becca Magnone, Meredeth McGowan, Maura Neff, Erin O'Reilly, Rebecca Parkhurst, Lisa 
;tte. Heather Reid, Kim Robinson, Laura Scaramelli, Karen Siegel, Peter Stewart, Christ Stuart, Mei-Mei Tang, Alex Tousignat, Rebecca 
, Tony Tropeano, Nicole Volpicelli, Karan Wadhera, Lauren Weeks, Chris Wilkin, Pawel Wrotek 

e: Erin Boyd, Zack Carlson, Sarah Collins, Mark Donnelly, Jason Duggan, Craig Gelormini, Andrea Griecci, Christina Lee, Jan Liechty, 
Roe, Jill Bernardo, Danielle DeMeo, Alex Herz, Dan Lefebvre, Meredith McLane, Mike Mead, Danny Raimondi, Kevin Redmond, James 
lardt, Elie Rivollier, Josh Savitch, Sarah Sheppard, Sarah UUman, Craig Warrington, Nadia Darkazalli, Liz DeWeerd, Jimmy Fagan, 
Vlatteo, Mary-Kate McNamara, Christian Sullivan, Kate Valente, Jessica Christin, Dave Lefebvre, Brett Boghigian, Adam Collins, Mike 
?r, Nicole Gosine, Danielle landli, Alex Iwanchuk, Jason Kessler, Kara Perry, CiriHa Rose, Amity Smith, Jeff Tate, Lauren Weeks, Lydia 
ky. Matt Winick, Nancy Yeh, Chris Duprey, Rich Tomczykowski, Scott Epple, Peter Gray, Frank Lentine, Juliet Lima, Alan 
:zykowski, Jon Twombly, Shira Charles, Shauna Crehan, Jessie McGrath, Ellen Humphrey, Danielle DeMoss 




C Flight First Element 

Timothy McGrath, David Pace, Jacob Buttrick, Bret Simpson. 
Chris Gallagher, Benjamin Worsowicz, Michael Busa, Tom Blohm. 
Joceylnne Cloukev, April Libby, Danielle LaGasse, Nakeon Barrow 

B Flight First Element Alysia Bar 
Dwyer, Adonsia Grant, John Har 
Erica Spicer, Rosemarie Theberge 

C Flight Second Element 

Kathryn Anthony, Eric Anzalone, Brian Barrows, Brandon Beloin, Ben Chambers-Maher, Brian 
Coppola, Jason Dearaujo, David Gagnon, Trey Gauthier, Caitlin Hevey, Heidi Jenkins, Tom Moran, 
Colin Richardson, Julia Stern, Steve Woskov 

B Flight Second Element 
Ed Arocha, Leon Barrow, John 
Leslie Edris, Katrina Holmes, 
Ryan Summers 

We had a successful year in JROTC. Bedford's MA-791st Drill Team had many consecutive wins and 
Dmpleted the year holding up the winning tradition. The role of leadership taken by the senior staff and 
Iso many other cadets kept the corps active. As Bedford's AFJROTC Squadron Commander, I am sincerely 
roud of all the cadets and wish them the best next year! 

By: C/Cmdr. Stockwell 

t Busa, Aaron Davis, Brandy Dipietro, Mike 
ir MacNeill, Kaliegh Martin, Kristen McArthur, 

A Flight First Element 

Christine Blanchard, Katie Chapa, Katherine Connor, Krystal Knight, Sarah Markow, Barbara 
McElwain, Pat McGrath, Betsy Payne, Desiree Rumph, Jose Sanoja, Alex Segal, Lindsay Sternberg, 
Megan Tovado, Drew Wotton. 

ntley. Ken Budka, Craig Cloukey, Candice Duprey, 
cy Luongo, Nick Miller, Nils Sandell, Ryan Simpson, 

C Flight Second Element 

Sarah Arsenault, Jessica Barrows, Liz Boland, Katie Bowell, Abigail Brown, Joe Chapa, Ken Christie, 
Aleah Davis, Stanley Knight, Evan Lagasse, Becca Magnone, Shane McDonald, John McGue, Crystal 
Salvi, Brandon Stockwell, Laura Vargas /\ 




Right: Timothv 
Churella, Stephen 
Woskow, Matthew 
Carvey, Ben Stuhl, 
Ani Ravi, Jessica 
McGrath, Tom 
Matteo, Courtney 
Campbell, Ashlev 
Campbell, Kate 
Valente, Liz Jacobs, 
KK Gregory, Nicole 
Girouard, Steven 
Shamlian, Anubrau 
Kaul, Patrick Allen, 
Ben Chambers- 
Maher, Brendan 
Baker, Liz Deweerd, 
Jerry Gao 



Below: Phil Aiken, Andy Shen, Jerry Gao, Tim 
Churella, Jason Dearaujo, Brendon Baker, Nathan 
Gray, Ben Stuhl, Matt Carvey, Pawel Wrotek, Ani 
Ravi, Brian Pantano, Derek Parham, 
Ken Liu, Liz Deweerd, David Cheng 

3rd row: Josh Thomp- 
son, Dorian Manning, 
Ryan Summers, 
David Pace, Sam Hol- 
land, Josh Feldman, 
Bonnie Feldman, 
Dave Freedman, Jon 
Ko, 2nd row: Emanuel 
Thompson, Matt 
Wampler-Doty, Mike 
Avery, Ken Liu, Katie 
Roe, 1st row: Chris- 
tina Lee, Alichia 
Bartok, Rachel Ching, 
(Not pictured: 
Melody Lee, Chris 
Stuart, and Meagan 

Tim Busa, Meredeth McGowan, 
Katie Busa, Jon Boschetto, Lydia 
Wilsky, Liz Deweerd, Kristin 
Johanessen, Chris Springer, Karan 
Wadhera, Stephen Ly, Jesse Dill, 
Jessica Kennedy, Martins Berzins, 
Nick Wilson, Jose Sanoja, Chris 
Duprey, Will Hillyard, Sarah 

Arsenault, Jessica Christian, Ashley 
Campbell, Rachel Arabaz, Sam Holland, 
Catherine Healy, Jake Robinowitz, Andy 
Churella, Liz Jacobs, Katie Earl, Maura 
Neff, Emily Jamison, Bobby Dutton, Ian 
Sirois, Catherine Eagan, Anna Sabella, Kim 
Robinson, Danya Goodman, Mei-Mei 
Tang, Casey Norton, Jenny Boscho, 
Danielle DeMoss, 
Katie Rossin, Heather 
Grant, Kari 
Kackelmeyer, Kate 
Weston, Courtney 
Campbell, Matt 
Waldron, Justin Roy, 
Chris Minue, Rebecca 
Parkhurst, Colleen 
Reid, Nick Gleason, 
Karen Siegel, Leslie 
Edris, Keith Egan, 
Ken Budka, Meredeth 
Leonard, Dara 
Goodman, Tim 
Churella, Monica 
Connarton, Erin 
Boyd, Lauri 
Baudanza, Bethany 
Aiken, Amandine 
Columbe, Margaret 
Low, Lillian Belknap, 
Jenny Moonan, Shan- 
non Pillion andMike 


for BJuCA-fioflAl 

What a difference nine years make! 
Left, are: First Row; Marcia Price, Keisha Eccles, 
Janene Brome, Valissa McLean, Kirby Armstead, 
and Gerald Bragg. Joining them now, in 2000 are, 
Below: Quiana Horsley, Gerard McLean, Keisha 
Boykin, Jamal Teque, and Eboni Walcott. 

The M.E.T.C.O. students: 
Marcia Pryce 
Quiana Horsley 
Kirby Armstead 
Valissa McLean 
Gerald McLean 
Keshia Eccles 
Gera;d Bradd 
Janene Brome 
Keisha Bykin 
Jamal Teque 
Eboni Walcott 


jove: Bethany Aiken, Lilian Belknap, Katie Busa, Tim Busa, Andy Churella, 
iil Connelly, Dan Conway, Danielle DeMoss, Jesse Dill, Bobby Dutton, 
lannon Pillion, Craig Gelormini, Nathan Gray, Will Hillyard, Emily Jamison, 
n Kg, Jennie Moonan, Brett Samuels, Vik Sridharan, Nicole Volpicelli, Matt 
aldron, Lydia Willsky, Cirilia Rose and Stefan Iwanchuk 


Directors Lilian 
Belknap and Shannon 

elow: Joshua Savitch, Mike Debartolo, James Kotwal, Andy Shen, Anu Kaul, Andrew Churella, Stephen Ly, 
erry Gao, Pat Allen, Shauna Crehan, Dennis Griecci and Kurt Leichty 


Dear Yearbook Staffers, 

As editors we would like to thank and express our appreciation to each and ever 
person who helped participate in the creation of this book. The order in which we than 
people is random and in no way relates to how much we appreciated your help. Bet 
Ziiilck: We would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for your excellant an 
creative baby picture pages and your constant entertainment, (where did you put th 
masking tape.... because our walls are bare, your constant bragging and the "fan club' 
Danielle DeMoss: What would we have done without your spectacular ad selling abilit 
and techniques. Great job raising money $$. (RingRing and don't laugh). Dan Comvai 
Thanks for the faculty section :), constant proofing and editing, (your entertainment 
handstands, "who is that? How do you spell...?") Yo. Good luck next year as editoi 
Robin Lowe: Thanks for your amusing stories, never shutting up and the lovely picture: 
(You broke the flash again?) You always kept us laughing. Katie Boioell: We would lik 
thank you for your long hours of organizing the ad lists. Steve Shamlian: Thanks for you 
dedicated time with working on our computers, the ROTC section, and for showing u 
during mid-years without us. Donald Cameron: Thanks for the pictures you drew c 
sports players and for the cookies during long days. (You are perfect.) Brandon Stockwe 
and ]imniy Lawrence: Thanks for the lovely drawrings of sports characters and yot 
funny comments. Mike Lindgens: Thanks for your creative captions and picture layou 
Natalie Wiener: Your constant commentary and using our phone. Pranitan Kidhon 
Krystal Knight, Amity Smith, and Heather Grant: Thanks for being here at the beginnin 
and choosing pictures. Ellen Humphrey: Thanks for laying out pages, fast writtin 
capabilities (articles), and helping us with picutres in our time of need. Allyssa Milligai 
Thanks for your excellent proofing and help with layout. Joanna Reynolds and Catherir 
Justy: Thanks for helping us with the letters. Mrs. Rinaldi: Thank you for the encouragin 
cookies and the final proofing. An especial thanks to everyone who wrote articles fc 
this book. And lastly Mr. Rinaldi (Mister): What would we have done without you 
Thank you for your constant help and everlasting patience. For not being scared whe 
you heard "uh-oh" or "what happened to the computer?" We are very glad that yo 
finally decided that change is for the better. Hopefully, it was not as awful as yo 
thought it would be. Thank you. Finally we would like to say that we had a great yez 
working with everyone on this book. It has been truely enjoyable and a pleasure to hav 
created this special book. 

Co-Editors-In-Chief Shauna Crehan and Dina Dvinov 


Philip Aiken, Patrick Allen, Mark Amato, 
Lauri Baudanza, Heather Baxter, Kerry 
Bosman, Larry Bru tti, Benjamin Chanibers- 
Maher, Keith Collins, Gail ConnellV/ 
Vanessa DeMeo, Drew Ebner, Keith Egan, 
Gregory Gannon, Lauren Gray, Tyler Gray, 
Micole Griffin, Pamela Harey, Kathryn 
Healy, Kurt Johannessen, David Lacharite, 
Jannat Lebbos, Margot Lynn, Dane 
Mahoney, Christopher Minue, Sam Mor- 
gan-Cleveland, Rebecca Parkhurst, Emily 
Perkins, Sarah Perkins, Derek Pfeffer, 
Daniel Raimondi, Colleen Reed, Jesse 
Robichaud, Katherine Roe, Karen Siegel, 
Christopher Springer, Katherine Thomas, 
jenelle Valliere, Richard Volpicelli, Mat- 
thew Waldron, David Webster, Mark 
Weston, Ryan Wilson, Stephen Woskov, 
Andrew Wotton, Charles Bililies, Danielle 
DeMoss, Nicole Downs, Krissy Ela, Shan- 
non Pillion, Ellen Humphrey, Stefan 
hvanchuk, Anna Larson, Brian Laudry, Ana 
Raimondi, Jesse Ratichek, Anna Sabella, 
Vikram Sridharan 


Dane Mahoney, Brian Laundry, 
Stefan Iwanchuk, Vik 
Sridharan, Ryan Wilson, Matt 
Waldron, Bethany Aiken 


Bethany Aiken, Heather Backman, 
Brendon Baker, Lilian Belknap, Jonathan 
Boschetto, Kathryn Brooks, Timothy 
Churella, Daniel Conway, Samuel 
Deans, Jerry Gao, Nathan Gray, 
Catherine Hill, Martin Jaffer, Emily 
Jamison, Kristen Johannessen, Suzanne 
Kim, Jeremy King, Jenna Lawson, D. 
Michael Lindgens, Beth Lorusso, Lind- 
say Mann, Meredith McClane, Rebecca 
Parkhurst, Aniruddh Ravi, Colleen 
Reed, Heather Reid, Justin Stern, Ben- 
jamin Stuhl, Jennifer Tang, Nicole 
Volpicelli, Stephen Waite, Kate Weston, 
Michelle Yen 


Above: Aiken Bethany, Lillian Belknap, 
Nathan Gray, Emily Jamison, Suzanne Kim, 
Heather Reid, Benjamin Stuhl, and Mei-Mei 

Donald Cameron, Ashley Campbell, Mat- 
thew Carvey, Katie Chapa, Andrew 
Churella, Monica Connarton, Caroline 
Frank, Emily Jamison, Michael Jones, Jes- 
sica Kennedy, Anna Larson, Margaret 
Low, Dane Mahoney, Kristen McNamara, 
Mary-Kate McNamara, Sarah Perkins, 
Nicholas Robichaud, Kiberly Robnson, 
Katherin Rossin, Anna Sabella, Tracy 
Samuels, Jose Sanoja, Karen Siegel, Vik 
Sridharan, Christian Sullivan, Kathryn 
Sylva, Mei-Mei Tang, Elizabeth Townsend, 
Rebecca Trigg, Stephen Waite, Matt 
Waldron, Lauren Weeks, Kate Weston, 
John Whallon 

This year the B.H.S. Marching 
Band faced a challenging year due 
to the graduation of last year's se- 
niors and the acceptance of an un- 
precedented number of eighth grad- 
ers. The rookies have filled in many 
holes the past graduating seniors 
had left wide open. The band started 
the season in August at a week long 
band camp in Maine. Since early 
October, the band performed in 
many competitions and at many 
home football games. At the MICA 
festival the band won a bronze 

This year the band had the plea- 
sure of wearing brand new uniforms 
thanks to fund-raising and dona- 
tions from local businesses. Over 
all, the band had a very successful 
year under the direction of Director 
Brian Reagan, Assistant Directors 
Andrea Reagan and Chris Ryan, 
color guard instructor Lisa Bailey, 
Jim Morris, and Bryan Nash. The 
band was fearlessly led onto the 
field by Drum Majors Vik Sridharan 
and Danielle DeMoss. The color 
guard was led by Captain Ellen 

Bv Ellen Humphrey, 
Danielle DeMoss, and Vik Sridharan 

Above: Springer stands 
proud in his marching band 

Above: Erin Boyd, Nick 
Gleason, and D.R. Ebner 
chow down at band camp. 


Below: Bottom Row; Chris Sullivan, Nick Gleason, Ben Gould, Stefan Iwanchuk, Chris Springer, Jenny Waldron, 1 
Churella. Second Row; Matt Waldron, Shannon Fillion, Sarah Healy, Tara Busa, Danielle DeMoss, Vikram Sridhai 
Pat Reed, Jeff Pickton, Kathryn Healy, Drew Ebner. Third Row: Lisa Bailey, Lindsay Parham, Jessica Watro, Chel 
Chagnon, Lauri Baudanza, Corina Tom, Jim Morris. Fourth Row: Chris Ryan: Gina Fusi, Colleen Reed, Hailey Me 
Meagan Asp, Keith Egan, Katie Roe. Fifth Row: Bryan Nash, David Gagnon, Chris Minue, Taryn Westercamp, Dan 
Ulrich-George, Katie Springer, Rebecca Parkhurst, Gail Connelly, Andrea Reagan. Sixth Row; Ben Chambers-Mai 
Philip Aiken, Erin Bovd, Ashley McNultv, D.R. Ebner, Margot Lynn, Mr. Reagan. Seventh Row: Jesse Robichaud, El 
Humphrey, Mike Buttrick. Not pictured: Laura VVayland 


^ H 

Below: The band practices hard in 
order to do their best in competi- 

Right: Stefan Iwanchuk stands at 
parade rest. 

Left: Colorguard Captain Ellen 
Humphrey concentrates during 
warm ups before Bedford Day. 

Above: The Bedford High Si 
Marching Band Drum Line, i 
Core Yo!! 

Left: The Beford High School March- 
ing Band Drum Majors, Vikram 
Sridharan and Danielle DeMoss. 

Below: Flutes Shannon Pillion and 
Kathryn Healy help lead the way up 
Great Road. 

Above: Drew Ehner helps the band 
earn money. Anyone what some Pop- 

Above: Tim Churella 
smiles for the camera. 

Above: Drum Major, 
Vikram Sridharan, salutes 
the crowd. 

Colorguard: Danika Ulrich-George, Megan Asp, Above: Friends Shannon Pillion and Danielle DeMoss 
n Westerkamp, Hailey Mello, Chelsea Chagnon, love Arizona Iced Tea!!! 
ey McNulty, Katie Springer, Ellen Humphrey, in- 
ter Lisa Bailey, and Erin Boyd pose together at band 

Above: Kathrvn Anthony, Sarah Armstrong, Taylor Aronson-Waintrup, Heather Backman, Heather Bayhs, Jilhan Bernardo, Kimerly Bernai 
Samantha Blanchard, EHzabeth Boland, Katie Bowell, Brian Bradley, Elizabeth Brady, David Bratton, Kenneth Budka, Christin Buma 
Courtney Campbell, Jessica Christin, Jocelynne Cloukey, Amandine Colombe, Michelle Costa, Nadia Darkazalli, Joshua Davis, Samuel De; 
Kelin Dickerson, Whitney Dorer, Lori Duffany, Grachuan Dunn, Christopher Duprey, Leslie Edris, Catherine Egan, Joshua Feldman, Micl 
Gartland, Christine Giaquinto, Catherine Giusti, Nicholas Gleason, Heather Grant, Michelle Hagar, Jessica Hamilton, Matthevi' Haynes, Ash 
Hedrick, Christopher Hedrick, Robert Herz, Jimmy Higson, William Hillyard, Heather Hodawanus, Elizabeth Holland, Danielle landoli, Mig 
laszczak, Alexander Iwanchuk, Kristin Johannessen, Kari Kachelemyer, Brendan Keohan, Megan Keohan, Adam Lauziere, Lauren LebLi 
Daniel Lefebvre, Brandi Longv^ay, Robin Lowe, Nikki Lua, Ryan Lucas, Kirsten Lundberg, Rebecca Magnone, Dorian Manning, Midi 
McFarland, Marcus McLeod, Rachel Miller, Sarah Minue, Janet Moonan, Erica Neff, Maura Neff, Cassidy Norton, Kristofor Olson, Jert 
Ouellette, Elizabeth Paton, James Purchia, Colleen Quin, Heather Reid, James Reinhardt, Adam Rice, Elie Rivollier, Bellmary Rodriguez, Al 
Rudd, Desiree Rumph, Sara Sabella, Laura Scaramelli, Kevin Shepard, Sarah Sheppard, Jennifer Smith, Caroline St. Onge, Peter Stewart, Jerm 
Strchan, Christopher Stuart, Joshua Thompson, Brittany Tovado, Katharine Valente, Jamie Vanaria, Natalie Wade, Craig Warrington, Reb( 
Warwick, Natalie Wiener, Christopher Wilkins and Nicholas Wilson. 

Right: 2nd Row: Jon Boschetto, 
Stephen Ly, Karan Wadhera, 
Jesse Dill, Tim Busa, Bobby 
Dutton, Jeff Dederian, Mark 
Amata. 1st row: Katie Busa, 
Meredeth McGowan, Lydia 
Willsky, Shannon Pillion, Lilian 
Belknap, Bethany Aiken, 
KathrynHealy, Kathryn Brooks. 

MenV Oc+cf 

Left: Bobby Dutton, Jesse Dill, Stephen Ly, Tim 
Busa, Jon Boschetto, Karan Wadhera, Jeff 
Derderian, Mark Amato 

Left: Amandine Colombe, 
Lilian Belknap, Catherine Healy, 
Bethany Aiken, Meredeth 
McGowan, Katie Sylva, 
Lydia Willsky, Katie Busa, 
Shannon Pillion, Mei-Mei Tang, 
Kathryn Brooks and Kristen 



The 1999 football season 
looked very promising in 
the beginning. We had 
many returning starters on 
both sides of the ball in- 
cluding Tri-captains, Mike 
Gartland, Marcus McLeod 
and Ryan Kennery. The 
theme t^f this years season 

Right: 1st row: Captains: Mike 
Gartland, Ryan Kennery, and 
Marcus Mcleod. 2nd row: Coach 
Campbell, Coach Sabourin, and 
Coach Sabourin. 

was "Give more to win." For |i 
first four games we gave it all, o 
ing up short all four games, 
with a disappointing 0-4 record, 
erything finally fell into place < 
we won four straight games. Ei 
tions were pouring with thought 
winning our fifth straight game \ 
sus Lincoln-Sudbury but we cc 
up short and the streak was o' 
On Thanksgiving Day we beat C 
cord-Carlisle 33-21. 

On the field we are taught te 
nique and skills for the game of fc 
ball. Off the field we are tau 
respect, enthusiasm, and to alw 
be humble - qualities that help m 
us into men. There are ni. 
bonds made between coae 
and players and players w 
players that will last a 1 
time. Football is the ultim 
team sport. All eleven pla\ 
must come together for e 
play and execute it. Know 
this helps us in many area 
life. Working as a tean 
something that one m 
know to succeed in this co 

Ryan Kennery 

ALn)\ e: Marcus McLeod btretches 
before he plays. 

Varsity and JV: 1st row: Chad MacGregor, Ryan Nolan, Doug LeShane, 
Matt Eyjy, Marcus McLeod, Ryan Kennery, Mike Gartland, Mike Griecci, 
Darren Harris, Preston Kourian, Dan Lefebvre, and Ricky Harrington. 2nd 
row: Mike Sargent, Greg Treleagan, Stanley Knight, Shane McDonald, 
Tommy Lima, Nick Wilson, Austin Friend, Keith O'Donnell, Matt Busa, 
Matt Winick, Craig Brown. 3rd row: Coach Sabourin, Chris Gallagher, 
Dayid Pace, Jeremy King, Josh Pierce, Chris Duprey, Danny Black, Ryan 
Reed, Jeremy Oulette, Frank Lentine, Jason Harris, Coach Campbell, and 
Coach SuUiyan. 4rd row: Nick MiUer, Ryan Simpson, Alex Herz, Teddy 
Moy, Dennis Griecci, John See, Justin Padilla, Chris Peppin, David Salvi, 
Doug Mesquita, and Leon Barows. 

Aliu\(' A tootbjil pkner ap- 
pears to be running a play. 

re^hman: 1st row:Rob Lunber, Matt Fish, Mark Leshane, Joey Geraud, Pat 
Depriest, Ian Dullum, Mike Fowler. 2nd row: Chris Gartland, Josh Dayis, 
Jusin Daily, Greg Canon, Derik Castilana, Tim Brady, Peter Spencer, 3rd 
row: Brandon Magdejon, Adam Collins, Ryan Lamb, Greg Hughes, Matt 
Smith, Daye Basille, Nate Dern. 4th row: Coach Casey, Brett Simpson, 
Nakeon Barrow, Daye Azervianion, Jamel Tech, Brian Barrows, Brian 
Blake, and Mark Leonard. 


Abo\'e: Craig Brown coming 
off the field. 

This year the field hockey 
team has experienced a more 
triumphant season. With a 
strong core of returning 
players led by co-captains 
Krissy Ela and Liz Brady, 
the Bucs were able to be- 
come a competitive team in 
the DCL. First year goalie 
Ana Raimondi stepped in 
and rose to the challenge, to 
fill the void left by last year's 
DCL all-star goalie. Hard 
work, dedication and enthu- 
siasm contributed to the 
team's extroardinary spirit. 
With such a close-knit team, 
success was to be expected. 
The team will miss seniors 
Carrie Frank, Andrea 
Griecci, Nicole Volpicelli, 
Kristin McNamara, 
Merideth McGowan, 
Catherine Hill, Liz Brady, 
Krissy Ela, and Ana 
Raimondi, but best of luck 
to next years team! 

By: Krissy Ela and 
Liz Brady 

The team takes the field. 

Second above: The coach gives direc- 
tions to Catherine Hill and Andrea 

One Above: Carrie Frank, Andrea 
Griecci and Nicole Volpicelli celebrate 
another victory. 

Right: 1st row: Meredith McGowan, 
Kristin McNamara, Nicole Volpicelli, 
Liz Brady, Krissy Ela, Carrie Frank, 
Andrea Griecci, Catherine Hill, 2nd 
row: Jenny Busa, Jill Bernardo, Lesley 
McGovern, Lauren Weeks, Anna 
Larson, 3rd row: Ana Raimondi, 
Katherine Brooks, Liz Deweerd, and 
Kristin Johannessen 


)w: Co-captains Krissy Ela and 

Below: 1st row: Pam Harvey, Vanessa DeMeo, Lauren Gray, Meredith 
McClane, Catherine Eagan, Lydia Wilsky, Shira Charles, Laura 
Scaramelli, 2nd row: Nadia Darkazalli, Rachel Miller, Kelley Henderson, 
Nancy Yeh, Lauren LaBlanc, 3rd row: Kate Weston, Sarah Shepphard, 
Monica Connarton, Patricia Mizzoni, Rachel Arabaz 

Left: 1st row: Betsy Holland, Marissa 
De Marco, Kara Perry, Nicole 
Lawrence, Kim Bernardo, Karen 
Siegel, Rebecca Parkhurst, 2nd row: 
Kaitlin Heavy, Heather Baylis, Tracey 
O'Brien, Candice Duprey, Michelle 
Hagar, Rebecca Warwick, Heather 
Baxter, Kate Thomas, 3rd row; Kristy 
Tropeano, Jenn Raymond, Rebbeca 
Trigg, Sarah Armstrong, Nikki Lua, 
Carey St. Onge, and Katie Kerwin 


(^\tW Socctt 

Jen Caben chases the ball. Sarah Minue searches for Jessica McGrath runs Lindsey Mann attempts 
the ball. down the field with to steal the ball away, 


First Right: Sarah Markow 
controls the ball. 

Far Right: Captains Jessica 
McGrath and Nikki Downs 
with Coach Maskalenko. 

Below: Teammates watch one 
as Erin O'Reilly fights for the 

Right Top Corner: Seniors 
Natalie Wiener and Jessica 

Bottom right corner: Goalie 
Nikki Downs saves yet another 

The Varsity Team: Third Row: Coach Maskalenko, Mary Kate 
McNamara, Kate Valente, Erin O'Reilly, Becca Magnone, Ashley 
Campbell, Sarah Markow, Natalie Wiener, Jen Caben Second Row: 
Lindsay Harrington, Jamie Vanaria, Margaret Low, Anna Sabella, Sarah 
Minue, Lindsay Mann, Colleen Gleason Front Row: Captains Jessica 
McGrath and Nikki Downs 

The JV Team: Third Row: Laurie Baudanza, Liz Townsend, Heidi 
Jenkins, Sarah Markow, Meghan Tovado, Becca Keating, Rose Theberge, 
Middle Row: Jessica Christen, Sarah Sabella, Julia Amirzadov, Jen 
Strachan, Christina Lee, Jen McCormack, Heather Baxter First Row: 
Danielle landoli, Krista Harrington, Jamie Vanaria, Jenelle Valliere, Jen 
Caben, Meghan Keohan, Emma Wampler-Doty 

Above: Ashley Campbell, Enn U Keill\ , Jessica McGrath, Lindsay 
Harrington and Sarah Minue warm-up together before a big game. 

Despite being plagued with a low number of players and 
injuries, the girls' soccer team remained competit\'e in the Dual 
County League. Through determination and "second effort", 
the girls proved themselves as capable players. Disappointing 
losses only encouraged their perseverance, strentgthening them 
both emotionally and physically. Co-captains Jessica McGrath 
and Nikki Downs and senior Natalie Wiener, created a strong 
sense of unity through dinners, sleepovers, pts, bus rides and 
camp. After five years of coaching, Kristen Maskalenko 
finished her work at Bedford. She leaves behind her knowl- 
edge of game and years of great memories. Much success is 
predicted in the future for the team, with the forces of experi- 
ence, training and unity on their side. 

By Jessica McGrath 

Boys' Varsity Team: 1st row: David LaCharite, Brandon Stockwell, 
Craig Gelormini, Richard Tomczkowski, Bobby Dutton, Alan 
Tomczkowski, Erik Mesquita, 2nd row: John Bentley, Tyler MacNeill, 
Dane Mahoney, Brian Pantano, Ryan Wilson, Matt Kruger, Robby 
Eaton, 3rd row: Sabastian D'Agestino, Johnny Whallon, Steven 
Hempton, Jesse Ratichek, Brian Miley, Dave Webster, Scott Epple. 

Junior Varsity: 1st row: Chris Springer, Jamie Purchia, Jo Dispena, Brian 
Copolla, Mike Busa, Elie Rivolier, 2nd row: Richie Volpicelli, Josh 
Feldman, Tyler Gray, Chris Costa, Mike Dwyer, James Rheinhardt, 
Jacob RabLnowitz, Mr. Thompson, 3rd row: Tim Busa, Dan Pagan, Craig 
Warrington, Nick Gleason, Eric Anzalone, Lucas Duane. 

Freshman: 1st row: Tom Moran, Mike Busa, Richie Volpicelli, Keith 
Collins, Brian Copolla, Chris Matheson, Mr. McGowan, 2nd row: Derek 
Pfeffer, Brad Vatter, Tyler Gray, Alex Iwanchuck, Phil Aiken, Jeff 
Taylor, Chris Costa, Sammy Morgan-Cleveland, Brandon Beloin, Jeff 

This year's team continued its success after last yec 
dissappointing loss. The boys finished with an impress 
record of 15:5:3 and were the Division III North Cham 
ons. They were only the second team in Bedford histor) 
do so, and the first since 1979. Captains Craig Gelormi 
Bobby Dutton, Alan Tomczykowski, and Ricl 
Tomczykowski, led the team to a second place finish in i 
DCL and had their hopes set on a State Championsh 
They were cut short, however, in the Eastern Massacl 
setts Final on a controversial call. This years team fielc 
eight league All-Stars, and two Eastern Massachusetts ./ 
Stars, John Whallon and Richie Tomczykowski. Wallon! 
the team and the league in scoring, and goalkeeper Jc 
Bently had nine shutouts. They will return with all but t 
starters and hopes of surpassing their achievements. 
By: Richard Tomczykowski 

Above: The 1999-2000 Senior guys: 
Brandon Stockwell, Craig 
Gelormini, Bobby Dutton and 
David LaCharite. 

Right: Brian Pantano gets 
ready to kick the ball off the 


Far Left: Captains Craig 
Gelormini, Alan Tomczykowski, 
Bobby Dutton and Richard 

Left: Here's Scott Epple as happy 
as can be. 

Far Left: No one can stop Bran- 
don Stockwell from getting the 
balL Grrrr! 

Lower Far Left: A bunch of soc- 
cer balls in a bag. 
Below: John Bentley grabs an- 
other terrific save. 

Farthest Left:Crafty Craig 
Gelormini is dribbling the ball down 
the field like a pro. 
Next Left: There goes Bobby Dutton 
looking cool. 

Left: Alan Tomczykowski concen- 
trates on the ball. 



Right: Brett Boghigian, Larry Brutti, Kevin 
Shephard, Dan Lefebvre, and Eric McDonald 
gather to talk about life. 


Left: Captain Larry Brutti and Coach 
Reynolds pose for a picture. 

Below: Larry Brutti swings with all of 
his might and strength. 

The 1999 Bedford High School Golf Team had 
high expectations this year. After getting off to a 
slow start, the team regained focus of their ulti- 
mate goal: to retain the title of Division Three 
Champions. The team qualified for the tourna- 
ment at the mid point of the season and used the 
latter half of the matches to hone their skills for 
the post-season. Though the BHS Golf squad 
came up two strokes shy of moving on to the next 
round of the tournament, the team performed 
well above expectations. Led by senior captain 
Larry Brutti and fellow senior Kevin Shepard, 
this year's team was one of the younger teams in 
the past few years. Sophomores Christian Sullivan 
and Mike Debartolo brought a year of experience 
back to the team, as did Eric McDonald and Ryan 
Lucas. Sophomores Mike Deen and Josh Savitch 
proved to be welcome additions to the young 
squad. The team was balanced out with a group 
of excited and enthusiastic alternates hoping to 
get their chance to play. Dave Lefebvre, Brett 
Bohegian, Steve Kerwin and Mark Amato will be 
assets to the team in the upcoming seasons. 

By Larry Brutti 

sit\'; 1st row: Mike DeBartolo, Ryan Lucas, Kevin Shepard, Larry Brutti, Christian Sullivan, and Josh 
itch. 2nd row: Mark Amoto, Eric McDonald, Dave Lefebvre, Coach Reynolds, Steve Karwin, Mike 
n, and Brett Boghigian. 





Christine Blanchard, Jackie Adams, Liz Boland, Jocelyn Cloukey, Sarah Caban, 
Maura Neff, Liana Garafalo, Aleah Davis, Talise Harris, Takisha Brown, Nicole 
Griffin, Samantha Blanchard, Daniel Lagasse, Michelle Farina, Beth Lorusso, 
Crystal Salvi, Betsy Payne, Nicole Farina. 

Beth Lorusso, Crystal Salvi, Maura Neff, and Betsy Payne on their way 


Yes, believe it or not cheerleading is a sport which requires a lot of time and dedication. This year, with the guidance c 
our new coach, Mrs. Gullage, and with the assistance of the three captains Talise Harris, Betsy Payne, and Crystal Salvi. th 
team thrived. Through the many psyche bags, pep rallies, football games, and competitions, the squad provided, the 
enhanced school spirit and had a lot of fun. The group was very proud of their accomplishments this past season. 

Earlier in the year, we attended a cheerleading camp at Babson College. At this camp, four wonderful cheerleaders wo 
an ail-American cheerleading award and were given the opportunity to participate in the Pro-Bowl in early February i 
Hawaii. All four girls decided to attend. They were: seniors, Betsy Payne, Crystal Salvi, and juniors, Maura Neff and Bet 

Furthermore, our outstanding cheerleading squad went on to win the Dual County League championship which wa 
held in Bedford. This was quite an achievement and was well deserved by all eighteen girls. The Thanksgiving game wc 
a terrific end to the football season in which both the players and the cheerleaders had a great time. The basketba 
cheerleading team gained two new members-Carrie Frank and Kara Perry, but lost eight from the previous season. 

For all the squad's energy and hard work, the result was very rewarding. 

By Betsy Payne 

Last row: Jocelynne Cloukey, Takisha Brown, Jackie Adams, Nicole 
Farina, Michelle Farina, Danielle Lagasse. 2nd row: Samantha Blanchard, 
Sarah Caban, Aleah Davis, Beth Lorusso, Liana Garafalo, Nicole Griffin. 
Front row: Christine Blanchard, Crystal Salvi, Talise Harris, Betsy Payne, 

Maura Neff. 

Above: Christine Blanchard, Liz Boland, Talise Harris, Samantha Blancl 
Beth Lorusso, Takisha Brown, Maura Neff, Betsy Payne, Nicole Griffin, S : 
Caban, Liana Garofalo, Jackie Adams, Nicole Farina, Crystal Sylva, Mid' 
Farina, Aleah Davis, and Daniel Lagasse. 


Betsy is forced to chill 
on the bench as a 

Give me a "B" 

Jackie Adams 
concentrates intensely. 

Talise Harris freezes 
mid routine. 

Below: Here is Betsy 
Payne, Maura Neff 
andLizBoland prac- 
ticing hard. 

Left: The cheerlead- 
ers do their routine 
during the pep rally. 

This year's team was led by Senior Captains Lindsey 
McGrath and Mike McFarland and Jimior Captains Jon 
Twombly and Drew Wotton. The team was the most 
competihve in years, with only two seniors in the program. 
A lot of hard work, perseverance and inspiration of both 
athletes and coach, Barry Dyment, made both the girls and 
boys teams successful. 

The hard preseason work of Twombly and McFarland 
set the pace for the boys' squad and anchored them for the 
early portion of the season. Twombly was also successful 
in the DCL league meet placing eleventh. Wotton began to 
show his talent in the latter half of the season, picking up 
first place in many races and seventh in the league. Dave 
"MJ" Weston had another improving season rimning as the 
third place runner ahead of McFarland. Junior Pete Gray 
also had a great season, running fifth and closing the gap 
on the top five. Other strong efforts were shown by Pat 
Allen, Steven Waskov, Dan Conway, Will Hillyard, Jacob 
Buttrick, Charles Billilies, Adam Lauziere, David Gerberg, 
Ben Morgan-Cleveland and John McGue. 

Although the girls' team was lacking in depth and in 
victories, they continued to improve day to day. Each girl 
put in a lot of effort and they let their confidence and 
integrity carry them through the season. The team was led 
by McGrath who captured ninth in the league. Sopho- 
more, Jenny Bocho ran second to none, showing hard 
work. Heather Twombly pushed herself through every- 
thing and showed the team what she could do. Whitney 
Dorer, the only freshman on the squad moved up on the 
team with strength and spirit. Also, Katie Sylva, a return- 
ing junior worked hard to improve this season and tried 
her best. Good luck to everyone next year. 

Above: Lindsey McGrath and Mike 
McFarland stretch their long limber 

Right: Girls' Cross Country Team: 
Jenny Boscho, Heather Twombly, 
Lindsey McGrath, Katie Sylva, and 
Whitney Dorer. 

Below: Simon says touch your 


Above: Drew Wotton leading Above; The Boys Cross Country Team: Top Row: Steve Woskov, David Weston, Adam Lauziere, Jacob Buttrick, 
the pack again. Patrick Allen. Bottom Row: Peter Gray, Mike McFarland, Jon Twombly, Charles BiliUes, Drew Wotton. 

This year the vollyball club evoh'ed 
into the varsity and junior varsity team. 
Few team players had any formal train- 
ing, but with rigorous practice and a 
coach ready to pull all the stops, both 
teams were able to hold their own 
against the other league teams. The 
threat of a hurricane and a bus vandal- 
ized by opponents were some of the 
adversities this team had to overcome. 
They finished off the season with a 
well deserved win against the 
Maimonidies. These neophyte Buc 
volleyballers will be next year's team 
to watch . By Katie Bowell 

Left: 1st row: Sarah Healy, Gina Fusi, 
Christiana McCall , Katie Orlander, 
Crystal Eliza, Coach McGee. 2nd row: 
Brenda Cortes, Margo Lynn, Amiee 
Murphy, Jen Connor, and Cindy Last. 

This year the swim team continued to grow, as outgoing 
seniors were replaced by new freshmen. Captains Vik 
Sridharan, Nicole Volpicelli and Drew Wotton led the team 
through a challenging but fun season under the guidance of 
Swim Coach Sandy Maczko and Dive Coach Brian Maczko. 
Although the team oftentimes is greatly outnumbered by 
opposing teams, the members nevertheless retain their spirit 
and their drive to succeed individually, even when the team 
will inevitably lose. This drive shows especially clear as the 
team sends two swimmers, Derek Castellana and Drew 
Wotton, to the state meet. The coaches and team members 
hope to spark interest among next year's freshman class so 
that the team will continue to prosper and have better luck 
in the future. 

By Vik Sridharan 

1st row: Coach Maczko, 
Betsey Holland, Katie 
Chapa, Karen Segal, Sarah 
Healy, Katie Roe, Sarah 
Dick, 2nd row: Coach 
Maczko, Tom Moran, Chris 
Minue, Ben Worsowitz, 
Derek Castellana, Vik 
Sridharan, Nicole 
Volpicelli, Drew Wotton, 
Brian Blake, Keith Egan 
(Not Pictured: Monica 
Connorton, Kathryn Healy, 
Mary-Kate McNamara, and 
Sarah Perkins) 


Castellana hard at work, doing the butterfly. 

Above: Katie Chapa races to the finish hne. 

With the arrival of Coach Mark 
Dearborn, the BHS Hockey Team shook 
up the league with an outstanding sea- 
son. Though the team was plagued by 
problems from the past, the senior mem- 
bers of the team led the squad to the best 
record the team has seen in some time, 8- 
9-2. With the loss of Senior Tri-Captains 
Larry Brutti, Ryan Nolan, and Mike Dunne 
as well as Jeff Dacey and Preston Kourian, 
the Bucs will be looking to the youth for 
future success. Even though the Bucs did 
not achieve their goal of post-season play, 
with the help of an outstanding coach and 
a higher level of play, this year's team 
redefined BHS Hockey. 

By Larry Brutti 

Left: Goalie Nick Wilson guards t 
goal during a game. 

Bottom Left: Peter Spencer brir 
the puck down the ice. 

Below: Larry Brutti casually skai 
onto the ice. 

Senior Varsity players Mike Dunne, Ryan Nolan, Preston Kourian, Jeff 
and Larry Brutti. 

Hockey Team: 1st Row: Chris Duprey, Mike Sargent, Ryan Nolan, Larry Brutti, and 
Mike Dunne. 2nd Row: Greg Dacey, Nick Wilson, Candice Duprey, David Basile, 
Katy Kourian, Dave Bratton, 3rd Row: Dan Robles, Ian Sullivan, Richie Volpicelli, 
Preston Kourian, Tim McGrath. 4th Row: Pat McGrath, Peter Spencer, Ken Bieren, 
and Jeff Dacey. 

Varsity Captains: Mike Dunne, Larry Brutti, and Ryan Nolan. 

We had a good time this year. Compared to recent 
seasons, we are most definitely improving, and the future 
of the team is looking bright. It is not purely about finishing 
first, however. This year's team was solid from the begin- 
ning, with a lot of interest from every class. After an intense 
pre-season, we were ready to hit the slopes in January. 
There was a lot of unity among the team, and a lot of 
technical improvement as well. Matt Winick earned the 
spotlight with his qualification for the state tournament. 
He was selected from the top racers in the league. Everyone 
had a lot of fun this year, and the enthusiasm and 
improvement that accumulated are sure to contribute to an 
even stronger season next year. 

By Bobby Dutton 

Right: Number 115 races down the mountain. 
Above: Here's another beautiful shot of someone 
coming down the mountain. 

Left: 1st row: Jocelyn Cloukey, Dave 
Lefebvre, Jessie McGrath, Bobby 
Dutton, Eric Rogers, Dan Lefebvre, 
Kurt Johannessen, Matt Fish. 2nd row: 
Chris Springer, Robby Eaton, 
Meredith McLane, Brian Miley, Peter 
Gray, Stephen Waite, Nils Sandell, 
Tom Matteo, Brian Pantano, Jill 
Bernardo, Jason DeAraujo, John 
Coghano and Matt Winick. 

Bottom Left: Captains Jessie McGrath, 
Bobby Dutton, Eric Rogers, and Dan 

Above: Flap those ski poles, maybe 
you'll fly. 

This Bedford skier just came 
down the slope after an excel- 
lent race. 


Ir?Joor Tmc 

The indoor track team's season was very uncertain in the beginning. It was a rebuilding year 
)r the Bucs, but there was definitely a lot of success. The team won twice as many meets this 
ear than they had in the previous two seasons and they were within a few points of winning 
vo more meets. Assistant Coach Thompson really helped get the team in shape in the pre- 
2ason. All the hard work paid off and ten runners qualified for states along with the 4 by 400 
jlay team of Josh Pierce, Martins Berzins, Alex Iwanchuk, and Mike McFarland. Individual 
:ate qualifiers were Krista Harrington and Kate Valente in the 600m, Liz Brady in the 300m, 
Nellie Hendereson in the 55m. For the boys. Pierce, Iwanchuk, Chris Costa, and McFarland all 
ualified in the 300, Berzins in the high jump, Tony Tropeano in the 600m and Tyler Gray in the 
300m. Seniors Chad MacGregor and Mike Gartland anchored the Bucs in the shot put by 
'inning first and second place in three meets. Adam Chan, Nakeon Barrows, and Brian Barrows 
id the team in the sprints and hurdles. Jeff Tate, Gray, and Berzins were all stand-out long 
impers this season. Good luck to everyone next year! 
By: Mike McFarland 

Left: 1st row: Josh Pierce, Jeff Tate, 
Alyssa Milligan, Chad MacGregor, 
Mike McFarland, Liz Brady, Mike 
Gartland, 2nd row: Adam Chan, 
Sam Blanchard, Tyler Gray, Alex 
Iwanchuk, Martins Berzins, Tony 
Tropeano, Dave Webster, John 
McGue, 3rd row: Kate Valente, 
Krista Harrington, Laura 
Scaramelli, Nancy Yeh, Frank 
Lentine, Chris Costa, James 
Reinhart, 4th row: Coach Thomp- 
son, Kellie Henderson, Nakeon Bar- 
row, Brian Barrows, Mike Mead 
and Coach Al Dougherty. 

Above: Brian Barrows races to the 
finish line. 

Left: Seniors: Alyssa Milligan, Mike 
Mead, Chad MacGregor, Martins 
Berzins, Mike McFarland, Liz Brady, 
Mike Gartland. 



Below: Jon Ko and Jake Buttrick 
getting ready to shoot. "All ready 
on the firing line." 

Above: Jon Ko gets a ten! (I got a 

Above: Jake Buttrick is aiming at 
his prone target. 

Right: Co-captains Ellen Humphrey 
and Jon Ko with Coach Goodwin. 

Far above: Ellen Humphrey aims at 
the target. 

Above: Ellen Humphrey and Jake 
Buttrick simultaneously aim at their 

Right corner: Seniors Jon Ko and Ellen 

Right: Sam Deans is scoping out his 
target down range. 

John Saucier, John Hart, Colleen Quinn, Adam Lauziere and Ken Liu a 
waiting to shoot before a match. 

Above: 1st row: Coach Roland Goodwin, Shawn Roe, 
John Saucier, Jake Buttrick, Eric Anzalone, Cassie Norton, 
2nd row: Ken Liu, Colleen Quinn, Sam Deans, Adam 
Lauziere, 3rd row: Jon Ko and Ellen Humphrey 

Ellen Humphrey clips her target to the 
wall and smiles at her score through her 

This year the rifle team had to cope with many changes. 
Not only did we have to switch the type of rifles we shoot, we 
had seven teams to compete against instead of two. The team 
also had to cope with the loss of many experienced shooters 
who left the team because of gradution or because of the new 
format. With only four returning members, the veterans and 
Coach Goodwin had to do a lot of training to get the new 
shooters up to competition level. The team, under captain 
Ellen Humphrey and assistant captain Jon Ko, pulled together 
and beat all of their competitors this year with a record of 14- 
0. This season was filled with many records. We scored the 
highest team score in many years with a 858 and Ellen 
Humphrey scored the highest individual score in three years 
(182 - 7x). Jon and Ellen wish next year's team a lot of luck and 
many x's in your future. By: Ellen Humphrey 

Jon Ko aims his gun. Shawn Roe in the prone position. 

I Deans and Shawn Roe get ready to shoot. 

Above: Shawn Roe and Sam Deans 
post their targets. 
Left: Jon Ko, Jake Buttrick and 
Ellen Humphrey retrieve their tar- 


) ! 

Above: The team takes a break during the game to get advice from their 

This year's team led a balanced attack on the rest of 
the Dual County League. With six seniors including 
Craig Gelormini, Darren Harris, Alex Marto, Erik 
Mesquita, Shane Little, and Jan Liechty leading the 
charge, the Bucs' swarming press caused a lot of prob- 
lems for opposing teams. Despite an injury-plagued 
season, the boys finished the regular season around the 
.500 mark and qualified for the state tournament for the 
fifth straight year. 

By: Craig Gelormini 


Varisty: Back Row: John Whallon, Keith O'Donnell, Jason Harris, Nick 
Robichaud, Christian Sullivan, Kevin Redmond. Front Row: Eric 
Mesquita, Craig Gelormini, Shane Little, Jan Leichty, Darren Harris, and 
Alex Marto. 

Bedford High School Senior Varsity Basketball players: Craig Gelormini, 
Eric Mesquita, Shane Little, Jan Liechty, Darren Harris, and Alex Marto. 

Junior Varsity: back row: Doug Mesquita, Mike Debartolo, Dan Fagar 
Drew Ebner, Dan Black, Eric McDonald. Front row: Tim Brady, Km 
Liechty, Pat Redmond, Jojo Dispena, and Josh Davis. 

Shane Little grabs the Jan Liechty reaches for the Kevin Redmond reaches Christian SulHvan dribbles 
ball. ball. for a rebound. the ball. 

Far left: The team sits to listen to 
Coach Burns during a time out. 

Left: Kevin Redmond dribbles 
toward the basket for a lay up. 

Bottom left: The team runs onto 
the court before the game. 

Bottom: The team gathers to give 
each other advice before the 
game starts. 

Left corner: Christian Sullivan 
runs up the court. 

Right: Katie Sylva, using her left 
hand, drives past the defender 
with ease. 

Below; Shamekia Cornwell roots on 
the varsity team during a home 

Below & Right: Lindsey McGrath is 
being introduced before the start of 
the game. 

Above: Coach Sullivan is giving some words of wisdom to her players 
during a timeout. 


Right: Becca Magnone makes a nice 
face as she completes the lay-up. 

Left: Beth Ziulek takes a tough 
over a Wayland defender. 

Yeahhhhhhhh Keisha 

Nice move, Courtney 

Give me an S. C, 
an A. Give me 
Give me an A. Gi 
an H. What doe 
spell? Go Sarah, pi 
ball in the basket f 

Above: The Girls' JV Team. Back row: Kerry Bosman, Katie Kerwin, Katie 
Bently , Robin Lowe, Kristy Tropeano, Lindsay Hartwell, Jen McCormick, Heather 
Baxter. Second row: Jemini Abraham, Jessica Hamilton, Tracey Bynoe, Danielle 
landoli, Kate Thomas, Sarah Armstrong, Michelle Hagar. Front row: Jennifer 
Caban, Jen Strahan, Sarah Caban. 

Above: The Girls' Varsity Team. Back row: Keisha Boykin, Courtney 
Sheena Santos, Lesley McGovern, Becca Magnone, Sarah UUman, Coach Sn 
Front row: Nikki Downs, Sarah Collins, Beth Ziulek, Lindsey McGrath 
Sylva, Grachaun Dunn. 

The Bedford Lady Bucs have had many ups and downs 
this season. The season started off a little shaky, but 
ended with an explosive effort. The Lady Bucs made it 
to the tournament, led by Senior guard Beth Ziulek, who 
scored her one thousandth point this season, a feat not 
easily accomplished. The seniors on the team, Lindsey 
McGrath and Ziulek will be sorely missed next year, but 
the team will surely prosper even without them, and will 
hopefully continue the traditions built up over the past 
four years. Good Luck to the team next year - with some 
effort, we are sure that they will make it all the way to the 

By: Beth Ziulek and 
Donald Cameron 

Left: The varsity team is in a 
huddle before the beginning 
of a game. The team always 
talks about the same thing 
in that huddle. I would tell 
vou but it's inappropriate 
for younger readers. Girls, 
never forget what we talk 
about, and carry on that tra- 
dition throughout the years 
of Bedford Girls' Varsity 


Right: Nikki Downs guards second 

The Bedford High School 
team once again had a suc- 
cessful year, making it to 
the state tournament for the 
eleventh year in a row. The 
team was led by four vet- 
eran seniors, whose 
positions will be hard 
to fill next year. Un- 
fortunately the team 
was defeated in the 
second round of the 
playoffs by 
Presenatation of 
Mary. Next year, how 
ever, the team will be 
led by a seasoned 
player, and hopefully 
leave its mark in the 
state tournnament. 

By: Alyssa Milligan 
and Sarah CoUins. 

Alyssa Milligan and Nikki Downs 
watch their teammates with concern. 

Right: Crystal Salvi cheers her team 
on as she waits for a ball. 


Right: Jenney Busa fields the ball dur 
ing practice. 


Left: Captain Sarah Collins looks 

Left: Lindsey Harrington aggressively 
gets ready to catch the ball. 

Below: Alyssa Milligan puts all of her 
strength into a homerun. 

rsity Team: 1st row: Sarah Collins, Sarah Sjostron, Jen Costa , Karen Thomas, Kristin Herd, 2nd row: Jenney Busa, 
idsey Harrington, Lesley McGovem, Crystal Salvi, Alyssa Milligan, and Nikki Downs. 

Above: Crystal Salvi races to first 

If the baseball team was go 
ing to make a run at the league 
title this year, they were star- 
ring down a hard road. With 
the loss of seven seniors, the 
baseball team was faced with a 
major challenge, rebuilding the 
team and finding a leader. With 
a .5 start through the first eight 
games of the season, the Bucs 
were wondering when the 
break in the season would come, 
unfortunately it never did. Fin- 
ishing with a record of 7-1 3 and 
one win away from the state 
tournament thanks to the Divi- 
sion 3 rule, the Bucs baseball 
season was cut short. The team 

was led by Senior John Duke 
and DCL all-star Junior Matt 
O'Donnell who proved to be 
very productive defensively as 
well as offensively. Senior Keith 
Baird and Junior Ryan Kennery 
helped keep games close with 
stellar performances in the out- 
field and clutch hits in crucial 
situations. With the coaching 
of Armand Sabourin and Jim 
Sullivan, the Bucs will be look- 
ing to rebuild the team in order 
to make a run at the league title 
and state championship next 
year led by the five returning 

By: Jimmy Lawrence 

3elo\v: Jimmy Lavverence's return. To the right: Jeff Dacey prepares to 

swmgs for another home run. 

Above; Dan Lefebvre pitches the ball for another strike. 
Left: Jimmy Higgson is "THE MAN!!!!!" 

5^ ^M-i 

Varsity Team: 1st row: Chris Payne, 
Chris Carol, John Duke, Pete 
Lambordini, Keith Baird, Shan 
Patel, 2nd row: Dan Lefebvre, 
Jimmy Higson, Chris Starnes, Mike 
Lennick, Dave Lacharite, 3rd row: 
Coach SuUivan, Jeff Dacey, Ryan 
Kennery, Matt O'Donnell, Craig 
Gelormini, Jimmy Lawrence and 
Coach Sabourin. 

Above: Coach Sabourin 
Left: Junior Varsity Team: 
1st row: Coach Reynolds, Matt 
Winick, Dave Lefebvre, Kris 
Olsen, Mike Sargent, 2nd row: 
Chris Pepin, Tim Busa, Dennis 
Griecci, Dave Mahony, 3rd row 
Pete Spencer Jack Hines, Evan 
Lagasse, Craig Warrington, 
Ben Armstrong 

Dave Lacharite makes another fantastic catch. 

Danny Pagan the man with the fastest "fastball" in the 


1st row: Jennier Tang, Sharon Betz, Kristen Arabez, Suzanne Kim, Kari Kachelmyer, Kristen Ela, Coach Aldo. 
2nd row: Kristen Johannessen, Meredith McClain, Lauren Weeks, Elizabeth De Weerd, Rebecca Gould, Wei Chen 
3rd row: Kriten Mc Namara, Meredith Mc Gowan, Pam Harvey, Nancy Yeh, Alexis Rudd, Julia Stern (not pictured, 
Jill Bernardo) 

Below: Kari Kachelmyerwearsag 
face as she hurries to line up a s 

Kristen MacNamara is intelligently reading her schoolbook during 

The 1999 tennis season for the Bedford High girls team 
had a great start! Losing no seniors, our varsity and 
junior varsity team were experienced enough to take on 
the rest of the Duel County League. With the help of our 
amazing sophomores, Kristen Johannson, Liz Deweerd 
and Becca Gould, and of course, our super junior player, 
Kari Kackelmyer, we surprised the other teams by actu- 
ally winning many of our matches. We did not make it to 
the state tournament like the boys team did, but we sure 
had a lot more fun and a lot more food! Go Bucs! 

By Suzanne Kim 

Left: Suzanne Kim awaits for her 
opponents move. 

Above: Elizabeth Deweerd walks onto 
the court for a successful game. 

Righ: The mighty Peter Gray swings 
at the Httle yellow ball. 

After two years of losses and a thirty-something game losing streak, Bedford 
Boys' Tennis completely turned around in the 1999 season. The team's coach, John 
Geilfuss, who won the Boston Globe's Coach of the Year Award, led the team to a 
brilliant run through the state tournament, advancing farther than they thought 
possible. Bedford went 8-8 in the season and won four matches in states before 
falling in the Div. II sectional finals against rival Concord-Carlisle. Even though 
Bedford was ranked last in post-season play, the team upset the defending champi- 
ons of the state title, Manchester-by-the-Sea. The next day, the papers read, "Bedford 
Slays Un-defeated State Champs," and the following matches went smoothly. 

All in all, it was a great season and a whole lot of fun. An amazing group of players 
and an amazing coach made it a memorable season for everyone. "Choo-choo!" 

by Captains Jon Boschetto and Vikram Sridharan 

Below: Michael Debartelo hits 
ball to win the match. 


Above: Captain Jon Boschetto and Vikram Sridharan smile for the camera 
with Coach John Geilfuss. 

Left: Stefan Iwanchuk slams the ball wth unbelievable strength. 

Above: Karan Wadhera stretches 
all his might to hit the ball. 


Left: Stefan Iwanchuk rests between 

Below: Vikram Sridharan swings the 
racket at the ball. 

Below: Patrick Redmond shows off 
his moves on the tennis court. 

Above: Johny Whallon aims for the 

Left: 1st row: Stefan Iwanchuk, 
FabrizioCadamagnani, Jon Boschetto, 
VikramSridharan, Karan Wadhera, 
Mike Debartolo, 2nd row: Peter Grey, 
Brian Pantano, Mike Jones, Josh Pierce, 
Nathan Gray, Ken Wilcox-Christle, 
Johnny Whallon, Kevin Redmond, 
Patrick Redmond, Anubhav Kaul. 

The Bedford Boys and Girls Spring Track team was one of 
the most talented teams in the Duel County League. Although 
we had a losing season due to the lack of depth on our team, 
we were still successful. Six boys and two girls individually 
qualified for the state class meet; Greg Haynes, Matt Kerver, 
Darren Harris, Mike McFarland, Drew Watton, and Dan Fer- 
rite, Lindsey McGrath and Megan Ferriter qualified on the 
girl's side. The boy's 4 by 100 relay team of David Salvi, Dan 
Anderson, Darren Harris and Matt Kerver also made the state 
meet. McFarland even made it past the class meet and into the 
All-State meet. The strongest part of the team was the distance 
and middle distance crew. Anchored by Haynes, McFarland, 
Ferriter, Jon Twombly, and coached by great former Bedford 
High runner, Barry Dyment, this part of the team was most 
essential toward success. Kim Sylva, Nicole Volpicelli, Jessica 
McGrath, Collen Gleason, Jenny Boshco were also outstand- 
ing performers on the girl's team. Coach Casey helped the 
team improve in the shot put and javelin, while Coach Al and 
Coach Greenwood had the sprinter's running faster than ever. 
Overall the team improved greatly from the start of the season, 
had a lot of fun, and made some good friends. 

By Mike McFarland 

Above: Mike Mead hurdling the jav- Right: Alan Tomczykowski runs 
elin. for the gold. 

Right: Jessie McGrath patiently 
waits for her upcoming race. 


Above: Lindsay McGrath "I wonder if she can fly too?" 

Lindsey McGrath leaps over the last hurdle of the race, 
(V: Teddy Moy gets ready to hurl a shotput. 

Left: 1st row: Jacob Butrick, John 
Twombly, Mike McFarland, Greg 
Haynes, Josh Markow, Ed Goehe, Ja- 
son Dugan, 2nd Row: Brendan 
Koehan, Josh Pierce, Teddy Moy, Leon 
Barron, Brad Goehe, Frank Lentine, 
Andrew Wotton, Patty Ferider, 3rd 
row: Pat McGrath, Dan Anderson, 
Dan Conway, Adam Losher, Pat 
Allen, Shane McDonald, Tony 
Tropiano, Steve Hempton. 

Above: Charles Ballilis seriously runs 
to complete the race. 

Left: 1st row: Jessie McGrath, Kim 
Sylva, Megan Ferriter, Nicole 
Volpicelli, Lindsey McGrath. 2nd row: 
Coach Greenwood, Sarah Markow, 
Collen Gleason, Crystal Eliza, Bethany 
Aiken and Christina Lee. 


The process of rebuilding the Bedford High School La- 
crosse Program continues. Under the instruction of Coach 
Edwards and Coach Leary, the varsity team came just shy of 
reaching its goal: making the DCL State Tournament. With a 
large increase in new players entering the school's lacrosse 
program, the varsity team will grow stronger in the years to 
come. Led by senior captains Larry Brutti and Mike Griecci, 
along with a strong cast of returning players including Eric 
Rogers, Brandon Stockwell, Stephen Ly, Ryan Nolan, Jeff 
Dederian, Andy Read and goalie Bobby Dutton, the Bucs are 
hoping for a winning season and a State Tournament Birth. 


Larry Brutti 

Captain Larry Brutti is hard at work. 

Right: Stephen Ly snagged the baU 
once again. 

Andy Read, Mike Gartland and Chad MacGregar watch on. 
w: Goalie Bobby Dutton is getting ready for one of his incredible saves. 

Below: Mike Griecci and Ryan Nolan 
scheme the next play- 

Below: Junior Varsity Team: 
1st row: Ben Morgan-Cleveland, 
Danny Raimondi, Richard 
DiTomassi, Mike Gartland, Sara 
Shepard, Maurice Harford, Thomas 
Matteo, Dan Baron. 2nd row: James 
Reinhardt, Matt Kruger, Brian 
Kadish, David Weston, Jim 
Grande,David Bratton, Brian Miley. 
3rd row: Ast. Coach McGrath, 
Jeremy Ouellette, Matt Evjy, Mike 
Lindgens, Nils Sandell, Ryan 
Simpson, Byron Murphy. 4th row: 
Coach O'Connor, Jose Sanoja, David 
Webster, Matt Castellana, Andy 
Churella, Alex Herz, Adam Rice. 

Above: Varsity Team 

.bove: Ryan Nolan sweeps Row: Brian Bosman, Jeff Sylva, Jason Raposa, Derek Leary, Justin Kessler, Rob Leshin, Jeff Jacobs, Brad Sylva, 

le ball casually. Dave DeBartolo, Pat Danaher, 2nd Row: Jeff Dederian, Chad MacGregor, Larry Brutti, Mike Griecci, Andy Read, 

Bobby Dutton, James Cotv^'ell, 3rd Row: Eric Rogers, Stephen Ly, Brandon Stockwell, Matt Nolan, Coach Edwards. 

Below: Liz Townsend gets readv to re- 
ceive a pass. 

Above; Rachel Arabaz viciously guards 
her player. 

Top: Sarah Sheppard defends the goal. 

Above right: Mary-Kate McNamara 
and Sarah Minue warms up for a game. 

Right: Anna Larson makes a prett\' 

Above: Margaret Low tears up the field 

Back Row: Vanessa DeMeo, Julianna DiSarizo, Lauren Gray, LLz Towns 
Jessica Christin, Ashley Campbell, Emily Sheehan, Courtney Campbell, M 
Kate McNamara, Anna Sabella, Becca Keating; Second Row: Kate Wes 
Katie Rossin, rachel Arabasz, Jessica Hamilton, Catherine Egan, Sarah Mi 
Kate Valente, Anna Larson, Margaret Low; Front Row: Coach Pam Paqu 

Left: Anna Larson and Catherine Egan 
Below: Ant's eye view of an awesome game. 

Left: Kate Valente's quick feet help 
her to overpower the opposing player. 

Below: Courtney Campbell reaches 
up to intercept. 

inally, intramural Girls Lacrosse was played at Bedford High! Though there had been 
rest for a while, the team was just established this past year as a club team. A late start, 
1 the team beginning in May, the team worked hard with the expert guidance of Coach 
\ Paquin. Most had never played lacrosse before. However, our team of sophomores and 
hmen were able to pull off two great scrimmages. The girls lacrosse team is ready for next 
ion as a DCL team. By Anna Larson 

Above: As Courtney Campbelhs injured, hi 

, , . and Coach Paquin stand by reassuringly, 

e: Coach Fam Paqum mspires the team during a game. ' ^ 


W-JT* ifld-^ 

174 '^'^^^ 




ivities: Chorus 1; Chamber Singers 2; Madrigal 3, 4; 
Sextette 3, 4, co-leader 4; Orchestra 1,3; Chamber 
tra 1 , 2, 4; Jazz Band 4; Spring Musical cast 1 , 3, pit 2, 
nament of Plays crew 1, cast 2, 3, 4; Forum 3, 4, co- 
:; St)'lus 2, 3, 4, co-editor 4; Telemedia 2, 3, 4, director 
te 1; JV soccer 1, 2; JV track 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club I, 
rhanks: GOD - for everything: giving me life and 
; me through it, blessing me vi^ith wonderful friends 
lily. MOM and DAD - putting me on the right road 
sting me to stay there, listening to my complaints 
verything, supporting and disciphning me through 
weird little phases (Proverbs 22:6). I love you. 
' - well it took us 14 years but finally we're friends, 
n't tell you how glad 1 am about that. Good luck with 
of high school, and don't hesitate to call me if you 
ed to talk. 1 have to admit you're a pretty cool kid... 
for a band dork... JOHN - still being really cute and 
tful and letting me call you silly nicknames. I can't 
see who you grow up to be, but don't ever outgrow 
:ar wars toys, ok? LILIAN - liking eggplant pizza, 
hippie, singing Rent nonstop, alto power, midsum- 
ickv water, being Vicky Austin, not making fun of 
sical aspirations, thinking everything's fabulous. 
EI - always Ustening, but also knowing when to tell 
hut up. Millions of phone conversations, random 
, French projects, obsessing together, Germany, Lon- 
vix, taking really good pictures, making me laugh. 
C. - Romans 12:2, Rent, midsummer, veggietales, 
:anding the parts of me that no one else does. VIK - 
iging my Star Wars obsession, junior prom, your 
ige-tuming skills, finally returning my CD (just 
;), being my physics buddy & a good friend & one of 
if genuinely nice people I know, someday 1 really 
see blue man group, 1 promise. STEPHEN - every- 
om HBPS and PFM to madrigal and "studying" for 
Thanks for trying to make me lighten up but still 
,g when I needed you to be serious, venom. JONNY 
nng me everywhere, forum and madrigal and vari- 
ler forms of madness, being 6 years old forever. 
E and JUSTIN - forum. SARA C. - shepherd mo- 
making me do track - see, look, 1 stuck with it! JESSE 
the only one who knows how evil I really am 
;). SUZANNE - being amazing at everything. 
iA - helping me sur\'ive freshman year, debate, my 
; party. DANIELLE - soccer, random middle school 
ies. DANYA - letting me be your sidekick. MER & 
B. - making double sextette so much better than last 
'ou guys are awesome. JON-WITH-A-HAT - AP 
lOt dogs (are you sure 1 can't have relish with that?). 
- being the tall goofy Christian guy, liking the Ws. 
JYN H. - Mark, sensible shoe woman. Amy, theor\', 
my insanity, being really good at strangling people. 
SHANNON - Swedish palm trees! LYDIA - easy 
having a split personality. JENNIE - wearing paja- 
riting dirty poems in my locker. CHRISTINA and 
1 and KRYSTEL - being my track buddies, listening 
hme, being happy forme. SPRINGER and CJ- being 
)dy's favorite freshmen. JOEY C. - being a leader in 
vn quiet way. KEITH - Germany, semi. SCOTT, 
i, and LINDSAY - the B.A. fan club. MATT W. - 
rstock, having little people in your pockets. ANDY 
;LLA - the Bethany song. (But don't ever sing it 
rl'U murder you.) COLLEEN R. - being the sweetest 
ever. LAURI- 1 don't remember. HEATHER -being 
) perky in the morning. LAURA J. - making me cello 
s, being a good friend. All the other BHS cellos past 
'sent, especially MIRANDA, JOANNA, and ADAM 
nges (an orange and two tangerines?) and Goin' 
ANDY CARVEY - lots of rides home from madrigal 
jeing an exceedingly cool person. KATHRYN BATES 
ovies and really good conversations. You've chal- 
me and helped me to grow spiritually. JULIA, 
), and LAUREN - being shining examples of what it 
to truly follow Christ. SHAYLOR - making me a 
(ianist, but understanding there's more to me than 
R. MOD - making me believe 1 could actually write; 
)w managing to make even grammar seem sort of 
/ interesting. MR. PALMER - routinely setting fire to 
es. MS. KELTNER - liking Yoda, teaching us yoga, 
iting me a really nice recommendation. MRS. MOR- 
?ing frighteningly energetic, Mafia, teaching things 
stick. MR. MAFI^A - putting up with my first-period 
i; tr>'ing to be intimidating. MR. LOW - thinking I'm 
MR. REAGAN - No thanks for the F octave. MR. 
and MR. SHEINFELD - making art fun. FRAU 
jER - spending tons of time trying to teach science to 
1 of musicians. Also MRS. RAINIS, MR. REYNOLDS, 

and MRS. IRVING for being really great teachers. Thanks 
again to all the people I mentioned and probably quite a 
few 1 didn't. I wouldn't be who 1 am without you, and for 
that I owe you. Goals: to make a difference, to be important 
to someone, never to exchange who 1 am for what the world 
expects me to be. 

First and fore' most I would like to give thanks to the 
Lord Almighty for his care and support. When I had no 
answer to my questions from friends and family you were 
there and I appreciate you for your support. To my mommy 
thank for being my mother, my father, my teacher, and my 
best friend even on our worst days. To my family you are 
very loving, fun, and crazy. We have surpassed many evils 
and with more to come, but all we need is love and support 
for each other and GOD. Aunty Michelle (buffy) and Nikki- 
you two are like big sisters we talk, we laugh, and 1 raid 
your closets for clothes. Thank You! TJ- my goofball. You 
only have one hfe to live so don't mess it up. Micheala, AJ 
(mookie), and Jennie- even though 1 don't see you all as 
much 1 will never forget you. Love Ya! Ashley-we have had 
many laughs, talks, and cries, but we will always be tight 
family or not. If we are apart 1 would like you to remember 
one thing and that is the day you , justin, and me almost got 
kick out of the movies. Justin, Logan, Courtney- 1 have 
taught vou and you have taught me. 1 am not only your big 
sister, but you have let me be a friend of yours and I thank 
you and say I love you all. To the newest member of the 
DeVance family my cutey Jared (Jaja). We all can't wait 
until you are old enough to be able to chill with you. To my 
Aunties and my Ma- all of you have my supported me and 
made me laugh. Thank You! To all my girls you are the 
craziest, funniest, and sweetiest bunch of ladies I ever met. 
Don't forget it's always ladies night so represent to the 
fullest. Valissa - you have been my girl for 9 years now and 
we have been through ups, downs, and loads of horse. I 
gonna miss your loud and rude comments, your machine 
gun laugh, and your trouble-maker mentality and that is 
what everybody loves about you. You have treated me like 
a sister and my family like your own. Thank You! Janene- 
aka jelly bean you are the realist and illest person I ever met. 
You have been and still are a good friend. We've made the 
45 min bus ride fun and when we stayed after school the 
train ride home is something 1 could never forget. So stay 
strong my Bajian Queen never give up on your dreams and 
the ones you love (keep savin' let my people go! nosa 
nothin, but fun love). I gonna miss you jigga my. SPRE WELL 
!! Katara- I am going to miss your positive but goofy 
attitude, your strong will precision, your "1 don't care if 
you don't like it take it or leave it" attitude. Crystal- When 
I am gone I hope you keep on smilin'. When 1 feel that life 
is bad and realize that every teenager feels the same way, 
1 see you laughing and smiling and not caring about the 
same old teenage drama. Your always be my SUPERSTAR! 
Ryan-(my husband) we were classmates, we were friends, 
and know we are married and it has been the best hope to 
see you later on in life. Don't worry it is always going to be 
a black thang. To Shane- you are a crazy . You go bov wit 
your hair, sexy, legs. To Darren, Jason, and Criag,- 1 will 
never forget you guys you are a great group of people to 
have as friends. Marcus- vou were a good friend to bad it 
had to end because of association, you guys have been 
made me laugh and you made class fun . "Learn from your 
mistakes. If you don't , what's the point in making them?" 
To the Metco crew yall are so bad children, but vou should 
never give up on what you want to achieve. Never let go of 
the ForeChin!! (for a certain two). 
fCel/ir? ^AX+cf 

First and foremost, I would like to thank God for being 
constant in an ever-changing world. I'd also like to express 
my gratitude to my parents for bringing me into this world 
and teaching me how to live in it. Thank you to all of my 
family for supporting me throughout my life. Thanks to the 
Air Force for showing me the world, Yokota High School 
for my freshman and sophomore years, and Bedford High 
School for taking me the rest of the way. Thank you Mr. 
McGarity for teaching me about computers, Ms. Uehara for 
teaching me Japanese, Mr. Sullivan for letting me read the 
paper, Mrs. Sullivan for making English an enjoyable class, 
Mr. Palmer for making fun of everybody, and all of my 
other teachers throughout my life for advancing my knowl- 
edge in all subjects. Thanks to all of my friends, coworkers, 
and teammates for your support, and a special thank you to 
sports for teamwork, the playoffs, and being a distraction. 
More specifically, thank you to the Mets for finally making 
the playoffs again and to everyone else I haven't men- 
tioned, thank you too because without you I wouldn't be 
here either. . 

Mike ^ecUHn 

Thanks to: My parents for endless support and never 
giving up on me. Sara for being my girlfriend for four 
years. I love you. Nana and Papa. My brothers Jeff and Jay 
for being my bandmates, and best friends. Andy, Chad, 

Mark, Cody, JoshE., Pat, AlexS., Keith, Meff, Rene, SaraA., 
Lianna, JoshS., AlexM., Nick, T.J., Ken, Tricia, Preston, 
Rosie,JayD.,and all the others lam on good terms with. The 
closest ones to me know who they are. You are all the elite 
in my world. Ms. Pascucci for pushing me to my best. Ms. 
Sav. True metal bands MercvfulFate, Bathory, Slayer, Car- 
nivore, Samael, Burzum, Emperor, RottingChrist, 
ImpaledNazarene, CelticFrost, Voivod, Mayhem, 
IronMaiden, OrderFromChaos, DecemberWolves and the 
countless number of bands that inspired me musicallv, and 
mentally. Lastly mvself for being what I am. 

LiliAD ^eltrrAp 

Activities: Orchestra, Madrigal, Drama, Telemedia, and 
some other stuff My love and thanks to my family, friends, 
teachers, &others who have contributed a part of them- 
selves to my life. ..Mom- "magic mommy", baking cookies 
for all my friends, making my prom dresses, always taking 
care of me. Dad- for Ruby and Silver, explaining simple 
questions in great detail, reading Swan Lake, &daddy hugs. 
Both my parents for all the incredible support, tolerance, 
&unconditional love you've given me. Jesse- for finally 
cutting your hair, letting me hang out with all your friends, 
our crazy discussions &arguments, using film as an art 
form. Abby- for growing up into more than just my little 
sister, looking up to me, not being afraid to dance, listening 
to my advice, ikplaying a bedpost... Katie Chaps-Chaps and 
Knaps take over the world! (and AP Chem), mad chemists, 
togas and swamps, connections &R.W. Emerson, veggie 
tales, "K-nig-its", fairies!, poetry, RENT!, transcendental- 
ism, passion, li\ ing deliberately, "Fie! Fie!", philosophical 
e-mails, "studving", blessings!, freshmen at the Prom; for 
knowing me better than I know myself &loving me any way. 
Jennie-'Tm special!" calling me when you're bored, cafete- 
ria west, American Beauty, discussions, sending me a bra, 
being a die-hard techie. "I am Jennie/Lilian..." Shannon- 
telemedia. Midsummer! (wood sprite). Physics and Kreuger 
quotes, Swedish palm trees, the Belknap /Fillion family. La 
Vie Boheme &knowing the Newsies dances. LauraJ- my 
dearest little Laurrrra, dancing in the car, obsessions, things- 
in-my-pants, PJShams, Naked Angels, &other crazy stories. 
D.Mike- telling me your dirty secrets, hanging in the 
lightbooth, joining orchestra, being a hottie. JoeC- veggie 
tales, the squirrel /rooster, "workers- &a fairy", "very small 
rocks", the Prom, swing dancing, just being an awesome 
person. CJ- the best Abercrombie-wearing, hockey-playing, 
Bridgewater kid I know, your pool party, our sleepover, 
DMB. Bethany- audio-woman! since 1st grade, being in all 
my classes, having incredible talent &singing all the notes 
1 miss. Mei- J.Crew campus (just kidding), orchestra, listen- 
ing to my advice &being yourself. Lvds- flirt techniques. 
Newsies!, "Moo with me!", potty talk. Vik- Band geek! for 
constant drumming, MD runs. Pit, mooing over MCR, 
sdrawkcab e-mails. Keith- hugs &parties at the community 
center. Springer- my permanent freshman, for hitting on me 
when we were little. Georgia- sharing music experiences, 
ballet class, wanting to sing opera. Jon- listening to classical 
music with me. Madrigal, scriptwriting, "focus!", orches- 
tra, physics, chem, "GO!!!!", allstates &dancing the Landler 
to salsa music. Danya- "you could be a figment of my 
imagination", 8th grade, Madame Li!, Les N'est Mis Pas, 
trading poetry. Stephen- for never forgetting, giving the 
best backrubs, teaching me analysis. Ceramics, brushing 
your teeth, and being trustworthy. KatieBoosha!- dancing 
grapes, jello sculptures. Alto power!, being a nutcase. Mer- 
Art class!, sextette. JesseD- for your twisted sense of humor, 
random math info (Gauss), attempting to teach me chemis- 
try, green socks. Jeff- for Can't Escape. Bobby- physics 
&creating excellent shows at the last minute. Tim- the bird 
picture. Madrigal- for being the best. Karan- for your raps. 
KathrynB- "Mr.Low said !", orchestra, KathrynH- "I'm 
sorry..." Scratch- being a good kid. MattW- lunches, having 
a wild side. Erin- always being laid-back. Ellen- 8th grade, 
laughing. . . Danielle- the MMA in NY-our lady with flowers, 
the TMC. Honkus- visiting me, complaining all the time, 
Germany busrides, not leaving Bedford, showing me the 
Symphony Hall lightbooth. Suzanne- being perfect! &or- 
chestra. Catherine &Nicole- orchestra &Pit. Nathan- Driver's 
ed, chamber orch. HeatherR- my horny buddv. KarenS- my 
adopted Uttle sister, being just like Laura. ShaunF- for the 
wall in Rothenburg &understanding me. Frack, Andy, 
&Dave- stopping by my house for soup, to play with my 
computer, &just to say hi. The '98 family- for including me. 
Elissa- driving me everywhere, making me listen to you 
complain. KarenT- never coming to orchestra &wearing 
sandals to concerts. AndyC- Madrigal. KristinF- for your 
belief in yourself. Seth, Alissa, LauraG forbeingcool. SaraC- 
2-1-2=5, lilac forests &jelly beans. DanF- the water balloon 
frog &Psychic Dan. Maura- painting sets. JonnyKo- Ceram- 
ics & APchem. KristenM- for being so nice! Betsy- our tree at 
the Prom. Stan- the real principal viola. Dianne- middle 
school. Junior year lunch group- picnics and Genevieve. 
Everyone on BHSLive- for getting up early. My beloved 
Kinpeople- for the most amazing summers of my life; stars, 


madrigals, hugs, goodnights, folk dancing, runs, &all the 
other memories. I love you all so much. Maya- for always 
being there even after months of no correspondence. Bob- 
hugs, stars, and juggling. Sasha- always making me laugh. 
Adam- the cutest &sweetest guy I know, SaraS- my sweet 
girl, being a Renthead. Sam- e.e.cummings, Ari- kindred 
spirits, JesseH-W- stars. Josh &Lucas- dishes, ChacconeA- 
the best cabin ever- morning music, decorations, &flatu- 
lence. Susan, SarahK, SarahF, Derek, Sally, Abbie, KevinM, 
RachelN &evervone else for being awesome. To everyone 
at GBYSO- Jason &Pat- my original viola boys, &the funni- 
est guys I know- JP- for being my friend &mentor, PJ- the 
best stand partner ever. Emilio- Hawaiian shirts. Greg- for 
making fun of me. Andy- for my care package &constant 
IM's. RachelW- Angora &crossing Com Ave. Bryan- the real 
man. Ana, Katie, Sarah, &Troy- for Schubert. All the girls- 
parties in the dorm. Susie &Vira- for memories. To PCPers'96- 
especially Al- for over two years of letters that always make 
me happy, Lauren- for always having guy problems, 
Amanda &Tasha- thinking like me. Martin- for living at my 
house, bike rides. All the teachers/conductors/coaches 
that have put up with me, inspired me, &actually taught me 
something- Ed- for making me a violist, Mr. Mod- for 
Lilianbunnv, Mrs. Morris- .Mafia &cartwheels, Mrs.Keltner- 
StarWars, transcendentalism, &vocab visuals, Mr.Maffa- 
my friend and teacher, for all those great quotes. Mr.Reagan- 
the F-octave, Mr.Lord- loving us so much! Rita- helping me 
discover my own inspiration, Jason Duckies- "I have big 
Iips"-two awesome summers. Ken Kwo, Michael Locati, 
Mr.Cortese, Mr.Commanday, Joel, Robert, Mr. Low, 
Mrs.Devaney, MissHennessey, Mr.Pilla, .Mr.Sheinfeld, 
Mr.Revnolds, FrauKreugah, Mr.Huf f, MissSmith, .Mr.Casey, 
Mrs.Martines, Mrs.McGraw. To the Chapas for being my 
second family. To anyone I forgot, &the new friends I've 
made over senior year- 1 love you too. Future Goals: to make 
music and li\'e deliberately. 

ACTIVITIES: V. Tennis: 1, co-capt. 2, 3, 4^; Musical: 1, 2, 
3, 4; Forum: 3, co-ed. 4; SADD: treas. 3, co-pres. 4; French 
club: 1, 2, treas. 3, 4; NHS: 3, sec. 4; Tournament/ Drama: 2, 
3, 4; JV Soccer: 1 ; AFS: 2, 3, 4; music: 1, 2, 3, 4; BDC: 1, 2; BUTI: 
3; Boys' State: 3; Frau Krueger fan club: 3, co-pres. 4; other 
stuff:' 1,2, 3, 4. 

THANKS TO: EVERYONE for being cool. MOM, DAD for 
being the best parents anyone could have, providing for me 
and always being there, I love you. MEG, DAVE for being 
the best siblings anyone could have. Scrabble, sumo wres- 
tling, being great, love vou. CATHERLNE- phone-y friends!, 
we've been through so much since sixth grade. Thanks for 
putting up w/me, being therefor me, letting me be therefor 
you, always being perfect, and tons more. Can't say enough; 
can't wait to get married! P05, v-day cooking, xmas stuff, 
duckies, little mermaid, phone calls, everything. Sorry for 
being a jerk sometimes and explaining math poorlv. You 
mean so much -love you. MEREDETH -chem friend! Late 
night hmwk,b'market, chem..., calculator notes, TP, trips to 
mall, driving everywhere, sorrv for being dorky and not 
knowing what's up. KATIE JO for getting tired and being 
fun, seeing green, "friendly" fighting, NEC, "girly girl", 
"Hearts of Gold," Alt theme song, big band night. .. , KRISTEN 
- palm trees, would-you-rather?, 3am IM's, our "relation- 
ships," Skazzy!, clapping, loving monkeys, being sent to 
Antarctica, VIKRAM -haystack — chaldebol, glen, M.S. 
Stewart, markiv/narf/treb/noj, fiannacci!, (table) tennis 
(B'ford Open), w'wood, magic, ever\'thing! DANIELLE - 
good times, mall, FH scoring, break!, "HofG," CARRIE for 
good yrbk pics, forum, bathroom breaks/skirt-peeing, Mary- 
Katherine, French and cercle-not the lowliest officer!, losing 
polka to Jimmy &Tara!! argh, SUZY Q for .NEC, piano, 
tennis, Anna Kournikova screams, Mrs. Mclnnis!, SADD, jr. 
prom, Boston Light Popcorn, being perfect in every way, 
chicken soup, LIZ for laughing/blowing your nose tres fort, 
Cercle boums, Eriksen's class/getting me in trouble, 
STEPHE.N for french video, going to "the club", dedication, 
IM's, tournament, octet, etc., NTCOLEV for being my sis, 
"fights", comic relief in orchestra, tangos, LILIAN BELLCAP 
(Katie's partner) -your "viol", prettv madrigals, knowing 
Vera and Suz, putting up with my wacky classroom antics, 
scripts "focus!," KATIE CHAP for brilliance, math chats, 
fun talks, Keltner, rhymes, tournament!, SHAUNA "add- 
ing character" to lA-projects, always being involved/su- 
per-nice, strength, a&f attacks, being anal in driver's ed, 
CRAIG for boys' state, w'wood, early bam, math competi- 
tion,GOSlNE for DanGr, Ellllliot, Ms. Roach's flex!, Fiumara- 
"ru reading?," seventh grade hours on phone, tango!, AN- 
DREA - hide-and-go-seek w/walkie-talkies, bus-stop fun, 
pockets in your cheeks, singing at dinner, KARA.N for trash 
talk, bio (fun stories), tennis "no way you'll beat me!...", TV 
tennis, ping-pong, Socrates?, RAYNA- lapdances in 
Smithson's class, 6th grade lust, psych, EMILY for stained 
glass, rhymes, fun driving, ANA for w'wood, Mr. Reagan/ 
Shevory, BTW everything falls at one rate!, AMITY -lunch 
and now psych! You're great!, KRISSY our pact, being 

babies /youngest, wind, SMELLIN" ELLEN for smelhng 
minty fresh, being evil w/Laver, STEFA.N for doubletime, 
"wee!", "we've got trouble...", lobmaster-S, wing. ..dove, 
blue carrots, JEN- Laverand history, thanks for standing up 
for yourself and being strong, you're a cool kid, JESSIE for 
chem/Palmer, my bro, 8th grade, MIKE MCF having my 
clothes, fun in english/hum, ERIN for foods, HR, NATALIE 
for being loud, Washington!, one long note, BBALLBETHZ 
-fun w/Donna in D'Ed, calc, BETHANY for "biting" sar- 
casm (grrrowll), "friendly" competition, ambivolence..., 
LARRY for homeroom, math team, MIKE G for being a nice 
guy, BOB- good times w / Krueger, dance parties, octet, JEFF 
"me touche, me touche!", lex -club, octet, madrigal, tourna- 
ment, french, &more!, ALYSSA for being so sweet, JESSE - 
not talking til sr. yr. then being surprisingly funny!, octet/ 
madrigal, thinking 2x..., FRED for camp, knowing too much 
about my family, being a good CIA agent, BRIA.N-if it's a 
square one, it's a good one!, D.A.N for cpr, JIMMY L -Laver... 
interesting, D. MIKE -tournament, orch., KARI tennis, tour- 
nament, DANIELLE DEMOSS you're great!, LINDSEY - 
French, MIKE M -BDC, BETHANY for "biting" sarcasm 
(grrrowl!), "friendly" competition, ambiv'olence!..., MEI - 
forum..., orch, everything, 'i'ou're great. DINA for being a 
militant vrbkeditori, KEVIN -Cable Guy, etc., GAIL wind!, 
STEPH for your knee-sorn, ', DANY.A -O.M! Carrots and 
tournament, &everything inbetween, MEFF peace be w/ 
you my brow buddy, JON WITH THE HAT for bringing jov 
to first period jr. yr. and breaking my leg, GEORGIA-wow- 
last summer! Phyllis. Seij. Dave Mintz. Whatev. Thanks for 
BUTI, OMI, Olympus, &figs, DIANNE for refreshing 
competitivity, looong phone calls, Olympus, TP, and being 
perfect. UNDERCLASSMEN : 'RYN (not 'RINE)- good times! 
early morning/latenight FS-practices, stand partners, con- 
trasts, nagginess, that ritard(ando)!, talkin' tomatoes, fam- 
ily secrets (Youngin' Muddytruck?), "Mr. Low said... boob!", 
KIM for getting naggy with it (especially those scopians). 
HEATHER letting me lick you, being my lust, molestations 
in the hall, LESLEY putting up with me when I jumped 
Heather, JON T failed nipple-grabs, JILL for being mean to 
Weston, LYDIA for dancing on the tables, physics!, SHAN- 
NON sorry you didn't make octet! Well, cook for us. 
COLLEENG you're great, thanks for being cool, TIGER for 
thinking you're better than me, PETER for WW, tennis, 
BRAINP for laughing like a psycho/being one, 11?!, YOSH- 
"do you think I'm hot...?" hide-and-go-seek w/your hat, 
other fun WW things, psych, JOHNNY for nighthawks, 
being a truly good person, ANNA-L going to ballet/ice 
skating, ANNA-S wind, SARA haircut, w/ wood, BETH for 
orchestra!, JIMMY H for being at the mall every time I go, 
"doc," SAMMY- comb out your fro more often, you're 
funny kid, JEENY M bday parties, Spaghettios, FH, 
KATHRYNH loved the lipsync, beating up Tim after 
sillvstring, MKM for pickles, pooptarts and poopdiets, TIM- 
your mom has four teeth (just kidding Mrs. Busa!), DANE- 
good luck with octet next yr! SARA-P so nice, SCRATCH 
nice lipsync! Other Underclassmen - space issues, sorry. But 
you're cool, too. All families — thank you too! 1999 (Jackie, 
Laura, Kristin, Elissa, Kelly, etc.), 1998 (ever\'one!); Tennis 
(choo-choo!), Cercle, Orchestra, BUTI (love it), BDC, etc. - 
Thank you all; MENTORS, TEACHERS, & ADVISORS, etc. 
-you know who vou are! Thank you so much. You have 
really touched my life, each one of vou. Really. Thanks! 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, grad school, get married, 
and have a few offspring. Be happy. 

Hey everyone. To Mum and Daddy-You two are 
awesome parents. Thank you for loving me as much as 
you do and watching out for me (even when I didn't 
want you to). I'm still your little girl. To the grandmas- 
The two of you are just so cool. To Andy. FJachel. and 
Jacob- the three of you are my sisters and brother. 
Remember playhouses and going to Anne's? I love all 
three of you very much. Chrissy- you've been my best 
friend and kindred spirit for the past six years. We've 
gone on trips (Australia. ..umm] and had our stories 
(umm again). You're my concert and dancing partner 
forever. In sixty years (smile), it'll still be us. 1 love you 
with all my heart, you're my Raspberry Swirls. P.S. It 
had to be me and the frisbee? D- you've definitely been 
interesting. Thank you for constantly entertaining me 
in class and humoring me when I act silly. Long live 
bacon . In a wrestling match Ani might win , but in a hot 
guy one... Are all American women as interesting as 
you? Dan- I want pizza, hook me up. Shauna- you're 
an awesome girl and I've always had fun with you. 
Volleyball was great and so was everything else I did 
with you. Thank you for listening and letting me listen 
back. Dina- you are the only little princess I've ever 
known, and it's been an experience. I'm trying to 
convince myself that your constant ridicule has made 
me stronger. The KISS concert was fun (for you any- 
way) and so were the many trips to the movies. No. that 
was not the Beatles. Margo- You're silly and that's why 

you rock. Expect more emails (hee hee hee) 
How are the fish doing? Erin- You kept ROTC inir 
ing for two years, and always entertain me wiih 
string cheese. Ellen- Thank you for all the inter- 
commentary. Everything's a farce with you. Pr 
Thank you for all of the rides, and all our I 
songs. I've had so much fun with you. especiall 
BSB concerts. Kari- If I never have to see Mel ' 
again... Thank you for always keeping me comp 
all our classes. Danielle- You are an awesome 1 
who always makes me laugh. Jeanette- One of ti 
people here who can appreciate the extent ' 
obsessiveness. and see that it's not a bad thiiiL 
just fun. Gotta love em though. Thanks to al: 
teachers who've helped me. All of my working b 
(past and presentj-Y'all made it bearable and l 
taining and for that I am forever grateful. This w 
interesting couple of years, so thanks again 

Activities: Field Hockey 1234, Capt.4 Indoor Trac 
Capt 3, 4, Interact 1234, French Club 1234, Seer. 3,4 
Chair 3, 4 SADD 3, 4, Spanish Club, 234. First my f; 
Mom and dad, thank you so much for everything thi 
have done for me. Mom, thanks you for all the advict 
with school, coming to my games, dismissing me, bri 
me my lunches. Always trying to understand, and I 
my lie on your bed. Dad thanks for all the laughs, di 
giving me anything I want, all the money, and knowir 
will never see it again=) Aroooba, all the trips, 
overprotective, fixing my car, or breaking it. Thank \ 
much for everything, your the best, old sucker dad! 
could not have a better older brother. Thanks for a 
watching over me, cutting my hair off, for all our late 
talks, neighborhood games, always making me 1 
Fairfield weekends, treating me like one of your fr 
providing, and just being one of my closest frienc 
matter where we go in life, we will always be here fo 
other. To all your friends for being my other brother; 
timboli, thanks for the laughs, riding to school uit 
being a cool freshman, Aruba, and for getting stuck ii 
room, and climbing out the window! I love you all. AL 
Y ankee doodle, where would I be without you? BF' 
summers, d'angelo's parking lot!!! Driving together, 
so caring, and always there for me, being a weirdo ju 
me! Your house, my ankle, my house, good tim 
stories. London, Joan+John's, Leaving Las Vegas, the i 
talks on the dock. Yanks, thanks for always listenir 
never judging. Without your guidance, and weir 
who knows where I would be. ANDREA, all I can 
laugh when I think of the good times. ..TRY! Frolick 
mist, throwing things at each others windows, GIoui 
FH, locker pals, the quiet times, 10:00 phone calls, aski 
questions, all the advice, always walking into my bee 
your singing, breaking into mikes, rollerblading, s 
McD's in the rain. Is that a kid?? No its a Chinese wc 
Freeballin it. tape notes, Bermuda, The Willard, ) 
Pooh Bear, thanks for all the good times and men 
always being there to listen to my frequent problem 
for being such a caring, loyal friend. Alyss and A 
thanks for being my best friends, and for all the mei 

weshare, I loveyou guys MIKEG. thanks for teachi 

the proper way. SD's, EC's, skipping classes, being f 
I can be with and have a good time with no matter 
Marios! Keith's, driving up Nashoba, Fairfield wee 
cheeseballs. Sophomore year, I'm sorrj' I blew it. my 
school nights, doing homework with me, throwing 
Alyssa's pool, D3. Thanks for being there for me and £ 
making me laugh, and just being a great guy to be ai 
MIKE MCF-being my man on the side, making me 
carrots in your ears, cat food, our unique reladonsh 
house, indoor track, junior semi, Djbob's, training m 
training me well, sitting on me, puking on my jeai 
gardless of the hard times and petty arguments, w 
had so many good times together. 1 will always 1 
special place for you in my heart, I love you Mike. L. 
thanks for all the talks, being honest, for the summer, 
in Harwich, but not when I'm there. The movie nigh 
always being there when I've needed you. Locker pa 
the years. Thanks for always being truthful, and jus! 
a good caring friend. DAN, riding to school with me, 
classes, GOODIES!! Cops, being paranoid, math, 
running into the grill, making fun of my driving, wai 
totaled a car? GREEEEECHE, filling the sink. Thar 
always making sure everything is ok, and always 
ready to listen and understand. Your an awesome 
and an even better neighbor! BRIA.N, for being an aw 
guy, cat food. Eyes, math and Spanish, red lights, I m: 
so much. CATHERINE, tangerines, fh„ prom stuf) 
sensor, class stuff, French club, KRISSY- FH, I love N 
and I'm not afraid to admit it!! taking the white 
physics class, our chats, PSS, sharing our love of the 
driving lessons, decorating. CARRIE, being a riot, ti 
bus buddies, FH, hitting on me. Tournament, b ma' 

ialized farm, PSS. ANA, banzee, being an awesome 
ie, blue drivewa v, Florida, all the good times. NICOLE- 
Door knobs, being so sweet, throwing yourself on the 
ind, vvoodv, funnel. Yeah T-dawg, love the hat, thanks 
leing such a sweet girl. For always being around when 
'd someone to talk to, and for being a good listener, you 
tvler! EMILY-BF, running into the wall in indoors, 
entVV., typing, jlMMY- partying, blending, being nice 
and having a quality basement! KEVANO- Dawsons 
its, French midterm, breakfasts, (kinda). overdosing on 
• medicine, storing stuff, being such a weird guy, but 
lys making me laugh. RYAN K.-for our heart to hearts, 
just being a nice guy, for being so easy to talk to, and 
lys saying, hi, how are ya? to bad we didn't become 
ids sooner, RAYNA- the smoke alarm, your house, 
g a good friend. CRAIGA, physics, drawings, 
seballs. ANDY R.- for being my lab partner, having a 
h, sitting with me on those stupid stools, and keeping 
mtertained, Mike Gartland- WuTang, lying, Sarah C- 
ha, lunch, BE. All the BE Crew, Jessie, for the good times. 
CHICKS. ..Lesley, LANKS, for always making me laugh 
for being such a strange and entertaining girl. Your a 
good luck next year. JILLIANO!! Thruster, your the 
glad we became good buds, choir, for singing beauti- 
vvith me! To all the '01 girls. Good luck to next year's 
1. Henessey and Sullivan, for being awesome advisors. 
Smith, Mrs. Rainis, and Mrs. O'Malley for all the help, 
iks to the class of 2000 for all the memories and all the 
1 times to come! 

toivities: AES 3;AE]ROTC 3,4 

of all, I want to thank my entire family for putting up 
me, but more specifically, my mother and my father 
have always been there and given me your support , 
I want to let you know that I do appreciate everything 
you have done for me. Dennis, you have been a part of 
ife for such a long time that 1 can't remember you not 
g there. I just hope that by now you know how much 
mean to me. Teresa you mean more to me than you 
ably realize. Tyler and Spencer, you guys are the best 
lers anyone could ever have. Grandma, I love you so 
h, please never forget it. Grandpa, 1 know that we 
'f get to spend a lot of time together, but I cherish the 
we had miss you. Aimee, chica, where do 1 start? We 
yood times: OMG, it's a banana boat, getting jobs, cleva 
;, jazz hands, soooo-dah, ooofus! orange juice(my fa- 
:e, besides Mt. Dew). Yeah us! K-Bye. Amanda, for 
>st 4 years, you've been there: the stories in study, Mr. 
lass, falling UP the stairs, the spice boys, slippery, me 
ing to Bedford, the Korn concert, the river rave, vou 
V vou love Barret, making fun of Chuckus, "interest- 
followed by "I'm gonna hang up on you!" You under- 
i what a lot of people never could. To the rest of the 
, Kara, Megan (Mega), and Tracey ( fumble! 3 pts. for 
)ffensive team. You are not Kiki!). Divsh, miss ya lots! 
ember Bobo?ooopsh! Maybe one day I'll be able to 
s! Mossi, thanks for the rides to school. It was... better 
the bus! Beauchamp, umm...high five? No hugs. Jimmie, 
t do 1 say? Thanks for being so cool about driving us 
nd. Mrs. D, thanks for encouraging me to write. Junior 
English was the best class. Colonel, my hair isn't that 
is it? Sergeant Rollend, thank you for everything. 
Ily, to Munky, Ed, Aaron, Mark, Double, River, Drew, 
JS, and Chino the best band ever. 

'arsitv golf: 1,2,3,4; varsity hockey: 1,2,3,4; varsity la- 
ie: 1 ,2,3,4; student body presidential candidate: 1 ,2,3,4; 
I president: 

^ and DAD: you have given me everything and any- 
5 that anyone could ever ask for or desire, you have 
i beside me through everything, making each and 
y experience something to learn from, you have loved 
cared for liz and me to an unimaginable extreme, your 
, compassion, tolerance, and fantastic example has 
ed to make me the person that 1 am today, though I may 
my this everyday: thank you for being the best parents 
I love vou more than vou will ever know. MOM: for 
g the best teacher, vou have taught me to be a good 
on and a leader, to stand up for what I believe in. for all 
evisions on papers at 1 1 o'clock at night, taking me out 
)ping even though I didn't need anything, for always 
■incing dad to let me go places, for making me go the 
) step to make things perfect, for getting up with me at 
<! for practice and all the lunches, for every sacrifice you 
! ever made to help me, for just simply being my 
imy, thank you. DAD: for being my pal and always 
ing with me, all of the golf weekends at the cape, for 
lys pushing me to be the best in sports and being their 
upport me even when I lost, for all the time spent 
ther working on the TR6, for always bringing me places 
kids would not usually be allowed, for teaching me 
to be a good, honest, hardworking man, hopefully I 
be as good a dad as you are, thank you. LIZZY: for being 

mv big sister, you have paved the way for me, broken down 
barriers that have made growing up a lot easier, for always 
listening to my problems, helping me out with school stuff, 
for always letting me tag along even though I was your little 
bro. for all the fun times we had at providence, introducing 
me to louie's, clubbies, and prime time, the nights of the 
guster concerts, sweet Caroline, teaching me good from bad, 
Dave concerts, fighting over cars and cds. thanks for always 
being there for me, I hope we never grow apart, you are my 
best friend. 1 love you. BENNY: my little big buddy, yubby 
dog, 1 know you will have trouble reading this but thanks 
for all the laughs and good times and for being the hairiest 
guy I know, no matter how much you bark at us when we 
eat "suppa," you'll always be my little buddy. TEACHERS: 
thanks to all of the incredible teachers who have believed in 
me and pushed me to be the best student possible, because 
of what 1 have learned in high school I feel as though I am 
prepared to take on any of the challenges that lie ahead, 
thank you. TO ALL MY FRIENDS: thank you for all of the 
great times we have shared. I will always remember with 
great fondness the incredible experience it has been grow- 
ing, learning, competing, and socializing with such a unique 
and promising group of individuals, you have been a great 
group of friends to spend my childhood with, thanks for all 
the memories. 1 cannot bring myself to simply ramble off a 
list of the good times we have spent together and small 
remarks about one another, it is nice to recall the great times 
we have shared, but we must also remember the important 
lessons we have learned from each other and the significant 
influence we have had on each other's lives, we are who we 
are because of each other. I would like to wish everyone the 
best of luck in all of their future plans, be yourself, don't be 
phonv to impress other people, work hard-play hard, and 
most of all reach for the stars (cause even if you don't get 
there you'll get a heck of a lot further than if you reach for 
theground). as guster once said: "spend your lifetime in the 

shade" see you in retirement!! FUTURE GOALS: become 

the CFO of a fortune-five-hundred corporation, have a 
beautiful family and RETIRE! 

Field Hockey 1,2,3. Tournament of Plays 2,3,4. Musical 
1,2,3,4, Madrigal, 3,4. Drama Club 2,3,4. SADD, 3. Spanish 
Club 2,3. Latin Club 3. Interact 1,2. 

First, I would like to thank my parents, who have always 
been there for me. Mom, thanks for being so funny! Thanks 
for making lunches, driving me everywhere, shopping to- 
gether, for making so many costumes for me and giving 
such good advice on everything. Dad, thanks for driving 
me to school every morning, helping me with math, and for 
being so patient, especially with teaching me to drive! 
Thank you both for supporting me, I love you both so much! 
Tara , thanks for being my sister & for sharing a room with 
me. I know you have "suffered" through a lot of early 
mornings with the lights on. You're one of the most hilari- 
ous people I know! Thanks for being like a "second mother" 
to me, & for always laughing at your own jokes. I'll keep 
borrowing your clothes, so watch out Snell! Tim, thanks for 
being such a cool brother. It's been so much fun going to 
high school with you, & having your locker right next to 
mine, which has been interesting. I love being in plays with 
you; I'll definitely miss that a lot. Keep up the good work in 
school & in sports! Andrew , thanks for paying video games 
all the time, studying for math together, & for being so cute! 
We will have many more "Days o' fun" together! You guys 
are the most wonderful family, 1 love you all so much! 
Danielle , thanks for being friends since kindergarten. Don't 
forget being "twins" in elementary school and all those 
dance classes! Emily, (Marina), you are one of the funniest 
people I've ever met! Thanks for the gum, the GUM!, & for 
making lunch so much fun! Always remember racing to our 
classes to get "good seats", English, and being obsessed 
with calzone (among other lunch foods). "How can you lift 
your knees with those boots on!?" Nicole V., my study 
buddy! Our friendship means so much to me. Always 
remember physics grumble physics, histors', & everything 
else that we have studied for, making wacky videos, trying 
to be cool while driving away, & for always being there 
when 1 need a friend. No matter what, keep wearing the 
alligator belt. You arejust delightful, my chefette! Meredeth, 
thanks for always being such a great friend. Remember the 
macirigal weekends, being Brittney Spears, the plays, voice 
concerts ("Let's take a pin...") & for being obsessed with 
Gone with the Wind. I'm so glad that we have been friends 
all these years! Kristen , remember the plays, field hockey 
games, the swim team, and being spy buddies! Thanks for 
always being funny, caring, and understanding. Jon , 
always remember the plays, trying to memorize your lines, 
going to Pizza Plus when I had full makeup and curlers, 
madrigal weekends, NEC and singing together! Stephen, 
thanks for always listening to me, for talking on the phone, 
and for saying "Pilgrim"! We'll have our DK tournament 
someday soon! Lydia, for making up fun dances, having fun 
in madrigal and homeroom, singing duets, and telling me 

about Teve! Andrea, thanks for making SAT class fun! I'll 
miss being yelled at (and hit) to stop talking in there! Next 
time, you're going to have to look under the trash barrel 
yourself!! Sarah P., thanks for being Daphne, for always 
making me laugh, and thanks for naming me "Katie Busa 
Macaroni" in first grade. Eric, for having fun in Ms. Rozen's 
class, English class, and for always saying "You are so 
weird!" Kevin, (Happy) thanks for making English so 
much fun, for pretending to be Frankenstein, and for being 
a cool neighbor! Lilian, for telemedia, the plays, and being 
altos for the past four years! Thank you for adding to (and 
starting) my international rock collection! Chad, thanks for 
the "schoolgirl giggle", having fun in physics, hitting people 
with an electric cable, saying "Honestly, you fight like a 
woman" and taking our shoes! Grammy, thanks for always 
making jokes, for saying "horse's necktie!" all the time, & 
for keeping me updated on all the soaps! Aunt Theresa, 
thanks for being my "Fairy Godmother", for taking us 
strawberry picking, & for being "two business women out 
to lunch!" Granny , thanks for always baking, having so 
much food in your house, & for being such a "great" 
grandmother! To the rest of my family, 1 love you all!! To 
everyone else in Madrigal & Double Sextette, keep singing 
and having fun, 1 love you! Mr. Low , thanks for four great 
years in the music department. I learned so much and had 
a wonderful time! A huge thank you to all of my teachers 
throughout the years, especially Mr. Modzelewski, Mrs. 
SuUivan, Mr. Hunt, Ms. Rozen, Mr. McGowen (I only have 
the angle and time!! How can 1 DO this?!?"), Ms. 
D'Entremont, Mrs. Morris, and Mrs. Pelhgrini. I have learned 
so much from all of vou. So bye-bye for now everyone, and 

food luck! 

Thanks to mv parents: Mom for always comforting me 
and making me feel good about myself even in the worst of 
times, and to Dad for pushing me to be my best in every- 
thing 1 do, yet never losing his patience or understanding. 
To Betsy for trying to encourage me to be better at every- 
thing I do, and for giving me a new platform to strive for. To 
the rest of my family for being there and for laughing at my 
jokes. Thanks for all the little compliments. Thanks to the 
faculty for making my four years fun, and for trying to teach 
me a few new tricks. Thanks especially to the art crew; Mr. 
Pilla for all the guidance and help, and to Stephanie for 
giving me something to shoot for. Thanks to all the people 
who have been such great folks: to Ricky for helping me 
through physics; Chad for all the mad parties; Steve for the 
great times and stuff; Jon Ko — 1 still remember Magic — 
thanks for the lunch memories. I'm sure you'll go on to be 
a very successful calculator programmer. Thanks to Jesse 
Dill for being such a funny, funny kid and accepting me as 
the same. You'll always be my little Pickle. Tiger — we made 
Laekan what they are today: they'd be nothing without us. 
Good Luck next year with your crazy secondary friends 
(what'U you do without us?). Eric, how could I have made 
it through History without you? We had some great times, 
and that video was incredible (Bubba). Jeff: you're truly the 
greatest, what with your Karate and mad guitar skills. And 
intelligence. And looks. And style. You are mv idol. You 
were also always my favorite D-Man character. How's that 
for Renaissance man? Juice. What can I say? Cool nick- 
name. The Globe theater made history. We make a great 
team. You really should have invited me over more. Vikram: 
You were always the man. I'm still a better drummer than 
you, but Congrats for trying. Hanging out was always a joy. 
Nice car. Most humble thanks to Karan W., for putting up 
with my craziness. 1 have always been able to trust you to 
help me out in tough times, and I truly appreciate all that. 
Without your help I'd probably still be living in my little 
shell watching TV. Cooking was always the bomb (and so 
was the food). And, lastly, my good buddy Stephen. We've 
had some crazy times, and I guess I've gone a little too crazy 
at times (go crazy, go crazy!), but it was all in good fun. 
You're goin' places in this world. 1590. Dang. Kudos to 
you, man. Other than these folks, I'd like to say thank you 
to all the people who have been nice to me and helped to 
make it through the past four years. Thank You. 

All thanks and praise to God: the King who is Sovereign 
over all things, the Redeemer of the lost, the Hope of the 
searching, and the Creator who gives us the privilege of 
discovering the wonderful world He's placed us in, and the 
gift of creativity. To my parents, who deser\'e credit for 
anything I accomplish: for your example of patience, love, 
and forgiveness, and for the time you took to teach me. To 
Frankie, for your sensitivity, to Becky, for your strength, 
both for your encouragement, laughter, and love. Joey: for 
being BABY CHO-EE! Understanding exactly where I'm 
coming from, for watching out for me, for being my brother 
and my best friend. Paola, Luis, Esther y Michelle Herrera: 
Muchas gracias por mi hempo en Barcelona. AForca Barca! 
Lili: Lilianbunny, Knaps, Burble'n'Schwirl, Katie's partner, 
yucky water, BLESSINGS! Green socks, (is) 5, eecummings, 



TS Eliot, woof baby, fairy favors, days of inspiration, to 
entropy! mud at thie Toga Party, temperate climates, lilac 
forests and jellybeans, poems and, passion, love love love! 
Betsy; CHEWYRUNTS! 632— S#&!!!, PSS, NewYorkTrip, 
your mom, Maine, Becca! OOB, Lisa's at 10, insanity, ROTC 
twins, and strawberry soda. Danya: bonding w/ the porch, 
poems, creativity, is 5, fiefiefie, HAMNET!! Jewish come- 
dian, HEPBURN, tupperware, and serious conversation. 
Mike: SYATP, Tournament (Grrr), "practice," 10SF99! W's, 
wesawtheminconcert! River baths, Veggie Tales parties, 
swing partner, Love in Christ, Usta! Bethany; VeggieTales, 
SYATP, Jars, finally organizing what I never did, prayers. 
Midsummer, and picnics with Genevieve Beccers! Color 
Guard #1 baby, honesty, deep conversations, different opin- 
ions, BDU's, Coventry, (corruption). Midsummer, and that 
field trip when we became friends. Stephen; Phone calls, 
kidneys, semi, asking me what I'd do if 1 was a chessboard 
and other randomthings Jesse; swim team, big thoughts, 
guarding, laughing at drunk people, sharing CS Lewis, 
getting rides, and being my friend longer than anyone else 
in Bedford. MeiMei; for math class, green jello when 1 had 
no teeth, liking Josh, eating outside, and for being so happy. 
Drew W; for swimming way faster than me. Shannon, 
Jenny, CJ, Springer, Vik, and everyone else from Cafeteria 
West: Genevieve-Hades, Amish, skanknames. Midsummer, 
Toga Party! Drill Team/ColorGuard; #1 baby. Good luck, 
have fun, keep practicing, keep winning. To all the mem- 
bers of the class of 2000 who I've shared classes with; it was 
fun. Everyone who went on the math field trip — we have 
spirit! To everyone who let me go to Spain; a million thank 
you's. To all the people who are far away now: my life is 
what it is in part because of you. To Seth and Rachel Cooke; 
for pelo verde, JUPON, paper boats, English conversation, 
and worship. Col. P, Mr. Mod, Mrs. Kreuger, Ms. Keltner, 
Mrs. Morris, Rich A, and all the other awesome teachers I've 
had; Thank you so much! To anyone else who should be 
here but isn' t: I love you, too! "You see, at just the right time, 
while we were still sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. 
Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous man, although 
for a good man someone might possibly dare to die. But 
GOD demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we 
were still sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 6:6-8 "Love 
the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul 
and with all your strength." Deuteronomy 9:3 

Thanks to: my family for giving me the love and support 
I needed to fulfill my childhood's dreams. The fist time I 
went to the USA, I promised myself that I would return and 
spend a whole year there and this is what 1 did this year. 
Thanks to my parents, this dream has become reality. I love 
you so much. Life is not easy but you have always been there 
for me and you have done all that is possible to make my life 
a fairy tale. Few people have the chance to do what I did and 
I know that you are very proud. Thanks to my grand- 
parents for your support and for all your letters during this 
year. Thanks to my brother for always being on my sides 
when I need you and for being the best brother you can ever 
had! A big thanks to the Rotary Club for being the best 
organization, thanks for their help and their kindness and 
for having found great families; The O'REILLY family with 
Dan (thank you very much for all the visits we've done 
together, it was very interesting), Pat (thanks for your 
comprehension and for being a great "maman"), Terri 
(thanks for letting me your room!), Chris (thanks for the few 
days in Notre Dame), Erin (thank you for having introduced 
me to your friends) and Mick (thanks for being a nice 
"brother" and for the time we spent together in snowboard); 
the SIERICHS family and the MUNLTONS. Thanks for the 
great moments 1 had with you. Thanks to the best counselor 
and his wife: Dave and Flo ROSSI, for all the time we have 
spent together (week- ends in the NH..).It was 
wonderful!Thank you so much. Thanks to my friends of 
Annecy, you were very helpful during this year. Thanks for 
your faith and friendship. Thanks to all the great people 
(students, teachers, staff) that I met at BHS for your under- 
standing and your kindness. I enjoyed participating to the 
French Club (Mrs Rainis: 20/ 20 !), AFS ( Mrs Allen; la 
nourriture etait tres bonne!!!), the Drama Club (NY was 
very cool !), Choir , Interact, Double Sextette (I enjoyed 
singing with all of you), Volley Ball Team, Rifle Team and 

First of all I would like to thank my parents. Without my 
parents I would not have gotten through, you were there all 
the way through, helping me and guiding me. Jean-thank 
you for being a great older sister, I wouldn't have gotten 
through my high school years without you, and thanks for 
the laptop and letting me use your car. To the whole Curtis 
clan. My neighbors, Betty, and the Bradfields. Paul, you 
will always have a special place in my heart, thanks for 
being a great friend. The SuUivans, Stacey's and Brogdons, 
thank you for having trust in me to take care of your 
children, you are all great. Andrew-this one is for you, 

thanks for giving me advice all the time and always making 
me laugh. Well, this is teh second sentence that you re- 
quested. The Dutton family-esp. Bobby for driving me to 
school every morning, Mrs. D. for letting me shop in your 
closet. All of my teachers that have taught me these 4 years, 
Mr. Reagan, Ms. Bouzan, Mr. Palmer-"well that was a nice 
storv", Mr. Sabourin. Mr. Reagan-for being the best band 
director, marching band, wind ensemble, band camp. Mr. 
DeSantis-for always parking on my road and helping me 
with senior year, Mr. Tocio-for helping me on my essays 
and joking around with me, Ms. Foley-for helping me make 
it through my classes senior year, I could not have done it 
without vou guys. The Marching Band of all my years. 
fellow seniors-Vik, Danielle, Stefan, Ellen, Erin, past band 
members esp. Bryan Nash, Dave Wolf, and Alissa Lee-he 
Iping me in MB, always smiling, hugs, having confidence in 
me, love ya. Katie & Lluvia for being my clarinet buddies in 
wind. Jenny & Megan for being my cape friends and going 
to all the baseball games. Rick leaving. Marc Anthony's, 
stories, baseball guys-for being so nice with pictures and 
autographs-Rick thanks for the bat, pictures. My cousins- 
Kristen & Kelly-thanks for hanging out with me during the 
summer, taking me places, baseball games, you guys are 
great. The rest of the Donovan family-Tommy for making 
fun of me in front of Frank and taking me to Chatham 
games. I love you all. I'll see ya next summer. I have had 
a lot of great laughs and great times. The office for putting 
up with me for 4 years. Erin-we has been friends forever, 
well here we are graduating together, you are a great friend. 
To all of my friends. ..Shauna-for being my best friend, 
junior prom, semi, parties, Danie!le-you are an awesome 
drum major, MB camp, algebra, analysis, Betsy-prom, Sh- 
annon-for always being energetic, Chrissy-for doing my 
hair for the prom and being a great chem and physics 
buddy, Jenn M. -physics, chemistry. Palmer, donuts, ROTC 
candy. Candice, Allison and Gary-for taking me in to your 
senior gym class when I was a freshman. Tiffany-for tutor- 
ing me in algebra freshman year, I miss your bright smile 
arund school. Finally to anyone I forgot, you know I love 
you all, so please forgive me sometime. Future Goals; 1 plan 
to attend college, major in education, get married, have lots 
of children. My overall goal is to live life to the fullest and 
enjoy it. 

Jerrnifei- Connof 

We've done it. High school is over. 1 want to thank God 
for getting me this far. There were times when I honestly 
thought that I was not going to make it. To my parents: 
Thank you for always standing by me. Mom you have 
taught me what unconditional love is. Your strength got me 
out of bed most mornings, literally. You are not only my 
mother but also my best friend. I love you so much. Dad- 
it has definitely been a struggle at times but I do love you. 
You have supported me no matter what and I truly do 
appreciate all of your hard work. To my sister Kate; You are 
so incredible. I don't have the words to describe the way 1 
feel about you. You are also one of my best friends. Making 
faces and cracking jokes, you know how to make me laugh. 
Share that with others. Allow others to see that joy and love. 
Stay strong. You'll be out soon enough. If 1 can do it, then 
I know that you will too. Meff and Sara- Cheap lo mein on 
the Commons. For making my days more bearable. You'll 
never no how much you being there meant to me. Steph- 
supporting me. You are awesome. Who else would come 
with me to those "dances"? Matt E. - what can I say? You 
are the greatest. For sitting with me at lunch because you 
know that I would have no problem sitting alone. For all 
you can eat Chinese buffet. Jon B. - English and then history. 
Thank you for putting up with all of my sarcastic remarks. 
You know I love you. Shauna- Thank you for being there 
and understanding. It really meant a lot. It helped me to get 
more involved. You are such a strong person and I admire 
that. Dina- Latin was a blast! Thanks for encouraging me 
to do this. Crystal S. - where do 1 begin ... 1 think that you are 
all-around amazing. I don't know you as well as I would 
like but what 1 do know just blows me away. Stay sweet!! 
That positive energy of yours is unbelievable. You make me 
smile. Thanx. Talise- for being kind to me. I think you are 
really cool. Shawn R.- you continue to be there for me no 
matter what. I honestly don't know what 1 would do 
without you in my life. I just wanted to let you know that I 
am so grateful to have you in my life. 1 have watched you 
grow into such a beautiful individual. Nathan M. - you are 
constantly teaching me about life and unconditional love. 
You have helped me get through some rough times. I have 
had some of the best times with you too. Running around 
VA with water guns, going to that Fourth of July picnic in 
White Plains, NY, Tues night sleepovers, that party in NJ, 
driving the TOYOTA (isn't that the only time you speed), 
talks that lasted for hours. . . and I hope that the list keeps on 
growing. You mean the world to me. I feel that we have a 
special bond and whatever happens down the road all 1 
know is that I want you to be apart of my life always. Dawn 
W. - my best friend. God put you in my life at the perfect 

time and I will be forever grateful. Your support help 
get though a dark time. Being there and understai - 
your strength helped me face my fear. Chalk out-li 
conferences, and helping me to lighten up. You lo 
friendship allows me to grow and realize that an\ tl 
possible. Julia- Thanks for being there and showing n 
the program vs'orks. You are there when it most r: 
Thanx for listening to my babble. Ryan - my DC hi > 
I have been stalking you from the very beginning 
Keller to Boston, I have really enjoyed getting to kni 
1 have had some of the best times with you when ; 
Northern VA. Runningaround withwatergunsw/ .\ 
late night talks. Y'ou follow rule 62 a little too well. L 
ever take yourself serious? But that's what I love so 
I am glad that you are in my life. Thanks for the hii: 
keeps me smiling. To everyone that I am just meut 
forgot to mention; Thank you for being apart of m 
Keep smiling. . 

Thanks; I would like to begin by thanking m\ n 
for everything she has done for me. My mother was tl 
person in my life who has influenced and taught n 
most. 1 will never forget her and will continue livin j 
two of us. I promise that 1 will "go far" for i 
accomplish all of the goals and dreams both of us 
together. I would like to also thank my family ( includ i 
Inferrera's) for being great supporters and people ' 
appreciate everything you have done for me. Also tha 
my friends, who have impacted my life and I will 
forget you. Dina; Well, I do not know where to be_ 
have done so much together, talked, analyzed and . 
enced just about everything. But anyway these four 
years have been great and 1 hope we will stay in toucl 
life time. As 1 look back on all of our funny moment 
truly remember the most about our buddy, who we 
created into a fictional character because of their 
risma." I hope you remember when we first met 
interesting project in 9"' -i- mix fest (the terrible tortun 
you and Pran through) + the college tours (Imillion 
+ ozone (Gay trio+007)/BBC -i- JSA w/Danielle, I 
Willy + miniature golf (pro-golfer) -i-CC (JSA) + after ; 
clubs + hockey games + chemistry lessons + Sunday 
noon plays -i- Scituate + trips to Maine (A-i-F)) -i- yea 
camp + our late night trip to Groton to see Moshi 
especially am grateful for the ride to rescue my mothe 
from work -i- lUC and emergency room visits + the 
clothes. Also for never asking questions and acceptii 
stupid reasons I gave you. (thanks to your family also 
the support, car rides, meals and advice). Pranitan 
cess)- our long conversations we would have on the | 
discussing things of no importance + art I minor fres 
year + A&F (the song and the store)-^ cutting our ! 
Scituate and driving all over the place, looking at h 
and listening to music -i- the mixfest (starvation/ CI 
chicken on the T/ your future husband ) -i- I'll miss 
sixth sense (whatever you decided to make up that c 
jetta counting + miniature golf (K won't be there) . Da 
(the true Princess) Oh! What memories we have, 
would like to start with thanking your family. You 
have truly been wonderful. Remember - lunches @ the 
Wall (missing tips) + the stories about glue + soft 
running for class president (your great lollipops) + I 
Willy + CC (JSA) ability to dance + your great social si 
movies (your dad's popcorn) + GH (the most ridic 
show) + Christmas parties + prom dress shopping -^ m 
manicure. Beth - I am glad we have become friei 
Layer's class, which you don't remember + football ^ 
-I- movies -i- Halloween (Salem) -i- homecoming + all the 
crazy stuff you make me do. 1 also appreciate all ol 
advice and how you make realize what is important + 
is not. For always being their with advice and math 
Gail thanks for always being there. Ellen - bike path ri 
Arlington + WA trip + getting our hair cut togethei 
special hair dryer). Katie (the giant) - your maf 
collection + black lipstick + all of the study cram sessio: 
+ kiss concert tickets + being so understanding (w/ my 
-i-dog) + getting our hair done together + after schoo 
meetings. Danya for being the most eccentric pei 
know. 1 hope you never change and 1 am glad we b( 
closer friends. Bethany - debates 9th + surprise b-day 
+ your piano concert. Jon - 8* grade lA class + drive 
(I am not anal) + your beautiful A+¥ clothes. Erin - i 
you the best of luck in the future. Abby - Hockey g 
Katie C. - for always being so nice + helpful. Jen ( 
always being yourself + hippie like + changing and tn 
others, especially my (social butterfly) + your ai 
Danielle DeMeo - all theyears of math + science + homf 
+ our discussions -i- for always being nice + caring. T 
for all of your advice and for listening to my crazy pro! 
Ricky - thanks for always being their with helpful ad 
always listening to me + being a great VP Stephen - 1 
for the interesting debate talks + your logical explan 
+ for being very weird + you have just as much driv 

srmination as I do. I know you will be successful Chad 
anks for always being there + for being helpful. Jessie - 

similar clothes + Latin class. Betsy - freshman year 
ziest year ever) + for always being there + Girls State 
ry I was not there). Eric - 1 am glad we became friends 
ior vear. Amity - you are a great person who is always 
ng + helpful. 1 hope you never change. Kevin - thanks 
all of vour help + Carlow's crazy history project + 
laining golf + for always being funny. Brandon - thanks 
ill the yearbook help. Natalie - for all the entertainment 

brought to the lunch room + yearbook. Heather - for 
iga great friend. Also thanks + congratulations to every- 
in the Class of 2000. You are all great people, who will 
ucceed in different ways. Thanks to all of my teachers, 
of vou have impacted my life + thanks for all of vour 
port + guidance. If I forgot to thank someone, lam sorry, 
are goals: go to college, law school, marry eventually, 

become a judge, 
in Ctoienu yt. 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad for putting up with me and 
)ing me with my problems; Steven, Connie, Alison, 
■ty, Chris, Travis, and Robert for supporting me; Amber, 
'6 you more than I can say, you have helped me through 
tough times and given me more good times then 1 can 
nt, I've told you everything and you never criticized me, 
ember staying at Nicole's and playing truth or dare and 
ling the door open and not getting thanked; Leigh 
le, one day you and me are going to find happiness 
.ewhere; everyone else, thank you 
•iCA Vte 

First off I would like to thank my Nana and Grampy for 
ays taking care off me all the dme and taking me on 
itions. To Renee and Janine for always making fun of 
but always giving me the facts of life. Jacqueleen and 
ihanie, vou guys were always and still are my little 
s. Jacqueleen , for stealing my toys and Stephanie for 
r.g on me and then saving my tail other times I needed 
to. Joe and Dicky, thanks for going on all the scarv ride 
1 me at Disney world when no one else wanted to go. To 
at Grandma and Grandpa for always having the neatest 
lents for me , and all the circus visits I loved them. Uncle 
key and Aunt Joanne, for a new cousin and wonderful 
f from you guys, Hove you. Uncle David, I appreciate 
it you tried to do for me, and 1 am so proud of you. To 
Dad 1 know you love. Karen, Taylor, an Johnny, you 
s are all the best. Karen, for caring for me so much, 
lor for being the best little sister who I don't see all the 
Johnny, sorry for trying to make you walk on your 
ten leg. To Jaime for being the best friend in the world 
le, for all the roughest times we have had together and 
\ when we were not together, for surving our parents 
'ther during the good and the bad. It's been so rough in 
jast but it's going to rougher in the future, we need one 
ther. Josh, you and your television. Kathy 1 appreciate 
ou have done for me in the past and all you want to do 
ne now. I love ail you guys from the depths of my heart, 
gan, your a trip, I thank you and your Mom for taking 
n when I had no where to go , Morgan you and I have 
1 through some parties in our past and survived them all 
•\y and for some strange reason you still say you lo\'e. I 
ik your mom also for that North Conway trip with that 
Dry house, that w-as mint. Michelle, Jen , and Kenny, 
ays partying with any one of you is the balls. Michelle, 
ember getting caught with Greta in the IROC , and 
ays , I've got a surprise . Jen "PLEASE, Al right vour 
ig!!". We are trouble Jen, but we can't help it. Kenny 
rjust a great kid, good luck. Kendra, thanks for puking 
ny wall and and mothers friends lap, good aim. Good 
: at collage. Nikki lovion. Thanks for everything you 
your mom have done for me. Nikki rember when I 
ed with you and I paged that guy, we had a awesome 
!uh? To Jessica Lantine, you are awesome to work with 
such a great person. Russ, " do your job" thanks for 
ling over my foot with Kendras car , I will never for get 
one. Greg Dacey, you are a pain but we have had some 
it times parting together. Jeff and Pete for always 
ling it up. And I will not for get Sean " Tuna" you are 
ays fun to party with. I also want to thank Audri, Tracy, 
la, Rob and Mathew. You guys have done so much for 
To Ms. P, I love you were my best and most favorite L.C. 
her, I miss you, I will always keep in touch no matter 
it. Mrs. Mcgregor, I thank you for all vou have done to 
3 me and Jaime on the right track, and for always 
King Jaime to do the smart thing she might not show that 
cares but I know she does. To Ms. Jordan, thanks for all 
support you have shown me. Mr. Lord for saving my 
or thanks, I almost lost them. Now last 1 can thank Mike 
lovan, I will always love and cannot thank you enough 
Mhat you have done for me. Now my Mom , You know 
'e you, but I'm just to tired of competeing, when you 
It me let me know. And now to every one I have or have 
thanked I LOVE YOU ALL!! 

First I would like to thank my family for supporting me 
and putting up with me all of those years. Second all of my 
buds (Kenny R, Dunne, Mazza, Austin, Lenny, Kieth, 
Russ,Waffle, Danny ,Jeff, Brian, Dale,Sebastian,CJ,StevieQ's, 
Kenny B's, Johnny B's, Tammy B's, and all those others who 
call me DeLuncas. Thanks to Jessica M. for tha t smooth ride 
you gave Russ and I to Family Values. It was awesome. 
Thanks to Mike and Jay for those late night parties on their 
porch, Look Austin's in fetal! Thanks to Ken and Sean for the 
wildest time at the Metallica show, and all those hours spent 
at the table in Ken's yard. Thanks to all of my buds who 
ripped it up in Winnepausake and UMass. Thanks to Danny 
for those cool shindigs at the barn. And finally, thanks to all 
of my closest friends for all of those awesome times (at my 
house, Alex's house, Dunne's house, and Ken's back yard) 
and that- we keep on rockin'. 

1 want to first thank the people who are most important 
to me: my fam. You guys are the best. We've done so much 
and had so much fun. I could never have come this far 
without your love and support. Mom & Dad: 1 can't thank 
you enough. You've always believed in me, encouraged me 
to do my best, and never let me settle for anything but the 
best. You've taught me everything 1 know. You've given 
me whatever I've needed and did anything to always make 
me happy. Mom: thanks for always being there for me; 
giving me advice; making me laugh; correcting papers; 
your cooking (1 really do like it), and everything else. Dad: 
teaching me everything, giving me advice — I'll never forget 
"mind o\ er matter" — I truly believe that now-; teaching me 
to drive: watching/ going to games; always giving me any- 
thing 1 wanted. Vanessa: 1 know we fight sometimes (some- 
times?), but we still have a ton of fun — making videos 
("there are mud puddles in the backyard..."); ganging up on 
Philip; telling jokes, even when we shouldn't (like in church- 
oops!); giving you money, although 1 think you still owe 
me!; fierce ping-pong games; ALWAYS making me laugh. 
Philip: thanks for making fun of me all the time, then telling 
me to lighten up; watching games on TV (I'm a Pats fan and 
you know it!); trying to teach me about sports and how to 
play; teasing me about the BSB; not minding when I cheer 
for you — you know I'm your good luck charm! I love all of 
you and I always, always will! Nana, Grandma — love vou. 
My relatives: those family get-togethers are so much fun, 
aren't they? Thanks for always telling me I can do anything 
I put my mind to. We have so many good memories; I love 
you all! Ted & Carol: you're the best! I'll never forget the 
endless card games that sometimes get taken a little too 
seriously; cleverly hiding money somewhere so we can't 
refuse; the boat; the car; vacations. I always have fun when 
we're together. You've always had confidence in me and I 
really appreciate it. Elaine: the best godmother ever. You 
always make me laugh and encourage me; all those 
sleepovers, makeovers, etc. Someday I'll go see your apart- 
ment (I promise!). Loveyoulots(andMikey,too!). Toallmy 
friends: I'll never forget any of you and I treasure every- 
thing we've been through. Katie: You're one of the greatest 
friends I've had. I can't believe we've been friends since 
kindergarten and that we were always in the same class. 
We've been through so much — liking Ryan Pitt (Ryan Pitt 
knows how to spit!); Mrs. Elder getting us confused in 2nd, 
though I don't think we looked that much alike!; being 
costume mistresses in 8th — we worked so hard on them, 
they were awesome!; "Hearts of Gold" — that's the best 
project I've ever done, it was so much fun; the play; dance 
classes; latin; field hockey; movies; thanks for always being 
there to listen, making me laugh, and cheering me up with 
Irish proverbs! I appreciate our friendship even though it 
was tough at times. You're one of the most talented people 
I know. I know that you'll be ven,' successful no matter what 
you do. Kristen: You're one of the best frientis I' ve ever had. 
You've always been there for me, listening to all my prob- 
lems no matter how stupid they were, giving me advice, and 
always being a great friend no matter what. We've done so 
much — teaching CCD (one of the girls locking herself in the 
bathroom); 2nd-alto nuns, our famous line ("Frau 
Schraeder"), breaking "champagne" glasses, carrying stale 
twinkies; dance classes; going to your house w/ Amity; field 
hockey; movies; finding me a date for the semi; my first trip 
into Boston. You're truly an awesome person and I appre- 
ciate everything you've done for me. Meredeth: You're 
such a good friend and one of the nicest people I've ever 
known. We've done so much together — driver's ed (you 
were a great driving buddy. That was so much fun, even 
though we had some trouble at first! Thanks for always 
driving me places); the play; loving the BSB; Boston; "Hearts 
of Gold"; Tae-bo; movies; parties; field hockey; hanging 
out; You've always let me know that I can talk to you about 
anything. Stephen: mini-golf; Tae-bo; movies (making fun 
of me crying; no matter what you say, I didn't cry at 10 
Things); Boston; sitting next to each other in English, you 
saying anything to me; hanging out and talking; You've 

always listened and understood me. Thanks for always 
being there. Jon: "Hearts of Gold"; D.A.R.Y.L.; movies; 
lunches; random get-togethers; thanks for being such a cool 
person. Shauna: I'm so glad we've become good friends; 
surviving physics, Tawnya, math, and everything else; 
being lab partners; countless projects; homeroom chats; 
you've been such a good friend to me. I can tell you 
anything; you always listen. You're such a positive person. 
I know you're going to be ver\' successful. NicoleV: Emerson; 
Tae-bo; movies; random get-togethers; mini-golf; I'm glad I 
got to know you better. Karan: Tae-bo; swing dancing; 
Boston; wearing my bag like a paperboy; making me laugh. 
JennieM: you're one of the coolest people I know; you make 
FH so much fun — field conditions; talking about all the 
guys; does that taste like banana? JohnnyW: you're such a 
nice person; the semi was so much fun. Kevin: math; 
lunches in 9th. NicoIeG: dance classes, hosting the recitals. 
Dina: endless projects (jukebox). Carrie: rides to school. 
Eric: chemistry' partners, English, math. Jeff: homeroom; 
random get-togethers. Amity: gym (and Kristen's house). 
Beth: math, film; forgetting my last name. My teachers: 
thank you for teaching me and pushing me to do my best. To 
everyone else, thank you so much. I wouldn't be where I am 
today without you. Thank vou all! Goals: go to college, get 
married, have some kids, drive a Honda, have fun, and 
continue to be happv. 
PArricllc VcMon 

First I would like to thank God because without Him, 
nothing is possible. MOM + DAD: Where do I start; you 
gave me a platform to stand on and held it steady as I 
climbed up. You have always believed that I could do 
whatever I put my mind to doing. I love vou both very 
much. MARY: You are my best friend; no matter what, you 
were there for me and 1 know that I wouldn't have made it 
through without you. I love you. SHANNON: for always 
being there; supporting me in MB; knowing what I'm going 
to say before I say it; R.D. was awful but because it was us 
we had fun; caveboy, V, etc....; sharing country music with 
me; our many movies (wait until you become 
famous. ..hahahaha); for crying with me umm all the time; 
showing me the many wonders of chex mix; stay away from 
coke; ohh and ramen noodles are noodles. NIKKI: you're 
the greatest; you make me laugh and no matter what you 
can always cheer me up; remember skittles and daisies??? 
how could you forget; our movies... the spider!!! I can't wait 
to see you in professional sports; I'll always be here for you. 
ELLEN: I know you!!!!! we've had a FEW classes together; 
winter wonderland; "Steel Magnolias"; "I Understa-a-a-a- 
nd"; ummm I have a umm a ummm never mind; did I tell 
you, I take good pictures; for being a part in my half hour 
sitcom; you're wrong... you're all wrong; par-ab-o-la; dma 
('and the announcer says. ..your band...'); making fun/ laugh- 
ing about Vik; talking about our special friend; getting lost 
in Vienna. SHAUNA: you're wonderful; never letting me 
settle; 1 love and admire you not only for your strength but 
also for never letting your weaknesses control you; the D.C. 
trip (Prince William, don't forget that I'm vour press secre- 
tary); thanks for not giving up on me after 9th grade; I knew 
you would be class president and I know that you will 
succeed in whatever you chose to do. DINA: my little 
Russian princess; the 'Danielle' language; my BIG salad; 
'Prince William' in D.C; for yelling at me to get all my 
school stuff organized; I'm glad we became good friends or 
else who would I have to make me feel tall??? VIKRAM: 
you're the only other person I would want to share this 
position with... we're both number 1; for not harassing me 
when you knew I had no idea what I was doing/ saying; not 
hating us when we'd laugh about the hair; Monty Python 
and the sudden change of channels because she has really 
large tracks of land; dma; I may only be 65 inches but I'm 
taller on the inside; ohlih Vik, can I ask you a question.. .never 
mind!!! GAIL: you've been a great friend over the years; 
from MB to school, we've had a lot of fun; DANYA: the tea 
party; "baseball;" DANIKA: I'm so happv that I got to know 
you and we will always stay in touch; the plane ticket (no 
one has ever done anything hke that for me...thanks);don't 
ever let anyone tell you that you can't be drum major....I 
know you can; I couldn't have picked better little sisters. 
SPRINGER: what can I say to the coolest brother 1 have... ok 
the only brother; for sitting with me in church; don't ever let 
anyone tell you you can't do something cause I know that 
you can do whatever you put your mind to, whether in 
marching band, soccer, or life; KATIE S. : you're the funniest 
girl I know; for being so nice; I'm glad you did MB cause I 
knew we'd have fun; you are the greatest. KEITH: sprint 
pes; smiling (don't ever stop) KATIE B.: being a great 
friend!! It's been fun. PRANITAN: health class, and gym 
class; you make me laugh so hard LAURl: rotary... I mean 
rodeo; stop injuring yourself!!! BETS^': you've been a great 
friend over the years, ..skittles + daisies... .etc. good luck in 
the future. MARCHING BAND: being the greatest group of 
people to spend at least 8 hours a week with; making my 
high school years fun; I wouldn't cry hke that if there wasn't 


a reason to (I'll miss you all) MR. REAGAN: you've made 
these past vcars the greatest; thanks for having confidence 
in me and letting me do something I love very much; 
making the MB such a great group to be a part of. ANDREA: 
you're like a older sister to me; thanks for believing in me 
too; vou and Lisa can always make me laugh!!!! fluties 
forev er"" C 1 IRIS RYAN: pipe!!!!! being a really cool guy; 
having conlidcnce m me and showing it to me; LISA: 
making MB funny; when you and Andrea are together, a 
person doesn't know what they're in store for; your frosted 
sugar wafers. URSULA: for letting me stay with you; being 
a great Spanish sister; OTHER TEACHERS: Mrs. Morris, 
Mrs. d'Entremont, .Mr. Walsh (both), Mr. Sabourin, .Mr. and 
Mrs. Sullivan, Chris Fleming, Mr. Duggan. To anyone 1 may 
have forgotten, I'm sorry and thank you; you have made my 
high school vears^memorable. Good luck to everyone. 

Activities: JV Cross-country 1 ; JV Baseball 1 ; J\' Soccer 
2; JV Lacrosse 2; Varsity Lacrosse 3,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; 
Men's Octet 3,4; Chamber Singers 1,2,3; Madrigal Singers 
3,4; NHS 3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; SADD 3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; 
Peer Leadership 4; Tournament of Plays 2,3,4; Musical 3,4 
MOM-Thank you for always being there to talk to me about 
anything and everything in my life. I'm sorry I was so quiet, 
but you know me. Thank you for loving me uncondition- 
ally, it will always be appreciated. I love you. DAD-You 
have taught me so much about life in general that 1 don't 
know where to begin. What other dad could teach me about 
electronics one minute and then jam with me the next. 1 love 
you and always will. UNCLE RODNEY-You aren't just an 
uncle to me, but you are a friend. Thanks for all the music 
lessons and giving me my first guitar. Even though we 
never say it, I do love you. UNCLE ARMAND-Thanks for 
always lightening the mood at grandma's. GRANDMA 
DERDERIAN-Thank you for everything. I hope that one 
day, one of those lottery tickets will hit the jackpot. But I 
love you either way. GRANDMA/GRANDPA-I love you 
and have learned so much by your giving and unselfish 
example. AUNTIE CAROL/UNCLE LARRY-Sleeping over 
when I was little. How could I forget those dinner jokes 
Uncle Larry made. I love you guys. ANTHONY-You're 
gonna go far in life. Hang on to your dreams and they'll 
come true. DANIELLE-For the fun internet conversations. 
MONICA-Thanks for making life interesting. Always re- 
member to "sing out" in life. I should say it more often, but 
you know I love you. ANN-Jacques and visiting you at 
college. Love ya. CAIA-For being a cutie. JONNY-B-For 
letting me borrow Petit Prince and getting lost on the way 
to the Lexington Club. KATIE-For harassing you about 
you're New York friend. D-MAN-Pool parties, cooking, 
birthdays. "I'm not ready!" JESSE-Going to Staples. CAR- 
RIE-Don't forget our deal ;);). NICOLE-Mrs. P's history 
class. CATHERINE-Great physics talks. You're definitely 
number 1. STEFAN-"Ya Stefan!" Jamming, counselor 
shows, bongos, learning bass. "Backstreet!" JIN HO-Do 
you want to fight. SUZANNE-Nicc piano playing. JON 
KO-1 call the sandwich. MEREDETH-Madrigal was fun. 
KRISTEN-Butter, palm trees, 2:00 guitar playing, scary voice, 
our movie list. EMILY-"1 was just joking." ANA-Campwas 
fun. You need to stop cheating! KEVlN-"Nice shoes." 
STEVE-Shroze, Shoevininski. LYDIA-Sauna!! TIGER-Web 
page. Ping-pong. MATT- You'll always be my little brother. 
Sword fights, guitar, karate, computers, 3d, bike riding, and 
everything else. Thanks bro. DEREK-Even when you're in 
the Olympics, you'll always be Abu to me. DAVE-lt's 
because of you that 1 picked up a guitar. We've grown up 
together. Breezeway fights to our last jam session before 
college. CHAD-Surprise birthday parties, lifting, lax, mov- 
ies, Ninja #@$%'^. You're one of the nicest guvs 1 know and 
you'll go far in life. VIKRAM-Vikky-Vik kickin' beats so 
tight. Pizza, jammin, the album, recording, being Arme- 
nian, "Laekan is not our name!", block parties, counselor 
shows. You're an incredible person and musician. You're 
out of the band. NICOLE-We've been through a lot. Thanks 
for being my first girl friend. Thanks for the talks, notes, 
running, that Saturday night. Hipping out, hitting islands, 
analyzing, and thinking like me. NO SCARS! For trying to 
cheer me up. Sorry you had to put up with all my stuff. 
You're a great friend. MR. LOW-Thanks for being such a 
musical inspiration. Your encouragement has opened my 
eyes to a world of music that has changed my life. Thanks 
for teaching me to follow my heart and dreams. BOBBY-DJ 
Maharag. Since we met in 6th grade, we haven't stopped 
having a blast. There too many memories. Tubing, skiing, 
music, mix tapes, WTDK, Radio Shack, Essex talks, lists for 
phone ca Us to girls, hacking, Germany, jamming, "projects," 
Backstreet Boys impersonators, videos, rappin'. Tufts. 
You're one of my best friends and always will be. KARAN- 
Hanging out everyday in second grade. Pillow fights at 
your birthday party, sleepovers, procrastinating, Dawson's 
( nek over the phone, writing music together, Laekan, 
telling me to get to work, Germany, rapping, recording. 
Colonial Inn, our first song, sharing our dreams. The list 

goes on forever. Thanks for helping me through the hard 
times. For all the advice and always being there for me. I 
couldn't ask for a better friend. STEPHEN-I could write a 
book and still would run out of space to thank you. Peanut 
Butter Brothers, Karate, Karate honor, Germany, Ly-logic, 
getting me mad, neutralizing, pushing me to work harder, 
training, tires, the club, all our conversations, sleeping over 
and talking about the craziest stuff. I look up to you. For 
listening to mv screwed up situations and prciblems. For 
never judging me. ERIC-You've been my bro since second 
grade. Fires, movies, hanging out every day, renting mov- 
ies. Independence Day, girls, walking the streets of New 
York, sleep overs every night. War Craft, Maine, allergies. 
It's all too much to list. We've been through a lot my friend. 
We've seen the worst low points of each of our lives, but 
we've always been there for each other, and I know we 
always will. Thanks for making me vent all my feelings to 
you. You know that I need that sometimes. I can't thank you 
enough for everything. TRACEY-Wherecan I begin. You're 
the first person who 1 have ever cared more about than I do 
myself. Independence Day, all night phone conversations, 
trips to Maine, stealing my bathing suit, our psychic connec- 
tion, Jeapordy, Wheel of Fortune, the advice, the tears, the 
smiles, French talk, our long car rides, poetry, our talks in 
my driveway, tournament of plays, and how could I ever 
forget April 17th. Who else could ever tap at my widow. 
Thanks for teaching me to life from my heart, not from my 
head. Always being there for me to talk to. Knowing me 
better than 1 know myself. All of our songs: Dave Matthew's, 
Edwin McCain, Tonic, Sister Hazel, there are too many to 
count. Thanks for listening to all my problems and AL- 
WAYS being there forme. You've changed my life just with 
your presence. Thanks for "making me less of a geek." 1 
love you and always will, "parce-que tu es parfait!" Thanks 
for being the greatest friend in the world and so much more. 
EVERYONE-I'm sorry that I couldn't write so much more to 
all of you. Thank you to everyone I ACCIDENTALLY 
forgot and to everyone I will meet this year that I couldn't 

Activities: Marching Band: 3 French Club: 1,2,3,4 
Drama: 1,2,3,4 Telemedia: 3,4 Mens' Octet: 3,4 SADD: 
3,4 Interact: 4 Swim Team: 3 Track: 2 
As a senior, 1 often have thanks. 1 am giving these thanks 
now. I give my first thanks to my family for the usual stuff. 
My next thanks go to my friends. One of them goes to 
Lylicious for laughing at me when nobody else notices. 
Another thank belongs to Vikron for fun with stickers, and 
one to Donny for always being ready with your favorite 
phrase, in an artistic style. Jon Ko, you will always be pretty 
much the gooniest rag around wearing a band shirt. To 
Krazy K and Ryan, memories of Soicrates and WBOL will 
stick with me forever. Also to Karan, thanks for some great 
times on the Germany trip. Along the same lines, all I have 
to say tci Justin is Chaaarge! A huge thank you to yellow pigs 
'nuff said. Andy, thanks for "That's what she said". To 
Pocichie Capp and the rest of Octet, it's looking good from 
here. Carrie, thanks for all the high fives. I thank Bethany 
for her refined sarcasm, and Lilian for our studies on gauss 
and audio on both channels. As for Katie Busa, I don't think 
anybody noticed vou dancing with Peewee Drummond. To 
all of Macirigal, thanks for fun with badminton and Therapy. 
Scratch, all 1 have to say is that someday, you'll be a senior. 
Andy, Jenny, Katy, and co., thanks for some great times. 
Jon, did you learn that at Tanglewood? Brian Laundry, you 
are absolutely right about that class. Katie Chapa, It's been 
a great time knowing you, and BTTW. Beth, you had no 
business looking behind those pictures. As for Chad, 1 just 
hope someday you will learn to eat grapes with your fruit 
cup. One last general thank you for all my friends and 
famiJy I may have left out. 

Snowboarding 2,3,4 Lacrosse 2,3,4 
1 would like to thank my parents because they have given 
me so much of everything they had and without them I 
wouldn't be. THANK YOU GOD. Justin, Andy and Cirilia 
1 can't even begin to know what to say. Justin, I love you 
so much and 1 don't know what 1 would do without you. 
We have been though soo much and I'm too lazy to write 
it all. Andy, 1 love you too. You are the smartest and most 
moral man I know. You have protected me from doing so 
many stupid things, thanks. Cirilia, you are the coolest girl 
I know. I love you. 1 also love how I can tell vou anything 
and trust your advice. Mike Gartland you are the most 
annoying person I know but 1 can't help but love you. 
You're also the best quarterback I know. Chad you are so 
corny but you're a good man. Leslie E. you are always there 
when I need you most (wink, wink). Marcus, Darren you 
are a smooth brothers. Ssssara you are like a sister to me. 
Except you don't live at my house. Lee S. you are so much 
fun that's really why everybody loves vou. Mr. Shienfeld 
you are the wackiest teacher and you're the only teacher 
that I would call at home. Crystal S. you are the happiest 

girl I know and it makes me happy just to see you. N 
Hennessey, Mrs. D'Entremont, Ms.Taub thank you all 
being cool and fun teachers. Thanks to all the thugs (Sh, 
Brad and Ryan). I can't forget Mike Greecchii. Iflfoi 
anyone you can beat me up and throw me in a potato si 
I promise. 

First 1 would like to thank my parents for alw 
nagging me not to be late to school every morning. Tha 
to my mother and sister for helping me with my scl" 
work it is still well appreciated even though it was a h 
time ago. Thanks to my father for always being unc 
standing and reasonable. 1 thank my brothers for alw 
giving me a hand , cars , boat and jet skis. I would also 
to thank Miss Jordon for being dedicated and helping 
with my homework or work. High school has been real I 
springs brook , res , Exxon and where ever we went tc 
party. Kendra's house the "Bark" ha ha. No thank 
Mellon and Nikki for bringing Jessica to Kendra's to s 
trouble. Cruises in the boat MW , NI , KR , RD , MB , SS , 
, JD and partying at the beach. Russ and Mellon 
snowmobiling all night. Russ I will never forget when 
snowmobile fell off the bridge. Jessica we've been thro' 
a lot together. We've had good times and bad, and I 
never ffjrget you. 

First 1 would like to thank my parents for putting 
with me all these years. You've done so much for me 
even thow 1 never show it I really do appreciate it. Hove 
both. Chris and Candice- Thank you for being there for 
I don't know what I would do without you. Mich( 
You've been a great friend. Weve had a lot of good ti 
together. Your friendship means a lot to me. Thanks 
everything. Mike(Lenny)- You have been one of my g 
friends for a long time. Thanks for letting me drive youi 
and taking me to Hull. It's been some good times. Sean(Tu 
Mike(Mellon). and Greg-1 don't know what to say. \N< 
been friends for so long. Remember going out part)' 
going to concerts, and when Tuna got a DUl coming I 
from Steve Miller. Mellon I'll never forget the time in 
tent (pinky swear to Crystal). It's been fun and I hope 
never lose touch. Kendra- We've been through a lot. G 
times and bad times. I'll all ways remember that tim 
your house with Lenny .(Bark, Bark). I hope we still kee 
touch after all this. I'll never forget all the times we 1 
Nick and I would like to thank Jessica for not killing u 
the way to the concert. I would like to thank all the pe( 
that 1 partied with at all those different places. 

RotcK Puffort 

Activities: V. Soccer - 1,2,3,4 Captain - 4 LAX-JV 
2,3,4 V Ski Team - 1,2,3,4 Captain - 3,4 NHS - 3,4 Ligh 
Crew - 1,2,3,4 Telemedia - 3,4 Madrigal 3,4 
High school has been filled with wonderful experier 
and I couldn't have asked for a better four years of my 
1 thank God for always being with me, and I thank 
family for their never-ending support. MOM - Thank 
always driving me to practices and stuff, and thank; 
making me lunch all the way through high schoo 
couldn't ask for a better mom. DAD - Thanks for gettin 
Bob started, and having faith in vour investment. . 
thanks for all our car ride discussions. KELLY - "I'm a pi 
I'm a pony!" Nutty forever! SKIP-DAWG - "Oh no, 
him!" There was always time to drop everything for 
Fresh Prince. MATT - You count as a family member, 
so need those orange hunting suits from K-Mart. To al 
teachers and coaches, thanks for your support and km 
edge. COACH WILSON - Thanks'for all the soccer tips, 
bringing DJ Bob to Lynnfield. MS. HENNESSEE - So: 
couldn't go out with you... it just wouldn't have been i 
with your fiance and everything. JEFFY J. - Ninja: Def 
forever. Radio Shack inventories... aaaaaah! ERIC-(E 
Girl missions and bike rides at all hours of the n 
STEPHEN - 1590 "Blow it if you know it." MIKE 
LARRY, STEFAN, AND ERIC - Backstreet pride! STEl 
- Thanks for all the DJ Bob help. "My bad!" LARRY - 
your fam thanks for hiring the kid with no DJ experi 
whatsoever. CRAIG - Thanks for coming. Bucs '99, i 
Champs, D3 State Champs. ALAN - You are the sandi 
king. RICH - You can't have my sister! JONNY B. 
VIKRAM (Vikran) - AP Chem Dew runs. HACKY S, 
BOYS - good times at lunch 98-99. And ERICA / 
CATHERINE - Thanks for being our fans! "What wo- 
give if I could liveoutof these waters?" JESSIE - "I think 
owe me an apology letter." ALYSSA -aka V-Ronika-Ju 
English was the greatest ever. "Palabra subir!" CAR) 
My middle school sweetheart! "Want to come to the 
seum with my family?" CATHERINE - Thanks for a) 
advice on mv girl situations in middle school! You 
great friend! D-MIKE - Booth Pride! COURTNEY -Ya 
the greatest ever! Mjuh! SOCCER PARENTS - Thank 
always making the trip to cheer for us! BILL AND T 
You guys can't read because you're cats, but you 
anyway! SKI TEAM, MADRIGAL, OCTET, thanks fi 

lemories! THE CLASS OF 2000 - We came a long way 
her, and we had a great time. Future goals: Own and 
ite a successful dance club in Boston with some fellow 
;raduate from Tufts after studying electronics, earn my 
;rs degree in Business Administration, and expand DJ 
Entertainment to be a major line of clubs in cities 

ctivities: yearbook 1,2,3, editor-4, Spanish 1,2,3,4, AFS, 
, vice-president 12, JSA 10, vice-president 11,12, and 
fun stuff. 

1 H nana: cnacii6o bhm 3a Baiuy eweAHeBHyio 
ry. MaMa, tbi ecerfla noMaraeiub mhc HaHTH 

ailH M CTpaUlHO nOflyMaTb, CKOJlbKO pa3 Mbl c 

ii 3a6xiy}KflajiHCb. Te6e nana cnacH6o 3a to. 
Tbi 6e3 c)co6oro TepneHWH o6'b«CHaeLUb MHe 
MaTHKy. B flajibHeHLueM jk^h pa6oTy no n- 
[y. H 6naroflapHa saM 3a to, uto bw 6pajiH 
} M3panjib H McnaHMK). b OTnH™e ot flpvTHx 
Teneii. noMHMTe. h Bac OMCHb nio6nio. 
nftM H fleflaM cnacM6o 3a Bce, n Bac OHeHb 


y: thanks for being an annoying little brother. Sasha: 
e truly been a great friend. We've been through so 
together-mostly in different states. Thanks for always 
ig me laugh (especially 8th grade. ) Just think of all our 
itures: no-shoppingavat, daily trips to S&S/ shop rite, 
net cooking, fl, tx, cc, quebec (nona,) nh, parent par- 
ol, car adventures-david curley, clubbing, hot dudes, 
A., mid-night talks. This is just for starters-60 more 
for the Guinness book. I love you. Masha: Even 
;h you are not a guy, thank you for being a great 
mate. Love you always. Shauna: I hate to think what 
i happen if phone calls weren't free. You've always 
:hcre, always willing to do something new & exciting, 
K5 for: jsa, dc, me, scituate, plays, clubs "Chinese 
jn," mix-fest, kiss concert, boston fiascos, college trip 
\tures, museums, blabbermouth/buddy, "he is not 
chem, jetta, and being a great co-editor. Call me . Fran: 
jiown you the longest & you've been an awesome 
1. thanks for the late night movie nights, college road- 
etta, "Chinese chicken," mix-fest, "I'm hungry," glad 
wved back , keep in touch. Danielle DeMoss; you are 
ky weird person, but 1 love you anyway. Thanks for: 
any random movie nights and going to spain the same 
IS me. don't march like a penguin. Katie: what would 
!done without you junior year? had a normal year? (j/ 
nks for being soooo tall and ditzy (j/k.) you've been a 
friend. Danya: vou are very unique (weird) (j/k.) 
t you love our bbc experience? I hate nature, the wet 
bugs. I'm glad we became better friends this year 
: art freshmen year, homecoming, having the same car 
in better condition. Ellen: being so tall, having cool 
«t red) hair, being a pro-tennis player, getting to 
'1 early so I could talk to someone, always being on- 
)anielle DeMeo: for always having the same classes as 
id always working together. Beth: you are one funny 
jlad I got to know you, football games, volleyball 
s, don' t drink and drive. Jen: I would have gone insane 
tin without you. You are a great person to talk to. 
ie: 1 can't believe you took me out of your thanks, 
5 for entertaining everyone at lunch, "I'm taUer." Mr. 
di: without you there would be no yearbook. Thank 
or all the guidance and the help. Thank you to every- 
/ho worked on this yearbook, we couldn't have done 
hout you. Everyone and everything I forgot, you know 
jreat my memory is so it's not my fault. Future plans: 
college, have fun, marry prince charming and travel 

irst of all I'd like to thank my parents. You have both 
/sbeen there for me and though I probably don't show 

appreciate it. Without your guidance, none of this 

1 have been possible. Josh: It's been fun since you 
d back up here. From killin' skunks to fights in the 
yard, to arguing over Blitz, you've always kept it real. 
1 FLUKE 1 tell ya!! " Darren: You kept things real since 
noved here Freshman year. If you ever in Jersey, call 
nd get my #. Jessica: We should have listened to the 
c from the start. I've learned a lot from you (well 
ly your mistakes). There's way too much to put on 
r. Thank you for being a friend and then some, for not 
5 to change me but loving me for who I am. No matter 
e your path takes you, know I'll never forget you. To 
thers I May Have Forgotten: I haven't forgotten vou. 
3sls money after so many words and I'mbroke. Thanks 
people I couldn't mention, you know who you are. 

ffr> EIa 

irst I'd like to thank my family. To: Dad-rock hunts, car 

admiring, baseball games, driving lessons. Mom-spying on 
the girls, flute lessons, rock hunts-smashing rocks, trying to 
teach me to skate, college visits. Gretchen-rollerblading+all 
our long talks. Beth-wicker bum, video games, staying up 
late-getting yelled at! You guys are the best for always 
tolerating my attitude. 1 couldn't ask for a better family-i 
love you! CARRIE-"carrie frank", Tootl, Bessie, skanky 
franky-007, pinslaps, body glitter, beaded curtains, 
skiing-staking out our seats+being attacked by A+R, 
GERMANY-the Neutor! "pawing at windows", boys on 
the street, pink walls+snake lights, "Its a hard knock life", 
climbing in windows, the "good" seat on the bus, playing 
candle maker, "camping" out, sprinklers, Alvo, 
Friendley's~fakefish,JVcaptains, Ballet-breaking the sound 
barrier, tittoro, getting kicked out. LlewelynG., BDC-getting 
separated, photo-copying, pie in the face. C-da~walking all 
the way around building, F.F. -making new friends, 
cemetary b-4 tennis practice, DMB concert-P3, Varsity jack- 
ets, college visits, abusing churches, "sniff, sniff-lemon- 
ade", harrassing freshmen-signs, hiding cars-i-hiding on 
floor, PSS, swing class, bathroom races-^anual sleepovers. 
UR one of the craziest-i-best friends 1 could ever have. We 
are so alike its scary somtimes, but I love U4 it+i know we'll 
always be best friends. NICOLE-coming over to play, 
bathroom stalls, ballet-tittoro, getting kicked out, 
Germany-mv charm, renting movies, long walks, Jeff 
"twins", "If you sit on red ants...", "Yeah we're sisters", 
playing w/ barbies, spraining your pinky, reading BOOKS. 
UR one of the only people 1 can truly trust+tell anything to. 
We've been through alot of rough times together but we 
always make it through. I love you baby! ALISSA-my BFF! 
Im so glad we've remained so close for so long. We'll never 
grow up-lHFC..oh my good times. I miss you, but I know 
you'll always be two houses away. ANA-making fun of my 
"walk"-i-"talking perfect", writing entries in my diary, 
cutting+dying your hair w/ markers, skiing, 
SC ATAGORIES, socials tudies+alex richards-i still think you 
should go out! + wind class. We may not always get along, 
but I love you none the less-good luck at MCC~j/k!! AN- 
DREA-"Slappy", "Twin Tower", Gloucester-oldfashioned 
pictures, losing $ in rocks, FH, F.F.-Dale, "Krissy where are 
you?", spilling orange juice on myself, "No mom, of course 
we werent...". New Years, Indoor FH-all those rough morn- 
ings!, shopping, having good/same taste in guys, A.T. w/ 
Pete. UR one of my closest friends+we've shared some 
crazy times together~it scares me how alike we are, we can 
always understand eachother even when you don't speak 
English! Love U! CATHERINE-flying down halls, making 
smoothe turns, going online-candy, bambie+kitty, pit, in- 
door track, learning to waltz, FH, taking special bus from 
movies2mall!. UR one of the sweetest4-kindest people I 
know-hi envy you for it. I'll never forget the goodtimes 
we've had-^^ll miss ya next year! LlZ-veah brady! My 
fellow captain-i-all-star. Wise Wilson, PSS, power to the 
right side! Physics, Indoor track, skiing-doing "tricks", 
yeah bunny hill!. Driving hours-really we're friends!, 
walks after FH games, getting led on by same guy! UR on 
ethe most unique girls I'll ever meet-i'll miss you next year. 
ALYSSA-"J ANE",sur\dving Spanish together, physics, cook- 
ing class-our flaming red-haired pal Ned!, indoor track w/ 
big Al, writing bizzarre things on my psych, book+making 
poems 4me, FOOTBALL GAMES!. We've known eachother 
4-ever-eyen when you had no hair-i-I was fat! I'm glad 
we've stayed close all these years +hopefullv we will 
forever-even though UR gross-^like mouse bones! RICK- 
my blue-eyed pal+fellow fox, we'll get blue contacts some 
day, skiing, C-da, steaUng my drinks, BDC-"cheesy-ba- 
gels" , knaps, string cheese, getting tons of presents. Frappes, 
fire works in June, Sephora, Rolex watches for our "mom", 
my diverseness-fast eddy-the terminator! You never cease 
to amaze me w/ you random knowledge my fashion king! 
This summer we'll have fun working in a flower 
shop-^spending your gift certificates! LARRY-my anti- 
social pal. I swear i'U get you a new sweatshirt! Thanks for 
the promt sorry for not listening to our type of people 
music. I'll miss you next year HONEY! MIKE G.-we had 
alot of good times~C-da, my B-day, babysitting w/ me, the 
semi, F.F.-^driving my jeep. I'll never forget those 
memories-good luck next year-i-l'll miss you. CRAIG B.-all 
our late-night chats, Wendy's, being brave+meeting my 
parents. We've had some rough times, but I'm glad we're 
past them. I love you-i-i'll miss you next year-good-luck in 
Georgia-i-football-i hope to see you on T. V. someday! JESSIE- 
C-da~"Party-Pals", chemistry-i-never knowing what we 
were doing, BDC-you're the best cook ever! CRAIG G.- 
physics-sorrv for bringing you down w/ me-nliz, W.W., 
BDC+4 being the only person 1 can watch scary movies w/ 
. STEFAN-harassing me in wind-n giving me the best lessons 
ever w/ forks! MIKE, DAN-nJIMMY-you guys are 3 of the 
funniest guys I know-him glad 1 got to know you...-^mike-im 
not a monkey! MIKE GARTLAND-all our chats online-i- 4 
always listening+helping me w/ my problems. STEPHEN- 
4 always putting up w/ me. ..sorry I gave you scars! KEVIN- 

never touch my hair again, but i'm sorry for flipping out! 
JON B.-my fellow baby of the family!. .im glad we made our 
truce-nfinally got along w/eachother! Thanks for always 
taking all of my crap and letting me make fun of you-nyou 
actually taking it! NICOLE G.-bum kicker! MIKE B.-for 
being one of the sweetest kids ever-i-for being my friend all 
these years-good luck next-year. LINDSEY H.-for always 
gossiping w/ me. ..I'm really glad I got to know you...L'R 
one of the most genuinly sweet girls-good luck next year as 
a big bad senior! MIKE S.-^CHRIS-you are 2of the funniest 
kids and im glad I finally got to know ya this year. My 
FIELD HOCKEY GIRLS-Lesley, Jenny, Jill, Lauren, Kristen, 
Liz, Katherine-^Anna-you guys were the best this year. ..vou 
made my last year the best-good luck next-year and kick 
butt! S(DPHOMORE BOYS-Mike S., Ryan, Dennis, Teddy, 
Jacob, Dane-i hope you guys enjoyed the signs! RICHIE- 
"Rita"-for always ragging on me~UR the little brother I 
never had-enjoy highschool! Finally a special thanks to Mr. 
Sabourin-fPete. Future goals-to marry a gorgeous husband, 
have 3 beautiful kids, drive a Z3-i-be extremely happy in all 
that I do. Good-luck to you all! 

Activities: Many things 1 ,2,3,4. 
I owe the greatest thanks to my family, especially my 
parents. Mom & Dad: You've been the biggest influence on 
my life since day one. You've never given up on me, no 
matter what I've done. You're my inspiration and 1 owe my 
entire life to you both. I Love You. Mom: Thanks for making 
my lunch everyday without complaining, and for always 
giving advice. Dad: Thanks to you I've learned "the only 
thing to fear is fear itself," and never to fly without junior 
birdman goggles! Emily: I couldn't ask for a better younger 
sister. Thanks for letting me do your hair/ nails all the time, 
gossiping with me. Tommy: "buddy," you're definitely the 
best "get" in the whole world. Both of you be good to our 
parents, please don't take my room. To my Grandparents, 
Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, &Hank: thanks for manv memo- 
rable times. Krissy: or is it Carrie? (Fluke, Toot2, PK, Flano) 
It's hard to know where to begin. Everyday since freshman 
year we've grown closer and more into "two peas in a pod." 
Remember: pinslaps, obsessions with 007, JV tennis cap- 
tains, .. in Westford woods, scary movies, campouts, sprin- 
kler running, kissing bum to certain teachers, skiing, 
snowboarding, Neutor! (window friends), being corrupted, 
church parkinglots, bathroom competitions, spooning, PSS, 
sign making, sniff sniff lemonade, college visits. 1 know I 
can count on you to listen to any problem 1 have and you'll 
sympathize because we feel the same way about the same 
people! You put up with a lot from me, and I want to you 
know how much your friendship means to me. ILU. Oh, 
thanks for always being there to help me over those fences! 
Catherine (Ben, Juliette): Over these four years you've proven 
yourself to have true makings of a friend. Thanks for fresh- 
man year, Cinderella, le diable, fh bunk buddies (sorry for 
farting all the time), dino hair, NSY'NC, French club officers, 
showing me the right way to use contacts, breakfast, listen- 
ing to problems with Guilliame, Christophe, Jacques, etc. 
Merci Beaucoup. ILU. Liz (All Powerful, Brady): "nilemwa 
pharmiaytromvka" that means "go for the gold" inSwahili. 
Remember French conversations and index cards sopho- 
more year, Monolo Cortez's bottom, "Show me, show me, 
show me," PSS, Wilson quotes, breakfast, tournament of 
plays. ILU. Andrea (Hayden): prom shoe shopping, winter 
running. New Y'ears '99, Farmers bathroom buddies, top 
bunk, little boys, fh bus buddies senior year. Remember I'll 
always check your nose/ teeth. ILU. Nicole (Tyler): Always 
looking out for me, being my "mother," biology partners, 
getting pregnant by a doorknob, underdoggies, "peace, 
love, and power to the people." You've always been a great 
listener and friend to me. ILU. Alyssa (cult-leader): dance, 
canoe trips on July 4, pillow tricks, being so down to earth. 
ILU. Ana (Banz): driver's ed, CRN. Rayna: CVS pooping 
secret, making up the triple nipple dance. Jessie: dance, 
CCD, driver's ed, quarries. Meredeth (KT): history video 
project, staying up even later than I do! Kristen (MacTruck): 
chamber and gym junior year would have been terrible 
without you! Suzanne, Emily, Katie, &Danielle: you're true 
sweethearts. 'OOboys: Larry: knowing how to push my 
buttons, Guster rep, you'll always be my forever crush. 
Ricky: CCD, loving my fat hands, 3 cars, instruments of the 
deviL never letting me forget what level I'm in. Kevin 
(Keevin): first boyfriend, Dawson's parties, wrestling 
matches, breakfast, rammahead! Jon: my main competition, 
newspaper (bathroom breaks), leaning on my back, making 
me wet my pants in the hall, sorry you were the lowest 
French club officer! Bobby: DJBob parties, Coyle stars, my 
first kiss. Jeff: analysis promise, showing me the Carlton. 
Bobby & Jeff: pelvic thrusts on the downbeat. Craig: NSC#1, 
junior prom (saving me from someone), the look. MikeMcf: 
Who's skanky? making everything a competition. Mike, 
Dan, &Jimmy: making high school funny. Mike Griecci: 
making up our own swing moves, matching cars. Stefan: 
Feb. 27, B&N breaks, "After this year, will it matter?!" Ryan: 


physics talks, always being horny. Eric: parking pals, ce- 
ramics. Karan: back rubs. Also to Brandon, D.Mike (Harry), 
Mike -Mead, MikeGartland, Marcus, &Darren. '99 FH Team: 
"Girls with gas kick butt. ..get ready to be blown away!" 
Good luck next year Jill, Lauren, Lesley, Kathryn, Jenny, 
Liz, Kristen, &Anna. '98:Tom: showing me so much about 
love and life, 81 2. Kelly: my older sister, soccer fans, ketchup. 
'99:Jackie: BDC '99 was' a blast because of you! '01:Jill 
(Thruster) &Lauren: wiping with an Abercrombie tanktop! 
Lesley, Heather, Erin, Sarah U.: gym buddies. Sarah C.: 
lunch, hockey games. Chris: Thanks for making Mike talk to 
me. Richie, Alan, Tommv, & Jimmy H : thanks for saying hi. 
Nathan &Lauren: treehouse, telefunkie. New Year's par- 
ties. '02:Kate: ceramics. Dane, Mike, Teddv, Ryan, Jacob, 
&Dennis: Krissy and 1 made those signs. Timmy: "peopled© 
care" DaveW, Tony &DannyB: Hey guvsl Mike: turning 
red, being a hottie, memories to come. '97-'98 Lunchtable. 
Mrs. Ela (Mama Ela): all the gossip. Mrs. Hill & Bill: always 
making me feel welcome. To the teachers who've given 
more than just teaching: Eickel, Hennessy, Keltner, Low, 
Mod, .Morris, Palmer, Rainis, Reynolds, Shevory, Smith, 
&Taub. Stephen (Jiggvl: 1 can honestly say now that there 
isn't a word for what we share. Your friendship is so special 
to me that 1 would never trade it for anything. Remember: 
swing lessons, homemade ice cream and Snickers bars, 
naps together, waking up early to run. Someday we'll 
watch American Tail. You've always been behind me push- 
ing me to do more than 1 ever thought I could. 1 know we've 
been through some rocky times, but thanks for never giving 
up on me, and more importantly, our friendship. ILU al- 
ways. To the Class of 2000: Good luck in the future. Keep in 
touch. Finally, thanks to God, because without Him, no one 
would be here. Future Goals: go to college, get married, 
have children, then be prosperous on a specialized farm 
wilh Liz Bradv. 

Activities: Karate 1/2/3/4, Skateboarding 1/2/3/4, 
Snowboarding 1/2/3/4 

THANK YOU: Mom and Dad, Mike and Anne for being 
loving parents and for always looking out for me. Mr. and 
Mrs. Callahan for giving me my golden opportunity, and 
making sure that I stuck with it. Everyone at the karate 
school who 1 either taught or trained with. Carrie McDonald 
for being with me every step of the way. We did it! Angelina, 
Hove you kid! 1 will always be there for you, no matter what. 
Kelly B. You are my best friend, thanks for all the long night 
calls. 1 swear 1 will see you sometime soon. Michelle, 1 
learned more about real life from you than anyone. You 
have been a great sister to me. VVaylon, you've become the 
brother 1 never had. Thanks for all that vou have done for 
me. Much love to my nieces, Maggie and Allie, and to my 
nephew (Justin) on the way. You three are my pride. Make 
sure you grow up strong. I'll always be around for you 
three. Thanks to everyone 1 have ever skated with. Ms. 
Smith for being the best French teacher, and the toughest 
yellow belt 1 know. Steve (Irish)- you're the only kid 1 know 
who could get away with playing field hockey. Ian S.- This 
summer was a memorable one, we' 11 have to do it again next 
year. Mileena- it's all about the boonies! Thank you for 
introducing me to you know who, and also for being mad 
cool. 1 know 1 seem mad at vou sometimes, but it never lasts. 
Who could forget this summer? Brendan F.- thanks for all 
the good sessions. Dan B.- Parlez-Vous Espagnol? We have 
had some crazy times Dan, some times it's gooci to take a 
little vacation from French class. Crystal S.- You're always 
so positive, thanks for always cheering me up. You are the 
chillest girl I know. ,Meff L.- thanks for always sticking by 
me, 1 really do appreciate it, even if 1 don't show it some- 
times. Preston- (the Big Daddy)- 1 know we started off shaky 
in the beginning, but you're a cool kid none the less. I could 
still beat you in horse though. Always keep it real P-Dog. 
Brad E.- 1 know we don't really know each other, but you 
have been a cool kid to talk too. Never forget your talents or 
ambitions. I know it's a four cylinder, but it's still a sick car. 
Hey, at least it's not an automatic. Matt C- for training with 
me at karate, and that Metallica concert (someone still owes 
you money) Thank you who ever createtf skateboarding, 
because my last four years would have been very boring 
without it. Thank you Phil E. for always being a cool kid, 
and never changing your mind about what music you liked. 
Oh yeah, thanks for those Etnies back in the day, those were 
my first skate shoes. We need to chill more often, never 
forget those crazy nights at Middlesex (my mom found the 
evidence) Leslie E - 1 wouldn't have made it through typing 
without you, keep in touch. You have always been a cool 
kid . Stay strong. Catherine G.- Thanks for all the good times 
at lunch with the hacky sac crew. Who else could I call at 12 
at night and not get yelled at? Bobby D - for all the sick hacky 
sac sessions. One of these days I am going to learn how to 
break dance. Justin C. You are the coolest freshman in 
Bedford, just keep yourself out of trouble. Shannon R. I 
don't know what 1 would have done if you weren't there in 
cooking with me. You definitely made that class worth- 

while. Good luck on you latest venture and future con- 
quests. Sarah M. Thank you for your friendship over the 
years. We've certainly come a long way since 8th grade. 
Things always seem to work themseKes out in the end. 
Mike B. Thanks for all the chats over the vears about music 
and other stuff. I know we have had our differences in the 
past, but there are no hard feelings or anything like that. Life 
must go on. And to everyone else, Ryan N., Stephanie A., 
Matt E. Andy R., Ken R., thanks for all the laughs and good 
memories. Much love to all the music groups that have 
offered me inspiration throughout the years, and to all the 
pro skateboarders out there who bust themseK es up every 
day just to make kids like me happy. Anyone and everyone 
who has made my day a little brighter, thank vou. There are 
still some genuinely nice people left in the world. And to 
any else who I failed to mention, 1 either forgot, or it's just 
better that way. Peace. 
MicHAel (^jAWlArrJ 

First I'd like to thank my parents,they've molded me 
into the person I am today. Without them I would be in the 
position I'm in today. I'd also like to thank all of my 
relatives for giving me support. Before 1 start 1 just want to 
apologize to anyone I left out. I'd like to start by thanking 
Coach Sab and the rest of the coaching staff for giving me the 
chance to play and help me improved everyday. Richard- 
for always making me laugh and always up for trouble at 
Chad's. Andy- for being my conscience and keeping us out 
of trouble no matter how much I said I hated you. Justin- for 
giving me my nickname and making fun of that 8th grade 
basketball \'ideo at my birthday party. Marcus- for always 
having that feeling in your stomach that said don't do it. 
And for showing me the right way to act. You truly are a 
great friend. Griecci- for always partying and showing me 
a good time. PresH- for helping me in lax and telling the best 
stories. Jeff- for liking VVu-tang and being a cool dude. 
RvanF-for catching all my passes and making me look good . 
Kris-for hanging out and letting us eat spaghetti Duke- for 
always scaring me to make me better Craig- for being my 
dogg Jason for taking Kenea's place Crystal- for being the 
nicest most understanding girl 1 know Talise- for being 
around when our parents got together Sarah- for keeping 
Justin in shape(whippshhh) Cirilia- for always turning me 
on Liz- for always being there to talk Alyssa- for hanging 
out, it was fun, and I'm sorry Carrie- for always flirting 
Kriss_y- for pur talks about Craig 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4. Capt. 3,4. Varsity 
Basketball 3,4. JV 1 ,2. Varsitv Baseball 2,3,4. JV 1 . Latin Club 
2,3,4. President 4. Spanish Club 1 ,2,3. SADD 3,4. Telemedia 
3,4. Peer Leader 4. Boys State 3. 

Thanks: To God for the best family ever. Mom and Dad you 
have done so much for me that it is impossible to put it all 
into words. For being my biggest fans through thick and 
thin and not letting me ride my bike on North Road. DAD 
thanks for playing catch and 21 and teaching me everything 
1 know about yardwork and life. MOM thanks especially 
for coloring and scrambled eggs, as well as much much 
more. KYLE for taking me to the Sox games and teaching me 
all of the sports that 1 play today. COREY for letting me tag 
along and wrestling. You guys are the best big brothers 1 
could hope for, were it not for you I would not be half the 
person 1 am today, although the whole me IS taller than both 
of you. KARA-whale watching, doing a full breech, 
snowboarding, and always having a good time together. I 
love you all. ALAN-talks and helping out with the chica 
action, TGIF, the only striker I can't stop, the two week plan 
for the end of summer, which I might add was one of the best 
two week spans in all of my life, GameDay, Metal Gear, and 
watching the Red Sox and Pats. RICH-"Here 1 go," the look. 
No Goals, No Glory, etc., "Wait a minute, let me just put on 
my paying 1 dollars for your CD shoes," can you get a ride 
here? You da man in soccer. Both of you, we've shared a lot 
of good times and vou have made these 4 years quite 
memorable and incredibly fun. You're big guys, Thanks for 
showing up, HardCore, intruders, really. We will be state 
and DCL champs. Remember, there is a first for everything. 
MATT-whoops, my cannon, maybe you'll throw harder 
than me someday, special 2nd baseman, bologna sand- 
wiches, fighting, Cooperstown, the Rock, dollar tri box kev, 
Capt-Craig, son of a 3, tarantalasaurus. Life is never boring 
with you, thanks. DJ BOB-Soccer-the most clutch goal ever, 
telemedia, camp. Tufts. RYAN-sport leagues in your yard, 
baseball, my jokes, nya, "Craig, give me the bat," "Ray, 
don't do it." SHANE-b-ball, Mai-Kai, Cape Cod, sorry 
about the finger. I will never forget those times you two. 
CARRlE-plans for math sophomore year. Junior Prom, non- 
sexual crush, freshman year. CATHERINE-Math, extra help, 
making fun of Carrie's quotes. You two are the best soccer 
fans our team could have asked for. ALYSSA-my crush 
through middle school, physics, talking sports. LIZ-Do I 
even have to say cheez balls, kicking the car into neutral. 
KRISSY-watching Liz in physics, fireworks. JESS-swim- 
ming at your house, the nun tree, riding the bus with me. 

ANDREA-Spanish sophomore year, Latin. RAYNA- 
fights. JAN-b-ball, "My personal prediction is a state c 
pionship this year," Latin, chillin sophomore year. A 
B-ball, beating up Matty. MIKE G- Nun tree, Ryan Mu 
KEVIN-Ms. Universe, popcorn. LARRY-Poli. Sci., tl 
ementary years. STEFA.\"-Star Wars, scaring the crap i 
me at the nun tree. BRANDON-physics, Mancini. 
boys' state, being a good friend through the years. DA\ 
skippy, baseball and soccer. NICOLE G.-my first girlfi 
Washington, man at Twister. TWOMBLY-Wedgev 
working on the house, stalker. SARAH-Do you ni 
ride?, working with Mike at SBP. ERIN-mini-goIf, hai 
at your house. LESLEY-the end of summer, the Revol 
game,break. HEATHER-lunchand being cool. ANN/ 
Usual Suspects. COLLEEN-giving you rides, "I'n 
betting two bucks." SCOTT-big gambler, special dr 
skills. LAURA -Junior year was a lot of fun, keep worki 
driving, I will see vour glasses someday, the semi. L 
SAY-sophomore year. BE.\TLEY-what happened?, bt 
wall in net. JOHNNY-singing, b-ba!l and soccer, 1 
soccer camp. A,\NA S.-beach days. KATHRYN B. 
and Tufts. BRIAN-of course 1 won't forget the re 
RYA-\ W. -coolest sophomore, the dance, noteb 
DANIELLE-Friday nights, venting, Penn State boxer 
dance, day camp. ERlC-b-ball and soccer. DARRI 
ball,deadlv backcourt. JlMMY-making fun of the ca 
ANDY-eighth grade. STEPHEN-Chopstick. LINL 
hanging with Matt and Jan. EMILY-for being so 
SUZANNE-day camp and math. STARNZEY-talkings 
DAN FERRITER-thanks for helping out Sophomore 
too bad you couldn't be around for all that we did wi 
ya this year. SAB, KERVER, KRISTEN MC, DA 
DANE thanks for being so cool and sharing a lot of 
times. Also, the class of '98 for being wicked cool, 
ciallv: MEG-hanging out, Starbucks, gi\-ing the best 
"I'm a midget." KELLY-letting me stay with you at 
taking out my mailbox, Nomar, go Sox. TATE-taking n 
my freshman year, halloween, Alvin's parties. KRL 
we beat Minuteman, taking me out, almost fighting 
that night at Westford. MATT-being cool, soccer, ba 
and Brvan Adams. Also, BILLY KATZ for being lil 
third big brother, we've had a lot of good times ov 
years (except when you body slammed me). MR. and 
tOMCZ\'KOWSKI for dinner before the states game 
letting your house be my second home. JAN and JUI 
being my other moms while 1 grew up. I love you 
thanks for everything, especially the corn nibblet 
applesauce Judy. Thanks to COACH WILSON, BO 
and SULLIVAN for all that you taught me about spor 
life o\'er the past four years. We shared a lot of up 
downs together and I had a great time along the 
Thanks to all of my teachers for all that you have done 1 
both inside and outside of the classroom. MRS. IRVIN 
MRS. SULLIVAN for being great class advisors and 
better soccer fans. To all my other friends and famil 
anyone who 1 may have forgot (I am sorry) than 
every'thing. Future Goals: Go to college, graduate, sk 

fet married, gato Italy, have kids and coach them. 

Thanx Thanx Thanx. Mom Dad for buckets of Sh 
and love even when I ivasan itch. Dara for being coole 
1 was at her age. Little Dee, covering for me. Grandpf 
Cousins, Aunt and Uncle, crazy games of boggle and 
8s. Love vou all. No order: Cat-spoons sheep foreigi 
best friend in general soul buddy marriage ich liebr 
unter der girtliener. Shout outs to raynbow circle: J 
monkee punk poetry sprinklers muppets bunny ho 
oral fixation co-pilot HST Hngerie love ya sweetie. ' 
web of deceptions stealing jesus Canada! Estrogyn b: 
slim jim walden intro. to ani. Lit nerd, ofest Meff: : 
chicken bacon day Simpsons calling me a pirate est 
brigade ani chris never gonna score campaigns slim jii 
sistah. Capitolist america. Grapes v. Bread v. Cake, 
my SSG, being the best boi friend ricky martin rain c 
taking me out to dinner so much love. Dan P: [ 
craziness letting us rename your dog writing poetr 
certs i'll be right back rants continuos mocking 
saving the world. Not blowing up the school. Cuttin, 
hair. Sam: being evil, fro hair, super sweet beneath thi 
Koko Little Jon: hugs love you mosesand Chinese on 
we love jon day. Chris-boy: i'll be right back poetry 
padner soul mate. Hannah-Bananah: slow 4 horse 
ceramics queen. Ellen: KJ DIRT (why?!) girl scouts hall' 
battling cars if you were a luncheon meat everything 
the past 7 years. Erin: circle of trees bus-friends ci 
chicken goo group crew great talks Amish: New 
photos classes mozzarella sticks idealism flipper c 
vegatable have fun with sushi Dina: great dinner: 
thanx for the fashion comments and listening to my 

!. Stay awesome. Mei: friends since middle school. Boy 
sand giggles. IM conversations Shauna: ceramics talks 
lame pres Randy-Andy: lab partner frolics finally giv- 
in cuz you know you have to. Tied up in my basement, 
■e: bringing a frog and a cowboy hat. Tied in basement, 
y king saving my fish being gold Elissa; pop tarts OM 
ing-school frantic middle school notes everything since, 
pping. Talks. Tori! Screaming phone calls Lilian: are 
rhombus? If a arse walked up to you. Art. Love. Bethany: 
side kick lit mag ricky's mine Katie C: fie! Hepburn! 
e on the porch castle walls So much thanx to mv amaz- 
teachers. Ms. Coyle, Ms. Keltner, Ms. Laver, Mrs. Hoyt, 
Grif (enviro man), Mr. Donahue everyone else who has 
lly let me graduate high school. And to my extended 
ilies: Penlands, Cargulios, Waldrens, Thanx for putting 
vith me at random unannounced hours. Lastly, Willy 
ika, Ani, Simpsons, Jim Henson: making the world a 
?r place, 
olf i^orine 

First, 1 would like to thank my family. Mom&Kev- 
nk you for all your encouragement, support and love, 
have always been there for me and 1 love you! Dad 
madette- For all of our "little talks," for always encour- 
g me to do my best, and most of all for always being 
e to listen to me {no matter hc>w far away) 1 love you! 
ielle&Tricia- my two little sisters. Dannie- believe it or 
I'll miss you terribly! You are the new "Queen of the 
se." Good luck in High School, and have fun. Tricia- 
have always been so cute and sweet. I'll miss you and 
e you guys! Nana Gosine-For being so wonderful. You 
; shown me love, and taught me more about life than 
11 ever know. Pop-Even though you are not here any- 
e, 1 know you are watching over me. 1 miss you and 1 
you so much. Nana Crew-For your humor and your big 
■t. You have always given me support and love. 
'&Cathi- "My second set of parents" I can tell vou 
hing and you always support me. I love you more than 
11 ever know! Cam&Stevie-For being the cutest guvs 
! Thanks to all my family-Joey, Cindy, Shauna, Richie, 
linne, Stevie, Elissa, Mike, Kira, Scott, and Katie- 1 love 
all! Liz "From Maine"- Wow, where do 1 begin? I guess 
k you. Thanks for always being there for me. We have 
1 through everything together. You are the worst driver 
! Look out for the ice-cream truck, the tree, and every- 
g else in your view! Remember all the crazy times in 
Yogi and BooBoo, teaching you how to drive a standard 
le back of Cam's school, highlighting your hair, and 
oke at New Years. I love you, and 1 know we will be this 
i forever! LYLAS! Emily-You are the sweetest girl ever, 
had so many good times. Lexington for free bread, 
ing like old laciies, running over snow banks (did that 
e a dent?) And who could forget all of our "scenic 
>e" fun? Your friendship means the world to me-Love 
SuzyQ -For being so cute and always laughing at me. 
always listening to me, and you have given me the best 
ce ever. All 1 have to say is remember 7th grade oreos? 
m- For loving Shania so much, for the concerts, and all 
nilkshakes. I won the standard contest, but if you want 
natch I'm ready! Jon- For being the nicest guy ever! 
er forget "fake fighting" in Ms. Roach's flex. Thanks for 
le rides, talking to my mom, and tweetie stationary- Is 
: one L or two? You're the best! Andrea- For always 
g there for me, studying for chem, and laughing at 
other constantly! Liz- For all the fun in Algebra and for 
g the two best Dominiques ever! Mike G- For being 
!r nice all the time, laughing at my stories and for just 
g a good person. Amity- For all the fun at the Hartwell 
se, laughing at me, constantly falling down the stairs, 
of course the bunny suit. Rick- For supporting the 
:well House, eating buffalo fingers, and appreciating 
"hard work." KristenMac- For all the years of Ms. 

You are the sweetest girl ever! Sandy- Thanks for all 
un at work, the big E, sprinklers on Wood St., country 
ic, and of course always making me food. Cirilia- For 
lys trying to get the Big T "You make yellow look good" 
ly-For always losing my dog. NicoleV- "Killer 
lycanes" and being my blonde twin. Krissy- Bum kicker, 
lerine- "My Pookie Bear" for dancing in our P.J.'s with 
! rings- Yikes. You are the best. Ana- "Mary" for all the 
St CCD, and English sophomore year. Rayna- All 1 have 
:y is how long for the average Joe Shmoe? Never forget 
e two girls in the third row. You have always been such 
od friend! JimmyL- For visiting me at work, being the 
•ndliest folk" and for being a nice guy. Alex- for not 
hing when I fell out of my desk. Lauren- "Killer Willy" 
ippreciating my driving skills, running over curbs in 
t of police, and trying to crash into St. Michael's. BethL- 
will go to riverside someday- Stay sweet and I'll miss 
Jimmy- Thanks for all the rides and burger king. Tony- 
ster" I'll always be your little D. Ms. Smith- Never 
et Austin Powers! "Just the two of us" You are so sweet- 
ir forget Monsieur T. "Henndog"- "Irvdog"- For all the 
ihs, advice and fun. You're the best! Mrs. Morris- For 

constantly laughing at me, and always keeping my spirits 
high. Mrs. Sullivan- For all your hard work and humor. Mr. 
Corliss- For listening to my stories, and always "remind- 
ing" me not to look at the keys (Nana) Mr. Kelly- For your 
humor and all the fun. Good luck to the class of 2000 and to 
my friends- You know who you are. I love you all- Best of 
Luck. . 

To my family: Thank you mom and dad for everything. 
For giving me life, and guiding me through it. I love you 
both tons. Sheila ~ thanks for all the talks, fights, and insight 
to life. I've looked up to you since forever. Thanks for being 
an example to me, I love you hun. Rachel ~ you're welcome 
for all the clothes you think 1 let vou borrow. Thank you for 
all the clothes you didn't know that I borrowed. :) Barry ~ 
you're my most favorite brother ever! Thanks for all the 
crazy inventions you've come up with over the years. We've 
had some good laughs. Don't ever forget that You are my 
sunshine, my only sunshine.... Gloria - My missy moo-moo. 
Thank you for all your cute ideas and the silly things you say 
to make me laugh. Johnny ~ thank you for being my cousin. 
I'm so glad you could spend time with us. You're the 
funniest kid I know. Never forget our time at the bowling 
alley or the time we went to pickup that pizza, (Shhhh don't 
tell anyone.) 1 love all of you so much. Mv life wouldn't be 
complete without you guys. Matt ~ thank you for teaching 
me how to sit back, chillax, and enjoy life a little more. 
Thanks for all the stuff that would take forever to list. You're 
the sweetest guy in the world and I love you bunches. April 
Robinson - I love you girl! Thanks for being the best friend 
anyone could ever have. Never forget the good times in 
Florida. Chorus, basketball, Softball, the bus, and every- 
thing else, xoxoxo Natalie ~ thank you so much for the 
summer of '98. 1 would never had made it through without 
you. Thanks for Basil's, the pizza shop, your porch, and all 
the talks. Oh, you're welcome! (popsicle, pens) Amity ~ 
without you the south would be lost forever. Thank you so 
much for being a constant reminder of what 1 left behind. 
Thanks for all the help with my boy troubles. Finally to Ivan 
- thank you for teaching me so much about life, love, and 
happiness. Til never forget you. Finally again,,, to all the 
people that have touched my life and left their mark in me, 
I carry you all within myself. In my ideals, actions, and most 
importantly, my memories. Thank You!! 

Activities: Field Hockey 1 2 3 4, Softball 1 2 3 Latin Club 

3 4, 

First 1 would like to thank my parents, 1 appreciate every- 
thing you have done and given me over the years. You both 
mean the world to me and I adore you both, and whatever 
hapens in the future I'll be right there with you, 1 love you 
both so much, 1 want you both to be happy, and to enjoy life. 
Never forget I am always here, CHRISTINA- thanks for 
being there when 1 needed a big sister, 1 may not always 
show it but I do like you, and appreciate the things you do 
for me. I love you and good luck in law school. NANA and 
PAPA- thanks for all the Italian dinners, 1 love you. 
LORRAINE and DAVID- thanks for being great and always 
haying me over, I love you. MIKE- awesome cousin, 
gloucester, parties, always looking out, brother I always 
wanted, dealing with me, you are one of my best friends and 
I love you. LIZ- Pizza Plus, Steve's, McDonalds, quiet times, 
me singing, you driving, partying, feeling comfortable, 
Bermuda, fieldhockey (camp), stargazing, Dave, no Canada, 
Tropello Rd., Costco, car blowing up, us "fixing car". Red 
Sox, "is that a kid, no it's a Chinese women!", freeballing it, 
funerals/wakes, brawling, Aerosmith, Sublime, indoor, 
rollerblading, gloucester, Carleton Willard, questions (all 
kinds), frohc in mist, stairs, TRY! Love you. ALYSSA- Florida, 
remember butts, dead bird in pool, partying, star gazing, 
gloucester, your house, rollerblading, leaving las vegas, 
ain't that america, N*SYNC, many movies, new years, 55 ft. 
cliffs, pooh, camping, love you. KRISSY- gloucester, shop- 
ping, teeth, noses, venting, partying, farmers field, keith's 
house, new years, Dave, twin towers, listening, guys, know- 
ing exactly what I think (scary), visiting classes, indoor, love 
you. CARRIE- gloucester, partying, noses, teeth, bathrooms, 
N*SYNC, Dave, new years, fieldhockey, running, 
kickboxing, prom shoes, love you. CATHERINE- Under- 
standing, partying, pooh, push toosh. Tooth-pick girl, no 
Canada, fieldhockey, Dave, N'^SYNC, love you. AMY- semi, 
your car, partying, talking, steve miller, attracting psychos 
@ UMass D., getting lost driving, love you. KATIE S.- your 
house, mom, semi, partying, steve miller, love you. KATIE- 
partying, steve miller, love you. LARRY- aggrivating, sum- 
mers, 3rd cousins. MIKE-, ceramics, partying, wrestling. 
DAN- partying, history 12 3, being hot. RYAN- gloucester, 
cliffs, jet ski, partying, looking good. RICKY- cumquad, 
rozen, the finger, almost dying, making me laugh. JAN- 
latin, singing, making me laugh, so sweet, smiling. ANDY- 
so sweet, cute. JESSIE- pooh, Bermuda, Vermont, camping. 
RAYNA- Algebra, rollerblading. BOBBY- d.j. ing, gloucester. 
BRIAN K.- so nice, alyssa's, miss ya. MIKE G.- teaching me 

football. JIMMY- helping out. STEFAN- sarcasm, when we 
were litle. MARCUS- fall season, being nice. KATIE- sat's, 
rozen, busa, candy. EMILY- Softball, marybeth, rozen, driv- 
ers ed. NICOLE v.- paper trees, lemonade, fieldhockey, 
skiing. KEVIN- dealing w/ pooh bear, your house, the 
beach, making me laugh. NICOLE G,- stupid things, guys, 
stories, ANA- Softball 9, Mr, Ed, d wina, goemetry , LESLEY- 
fieldhockey, coolest junior, SARAH- physics, latin, col- 
leges, HEATHER- bertha, softball, FIELD fiOCKEY TEAM- 
so many memories, best season ever, I'm going to miss you, 
good luck in the future, love you! DENNIS- being a pain in 
the butt little cousin, funny, cool. SEBASTIAN- being so hot. 
FRESHMEN GIRLS- you know who, for serving the senior 
girls, you are the coolest, GLOUCESTER- you all are the 
best, 1 love you all. So many memories, parties, work, 
swimming, Bryan T., Kristen and Alana, Nikki and Jill, 
Kristen's brother. I'll never forget you. KELLY- best friend, 
florida, music video, 2nd sister, living w/ me in gloucster, 
partying, camp, guys, many memories and more to come, 
love you. MS. HENNESSEY- coolest teacher, always help- 
ful. PETE C- greatest gym teacher, caring so much about all 
the kids, twin towers, Liz and Alyssa- our friendship has 
overcome a lot, and in the end we all are always there for 
each other, I'm going to miss you both so much, BRADY 
FAMILY- for dealing with liz and 1 and the rest of us, ALSO 
THANKS TO- all of my sister's friends, Lisa thanks for 
everything, Seth Hoffman, Kelly Clerkin, John Boschetto, 
Richard Ditomassi, Craig Gelormini, Darren Harris, Talese 
Harris, Lindsey McGrath, Kristen McNamara, Erik Mesquita, 
Kendra Reimann, Crystal Salvi, Jenny Busa, Lindsay 
Harrington, Anna Larson, Mike McGrath, Tommy Matteo, 
Greg Trelegan, Austin Friend, Michelle Bieren, To any one 
I forgot I didn't mean it, sorry. It's been fun, I'm going to 
miss it but excited to leave. No regrets. Love you all!!! Future 
Goals; Graduate from college, become rich and successful, 
marrv a good looking guy, live on the beach and be happy, 
MicltAel C,Y\tc6 

Activities-Lacrosse-1, 2,3,4 Lax capt,-4 Football- 1,2,3,4 
I would like to start off by thanking my parents, I know I've 
been a pain all these years but thanks for sticking with me. 
Mom, thanks for packing my lunch since kindergarten, 
proofreading all my reports, putting up with me acting like 
a jerk and always trying to keep me out of trouble. Dad, 
thanks for coaching almost all my little league teams, reas- 
sembling the oldsmobile, and for being better than McGyver, 
Dennis, your a great little brother. Thanks for always put- 
ting up a fight and putting up with all my stuff, stealing 
your toys, eating all the food in the house, and building your 
arm Calais. Andrea thank you for being my cousin and 
friend, letting me stay with you in Gloucester when ever 1 
wanted, listening to me complain, giving me advice, and for 
taking care of me whenever I got "sick". Liz thank you for 
putting homework second and always going out with me on 
school nights, Mario's, SD & BCs. Stefan, for being a liar and 
one of my best friends since birth. Larry, for being my best 
pal in eighth grade. Thanks to the rest of the Brutti house- 
hold for Friday night sleepovers and pizza. Andy Read 
thanks for being the only other kid in the 9th grade to collect 
comics. Catherine, for being my first kiss. Carolyn Rae, you 
are one of the most amazing people I know. Thank you for 
making the past year great. Thanks to the entire class of 
1999 for always being so nice to me especially the football 
team. Thanks for making me feel like a part of the team and 
one of the guys. A special thanks to Mrs. Carrol and the 
Ouellette family. Mrs. Carrol thanks for dinners before 
football and for feeding me when ever I had the munchies. 
The Ouellettes, Mr., Mrs., Keith, Jeremy, Todd and Steve, 
thank vou for always having your door open to me no 
matter what the time it is or whether or not Keith is home. 
Thanks tci all my football teammates. I'll miss my fellow 
lineman and Good luck to next years offensive line, tell 
Colonel I said hi. Thanks to all my Lacrosse teammates, 
toxic twins. I hope we have a successful and fun season, and 
good luck to next years team. Thanks to all my friends in the 
Class of 2000. Especially my party crew Mike "the invisible 
carrot man" McFarland, Dan "Greeeee-cheee" Lefebvre, 
Ryan "wait until after football season" Kennery, Jimmy 
"420" Lawrence, Mike " peer pressured" Gartland, Larry 
"Captain Dave" Brutti . 

Future Goals- Become a teacher, drive a jeep wrangler, own 
a house on a beach, and brew my own beer in the summer. 

First off, I need to thank my family for all that they have 
done for me. Mom, you have always kept things fun around 
the house and worked extremely hard for all of us. I don't 
know where I would be if I didn't always have you to tell me 
where things are. And remember we will always have the 
airport. Dad, not to many people can work as much as you 
do and still have time for their family. Thank you for 
teaching me so much and never letting me give up on 
anything. Don't forget changing tires in St. Louis and all of 
the stories we have had working. Lindsay and Krista, I 
really could not have asked for two better sisters. Lindsay, 


you are so much like me that there is not much to write. For 
17 years we have not separated and I will miss you when I 
go to college. You have done well with putting up with my 
watching over you constantly. Krista, you are constantly 
willing to help and I appreciate that. Keep trying hard in 
everything you do. I will miss you when I go to college. To 
my grandparents for being such great influences in my life: 
Mime- all of the jokes and the haircuts. Grandpa- for always 
being funny and for being nervous like me. Nani- for having 
so much energy, walking every where and constantly spend- 
ing money. Gramps- the phone, for being so patient and 
always giving me anything I ever wanted. To my many 
aunts, uncles, and cousins for all the fun and memories. I 
love vou all. And to all my parents' friends and my families 
friends I appreciate all that you have done for me. Now to 
my friends: Alyssa- my first friend, nursery school, for 
understanding what I say when no one else does, finishing 
each others sentences, sheep is plural. Mike Mead- going to 
the Cape, playing golf, skiing, CDA, and many more. MikeG- 
bikecamp, farmer's field, hot peppers, CDA, BDC, finishing 
football, and always being funny. Jessie-nursery school, 
JrProm, BDC, CCD, good luck in college and have fun. 
BrianL- being crazy, lifting, golfing, DiVitos, Nova, non 
stop music lessons, VP Treasurer for life, good luck with the 
Sax. Chad- for growing up down the street, going through 
the woods behind your house, 4 years of football. Krissy- 
BDC, shopping for baskets, me forcing you to talk to people, 
bringing in some diversity to the group, having fun, frappes, 
Eddy, always sleeping, you know you will always be my 
Little Cat. Andrea- Italian Andrea, breaking my finger on 
Lantern Lane, Avant, and being so independent. Catherine- 
bike camp, being the Secretary and by the way do you have 
a screen name. Dan- for sticking with football and no matter 
what having the coaches love you. Carrie- CCD, VT bus, and 
for always adding an interesting twist on things. Mike 
McF.- indoor and outdoor track and running out of girls. 
Shauna- for being a good President, being such a tough 
person, I know you will be very successful in life. Marcus- 
for ceramic and for making football fun. Mike Gartland- for 
always making football fun and being funny Ana- for keep- 
ing physics interesting and making me laugh. Nicole V - all 
the skiing memories and most of all being from the west 
side. Suzanne Kim- 1 cannot thank you enough for every- 
thing you have done for me in school, you have always 
helped me in everything I have ever needed thanks and 
good luck. Jinu- Rolexes, Korean Rap and learning English. 
Kristen Kremer- well I can definitely say you are someone 
that I will never forget, thanks for the summer of 98, the long 
conversations, country music, semi, and helping me move 
on in mv life. Kyle, Gwen, Frau and Herr thanks for the fun. 
Amih'- 1 really cannot imagine what things would be like if 
you had not moved here, thanks for never being able to keep 
up with me, being southern, country music, sunroofs, and 
always having fun, I promise 1 will come down there and 
visit you. Strong and EMO for being funny and being my 
sisters coolest friends. Thanks Larry, Eric, Craig, Cirilia, 
Pran, Stefan, John See, RvanR, Maura, Angelo, 
Adam(football). Thanks to all my teachers and coaches for 
always pushing me to do my best. To all my bosses at my 
many works: Ilsa. Fr.Sheehan, my father and many more 
thanks for always helping me out. To everyone at BDC 
especially: Mike McCallister, Jeremy Ciaccia, Nick Defino, 
Joanna Thoren, Lindsay Cahill Svlva, Krissy Ela, and the 
Tianos thanks for all the fun. If there was anyone I missed 
sorry and good luck to the entire Class of 2000. Future Goals: 
To be successful in life and to have fun! 
CA+(terir»e Will 

I would like to thank you Mom.... for being my friend, 
biggest cheerleader and taxi driver. Knowing that you are 
there always makes things easier. For everything you do, I 
love you. Dad, thanks for teaching me to ride 2wheelers, 
9hr. car rides, and many life lessons. Too often it goes 
unsaid how much I truly appreciate you. I love you. Casey, 
we've been through so much. You're my closest friend. 
Thanks for the poking and bruises, but more importantly 
for the laughter and advice. Thanks for keeping me in check. 
I miss you so much when you're gone. 1 love you tons. 
Thanks to Bill for those jokes and so many crazy times. Your 
understanding nature and "insightful" discussions make 
life so fun! Thanks to Stephanie for our couple trips out, 
hopefully with time we will have more! Thanks to Abby 
and Alex for every-other-weekend-adventures - letting me 
take you shopping, meeting your friends, giggles, etc. You 
guvs are the coolest. Thank you to my Grandad Hill for the 
chocolate under the table and our games of Rounce... some- 
day I'll win it big! I love you. Thanks to Grandad Casey for 
the butterscotch bears, salami game and ketchup spills. You 
taught me more about life than anyone else and 1 love and 
miss you so much. Thanks to Nana, I know you're near me 
and with you as my angel, I'm safe. I love and miss you. 
Thanks to Auntie Annrose and Uncle Gary for being my 
Godparents (and Santa....) Thanks to Mrs. Gurley for being 
as close to a Grandmother as 1 have, you have shown me 

God's love and strength. Thank you to my second family, 
the Larsons, for taking me in all the time and treating my 
like your own. For taking me to the River, teaching me 
about banana bread and lending me your grandparents. 
Your home and family has always been a steady rock for me 
in times of great confusion. 1 love you all as family. Thanks 
to my teachers, especially Mrs. Feehrer for teaching me to 
love learning, and Mrs. Rainis, Ms. Smith, Mr. Stephenson, 
Mr. Shevory, Mrs. Morris and Mr. M. for being such genu- 
inely nice people even outside the classroom. Thank you 
ANNA- You already know how much I love and appreciate 
you. Thanks for being my blonde twin, second half, for 
camping trips, rocks, concerts, dancing in the living room, 
huge talks, being there for me to cry with and knowing what 
I'm thinking. I will always be there for you (even in your 
sleep...) You mean so much to me and have gotten me 
through so much, without you 1 don't know what I would 
have done. You are my sister! JON - For being the one who 
takes away my homesick feelings, for too many laughs to 
remember, heart-to-hearts, lullabies and private concerts. I 
can always count on you to be happy and try to make me 
happy too. You're the greatest. When we're 30.... NICOLE 
v.- long talks, bike rides, running, PIT!, jacuzzies, Germany 
bus rides. You are a caring, wonderful person, I take your 
advice to heart, you always know what's on my mind! 
CARRIE - Makings... freshmen year, crazy songs/dances, 
Cinderella, stress, le diable, mg??, *NSYNC!! vou are the 
cutest, most "organized" person and so much fun to be 
with. Keep smiling and don't forget tobreathe! KRISSY-for 
being the fashionable one, crazy times, telling me how it is, 
smooth turns, flying!!. I appreciate your honesty and your 
craziness! LIZ- a tangerine makes everything better.... stop 
light sensors, boys on bikes.'re such a funny girl and 
1 love spending time with you. You keep me on my toes and 
laughing! Thanks for all the prom time and all the near 
prison experiences LARRY- for DAVE!!! you're the coolest 
kid, your advice is always right and you know how to put 
everything in perspective. You keep me down to earth and 
stress-free. You should come out of your house more often. 
MIKE G.- thanks for being such a nice guy, watching out for 
me and always being one of my very best friends, for new 
experiences, first kisses and many unforgetable memories. 
KEVIN- for being my friend since birth and not knowing, 
I'm glad we're making new memories, Shania, car rides, 

board games, for spending time with my family the 

cruise!!! You can always find something to do! JEFFREY- 
surprise visits, Chuckev Cheese NICOLE G. - My Pookie 
Bear! EnVogue!!! ANDREA-my partner in crime, T.G., 
pushing your tush, talks, field hockey, singing, dancing, i'm 

always here to listen ALYSSA and JESSIE- for letting me 

play tag with you in third grade RAYNA - tree climbing, 
fights, games, telling secrets. STEFAN- for way too much 
stuff, my church friend, hair dying, truck riding, every- 
thing. KRISTEN- for dinosaur plays. RICKY- Do you have 
any screen names? bike camp, you're the best JACKIE- for 
cheesecake, the red car, ballet, advice, venting sessions, 
Lilith. thanks for always caring about me... you kept me 
laughing soph, year, you saved me! ANA- being a great 
goalie, you're make me laugh! CRAIG- for math classes. 
RYAN and MARYKATE- for making Spanish so much fun! 
EM A LIE- for milkshakes. REBECCA- for always wanting to 
play with me. We will always be neighbors! To everyone 
else that made high school so great Bobby (girl advice), Eric, 
Jeff, Meredeth (we can find our way anywhere), Stephan, 
KaHe, Mike McFarland, Dan, Jimmy, P(30H GIRLS!!. The 
breakfast crew, Einstein's. To the F.H. girls for four years of 
fun - good luck!! Mrs. Irving, Mrs. Sullivan for being great 
advisors. Thanks to all student councils throughout the 
years. Thanks to Orchestra for great times in Germany, 
England, Bedford! (Rine for making routines) Especially to 
Mr. Maffa for keeping things funny and always believing in 
us (it'll be great!). Thank you to anyone that has ever helped 
me, guided me and been there for me. To anyone I have 
forgotten, thank you. GOALS To have good friends, good 
times, be happy and travel the world! 

To mv lord and savior: It's because of you I breathe, 
because of you 1 live. You give me the patience to hold on, 
the will to go on, and the strength to be strong. Because of 
you I live a life full of privilege and for that I thank you. 
Mummy: It's been fore\'er, so how can I possibly say thank 
vou for all that you have done for me and will continue to 
do? You taught me everything you thought I needed to 
know. You gave me the foundation that I need to build my 
dreams upon and for that I thank you. You showed me that 
life is so much more than what can be seen, and that I am so 
much more than what others see. You helped me to under- 
stand that life has so much more to offer a person, when you 
realize what you can give of yourself to yourself. You taught 
me how to be a respectable, mature young lady, how to be 
an independent and strong woman with dreams that are 
aimed high, but not so high that they cannot be reached. 
Thank you for always being everything that I needed. All 

that I am, and all that I will ever be I owe to you, 143, a 
truly do thank you. Robin: Thank you for being the or 
make my mother finally happy. I know me and you f 
our moments, but I just wanted you to know that I 
appreciate all you do for me and all the advice you give, 
all the times you listened to what I had to say even when 
know you didn't want to. Thank you and 1 43. Simba: Th 
you my precious little kitty, for just being you. 143 so m 
brown eyes. Nana: Thank you so much for everything 
you have done for me, 143 and I always will. "Rememb 
what does not kill you, has no choice but to only make 
stronger. Auntie M: I just wanted to say thank you fo 
that you have taught me, for always being honest with 
and telling me what 1 needed to know, when I neede 
know it. You've shown me so much that I never bothere 
see before. You taught me that strength and independt 
are the best qualities for a female to posses and I trust ' 
Thank you, 143 always. Uncle M: I just wanted to say 
143. I don't think I ever told you that. You taught m 
much about life seen through your eyes, and I appre< 
that. Thank you for always telling me the truth, and keej 
it real with me, that always has meant so much. I ac 
happy that your life is finally where you want it to be. Si 
makes you happy, and I see that. In her, you have fo 
your quiet in this world full of chaos. A toast to \ 
happiness! Much love always. D & J: Thanks for beinj 
best little cousins that I could ever have. I miss you guys 
143 always. Eric: Thank you for the memory, but let's 
leave it at that okay. Robbie: Honey what can I say. We 
5 completely wonderful months together. The good ti 
are all 1 care to remember, because there all that matt 
want vou to know that I will never forget you, how cou 
We've been through too much. Across whatever dist; 
there is between us, I will always 43.Thank you for let 
me be apart of a little piece of your world and thank yoi 
being that one special person that no one else could eve 
Never forget 8-5. P S: Thanks for heaven. Marcia: Fir 
I've come to you. I saved you for last, because to you I k 
it would be the hardest to write. Where do I even attem' 
begin, how do I sum up years of memories, in such 
lines? Together we've been around the world and back, 
through it all we managed to stay best friends. There 
much we've gone through, in 3 years, that only we k 
about. We've spent half of our lives together, our friend 
something that no one seems to understand but us. So rr 
things and people tested our friendship, even us. The • 
thing that matter's is that we're okay actually we v 
always okay. Marc. Remember Washington? The p 
museum, and Jacuzzi. The night at the hotel. What woul 
happened that night? That Friday night and seeing Jaso 
the train. The secrets we share that no one else will 
know. The freezing in Kendall square station with ha 
no clothes on tryin' to look cute. No doubt we did tho 
Ashmont and Fields comer station. The sweet factor)', ch 
late sunshine and Oh shoot. Oh shoot. Walking d 
Estelle's st. Summer school. Daddy's secret. Walking ii 
rain. Rose petals. White jeans. Our cuties at the mall, 
dudes on corona. The "oh your wearing that? heart att 
The as long as we can count them on our hands, then v 
okay. Our 1", 2"'',3'^, and so on did you something's, 
Shhh, don't tell member. Time has gone by so quickly, 
so much has changed in what seems like so little tim 
many memories, but marc, we've just begun mommy 
still have forever. I just wanted to say THANK YOU anc 
so much girl. Final THANK YOU'S: Keshia: for al\ 
being there to listen, even when you thought I sour 
corney I wish you all the happiness you deserve. Ryan 
Shane: for being the flyest guys in our senior class 
always making me laugh, and being mad cool. I wish 
the best. Marcus: for taking a chance to get to know m 
who I am, that really means a lot. For being the one to c 
marcia smile, and keep her smiling, Thanx. I'm so glai 
had the chance to get to each other. Wether or not you ■ 
end up together, I will always wish you the very best. C 
for being such a good friend to me and for hating "her" 
me. My best to. you and Grashaun. 

Ellen WMr»fn>eY 

.Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Colorguard ) 
captain 4; Rifle Team 1,2 captain 3,4; Athletic Trainii 
Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3; NHS 3,4; EnvirO 
4; Yearbook 4; Peer Leadership 4; Pit Orchestra 2,3,4; 
ball 1; New England Nurseries 1,2,3 
Thanks. ..Mom: listening to me babble, driving me e\ 
where, being understanding, most of all thanks for Stan 
behind me and helping me achieve my goals-I love 
Dad: thanks for laughing(squeaking) with me (where 
get my laugh from?), fixing the Red Rocket, playing sol 
with me and Karen, not getting too mad at me when 
really annoying, "There ought to be a law!"-I love 
Linda/Karen (Queen/Princess): Thanks for treating 
with fairness, making me laugh with all your stone; 
minding me that I'm the little sister-I love both of 
Dillon/Thomas: making me laugh, calling me "A: 

I," telling stories about "weaponry"-! love you guys, 
ks to the rest of my family for everything. Now friends, 
our childhoods, Springs Brook Park, liking the same 
friendship of f and on, parties, marching band, flagettes, 
■ called the opposite name, laughing at me when 1 liked 
■oiling flags, keeping the little girls inline-1 love you. 
a-la: the circus when we were little, Annie The Nanny 
,t froid!", schedule your buttkicking, unlimited napkin 
ly, knee-ball, giving advice. Dirt, Griff quotes, angry 
IS, "If you were a luncheon meat...?", "Ooh, look at me, 
book.'", EnviroMan, Mrs. Hoyt, girl scouts-the peanut 
?nt-I love you. Vik: band camps, DMA, starred thoughts, 
)unching, your hair. Little Drummer Boy, IM conver- 
is, marching band, wind ensemble, Germany /Aus- 
3eing so nice, Lorree/Hoyt, making fun of Danielle, 
ing my rifle at DMA, laughing at me/ with me, being 
credible marcher, L-N, "Vik, can you crack a win- 
", by the way.. ."Can I ask you a question?"-! love you, 
Dina-Dina: English classes, rude comments, "The 
an Princess," snorting, complaints, getting clothing 
)val, SATs, yearbook, shopping, being so short, rolling 
eyes-I love you. Pranitan: history classes, "Pranitan- 
iloupe," Gym/Health, Pranitan"! hate gym"Kulhom, 

smiles, "Tliat doesn't rhyme Pran!" "Ellen the Duck"- 

you. DMike: rifle team, being a great friend, driving 
Lome, visiting after the semi, "One Week," being ex- 
about rifle matches, being supportive, 1 voted for you! 
passionate kisses-I love you. ShaunaMae: colored 

l,atin, being involved in EVERYTHING, shopping, 
ng me find clothes, tennis players(we were VERY 
I, Softball, bike riding, Nl-lS, Thorp, being stronger 
I ever could-! love you. Danielle: not knowing words 
igs, "Did Danielle drop something?" every class to- 
r, Prosepina, wind ensemble, marching band, intri- 
lot system, DMA, starred thoughts, band camps. Steel 
lohas, waiting after class, "Walking In A Winter Won- 
nd," Latin, "Dan's not supposed to have hormones!" 
SS Amherst, Germany/Austria, Semi/Prom, letting 
nd ! make fun of you, pit, Softball, dislocated jaw, 
5 at everything, smacked w/a suitcase, "My cat..." 
g commands in your sleep, "1 willunderstaaaa..." Par- 
»!, "wha?..wha?..wha?..Mmmnevermind"-! love you. 

October 18, 1996, "supportive boyfriend," ilugws, 
ig lessons, sleeping over, explaining evers'thing, NU, 
ig, dealing with me, crying, swimming, firsts, "But 1 
a jacket," Walden Pond, best friends. Black Tuesday/ 
■-Happy Friday, roUerblading, music, helping me, "1 

know," walking, reminder songs, teaching me so 
,being"normally" jealous, BNL, talking for hours about 
ng, Boston, cute noises, olive juice, not hating me too 
., holding hands. Thank you for believing in me and 
ng me to do my best. ! admire you so much; ! hope we 
lends for a long time to come-! love you. Bethany- 
ng the piano. JonKo-being the Ko-Captain, saxophone, 
it! Chad-Latin, intricate dot system, Chem, making 
f you. Katie-being the tall Bowel! O'Jellv. Charles-4 

of math, laughing at Danielle. Ana- "! wanna be a 
V. Wooo!" Justin-NEN, rifle. Krissv-making fun of 
le, pit. Teachers: Lorree, Hoyt, Fichera, Griffin, 
nes, Sabourin, Palmer, Reagan, Maffa, Pete, Devany, 
er, Dennis, Powers, Laver, Lohrum, Toomey, Lisa-sa- 
;id, ChrisRvan, Coach Goodwin. 1996: Matt, Brain, 
. 1997: Jean, MikeG, DaveL, JenW. 1998: Ryan, Jesse, 
, BConway, Lluvia, Donjuan, Honkus, Nash, JenS. 
iT, SarahV, Pam. 1999: Farah, Pat"BigHead"Baxter, 
Greta, Josh, Emalie, ChrisP, Karen, JenC. 2001: Stan, 
ion, Kathryn, Margot, Katie. 2002: Matt. 2003: LauriB, 
, Betsey, Nick. Other special people: Simpsons-feed- 
le, letting me into your family, being so nice. Rainbow 
■teaching me to speak loudly. Colorguard-making me 
1. Everyone in Marching Band-Thanks for the memo- 
fa lifetime. Rifle Team (97-00)-great memories, cham- 
teams, wall, signing. 

rying to think back to the last four years of my life and 
; everyone who was there for me seems a bit daunting 
little stupid, but then so is High School.. ..Mom, Dad, 
Catherine-you have to admit we had fun, from the 
ing arguments to baking cakes in PEl, thanks for being 
ipportive, nurturing bunch of people 1 needed for this 
rard stage in life. Willy and Tux-thanks for staying up 
fith me. Drums- Countless hours of what I love to do 
, thanks. Congas/Bongos-despite what dad says, you 
a good investment. Truck-despite wliat Kristen says, 
were a good investment. Casual Heroes- 
m... someday!? Music- thank you for being my joy in 
nd keeping me sane. A big SQUIBCAKES goes out 
, Colleen, Liz, Pete, the MB, and the "Harcorps Yo" 
1 Line . Thanks to all Teachers who wrote me recom- 
iations and fake hall passes. Liz-LlZ!! Goodluck to 
an. Lunch Gang-you know who you are, some great 
ersations. The Regans-! hope I wasn't too much trouble. 
er-Rooney eats it. "Double time baby!" Tennis team. 

DJ Bob-My bad! and lots of Monty Python skits. Kristen- 
stay as happy as you are this week, take care of Joseph. Ana- 
let me know when you need me for the life goals. Nicole- 
you are a girl. Amity-Starbucks? Andy-1 still have your 
bass. Mike-corny jokes and mall night. Jess-throw out tlie 
lunch. Alyssa/Jane-quack. Larry-ausengusterfahrt. Carrie- 
B & N and Feb. 27. Vik-you did it, keep the chops up. 
Lylicious-eat it. Devo-whip it. Catherine-thanks for drag- 
ging me into whatever church event you've gone to. Krissy- 
you are the true queen. Physics con Rock 98/99-Do you 
smell somethin' cookin'?! All significant others of female 
persuasion-! hope you had as much fun as I did. A special 
thanks to his holiness tlie Dalai Lama, thanks to my apple 
trees. General disc!aimer-You all are the best, sorry if 
you're not in here, it's 3 am and this was due two days ago, 
but hey that's the story of high school. Read this senior 
thanks for the recipe to a really rippin' Lentil Soup. I had a 

treat four yejirs with all of you-Take it easy. 
■Ml fCACHelfv.Yt*' 

Activities: tennis 1,2,3,4; drama club 1,4; chorus 4 
Thanks: First I'd like to thank my mom and dad, wlio have 
always been there for me through everything. Thanks dad, 
for helping me with math and physics and encouraging me 
to always try mv best in everything 1 do. Also, thank you for 
summers at Nike Tennis Camp and the US Open. 1 just want 
you to know that 1 did listen to all the tennis advice and I'm 
still working on improving my game. Thanks mom, for 
always being there, for someone to talk to, the library 
assistance, shopping trips, chauffeur service and general 
handouts. Eric and Terri, ! just want to let you know, 1 
couldn't have chosen a better brother or sister. You guys are 
the best!! For friendsltip, company , gciod tennis and good 
tennis competition -Thanks to Rebecca G. (for being a good 
friend), Liz D., Kristen J., Suzanne, Pranitan, Jenette, 
Amandine, Katie B. (choose a song any song), Jackie D. 
(breaks were never boring). Matt C. and G. (dedicated and 
motivated and nice guys too), Willa, Jenny and Mike (art 
was fun). Thank you everyone for the memories and good 
luck in the future. 

I would like to thank my family, my mom, dad and 
Shaun. I love you all. SHANE-Thanks for being there that 
day in fourth grade when I fell off my bike. We have been 
inseperable since then. We liave so many memories that I 
can't write about. Thanks for all the sports at my house. For 
being a purple jean boy. Thanks for turning hard on me and 
becoming a thug for two years. Thanks for all the flows in 
Soc. and Shane for the records you will not be the first white 
rapper to make it, it won't happen. For vacations, the girls 
from VA and CA, thanks for locking the keys in the trunk. 
ERIK-Thanks for being a fellow fat kid. For eighth grade, 
ruling rules. "Yo drop the bag, drop it." For all the 
Matignon parties. For Frances the dopest girl to come 
through BHS. All the studying, pictures in my assignment 
books, yearbooks, on the desks and on Mrs.D's wall. All the 
trips to BK. FTIANK- Thanks for opening your crib to us 
anytime. All the dews and food. For Spanish class freshman 
year. Thanks for going to Matignon and introducing us to 
a whole new crew. All the bashes at your house, maiiy 
memories there. Fresh pond, and the prom. All the deep 
talks about girls, especially Andrea. All the parking lots we 
visited, "we're just listening to music, officer." "isn't the 
cape a different state?" All the pictures in the cape. For 
always asking me. "Ryan you're the smartest, what do you 
think we should do?" KB-Thanks for being the biggest 
toughguy around. For all times bumpin in the expi or the 
lex. All tlie times in the cape. All the flows in soc. For 
making fun of everybody, everywhere. We've had more 
memories, my dri\ eway on drug awareness day. MIKE-For 
football, baseball. All the talks. For doing the "matignon 
thing" together. All the times bumpin in the mark VII, my 
dad's house, above the garage, pool games, "can I get a rope 
please." All the cheerleading competitions. For making me 
your personal psychaitrist. CRAIG-For pre-school to now 
being mv bov. All the middle school memories. The lip 
thing, "my name is Praig." Too bad we never had classes 
in HS. JOHN M-Thanks for being there since the yankees. 
For all the times at all of your houses. For the new crew in 
Chelmsford. For all the girl talks, good luck next year. 
MARCUS-Thanks for being my black twin. For the nights, 
sleeping in underwear. Talking about girls, football and 
singing Jodeci. Always being able to act like a corny white 
kid no matter who is around. DARREN-For football. Act- 
ing mad corny and causing wrackus. MIKE G.-For footbaU, 
for touching me and being annoying. For not throwing to 
me and joking about it. ALYSSA-I must say I don't know 
what I would have done with out you. Since kindergarden 
you've been there forme no matter what. I really appreciate 
everything you've done for me. Thanks for dissing me ever 
since kindergarden. AH the movies, smelling from the BE. 
Thanks for always putting up with me. TALISE-Thanks for 
random talks, listening to me complain, and giving me 
advice, for history with Mrs. P. CRYSTAL-Thanks for al- 

ways being there to flirt with. To all my jiffy lube thugs:Brian, 
Jeff, Greg, CJ, Nick, Pete, Kenny, Danny and Mike D, you 
guys make this town fun. BRIAN-for being the prettiest kid 
in school and always throwing a gang sign, thug-baller. 
JEFF-Everything since second grade, all the fights and mak- 
ing fun of me. CRAIG-For being pretty. JASON-For being 
corny. LEON-For being the skinniest kid 1 know. Everyone 
else,'jAN, MATT. All my football boys; MIKE, AUSTIN, 
B.-For being my new found bestfriend. All the heart to 
hearts at your house, Andreas. ANDREA G.-For being cool 
since seventh grade. To DAN, MIKE, LARRY, JIMMY, 
KEVIN. To all my exxon thugs; JESS, JENNY, KENDRA, 
QUIANNA, KIRBY, and VALISSA how you guys stayed 
with Bedford schools I have no idea. BETH-For being the 
best and cutest cheerleader around. COURT-For being my 
little sister. All the talks, advice and listening to me, don't 
worry it will happen once Shane graduates. Thanks to Judy, 
Kathy, Morellos, Maclsaacs, Gelorminis, Milligans and 
Shepards. To the coaches for teaching me how' to be a real 
man; Sab, Sullivan, Petrillo, Cambell, Little Sab and Casey. 
SHANE, KEITH, KATIE S.,R., KELLY and AMY. Thanks to 
all the cute girls, you made the school a better place to be. To 
anyone I forg^ot sorry. Good luck 2000, Much love BHS. 

First I must thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 
Without him, I would be nothing and have nothing in this 
world. Next of course my wonderful family. I love you all 
so much! DADDY, thanks for pushing me so hard and for 
being so patient with me! 1 know God gave me the best 
father anyone could ever have, and I love you very much. 
MOMMY, I love you! Thank-you for listening and caring 
and sharing so many talks with me. You truly are a 
remarkable woman, and I respect you so much. I hope I'm 
just like you when I grow up. JEANNIE, you have always 
been there for me, to love me and encourage me, and make 
me laugh. I'm so sorry I didn't appreciate your awesome 
heart for me until recently. 1 don't know what 1 would do 
without you! 1 love you and your support and defense (I've 
taught you well=) My friends.. .TIN A I've known you for as 
long as I can remember. Thank-you so much for always 
loving me and never judging me. AMY, I have so much to 
say to you. We've had our rocky moments, and I'm so sorry 
for that. Thank-you for understanding and forgiving and 
showing me that same love you had before. SYLVIA, hey, 
I love you so much sister! You have always been there to talk 
with, encourage, and just VENT. Never forget roUerblading 
(with rock candy), bro^vnies, and Bertuccis. JENNY, 1 love 
you so much. I can always talk to you and tell you every- 
thing and I always know you care. Thanks for being a great 
friend. To YONG-DOO, I have seen through you ^vhat it 
means to truly love. You gave everything you had to me and 
the others and I love you very much. To the rest of the youth 
group, Bomie, Hannah, Will, Joe, William, Ernest, and 
everyone else. You guys are the greatest. EMILY, you are 
one of my closest friends. Thank-you for always welcoming 
me in, smiling and just caring about everyone. You are the 
genuinely nicest person in the world and I love and respect 
you so much! Thank-vou to Mr. and Mrs. Perkins too, for 
always welcoming me in your home and also for raising 
such an awesome daughter. NICOLE G., You are such a 
good friend to me! Thank-you for always being so honest 
and trusting me with all your stories and problems. RICKY, 
thank-you! You have been the most encouraging and sup- 
porting friend in the world. 1 know 1 don't tell you enough 
but I appreciate your kindness so much. MEREDETH, you 
are the sweetest person. Thank-vou for always being so 
kind, always helping me, always including me, and so 
much more. And KRISTEN, you are such a genuine, sweet, 
caring friend. I truly respect you so much, because you 
never judge and never try to hide anything. JONNY B, 
thanks for always motivating me and getting me so worked 
up about some persons =) You ahvays make me laugh. 
Remember SADD and Princeton Review with Dee and 
Larry!!! To my orchestra buddies, Nicole V. and 
Catherine. guys are awesome. Nicole, remember sev- 
enth grade- soap in our eyes, crying in Chinese, and egg 
rolls! And Catherine, thanks for coming with me to 
kickboxing. I was so scared! To Alyssa, thanks for always 
making fun of me but encouraging me at the same time. (I 
know I have no common sense!) STEPHAN LY, I can always 
count on you to make fun of me too. BUt that's okay, 
because I know you're really sweet inside and a great 
friend-to me and everybody. To my tennis gals. KARI- 
how can anyone be so sweet? I know you're gonna kick butt 
in college tennis! KRISTEN J, I'm gonna miss you! I'm 
coming back and watching you win all of your #1 single's 
matches next year! Remember, only one year left to make 
my wish come true. LIZ D., you've already kept up your 
part of the deal=) Hey, you are so sweet and so awesome at 
tennis. And BECCA, the greatest doubles partner ever. 


Thanks for putting up with my shortcomings, always en- 
couraging, and always playing great! To CARRIE, KRISSY, 
ANA and everone else, thanks for everything. To MR. 
REYNOLDS, thank-you for being the coolest guy teacher, 
who always makes me smile and vs ant to learn more, and to 
SENORITA, the coolest lady teacher- I love vour class and 
how much vou want us to learn but have fun too! 1 will 
always remember you both. To MR. MAFFA, thanks for 
being so patient with me and giving me so much even 
though I didn't deserve it. You are a great teacher. I'm sorry 
if I forgot anvone, but thank-vou! 

Activities: Football 1, JV 3, Varsity 4; Ice Hockey JV 1, 
Varsitv 2, 3, 4; Mediator 4 Big Daddy 3, 4 Reckless Driving 
Team; 3, 4. 

First, 1 would like to thank my parents. You both have 
always been there for me. I could not have gotten this far 
without vou. Mom, you have been there for me more times 
than I can recount, you are a verv' warm hearted mother. 
Dad, you are probably one of the kindest, honest and most 
amusing people in my life. Dad you hav'e been one of the 
most inspiring people in mv life.. You are prettv cool for a 
Dad. Thank you both for keeping a roof over my head for 
eighteen years. I love vou both and I hope you have more 
parental advice for me as 1 progress further in life. I know 
she can't believe I am thanking her but, Katy you area great 
sister. Grammv and Grandpa, thank you for being there 
when mv parents were not available. 1 love the both of vou 
thank vou for always being there to help me out. Nana and 
Papa 1 love you too. Papa, my only regret is that you are not 
here to see me play football. Now for all you "friends". 
There are only a select few of you I could thank . Mike B., 
Ryan K., Sara M., both Jessica M's., Meff, Nick K., Cirilia, 
Mike Griecci, Andy R., Justin St. L. are those select few. 
(With Ryan .N'olan being an exception), Ryan vou have been 
a great friend. Going to all those Sox games (we will get that 

guy, and when we do ). Giving me all those rides to 

places. Always coming to my house and watching and 
quoting movies. You are the understanding friends who 
never tried to really push my buttons. As for the rest of vou, 
if you are one of those people I have told that 1 was going to 
kill, you are just a friend who annoyed me and 1 needed a 
way to leave me alone. I have never had any real intention 
of killing anyone. Sure, you are all my friends or just 
friendly now but back when I was not so tall you were not 
so friendly. Don't even think for a minute that I have ev'er 
forgotten about what you unmentioned have done to me. I 
guess I should apologize to all those people I said I'd kill and 
say I really wasn't that serious. I guess I should thank the 
football team for all their support even though it was mostly 
outright criticism. Who ever it was that registered a com- 
plaint to a certain teacherbecauseof a phrase that made you 
afraid of me because you misinterpreted it, I can't believe 
you. Mike B. making fun of people with you has been one of 
my favorite pastimes, thanks for always agreeing with me. 
Mike G. we've known each other for quite sometime thanks 
for being a good friend for so long. Hank/ Eric, you and your 
grandparents are some of the nicest people outside my 
family that 1 have ever met. Yes I am going to thank every- 
one who reminded me that 1 am the Big Daddy and have a 
extra, extra, extra, extra gigantically super sized head just in 
case I was stupid enough to forget. Thank you Brian Sundet 
for showing me those lessons in humility Freshman year. 1 
would also like to thank John Belushi for being such a great 
role mode! in showing me how to decide what to eat for a 
cafeteria lunch, taste everything.. I suppose I should thank 
the guys on the hockey team for being such a great team to 
play with. 1 Well if 1 haven't mentioned you or I am not 
friendly with you (you know exactly who you are), then vou 
know where I stand in opinion of you I really don't care 
about you. Thank you most fellow seniors (that know they 
were thanked) for making the last six years bearable. Good 
luck. , . 

ACTIVITIES: Spanish club 1 2 3 4, AFS club 1 2 3 4, 
Interact club 2 3 4, Volleyball 3, Year book club I 2 4, SADD 

First 1 would like to thank my parents for supporting me 
through school and for always being there for me through 
good time and bad, I love you!!!!!!! To my sister and my 
brother for teaching me how to handle problems, and lift up 
my spirit when I'm down, you guys are the best!!!!!! To Mr. 
and Mrs. Smith for letting me stay with therm for the past 
six months. To all of my teachers, especially to Mrs. Dubisky 
who helped me with my English through out high school 
years, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Allen for the best recommen- 
dations. ToAmity for sitting on every bench in Boston. And 
for taking me to Bertucci to get my chicken, we have to go 
back and get some more chicken sometime. To Shauna 
(banana) for the good times at the summerhouse, and for 
listening to all of my silly problems. To Dina for always 
being there for me, I love you!!!! Kati thanx, for all of that 
cool music. To Ellen (The duck) for all of the wonderful time 

in History class. And thanx to all of my friend who I didn't 
menticm cause I have no room, thank vou everybody!!!!! 

First of all, I would like to thank my mother and my 
father for always supporting me. I would also like to thank 
all of my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I would 
also like to thank all of my teachers, coaches and friends 
from Fort Wavne, Newburvport, and Bedford. 

Danielle Larsen: First I would like to thank my parents. 
I've been through a lot and without you both, I would be 
lost. You both havebeensuchagood support and I love you 
both with all my heart. Niccole: I have you to thank for so 
much. Words can't describe what you mean in my life. You 
have been the best sister in the world. Thank-you for all 
vour love, support, and advice. 1 can't wait until vou get 
rich and build me my house. Michelle- There are not 
enough words for you. We have really been through a lot 
together. So many good times and a lot of hard times. 
Remember my house with just you and 1 playing cards until 
two in the morning? We picked up all the napkins! Thanks 
for all the deep conversations and for always trying to 
understand, even when I don't make sense. I don't know 
what I would do without you. You truly are my very best 
friend and I love you always. Kendra- Pretty soon the onlv 
dawgs that are left are you, me and Michelle. What hap- 
pened? I'm glad that we became friends again. Thanks for 
the talks at lunch and for being so understanding. I'll never 
forget all the good times and laughs. Jenny- There have 
been good times at your house. Thanks for always being so 
kind. Dawgs for life. Nikki- My sista! Thanks for all the 
good times. Meghan S - It's nice that we are cool again. We 
had some good times, and I'll never forget the times you, me 
and Michelle had. Thanks. Kenny B.- You've been like a 
brother to me. You always know just what to do to make me 
laugh. Thank-you. Ken Dog- Thanks for all the long talks 
and support. I look at vou like a brother. Thank-you. Sean 
(Tuna)- Hey babe! Thank-you for always making me feel 
important. Your a funny kid and I'll never forget you. Jerry- 
I'm glad that you moved here. I'll never forget you or the 
memories. Thanks for always making me happv. Miss you 
much. Russ- Thank-you for being you and for all the good 
times. Keith- Thanks so much for everything. You will 
always be special to me. Mrs. MacGregor- 1 don't really 
know how to start. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be 
graduating. You have had such a positive effect in my life. 
Thank-you for putting up with me for so long and support- 
ing me no matter what. I don't know what I'll do without 
you. Thank-you so much. Mrs. Jordan- You have been so 
great to me. Thank-you for putting up with all my frustrat- 
ing moods. Thanks for being such a dedicated teacher. You 
have helped me so much. Ms. Bixby- 1 didn't think that I 
could do my work without vou. My sophomore year was 
truly difficult for me and you had a great influence on 
helping get better. Thank you so much for all your patience 
and encouraging words. Robin- TJiank-you. Nana- Thank- 
you. Gram- Thank-you, Aunti- Thank-you for always 
being there for me. Steve- Thank-vou for being with my 
sister. Your a great person. Ben- You helped me through so 
much. All the long conversations and support meant the 
world. 1 really don't know how I would have gotten 
through without you. 1 appreciate all that you've done for 
me and I thank you with all my heart. Tom- 1 don't know 
what will happen, but no matter what, I have to thank you. 
Only you and I know what effect you have had in my life. I 
thank you for so much, but most of all thanks for your 
conversation. You are truly a different kind of person. 
Thanks. To everyone that I missed, you know who you are 
and 1 thank you. 

^hAn tAnndry 

First 1 would like to thank God and my parents. You are 
and always will be the most important influences in my life. 
1 would also like to thank my friends, teachers. Father 
Sheehan, and the rest of my family. Steve weve had a lot of 
good times together making fun of the bums and just 
hanging out. If it weren't for your incredible nicknames 
(Monkey, Ape disease, homeless, and the bums) we would 
be lost. 1 think we'll start on the B-ball team this year. It's 
too bad we missed the ship leaving Anatomy. Steve and 
Stephen: The fisherman's platter the time at Radio Shack 
was unbelievable. I'd like to thank the ex-con at Bedford 
motel. Thanks for all the tips about stealing books and other 
merchandise. And also for all of the jail stories, and where 
to go to get a great deal on shirts. Thanks a lot for teaching 
me it's ok to ramble on and on. Stephen thanks for all the 
blitz games. When in doubt go for a monkey on the flip side. 
We've had some fun going to the club and getting jacked. 
Rick thanks for the job at the club, and sneaking me in when 
I didn't have a membership. We've seen some messed up 
stuff in this school and you've always managed to keep it 
together. Mike thanks for always losing at golf. You've 
always made me feel better about my game. Reagan thanks 
for putting up with me for 6 years. My acronym has all the 

answers you could ever need (including flats and shal 
In all seriousness though, you're the main reason I cof 
ued with the sax. I was going to quit because of Barbal 
7th grade. Vik your the only cool kid in marching b; 
That in itself is a tremendous achievement. We've had Si 
good times especially getting some coughs in Germany 
always fun jamming with you, especially when De 
rapping. Susan your the best pianist ever. Jon just reir 
ber a square deal is a good thing. Koster just rememb 
"get free features". Evjy thanks for always making usU 
reading and scoring in the wrong hoop. P.G. Squi 
thanks for being worse than me on the freshman B 
team. Amity thanks for always making me laugh, 
suffered through bad breathe and pit stains for a year 
managed to laugh about it. Krissy thanks for voting foi 
Mike Dunn thanks for ordering the same movie 3 tim 
Washington. Mike Beckwith thanks for all the good t 
we had over the years. 1 think you need to add a sax in 
metal band. Erin thanks for all the fun over the pool. } 
Busa thanks for always being wicked funny. Thanks t( 
and Bobby for working at Radio Shack. Ryan Ken 
thanks for being retarted in Spanish with me. Dave th 
for WE. Pete thanks for looking 45 years old. Sara and 
thanks for starting the anH-govemment with me. Lind 
hang ten. Alyssa thanks for laughing at my stupid j( 
Jason (at the farm) thanks for telling me all those st 
about Miami, etc. You made work a little easier, at leas 
the first month and you told me an important lessc 
where to put the ice cube if a chick is OD. Zoel thank 
always busting mv balls about my way of doing thinj 
jAr»«T Uivej-cnce 

ACTIVITIES: Baseball: 1-2-3-4, Soccer: 1, SADl 
Interact: 4 First of all I would like to thank mv parent 
all they've done for me. Mom for always being there 
making sure that everything was perfect and Dad fc 
ways explaining things and giving me my sense of hu 
My brother Brian for always wanting to do stuff wit 
and for all the little inventions you made and Nicol 
always arguing with me and never being around. Fo 
last 18 years you all made my life enjoyable and pro\ 
me with the greatest love that anyone can be given. N 
MCF: being my friend from CA, going to the mall to 
girls with no success, Sgt. Sam's coke, pizza sub ; 
spagetti in my trashcan letting me stay over when I ne 
too, blending, my back porch and Liz's house during jt 
year, minuteman park, driving around trying to find s 
thing to do,"Firmin Burger" and always remaining a 
friend. BRIAN K: letting me sleep on your couch tha 
night during winter break, putting a hole in my wall, 1 
nasty at basketball, minuteman park, and remindin 
that 1 had to get my priorities straight. DAN L: bein 
toughest short kid, always worrying about your GOOI 
Ryder Cup, always wanting GIRLS!, smokejumping 
never wanting kids. RYAN Kosobucki: always staying 
at my house and eating all my food, for letting me era 
your house, "WHERE'S THE RESOLVE", all the talk 
had, Rl trip, FL stories, living in a nice house, makin 
CHEWbecca noise, letting us beat the hell out of you i 
you came back from Germany. LARRY: leaving ] 
decoration, coming over and chillin on my porch, BLI 
ING, if I had a fridge in my basement I'd be all set, chil 
Liz's house, always running for president and never 
ning; better luck in college. RYAN K: for CARING ; 
everything, history class making Fabz laugh, being 
like me in baseball, stories after the prom, you anc 
"raping" people in the halls, your nana's car, all the 
Alyssa and Chad's voice cracked. MIKE G: being at a 
parties, cruises after school, being one of the coolest k 
hang out with, Hartwell House. DINGER DAVE: forg 
up dingers, and all the nature stuff in English. ANDRl 
staving at your place in Gloucester, sitting on the 
having to always take car of you, jumping on the tra 
line, talking to me all night at Catherine's, sleeping on 
Liz's, post-prom. CARRY F: wrestling Kev'in, taking 
Gloucester and to Canobie, keeping me company, tou 
other girls, Blair Witch Project, giving me advice. LIZ f 
HOW ARE YA!" parties, blending,and struggling thi 
Humanities w/ me. CATHERINE H: for letting mt 
over your house, pirate ship at Canobie, being one i 
nicest people. KRISSY: for being hot and going to s< 
Blair Witch Project with me, Post-Prom, having tha 
avenger. ALYSSA: for living down the street from m 
"welcome package", blending, trampoline, biology, 
and english classes, always cracking your voice. NIC 
for the meals at the Hartwell House, hanging out, be 
my classes, and always being a great person to ta 
RAYNA: for being a good friend but never around 
summer. Thanks to all the field hockey girls for go 
camp so there was no one left in Bedford, we apprecia 
KATIE: for more than a year we had a wonderful 
together and I'll never forget it. Your family was a 
nice to me and sorrv' if I hurt you in any way, but I'll 
forget you. Good luck in school next year. For all th< 

for taking me out all the time and being some of my 
riends. Mike, Chris, Shan, Dave, Fagan, Starnes, Jill, 
ylvas, Pat, Donny and the rest of you I'll be seeing you 
3t college. Mr. Reynolds for being a great teacher who 
too much work. You never told us the MONKEY 
;Y! Coach Sab for alwavs being enthusiastic and being 
t coach, "CHEESE AND CRACKERS" Coach Sullivan 
ways making us run and for giving me that black eye, 
ig fun of yuppies, and telling about Vietnam, being 
!St coach I've ever had and giving me a chance to play . 
Morris for the stories, impersonations, and a great 
y and sociology class. Mr. Pilla "THE LITTLE MAN" 
ing a great art teacher, and Mrs. Hennessy for being 
)ttest teacher and teaching me math. 1 know I prob- 
orgot some people but anyone who isn't mentioned 
hanks for the memories, 
lel Lcfctn-e 

vant to thank the two most important people in my 
■st. Mom and Dad. I would not be the person I am 
with out your lov'e and guidance. Thank you for 
•s being there and pushing me to do mv best. Katie 
jisten, thank you for being the best big sitters and 
's setting a good example for me. I miss you guys, 
thanks for being mv little brother, and putting up 
Tie. Mike, 1 am so glad that you moved here and we 
le friends. We have shared a lot of good times and a 
ad times together. The nights at the park, getting 
home, firecracker, fake fights, physics class, and the 
other things. Brian, you and 1 have been through a 
jether in the past two years. Thanks for all the good 
and always being there for me. 1 miss you buddy. 

thanks for always getting stuff for us. Larry, you 
will be relaxing and playing golf in a 15 years. Eric, 
s for ski team and taking nothing seriously. Liz, 
s for being such a great friend and someone 1 can 
■s trust. Alyssa, thanks for pushing me to play foot- 
lis year. I also want to thank Carrie for being so 
,Krissy for always laughing, Andrea for histor\' class 
St three years, Nicole for being a great person and 
jne 1 can trust. Ana for always complaining with me. 
ivant to thank Mr. Shevorv for being a great teacher 
)r making physics class fun. Jill, you and 1 have been 
gh a lot together. 1 don't know where 1 should start, 
c you for all the times we've spent together. Your 
my house, ski team, NH. I have learned a lot from 
you are very special person and 1 thank you for being 
it girlfriend and someone 1 can trust no matter what 
^ou.. And thank you to anyone 1 forgot, 
difn teoDAM ' 

3ol, 1 made it! First off, I'd like to thank mv family 
1, Dad and Mark) for supporting me and keeping me 
n. Without you, I'd most likely be a more boring 
n. Thanks for the material and the love. Next is my 
riend in this crazy world, Ms. Sara. We've been 
gh a whole load of stuff together like playmobiles, 
: videos, the Sara and Arf experience, Bickford's, Iron 
;n (excellent!), Bjalto, SWTTCH!, Big Bucket of Pop- 
The scuzziest restaurant ever, getting stared at in 
Ar. Big, breathy voices. Death Girl, and the Beckwith's 
. You don't spank that much. I'd also like to thank 
! and all of it's inhabitants: Dr. P, Ralph, David, 
', Sheeby, and the cats. Oh and Dan, my boy. We be 
ight yo, or something. Mad phat beats and walks 
to the.., chillin' in the city (and getting cheap 
se Food) and jamming on your roof were some very 
imes, indeed. To the other two members of the 
/gr\ Brigade (D and Gretar), down with the man! 
;n Pond excursions. Product of Capitalist America, 
Bickford's, the song!, hanging out in the wings of 
1, the books! Bacon day, the diesel, and, of course, the 
ne. Gracias to PIO and Chris for letting us hang out 
elping us out, Brian, Sams (da womenz!), Blakeage, 
Jon, Jenny, Matty W and Tomas. To Mike, Jay, Andy 
respects the classics). Redneck (Bur!), Jeff, Alex, 
. Keith, Cody, and Thor-stay metal! Thanks to Mom 
for letting me practically live at your house and 
ig up with me eating all your Micro Magic cheesebur- 
Vletal TJ for Barry White impressions, Ratt Poyzenn, 
crazy koala bears on the tv, Suuuugaaaaa!!, glam 
1, and the Simpsons, and fellow culty chick Angie (the 
iest person I know), for inundating me with the X- 
AbFab, OBSSE, putting up with Xena, three movies 
k, my boredom song^ 12:30 runs to Exxon for donuts, 
n Anderson marathons, baseball at the football field, 
ese cartoons, and Ms. Jolie. To Matt, we've been 
gh a lot together and it's very cool that we're still 
Good luck. To the handful of teachers I've had that 
Uy understand me (or at least pretend they do), thank 
If I missed anyone, either praising or otherwise, just 
I gander at Sara's. METAAAAL!!! Life Ambition-To 
ppv.. Money would be nice. 


asketbail- 1,2,3,4 O.G.- 1,2,3,4 

First and foremost I need to thank God for all he has blessed 
me with. 1 know all that 1 have is from Him. Thanks Mom 
and Dad for being my number one supporters and there for 
me no matter the circumstances. Thank you for your 
priceless lessons, teachings and giving me my valued 
direction. I'll never forget how much you guvs love me; 
love you too. Thanks to my super siblings: Kirsten, Brigitte, 
Kurt, Russ, Mia, and Lynn — it was fun growing up with all 
of you; love you all. Thanks to all my good teachers over the 
years. Thanks to all my coaches, especially Coach Byrnes, 
who all helped me get to where I am today. Thanks to my 
teammates I've had and those thousands of games we've 
won. Thanks to all my folks all over, whom I've kicked it 
with and still do, for all the good times — much love. 
Finally, thanks to my girl Lindsey.... for everything — 1 don't 
know where to start. Thanks for the great friendship we 
have....l could write this whole thing on you but I don't 
think 1 need to-vou know what's up, love va. 

Musical 9, 10,11,12; Orchestra 12; Drama 9,10, 11,12 
Rifle 10,1 1 ,12;Basketball 9; Football 9: Lacrosse 1 1 .5, 12; AFS 
12, French 12; Marching Band Groupie 11,12; Tournament 
11 (acting) ll,12(crew) Various other Concerts, plays, and 
such all throughout my high school life 
First of all before I go any further 1 would like to thank my 
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason why 1 am 
here today. He has helped me with so much and without 
Him I would be absolutely nothing. Mom and Dad what can 
1 say you two are the greatest parents any kid could have I 
know 1 am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life 
that have taught me so much and made me the person I have 
become. Thank you for always loving me and looking out 
for me no matter what. 1 love you two! Robin my little pain 
in the neck sister 1 love you, you are so special and so 
talented keep at it and one day you will be awesome. God 
has so many great things planned for you and I can't wait to 
see what they are. One week before I started to write my 
senior thanks I was asked by every single person 1 know if 
1 was going to put them in my senior thanks well what am 
1 supposed t say to that "No way your not cool enough!" So 
if 1 forget any single person that I told I would thank I'm 
sorry but I just want to say thank you. Seth Perkins dude 
you've been the best friend any guy could have I miss 
having someone to talk to about girls all the time. 1 love all 
the time we share together and all the deep conversations 
and the kooky ones we have. You have impacted mv life so 
greatly. Thanx pal. My other best friend Janet girl we have 
been through some rough times and some bad ones but I 
love you ("as a friend..." "you know what 1 mean..."). You 
have been one of the greatest influences on me as a person 
thank you. And if you ever paint the ceiling of the booth any 
color again remind me to kill you. Ms. Lillian you're the 
coolest thank you so much for your inspiring advice and 
always being so smart and telling me "I didn't screw up or 
mess up, that's just the way things go" thank you for being 
a wonderful friend and for such a wonderful recommenda- 
tion for peer leadership. Katie Chappa the coolest Sister in 
Christ a guy could have. 1 don't know how anyone could 
still put up with me as much as you have. You and me have 
shared so many wonderful words and you have been such 
a great friend, thank you for being so smart in "almost" 
every situation. And my bro in Christ Joe thanx for always 
being so level headed and knowing what is best alwavs. You 
are going to be an awesome man when you grow up and all 
the chics are going to want you. Keep on living it for Him. 
Meredith McGowan the greatest locker next door neighbor 
anyone could have. Lindsey Harrington for going with me 
to Algebra II. Kimberly Robinson you're simply the coolest 
girl in the world 1 love ya. Mr. C. J. Pennington my little 
brother, if I had a little brother I would want him to be just 
like you, we've spent so much quality time together. Re- 
member the soulfest, oh! And stay away from twelve-year- 
olds ok! DJ B thanks for always laughing at me when 1 
flipped out during a performance. Honkus thanx for being 
a wonderful friend and always helping with the musicals 
and the sound stuff even though you have no clue what 
you're doing. And ill never be a grumpy sound guy. The 
entire MARCHING BAND you guys rule, Mr. Reagan thanks 
for always letting me help do something with the band so I 
can get in for free. Mr. Maffa the greatest teacher I have ever 
had I often wish that I could have been here since sixth grade 
to have you for a teacher. You have been a blessing in my life 
and the nicest teacher I have ever known. Thank you for 
being so patient with me on the Bass and giving me the 
opportunity to go to London and don't let me forget the tea 
and scones. Mr. Low thank you for always recognizing me 
for my work on concerts and such. The job of a sound guy 
is so unappreciated. You have made me feel appreciatecl. 
Than you. Ms. Smith I'm going to miss coming by to say hi 
every day. 1 hope you will have others that will do the same 
in the future. Go Rifle Team yeah lets have another hope- 
fully this year we were undefeated again. Go Capt. Ellen, 
and her sidekick Jon Ko. Thank you Coach Goodwin for 

vour outstanding support and teaching for the Rifle team 
and me. 1 would also like to thank all my ex-girlfriends who 
have taught me so much about my feelings and pain, and 
doubt. Go Yearbook you guys rule and I am so glad I was 
able to work with such an awesome group of people to put 
together such an awesome collection of memories. Double 
"0" rules baby! Yeah SENIORS. Mrs. Belknap you're the best 
Shakespeare play director in town I can't to see this years. 
My cousin Angie, remember Thanksgiving. You are one 
awesome kid and God has some wicked awesome Plans for 
you in you life. Harry Anderson thank you for having 
enough faith in me to let me do things on my own and not 
have to supervise my every move. And thank you for all of 
your help with the musicals. Oh and 1 am still waiting on my 
shelves. And Lidia's little sister two-percent milk is the best! 
There are so many others that 1 have no thanked so if you are 
one of those people just add you name and why I am 
thinking you right here: 

MOM, their are no words that can express what you 
mean to me. You've struggled and sufferred through so 
much, deling whate\ er it takes to make us happy. When we 
fell, you picked us up, and when we were down, you made 
sure we would soon be back up. Your not only my mother, 
but your my father too, and even though we never played 
catch or talked about girls, I'm lucky to have a parent so 
loving and caring as the one I have, i love you. COURT, no 
matter what the situation, or how heated 1 am, your the only 
person that can always get me to laugh(candy cane). I'll 
never forget our late nights, whether it was talking about 
our problems or just acting mad stupid. No matter how old 
we are I'll still come to vou for advice and I'll still beat down 
any man that messes with you, so don't think cuz I'm gone, 
you can get all freaky, I'll still have people watching you for 
me. But 1 have faith that you'll make the right decisions and 
if you don't i'll still be there to protect you. i love you. ...To 
My Cousin scott, one day your gonna catch a break, and to 
the rest of mv family, 1....JOHN, through these past seven 
years you never raised your voice or tried to tell me what to 
do, you just listened to me and gave me advice, and for that 
1 have all the respect in the world for you, no matter what lies 
ahead in the future, I hope we stay in touch.MY DUNNS- 
RYAN, we'll be dogs 4 life like brit, 
ffepHen tv 

ACTIVITIES: National Honor Society-3,4 (President-4); 
lnteract-1, 2,3,4 (Treasurer-4); S.A.D.D.-3,4; French Club- 
1,2,3,4; Debate Team-1,2,3,4; Science Team-1; Tournament 
of Plays-2,4; Choir-1 ; Chamber Singers-2; Madrigal Singers- 
3,4; Men's Octef-3,4; Lacrosse-1, 2,3,4; Peer Leadership-4 
FAMILY: Thanks, everyone, for your support, help, &Iove. 
The goals I've reached, the victories I've won, the successes 
I've had are as much yours as mine. 1 love you guys. MOM- 
You' ve always been there for me, ready to help me cope with 
any problem, no matter how big or small. Your compassion, 
patience, &determination are qualities that 1 admire&respect 
deeply. Thanks for all the things you do, the sacrifices you 
make, that make my life that little bit better. Much of what 
is good in my life 1 owe to you. 1 love you. DAD-Yours was 
alwavs a sort of tough love, but 1 know that everything vou 
do, you do with my best interests at heart. You believed in 
my potential&dreams, &it is because of you that 1 have come 
this close to realizing them. Thanks for teaching me about 
discipline, hard work, generosity, &perseyerance. Dad, you 
are the man I aspire to be. I love you. TEACHERS: 
Stephenson, Modzelewski, Pilla, Reynolds, Corliss, Low, 
Milliken, Morris, iScShevorv. Thanks for being excellent 
teachers, loving what you do, &caring about your students. 
It's been a privilege.' FRIENDS: BETHANY-Thanks for 
walking me home&always talking about that Venom thing. 
LILIAN-Thanks forTVdecapitations&"studying" for math. 
That chest is quite something. JON B.-"Work-out buddy", 
thanks for B-minus French videos, "TUNNEL!", ikinterra- 
cial Trivial Pursuit. KATIE B. -"Pilgrim," don't forget: 
whipped cream, "Oh, oh, oh!", dinosaur games, Staking a 
stand at Denny's. DON-You're one of my best&oldest 
friends. Your loyalty, kindness, &generosity are unmatched. 
Thanks for knowing how to appreciate the finer 
things&teaching me to do the same. I'm gonna miss you in 
the years to come. KATIE C. -Thanks for the semi&for huge 
meals at the Macaroni Grill. SHAUNA-You're one of the 
kindest, most considerate, &most determined people I've 
ever had the privilege of calling my friend. NICOLE G.-I'm 
glad 1 could help you out with physics&"spying". KRISSY- 
Thanks for lots of physical pain&scarring. DANIELLE- 
Thanks for Tae Bo, warming my hands, &being an under- 
standing, tall, caring, cScpatient friend. JEFF-"PBB2." You've 
been the best friend I could ask for. Thanks for getting 
pissed, but not too pissed, when me&Karan rag on you, 
being the procrastination king, eating anything&everything, 
upholding our karate honor, &for your loyalty, trustworthi- 
ness, &consideration. Keep in touch. JESSE-I don't know 
about women, but you're irresistible to me. You're one of 
the funniest kids around&you're a friend 1 know 1 can count 


on. You, Bessie, will go far in life. BOBBY-DJ/break- 
dancing master, "Blow it if you know it!"&"ls that the way 
thev fight in China?" CARRIE-There's just so much we've 
been through together that I think it best if 1 just say that 
being "friends" with you has changed my life forever. 
Thanks for inspiring me to become a better man. Never lose 
touch. CATHERINE-Thanks for spying on me&for suffer- 
ing through physics&math with me. STEFAN-"SHHH! 
I'm trying to make a call." YOU eat it. JINU-"Pele, Pele!" 
Thanks for chicken limbo, bagel tunnels, &being Asian. 
You're a good friend. "Keep it real." SUZANNE-Thanks 
for putting up with my "meanness"&admitting you have 
male se\ organs (jk!). JON K.- Dynamite Cop&, no, 1 
h.u cn t sold Iheni BRI.XN L. -"Brian, take me to school." 
I'hiinks for .Norton, showing me what's up at the club. Blitz, 
"the fisherman's sampler," &getting "bamboozled." Keep 
playing the saxomaphone, &let me know when you get to 
Cali. CHAD-Mac, I've always valued vour friendship. 
Don't forget: the camel altar, taco feasts, &just hanging in 
the basement, MEREDETH-Thanks for putting up with my 
weirdness, meanness, hypocrisy, etc. Encyclopedia Brown 
to sex talks with Di, we've been through a lot. There' re great 
things in the future for you, my dear, I'm gonna miss you 
so much, JESSIE-Thanks for entertaining me in A&P, law, 
&hunianities. You're a dork, dork, but I'm glad we're 
friends. KRISTEN-Mv first best friend, thanks for every- 
thing: accidents at your house, "awkwardness," wrestling, 
shoelaces, etc. Thanks for carrying me like the "tiny baby" 
1 am. Keep in touch. MIKE- "Hostess," thanks for being 
such a great friend. Thanks also for rides in the Camaro, 
Gretzky, & mini-golf. Keep in touch. ALYSSA-"You're 
gross, gross!" If your nails weren't so ugly, we'd be better 
friends. I hope we stop fighting someday. Until then, keep 
eating cow-eye lenses. ERIC-Thanks for being a friend I 
could always rely on. Thanks especially for Blitz, lacrosse, 
■feteaching me to drive stick. Everything's gonna work out 
for you, in the present&far future. Keep in touch. KEVIN- 
Thanks for working out my forearms, Bond, c&fishing. The 
quotes are screwin' ya. VIKRAM-Thanks for MlT&for 
various forms of ping-pong. Save a spot in your bass drum. 
STEVE-"Ste vo," thanks for enjoying wrestling&f or fun with 
Karlan. You've been a good friend. "You suck 
swampwater!" JUSTIN-"Juice," thanks for being such a 
great friend. Don't forget: getting dizzy&falling over, 
forging signatures, &searching for the buried treasure. 
MEl-MEl-Thanks for being so patient&understanding. 
NICOLE V. -"Sleepy H," thanks for oranges, crazy sen- 
tences, jingles, &trying to kiss me. I'm lucky to have a friend 
like you. Don't forget: the hearts are worth it. KARAN-You 
are one of the three who understand the true humor, 
though, that's not what 1 respect about you most. You've 
always been a loyal, considerate, &patient friend, &that's 
why 1 consider you one of my best. Thanks for inspiring me 
to try new things&believing in my abilities. Keep doing 
what you love to do, &don't worry cause everything's 
gonna work out for us in the end. Stay in touch. "We're 
cool." BETH-Thanks for all the fun times at my house. I'm 
still working on the elephant blanket thing. (Underclass- 
men) JAMES K. -"Dutch!" NATHAN-"Tiger," you're one 
of the coolest kids around. Sorry again about the asthma. 
TIM-The coolest Busa 1 know. Try to keep your sister sane. 
DANE-"Poochie Capp," keep wearing square hats. (Col- 
lege kids) BRIAN B., KRISTIN F„ ANDY C, LAURA S.- 
Thanks for being the few members of the class of '99 that 
actually kept in touch. 

FUTURE GOALS: Go to college, make some money, retire 
early, open Pronti Prince, &, in my spare time, maybe take 
ov/jr Europe&Asia with Karan. 84 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 Lacrosse 1,2,3 Track 3,4 
Weight Room 1,2,3,4 Team Camaro 3,4 Team GMC 3,4 
First 1 want to thank God for giving me strengths and 
opportunities. 1 have so much to be thankful for. Every- 
thing that is good about me comes from you. MOM- what 
can I sav? 18 years of love and care is what you have given 
me. You have been a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a heroine 
and most importantly a mother. Thanks for always being 
there and not being afraid to tell me you true feelings. You 
put me and Kim above everything and 1 love vou for it. 
DAD (BUD)- You are the greatest father ever. You have 
been a constant in my life that I can rely on for everything. 
Thanks for always standing on the sideline, post game 
talks, mowing lawns, and The Cape Thanks so much for the 
Jimmy it helped me so much these past two years and made 
things very enjoyable. 1 will always love and respect you 
(GRUNT).^ KIM (Chicken) -For a sister you weren't all bad, 
we've had our fair share of good times over the years. You 
were always there to pick up any slack mom might have 
given me and you vs ere always good for a laugh. With vou 
at home it felt like a "Full House". 1 will always love you the 
only way a little brother can. STEVE- Through the years 
we've become pretty good friends. I respect you. NANA- 
You are the cutest Grandmother ever, I love you . GRANDY- 

You have taught me more that you could ever know, you are 
a true mentor of mine and a pillar of the family. I consider 
myself lucky to have spent so much quality time with you. 
ELAINE AND JOHN- You always believed in me and 
respected me. MARIE, TOM AND EVERYONE ELSE- You 
guys are always there for me to come and visit. MIKE- 
Where to start ? Let's be honest you are a brother to me and 
I respect you more than anyone else. You are a good person 
that I'm privileged to have spent so much time with you. 
We have spent some great times together: Cruising in the 
'Maro, BK/ TB runs, Hoodsies, the Club, mall. Lex, CC, 
Mead Bro's, Husqi's, Track, L-l-F-E and whatever 1 have 
forgotten. Best of luck in the future. MRS. MEAD for being 
so sweet. MR. MEAD for being hard-core. KERRLKRISTEN, 
DUSTY you guys are great. STEPHEN-You have saved me 
much $S$ because you are my shrink free of charge. We go 
way back and 1 truly appreciate and respect you for all that 
you've done. You are sure to go places. BRIAN- You always 
made me laugh, thanks for the Nova, Lunch, Mini Brian, 
Saxophones, lifting and beating me up at Mike's BBQ. JEFT- 
Make me proud. STEVE- For "being PHYSCO. RICK- For 
being Rick LAURE.N, TRICIA, CAT- For being my friends 
and being so cute. KRISTEN MC- For long talks by the pool 
and being one of those "special people" N ICOLE- For CCD, 
Canada, morals/respect. JESSE-Homeroom talks. Crystal- 
You are the sweetest and my favorite cheerleader 
TIN- for wooing the ladies and being cool kids. AIMMEE- 
For being a good friend without ever saying anything nice 
to me. AMITY- For being my cute little southern Belle. 
DA.N (BOONE)- Good luck in the future you are a good 
neighbor. ANDREW- 1 miss you, you were a specail part of 
my life. EVJY- For being the greatest. Greici- For being a 
good guy. RYAN, MARCUS, MIKE- for being outstanding 
captains. Football teams of my junior and senior years: I 
respect the hell out of each one of you, we may not have won 
them all but we will always be Champions. CRAIG, JASON, 
PETRILLO, LIL'SAB, HIRSH- You guys have taught me 
more about myself than you'll ever know. It never was 
about the game to you guys it was always about the person 
and that is truly admirable. 1 respect all of you above most 
everyone. COLONEL; You always believed in me even 
when 1 didn't believe in myself. Thank you very much. 
DPW/CWV CREWS- work was almost bearable. PETE- 
You kept me going all these years and you are an outstand- 
ing trainer, I can only hope the guys at college are as good 
as you. MRS. JORDAN- You are truly a great person, you 
have helped me out so much over the years I truly appreci- 
ate everything. MRS.D'Entermont- You are the greatest 
English teacher ever. Your enthusiasm and corniness made 
the class enjoyable. You really made a difference. MR. 
MCGOWAN- 1 had a great time in your class. You treated 
us as adults and acted as a friend, that means a lot. COACH 
SAB I'm not very good at math but you tried hard. You have 
truly made a difference on and off the field regarding 
humility, enthusiasm and work ethic. THANKS TO KEN, 

FUTURE GOALS- To go and play college football get a good 
education. Get a good job, get married raise a family and 
then retire, work with a football team. Come back home 
and live at CWV as a disgruntled old man. Die happy and 
know that 1 did the best that 1 could with everything that I 

Afa MArfo 

First 1 am probably going to want to start off by thanking 
my family for all of their love, support, and inspiration in 
whatever I did. I would like to thank my father for always 
trying to keep me in line and always trying to get me to 
strive ahead in life and especially in basketball, I want to 
thank my mom especially for being the most loving and 
caring person in my life, ever since I was little you always 
would let me know how much you love me even if I did not 
always acknowledge it, I also want to apologize for all the 
nights that you were up late in bed worrying about me when 
I was late, from now on I will try to get home a little earlier. 
To my brother Adam I just want to say that you are the 
coolest big brother ever. No, really thciugh I am glad that we 
are as close as we are and that you let me come stay with you 
at your college. They are some of the best times that 1 have 
ever had in my life. To the rest of my family, aunt Gina, 
Nancy, Jared, Mark, grandma and grandpa Marto, grandma 
and grandpa Caswell, Uncle Alan, Dana, aunt Debbie, Ed, 
Karly, Cherisa, and everyone else that I did not name 
because there are so many of you, I want to say thanks for 
being the best family ever I love you all. Now is the time in 
my little speech where I am going to give props to all my 
friends that I have met over the years in this place. My 

closest friends, Austin thanks for being like a brother 
all these years and we are going to tear UMASS apart 
year. Nick, Ken, Mike Dunne, you guys are the 
partying hard through the night and chilling with me e 
end of the night. I will never forget all those times at Ni 
Kens, and my house late night. Mike B. you are one o 
coolest kids I have ever known since we were little ki 
love you and your whole crew. Matt OD, your a gii 
moving but 1 love vou to death anyway. Thanks for al\ 
balling with me and getting me into gambling even if i 
cost me some money, THE BRIDGE IS OVER! To my t 
Shane, Erik, Ryan, Rick, and Craig, remember those sui 
football, basketball, and wiffle ball games back in the 
Also another thanks to Shane for being the hardest k 
Bedford, Erik for getting me in to weightlifting, and i 
for being the sexiest kid I know. To all the other boy; 
Griecci, Justin, Andy, and Richard we've got all this ye 
party. To the younger crew, Doug, Pete, Chris, Da 
Burger Nuggets, Kevin, and Mike, sucks to be you 
stuck in high school without us. To all the RADDO 
alright, we'll be chilling in Dannys love shack accordi 
Isnor. Oh yeah, and Keith vou should be kissing my f 
those late night rides home to lexington. To my girls, 
are so many of you its getting hard for me to rememb 
think 1 will start off with one of my newer and good fri 
Cirilia. Remember all of the snowboarding trips, tl 
gonna be a lot more of them. Next I think will be L 
thanks for letting me type this on your computer. Yo 
my best girlfriend and one of the few that I will keep in t 
with, and let come chill with me at my college. Thanl 
and your family. Pam and Andrea thanks for al 
wanting to party and for being so nice? Nicole, thanl 
being so easy to talk to and for falling out of your ch; 
10th grade english. Crystal and Talise thanks for I 
someof my best friends in middle school. Christie, yo 
a good friend of mine for the short period of time th; 
have known eachother, just don't get caught anymor 
hind Exxon. Courtney, you are probably the illest f 
men, tell your mom thanks for bringing me to the ho? 
that night. Alise, if I could party with anyone it u 
probably be you, you get down like no one else. Now 
just going to start naming people because this is mad t 
Shout outs to Jessica, Rachel, Nicole L, Danielle, Mic 
Lindsey, Sheena, Jen, Natalie, Marcia, Kelly, Stepf 
Sara, Sarah, Jessica M, and anyone else that I know bi 
not mention you probably weren't important enou; 
remember. No, I just couldn't think of vou at the tii 
want to give a special thanks to all my teachers K-1 
giving me my education. To anyone I might meet i 
future Y'all aint ready for this. That's it, thank you e 
body, PEACE- I love vou. 

First I have to thank the two people who prol 
should've kicked me out a couple years ago, my pare 
ha\'e put vou guys through so much these last 4 ye 
don't think anything could shock you now. You pusht 
to do what 1 had to and even more. At times I may not 
seemed appreciative, but I really do appreciate a 
support you've given me (and hopefully 
continue.. fiehe). I know you'll have just as much fun 
Ben as you did with me:) I love you guys very much 
promise not to go to far. Ben: You're my little brot 
thought I'd at least make you feel special by putting 
name in. Survived vour freshman year, 3 more. It's i 
bad. Stay out of trouble. Class of '01: Jess: I don't 
where to start. First of f , I wanna thank you for always 
therefor me, I know I did some stupid stuff, but you al 
backed me up, Y'ou've been like a sister to me. t 
judgmental or cynical of dumb. I wish you were st 
here longer, but North Carolina is your home. Thi; 
year has been the best. We've had so much fun 
retarded and shootin the. All the cruises in the Great " 
will never be beaten. "Is that guy naked?"... "He sure 
naked to me!". The aciventures of roUerblading 
Anyways, At least you're getting outta this school to 
really sucks huh? Limp Bizkit kicks!!!!! That concei 
awesome. I had my share of mistakes... I think it's safe 
I've learned my lesson. "No I don't want no cops....", 
a . Y'ou're a great person. I'm so glad we became fr 
Don't ever change for anyone, and never give up or 
dream. I know you can make to the top of the Bill 
charts. Remember "NEVER ever will she ever..." the 
definitely a riot. Well, this thing is kinda budgeted, s 
is gonna get short. You and your family have alway; 
there for me, and I just want y'all to know how nr 
appreciate it. I love ya to death. We'll defiantly ki 

touch hugs&kisses To everyone in the class ol 

(keith .austin ,dale,danny, brian,sheena,and everyon 
Good luck next year. Try not to get arrested, ai 
CAREFUL!!!!!! The class of 00': Finally it's over!!!!!! 
Dog: Sup?! You're awesome ken dog; you helped mi 
mv sanity vvith your calmness... You can always ma 
laugh even though you think I'm the goofy one. Goo 

'hatever you do after this. I may not be here, so keep in 
:h. Sara: I seriously don't know what I would've done 
)U weren't in my photo class. Honestly I think you'd 
:e a great phyciatrist! I know you'll get into a good 
)ol. Hopefully we both get in to AIB, but if not, we will 
nitelv have to visit and stuff, cuz you're like one of the 
r one's 1 know who is on the same wavelength as I am 
t of the time.. .except when I'm off in my own world, 
that doesn't count. Have a blast this summer. Photog- 
ly forever man!!!!!!!!!!!! Kendra: English was fun, sorry 
itched out. You're a good friend, never change for a 
[person.... Be yourself:) Ryan: Could we have one non- 
lal conversation? See ya at Exxon:) Justin, Andy, and 
lard: You guys always make me laugh so hard. You're 
)lutely nuts, but we all love you all the same:) The Tall 
3le(Shane,Eric,Marcus, and Darren) Yo G what up?!?! 
td, are you for real?!?! J/ K We're outta high school, now 
It? You'll probably be basketball or football 
i...somethin like that. Shane: The school's a good 
ng spot isn't it? Too any other seniors I haven't men- 
ed: 1 hope you guys enjoyed high school. It was like 
big party with grades. Always have fun in whatever 
go on and do. Bradley Edris: We made it. High school 
laUy over with for good. You have helped me so much 
e past 2 years. Between listening to me whine and 
lys telling me how things really were (no B.S.) I'm so 
we became such good friends. Regardless of what 
Jens after this, we' II still be the best of friends., .whatever 
pened to that list you started last year? "Ford makes 
ge" and "how many is a couple?" . Einstein's sucked, 
it was fun at the same time, gotta be the easiest job 
)ne could have. Except when you punch stationary 
rts: ) Thank you for encouraging my photography craze, 
've helped me keep my head on straight. I love you 
ver and ever:)(at least as a best friend) 
iHeJ McCaII 

riow can anything so limiting as words be used to 
ribe something as ephemeral as feelings of gratitude 
appreciation? And whom do you thank? This is but 
of the many questions with which I struggled. Below 
e answer at which I arrived. I wish to thank my parents 
I the bottom of my heart, for it is them who had first 
ed my feet on the path of learning. I also wish to thank 
brother and my two sisters for their everlasting love 
adoration. No matter how tough the going got, they 
lys kept the faith. Through them, I have realized that I 
lot the only person that is affected by what I do because 
n I laugh, they laugh. And when they hurt, I, too, hurt, 
uld like to extend a thank you those of my friends who 
! been there for me when the going got tough. Bugsy, 
de man. Katie, you kept me on my toes. I wish to extend 
ecial thanks to the teachers who have gone the extra 
with me and for me. Vlr. Sabourin, Mrs. Rozein, y'all 
n the world to me. Peace. 

:«Ae| Hc^MU^d 

\ctiviHes: Track 1,2,3,4 All-Star 3,4 Capt. 4; CC 3,4 
t.4; Football 1,2; Baseball 2; NHS 3,4; 
nt to make this as quick and painless as possible, since 
ited as usual till the last minute to write this, but I want 
ke the time to thank my family and friends for having 
npact on my life Dad you always showed me how to 
nd honorable and decent person by setting a good 
nple and never taking the easy way out thank you for 
lling in me a sense of integrity and duty and been the 
t patient person aUve you always helped me when I 
led it There's not enough I can say or do to show my 
"eciation for all you've done for me Mom you have 
; so much for me I can't even begin to thank you You 
lys belie\'ed in me and always pushed me to be better 
eyou more than you know and I hope that 1 have made 
proud Thank you for always listening to me and 
ing me become a better person and gi\'ing me faith in 

Rebecca you have to be the coolest sister in the world 
always kept me out of trouble and helped me when 

I had done something stupid Thanks for always 
:ing up for me and giving me valuable advice whether 
;ed for it or not I admire your determination and your 
e of humor John thanks for always being my friend 
n we mox'ed and we didn't know anyone You never 
nad at me no matter how much I teased you You've got 
of patience and you always let Rebecca and me make 
3f you thanks for always scooping me some ice cream 
n even though we were only fiends for a short time we 
a lot of fun. Spring break in Va. the park, going to the 

and letting you beat me in basketball all the time, 
ing fun of Dan and being great friend Dan you proved 
le that short people can still kick Thanks for always 
ng the funds and letting me and BK make fun of you, 
ing me the funds, being stronger than me and not beat 
out of me, you've always been a loyal friend and 
iven me when I get us in Jimmy you always had the 
f. ups and never minded when we ate all the food in 
r house, thanks for always being laid back and not 

caring what other people think we all owe you for the nights 
of blending and making this year fun so far Liz we've been 
through a lot together and I have to say you're the coolest 
girl 1 know I have to say sorry for being a jerk sometimes 
and I learned a lot from you Becca thank you for listening 
to all my problems and being my friend even when 1 messed 
up the park was a blast, and thanks for all the good advice 
Larry thanks for the post prom party and being a cool and 
original guy. Mike G thanks for always being ready to party 
and living in a fantasy world Alyssa thanks for taking care 
of BK and never getting mad at me Andrea thanks for 
making fun of me and beating me up all the time Barry 
thanks for being an awesome coach and helping realize that 
running is the greatest sport e\ er I owe you a lot and I we 
make states in CC and nationals this spring. Shevrock 
thanks for being the coolest teacher and being our friend, 
thanks for helping me become a mature student and having 
patience with me Jon T your and awesome runner and I 
know we're going to states you're going to be sick next year. 
Matteo thanks for not letting anyone beat me up even when 
I deser^'ed it Ryan K thanks for talking to girls with me 
Brandon good luck at the USN A, Eric thanks for waking me 
up during math class Colleen thanks for making me laugh, 
Krissy thanks for not getting mad at me when I messed up 
your hair Carrie thanks for being the biggest flirt Catherine 
thanks being so nice to me all the time Kevin for being a 
funny kid Nicole's V and G thanks for being nice to me all 
the time Dave for putting up with Dan and being a cool kid 
Jill for also putting up with Dan Stephen for the rocks class 
and Alex for chorus Pete and Josh, Anna, Sara, Chuck, 
Nolan, Andy, Heather, Lindsay H for Spanish Laura for 
making weird faces Sorry anyone I've forgotten but this is 
last minute 

Activities: Lots of stuff 1,2,3,4 
First I'd like to thank my family, because without them I 
wouldn't be the person I am. Mom - For putting up with 
me, it hasn't been easy but you are so patient and you give 
so much to everyone in our family, always putting yourself 
last. I really can't thank you enough for all the sacrifices you 
have made on my behalf. You are a mother and a friend, 
and it's going to be really hard not having you always there 
next year; I know I'll be calling all the time! Dad - Thanks 
for being so much like me that we sometimes drive each 
other crazy! I will still never forget California and how 
much I enjoy our father-daughter time together. You 
always give the best advice when I have to make difficult 
decisions. I hope you realize how much I love you and will 
miss seeing you every night next year! Erin - Mv sister and 
my best friend. We make family trips the best! I love you 
so much, and you can always call me to talk. You are about 
to enter some of the most fun, exciting, and challenging 
years of your life - make them the best! I think me being at 
college will only make us closer! Grandma and Grandpa - 
For all the rides, the car, and everything you do for me. I 
lo\'e you both so much! The rest of my family - Aunt Jen, 
Uncle Mike, Mark, Grandma, Marty, Larry, Aunt Ruth, 
Uncle Bill, Ian, Kyle, I love you all! Now, friends. Kristen 
- Making everything funny, analyzing EVERYTHING, Ger- 
many, London, New Hampshire, getting each other through 
tough situations, and that's not nearly everything. You are 
such a genuinely nice person and a true friend - 1 can always 
count on you no matter what. Thank you for everything, I 
don't know what I'd do without our friendship. Katie - 
Keedie!! My music buddy. Double SextetTE, Madrigal, 
being obsessive (Audrey, Titanic, etc.), return the pin please, 
Sephoria, English accents, being an incredible actress/ 
singer, and so much more! Thanks for always coming 
through for me, you always know what to say to make me 
laugh when I'm down. You're such a terrific friend - 1 value 
our friendship so much! Jon - Car ttains for six months, 
putting up with me when I get mad for no reason, Chem, 
DVDs, being my college counselor, shopping, eating out, 
bets, tournament, musicals, Germany, London, and that's 
just the beginning. I know I can talk about anything with 
you and you always understand. Your friendship is such an 
important part of my life -thank you so much! Stephen - For 
putting up with me, being my oldest friend, leggos. Ency- 
clopedia Brown, cops and robbers (yup, its true), being best 
friends again, always giving me messages, for the prom, 
beach trips, always being there and helping me solve my 
problems, you're such an amazing person and 1 respect you 
so much! Danielle - For going on the subway for the first 
time!, always being sweet and nice, making the Best US 
history I movie ever, an awesome FH manager, I can always 
count on you whenever I need someone to talk to - You're 
a great friend! Nicole - New Hampshire, hammocks!, RAIN 
being stalkers, yelling at Dianne, swimming at night, field 
hockey camp, snoring, facials, laughing at sad movies. I 
know yore always there for me, thanks for being such a 
great friend. Suzanne - For being so good at everything you 
do, playing piano for me all the time, being one of the nicest 
people I know, talking about stupid boys, being awesome 

at tennis, eating fruit and Cool Whip - I'm so glad we 
became friends! Karan - For always thinking of cool things 
to do, for being the best free-styler, Ben Folds Five, hide and 
seek in the dark. Jeff - for being an incredible singer/ guitar 
player, dinner parties, losing your name tag at the nun tree! 
Carrie - getting each other through Mrs. Morris class, mak- 
ing US movies, following Dave who's not reallv Dave! 
Catherine - \'Ovages (walking across Vienna and taking 2 
hour and 15 minute drives) being my field hockey buddy. 
Katie C. - goony trips that we never took, fun chem tests. 
Vikram - 4am newspaper parties, driving all over Bedford, 
Trivial Pursuit! Bethany - one of mv oldest friends, you're 
so good at musical things (like composing), thanks for 
playing piano for us! Lilian - My art buddy!! Thanks for all 
sorts of plays and stuff, drama club, French. Krissy - 
sneaking over to baseball games during tennis. Bobby - 
Essex, silly string! Jackie - Thanks for all the rides, Ger- 
many, haha rooms, "at least the TV works," "Snickers," 
catering, canobie trips, and ever\'thing else. Lindsay - the 
best co-counselor, making snails, dealing with our "special 
campers", and losing some too (oops), next year (I hope)! 
Rine - singing like Tierry, physics! Lydia - caramel 
snackwells!!!, nursing home concerts, having 10 pairs of 
jeans. Lauren W. - let's get a GOAL! Thanks to everyone in 
Madrigal, FH - Liz, Ana, Andrea, Emily, Tennis, Double 
Sextet - Mei-Mei, Kathryn H., Amandine, Katie. Everyone 
else: Mar>'-Kate (my fake sister), Margaret, Krista, Lesley 
(physics!). Special thanks to Georgia and Dianne - even 
though you guys left, it means so much to me that we've 
stayed so close - 1 know we'll always be friends - 1 love you 
both! Lastly, teachers. Mrs. Morris - Thanks for being so 
energetic, believing in me, and inspiring me in so many 
ways. Your class really changed the way I look at life, I owe 
you so much, you are truly one of the best teachers I have 
ever had. Mrs. Kruegar - Thanks for donuts, movies, and 
making AP Chem a really fun class while still teaching us so 
much! Mr. Low - For making music one of the best parts of 
Bedford High and always putting up with us! Thanks to Mr. 
M, Ms. Messmer, Mr. Pilla, and everyone else who's helped 
me along the way. Thanks again everyone and good luck in 
whatever the future brings! 
JfnicA HtCit A+lt 

First, I need to thank my parents. Your continuous 
support and love has not gone unseen, and although I never 
express my appreciation, I love you both so much. MOM- 
4 never missing a game. It is so reassuring to know I can turn 
to you for anything. I hope I become the beautiful, success- 
ful woman you are. DAD- 4 deepsea fishing, hairdos, and 
wood shows. You have taught me so much about responsi- 
bility and hard work. You have both shaped my life in such 
a positive way. ILU!! BREN- Whether it was asking me to 
listen to a new CD or bringing me to the movies, your small 
acts of kindness meant a lot to me. Your perpetual enthusi- 
asm brightens my day. JEFF- Jessica Karate, weird faces and 
endless generosity. Your determination and success has 
inspired me so much. Without you guys I would not be the 
person I am today. You have influenced and inspired me in 
so many different ways. ILU! ALYSSA- 4 AJBurgers, 
Hunter's, Barbies, Snack time, cookouts, and every weird 
game we ever made up and played. I don't have a memory 
that you were not in. You have helped and intluenced me 
so much. Our friendship is truly unique. RlCKY-4carpools, 
nursery, JrProm (sunflowers), CCD, Canada. 1 can always 
count on you to cheer me up. I can't put to words how much 
you have helped me these past two years. Thanx for all the 
advice and endless talks. Can't wait till the reunion! COL- 
LEEN- 4 #1, Beast I/II, Bubba I/II, Oscar, Joey, Craig, Tony, 
19, Argie, JLH, T, Pie, Energy, Wannabie, pt, Willy. Soccer 
and Track- sorry I never quit. Promises, glow in the dark 
room. Oh, Stars, sweating problems, kickboxing, inside 
jokes (but not really), family (handi snacks, schedules). 
Handshakes, Gap discounts, drink mixes, trench guys, clam 
chowder, I could go on forever. Thanks for being one of the 
few people who can relate to and understand me. For all our 
talks and all the laughs. Good luck next year and keep up 
the good pace. ANDREA- You are the strongest person I 
know and have taught me so much. Don't ever let anyone 
push you around. 4 Christmas parties, JrProm, Bermuda, 
Gloucester, Okemo, and just being crazy with me ("I thought 
so") JOHN- Allman Bros., NH, hanging out. Whatever 
happens to us, you mean a lot to me. Thanks for just being 
you. MIKEG.- You are the worst influence in my life and I 
can't thank you enough for that. 4 partying, being friends 
with my brothers, Canada, and all the talks. You have so 
many talents, I'm positive you will succeed. ANA- 4 Alge- 
bra 11, lunch buddy, Canada, BDC, lifelong goals. You 
helped me survive this school. Thanx for always listening 
to me complain and not being like e\'er\'one else. KRISSY- 
4 party pals, 'ponpon for love' Canada. CARRIE- 4 CCD, 
Canada, dancing school, stressing, and your fun list. 
C ATHER(n)INE- Council, and just being cool without judg- 
ing me. JEFF- semi, JrProm, Latin, You're a great guy! 
STEFAN- 4 dumping Meg, code names, algebra (Hi Alex) 


LARRY- 4 being hot and not doing anything about it. 
NICOLE v.- 4 all the advice and long talks. 4 Campfire, 
"Oops excuse me", birthday tapes, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Sab, 
"children behave" MIKE GAR- semi, BBC, Powder Puff, 
being so nice. JIMMY- 4 Gloucester, talks, being the little 
boy next door. NIKKI- co-captain, paddy, camp, confirma- 
tion, rev games. Biology, protecting me and Colleen, hand- 
shake, all the laughs and all the fights. "Tear it up" next 
vear. ERIN S- 1 look up to you like a sister. 4 all the clothes, 
cape cod, confirmation and soccer. LINDSEY- 4 being cool. 
You're so sweet, be yourself and have fun. KEVIN- dancing 
and being funnv. BOBBY- "I think 1 owe you an apology 
letter" for being mean at all your dances. ERIC M- "Like the 
bug" STEPHEN- anatomy, homeroom homework. ANDY 
R- 4 bemg cute. RICHARD and JUSTIN- being funny and all 
around great guys. EMILY- for being so sweet. NAT- for 
finding the money LIZ- jgms KRISTEN- jgms. BETH- 
childhood ed. SHAUNA- Continue to be strong, your 
mother would be proud. '00- Chad, Craig, Dan, McFarland, 
RvanN. Suzanne, Crystal, Katara, Ryan, NicoleG., Amit\', 
Katie, Jon B- your brother is hot, Meredith L. '97- Kristen, 
Chris, Robbie '98- Suey- power bars, teeth, traf, Jojo- wwssl, 
Kacie- 'jam', Emily- sorry for always nailing you, Carrie- 
bobby pins, Melissa's, being fun. Stephanie- roomie, secret 
pal, Shmee, Bethany, Joanna, Elena. '99- Kim, Brad, Jackie, 
Derek, Duke, Bosman, Liz- S&S, Karen- code names, ski 
team, Costa- driving school, soccer, Fabrizio. '01- Richie, 
Alan, Scott- being so nice to me at the dance. Tommy, 
Lauren- dancing school, Meredith- Physics, Sarah C- skip- 
ping gym, soccer. MikeM, Chris- sorry I ruined your shorts. 
'02- Dennis, Jacob, RyanW., DaveL, Brian Bradley- you are 
so cute. Elie, Dane. SOCCER GIRLS- We didn't do too well, 
but we had fun. 4 busrides, sleepovers, dinners and camp. 
ERIN O- superstar (thanx Mrs. O), BECCA- Gap discount. 
MINNIE- 4 being sweet and moody at the same time. 
MARGE- being dedicated (thanx mr/mrs low), ANNA, 
JENELLE- trouble. COACHES- KRISTEN- for 4 years (good 
times and bad ) CHRIS- 4 Indoor. BARRY- You are more 
than a great coach, but a friend. 4 listening to me complain 
and always pushing me. MR. O'CONNER and KEVIN. 
TEACHERS who made a difference- MR/MRS SuUivan, 
MR. Sab, Kelly, Corliss, Griffin, Palmer, Casey, Shevory. 
MRS. Burke, Matthews, Morris, Hennessy. To all the lunch 
ladies- for making great food (and always running out). Fr. 
Sheenan, Smith, Gagnon. FAMILIES- MILLIGAN'S- 4 be- 
ing my second family. GRIECCI'S- You have got me out of 
a lot of trouble. I can't thank you enough for everything you 
do for me (Bermuda, Gloucester, and always having you 
FUTURE GOALS- Graduate from college, drive a Jeep, get 
married, have 3 kids, play soccer and be happy. 

tindrev Mcf^fAf It 

Activities: Fun Stuff 1,2,3,4 
First, and most importantly, I'd like to thank mv parents for 
everything they've ever done and all they gave up for me. 
You provided me with the best life 1 cou Id' ve asked for. You 
were always there to listen and encouraged me to be who I 
am. Dad- I'll always be your little girl. Thanks for making 
me do X-C, 1 wouldn't be the athlete I am without you. 
Through all the arguments and disagreements, good times 
and bad, I'll love you both forever. Vin-even though you 
love to pick on me, you are my big brother and I appreciate 
all the lessons I've learned from vou. I know you'll always 
be someone great, ILU. Jeff-you're a great little fighter and 
the best little brother. Thanks for always doing things for 
me, ILU. Grammy Coco and Grammy McGrath- You're the 
best grandmas anyone could ask for, thanks for everything, 
ILU. Mle- Well, what more can 1 say, you're a great friend 
and an real inspiration. Thanks for all the memories: long 
talks, many movies, 'cute butt', basketball, poems, parties, 
new years, Noah, Matt, holidays, guys, Gordon, Petta, and 
much more. You're a great person and will go far in life. 
Nat- there's so much 1 could say. Thanks for all the sleepovers 
and the funny times, especially snoring. AH the times you 
were there to talk to and all the rest speaks for itself. Sheena- 
for so many memorable times, crying together, puffy eyes, 
guys..., the cakes, sleepovers, "1 have no money for you', 
tanning, becoming lobsters, shopping, so many clothes, 
basketball, bus rides, "pretty small", 2201b. Brizilian, the 
boys at McDonalds, collection, beach trips and an awesome 
friendship. (I could go way back.) Jimmy-for always being 
there, being my bowling partner and for always sharing my 
Quaker bars. Leon- for being the cutest underclassmen and 
a great friend. I'll never forget our talks and the friendship 
we have. Stay sweet. Nick- for all the summer fun, rides in 
the mustang, pictures, and all the funny times. Kelly- For 
being so cute and always wearing my clothes. Keep in 
touch. Candy- You're the best, thanks for everything, your 
hospitality included and for being so funny. LC- for all the 
good times, being there to laugh at my stories and make me 
happy. Christine- for being a great girl, being so kind, and 
putting up with my brother. Good Luck. Alyssa- for the 

summer of '99 at the farms, for the job, and your kindness. 
The Farms crew, for making work a little easier. The X-C 
Team- for the fun times and making the season enjoyable. 
Mike, thanks for always picking on me. Barr\'- You're a 
great inspiration. Thanks for making me work so hard and 
convincing me to stay with it, and making X-C my favorite 
sport. To the b-ball girls-for all the funny practices, summer 
and fall league, spirit and hard work. Coach Sullivan- for 
embarrassing me in front of everyone. Coach La vita- for my 
sophomore year and always loosing the candy bar game. 
Oh yeah, 24/7. Mr. and Mrs. Liechty- thanks for everything. 
You've taught me a lot and have the sweetest family. Thanks 
for all the dinners, the trip to Fourth Cliff and for being so 
understanding. You're not only parents but you're teachers 
and friends. Kirsten and Brigitte- thanks for your kindness 
and acceptance. Kurt- for the occasional smile and just 
being you. Russ- for being so cute and making me laugh. 
Mia and Lynn- you're the sisters I never had and always 
wanted. ILU all. Martha- for being my other mother, taking 
me everywhere, giving me advice, making the ride to 
Cooperstown hilarious, teaching me to drive, taking me to 
Atlanta and just being you, ILU. Jimmy- for proving me 
wrong with a full split and for being a good guy. Mrs. 
Santos- thanks for your hospitality and everything you've 
done, all the rides to basketball and much more. I appreciate 
it greatly. Mr. Casey- for bemg a great teacher and a friend. 
Thanks for keeping me out of trouble. Someday you'll get 
married and I'll stop bothering you. Coach Sabourin- for 
teaching me about life, to always be humble and to have 
enthusiasm, and for making math my best subject. And last 
but not least, Jan. Thanks for making these last two years so 
memorable. You've listened to me and comforted me from 
the day I met you. You're always there when 1 need you and 
the footsteps I follow. You cheer me up when I'm down and 
always find a way to work things out. It's been a long road 
and so much has happened, thanks for all the memories we 
made and the moments we share, for making me smile and 
enjoy what I've got, teaching me to love and to be loved, for 
being the best friend in the world, letting me see the truth 
and trust in you, and for being you. The past tw-o years have 
been the best time, you've showed me that believing really 
does pay off and made me realize how important friends, 
family and life are. I hope that I have touched your life in 
some small way, you have definitely touched mine in more 
ways than one. Who knows what the future holds but you 
know my wishes and my dreams and no matter what we'll 
always be the best of friends. You have a fond place in my 
heart and always will. I can't thank you enough for every- 
thing you've ever done. I love you with all my heart. 
Thanks to anyone who 1 may have forgotten and to those 
who have touches my life at one point. To ail the seniors, 
Congrats. We did it and good luck. 

Goals: To live life to its fullest, love, laugh, and learn. To 
become an engineer, get married, have six kids with a set of 
twins and visit Australia. 

VAlim McleAD 

First and foremost I would like to thank the God Al- 
mighty for guiding me through these twelve long, hard 
years. Thank you Lord. The next important person 1 would 
like to thank is my mother. Mommy, I know these last few- 
years were very hard, and for you to stand by and support 
me the way you did meant a lot tome. You were the one who 
stood by me through thick and thin. You always pushed me 
tome forward and speak up for what was mine. 1 Love You! 
To my brother who who might be two years younger than 
me, but acts like he is two years older sometimes... Thanks... 
for all the good times we've shared throughout the years... 
1 Love You Too! To the rest of my family who helped to push 
me forward and watch my back... especially Kim.. Thank 
You. A special thanx to my best friend Kirby a.k.a stix... 1 
would like to thank you for being there for me. It's been nine 
hard long years and we've gotten through alot. You know 
I love you like a sista and will always be there for you when 
ever you need me. We've gone through so much together 
and so for too... you've been their for me through thick and 
thin and still manage to stand by me. Girl, we movin' on up 
and leavin' all dem pigeons and chickenheads behind ( you 
know you I'm talkin' bout' too!!!) I love you and will stick 
by you through out your rough times, no matter what. Girl 
we made it!!! Oh don't worry Janene, 1 havent forgotten 
about you... I'll always remember the good times we've 
shared and all the obstacles we made it over. Girl we made 
a connection that no one can ever make... besides that were 
both from the island, we can really keep it real toward each 
other no matter what anyone says. Me and you will always 
be friends... I'll never leave you out of anything, especially 
my fights... girl, you'll be one of the first on da scene. "How 
bout' dat." 

Maum Mcleod 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4 
First, I would like to thank GOD, for without his gracious 
love, life would not be possible. To my MOTHER and 
FATHER, thanks for all of your support and encourage- 

ment. You guys have helped me through life and 1 
taught me to live, you've given me everything I've nee 
and wanted. MIKAYL, I would never trade vou for 
other brother in the world, there is no replacem 
GRANDMA, thanks for all your love and support (I 
keep my promise and make you proud.) THE BRO 
FAMILY, you guys have always shoed me love. Sorn 
eating all your food when I would come over. THE ]0 
FAMILY, thanks for treating me like fam by making me 
welcome in your home. Thank you MRS. KENNERY 
your great hospitality and your ability to tolerate Ry 
and my crazy humor. THE GARTLANDS, thanks fo 
ways being yourselves, from the time 1 have moved her 
guys have always welcomed me. To my dogs, CRAJ 
and KENEA B., you two have always been there for 
through thick and thin. You made me laugh when I di 
want to (like when I never wanted to go to the mall) and 
guys showed me what true best friends are by caring (\\ 
The Wood). Love my dogs fo' sho'. JAN L., MATT K., 
guys always shoed love through your passion of baske 
and by always keeping it real (Matt, I know your seer 
Summer '99). DARREN H., you have taught me a Ic 
valuable lessons about life that have made me wiser 
even though we have had our differences, you still my 
RYAN K., thank you for being my twin, you know wha 
saying dun. Yo! Keep on holding Bedrock down for '99 
'00. SHANE L.,Yo! We made it God!!! You always kc 
real no matter what people said, (Yo! Feet you be out s 
the whole earth's gonna cop our L.P. MIKE G., from 8 
1 2th we have always been on the same team (singing O. 
during 8th grade bball games and knocking the unfortii 
out as Buctown L.B's). 1 could always count on you 
laugh and good time. Good luck at the next level. RICI 
JUSTIN S., and ANDY R., you guys are by far the fun: 
people I know (Braxton's mom!!!! Makes all her collect 
for under 20 cents) never forget... Chad is a gyptsy !!! Th 
eluded) for never giving up hope. MARCIA PRYCE 
you think I forgot about you? I have always felt that 1 
too young to fall in love. I would look around and see 
much pain it caused and right then and there I knew 
this for letter word that held so much meaning was nc 
me. I sheilded myself from it. now, because of you, true 
is something 1 have finally had a chance to experi^ 
Being with you was not pain, it was joy. Seeing your 
was not anger, it was comfort. You have changec 
perception of love by making it's meaning perfectly clt 
me... trust, honesty', patience and wisdom are what 
embody. If 1 had to do it all over, 1 would not change a t 
Thank you for shutting out your fears and trusting 
heart. I will love you from now until the end. (I got P 
Rangers!!!) QUIANA D., sorry for being so mean 
disrespectful for all those years. I never took the tir 
notice how nice and caring you are (stop eating that s 
ers, you know what penuts do to you!) NATALII 
thanks for being in all my classes. You're so loud I 
became accustomed to your voice (HI! I'm Natal 
TALISE H. and CRYSTAL S., I hope you both pursue 
cheerleading careers. You could never find two 
outgoing people than you guys. Tahse, don't change 
style it is good to be unique. Crystal, keep smiUn 
everyones sake. ALYSSA M., thanks for the U.S. Hi 
chats and those great sandwiches you always mad( 
LINDSEY M., thanks for taking me to the away games 
1 1th grade; I always had fun listening to you and youi 
brother argue. MRS. MORRIS, 1 am so grateful to hav 
a person like you. You have givin me the best guidanc 
of all my B.H.S. Teachers. You always saw me for the p 
1 really was and when I graduate from college, part • 
reason will have been because you belived in me. (Yoi 
is gonna play football even if 1 have to teach him.) TAK 
B., You will be someone special, I can see it in youi 
(your psych bags were off the hook) your Big Brother 
and Craig) will never forget you. To all my fam tha 
Franklin S., Melissa, Clarissa and James R., Greg B , Lo 
and Cynthia S. I'll miss you all. We grew up togethi 
hung out, we cried together. I love and miss you a 
everyone I left out, I'm sorry. A thousand words toget 
more just could not capture all of the memories. 
MicllAel MeAd 

Mom: guess what, I put this off to the last m 
Thanks for always being on my back reminding me 
stuff that 1 have to do, it might not seem like it but I 
appreciate it. For always asking how my day was a 
always being there when I needed to talk. I really appi 
everything you do for me. Dad: for teaching me to 
many things, I can't list them all. For always being thi 
me. If it wasn't for you and Uncle Dan theCamaro wo 
exist. For helping me out with my car and fixing it 
time. You're a great dad and I want to thank yi 
everything you've done for me. Kerri: thanks for bei 
second mother and always looking out for me, alt 
sometimes you drove me crazy. You can always find 

ake me laugh, with you or at you, usually at you. 1 know 
n't always thank you for all the things you do for me but 
jllv do. Thanks for being a great sister and always 
ingoutforme. Dusty: Thanks for being the big brother 
I never had. You never treated me like a little kid and 
lys paid attention to me when everyone else seemed 
I. Thank you for being good to Kerri, don' t tell her 1 said 
but I think you can do better. Kristin: Thanks for acting 
my sister, not my mother. You look out for me in a 
rly way. Thanks for always letting me know that I can 
to you about anything or just come and visit you at 
lol if 1 feel like it. You're a great sister and a great friend, 
y: Thanks for the Bank Boston Classic, The Maxwell 
sic and sharing the same interest in golf. You're a really 
kid and we've had a lot of fun. To the rest of my family, 
k vou very much for guiding me and helping me. Chad: 
t can 1 say, we've been friends as long as I can remem- 
Thanks for standing behind me when 1 made bad 
sions, you always backed me up or found it in you to 
ivemeand forget about it. You're a great friend and I'm 
y lucky that you've put up with me as long as you have, 
iks for the club. Burger King, slurpy runs, always 
ning to what I had to sa v, hanging out in your basement, 
jving the Maro, cheering me up, and for just being there 
never I needed you. 1 can't thank you enough. The 
Gregor Family: My second family, thanks for always 
ing me feel welcome to come to your house and hang 
in your basement or just sit in on familv talks. Cat: 
ks for a great summer, those phone conversations 
re we talked about everything, anything, and abso- 
y nothing, for loving my car almost as much as I do, for 
■en and Tricia, for always finding a way to confuse me 
natter what, and so much more. You're a great friend 
I'll never forget all the great times we've had together, 
■en and Tricia: thanks for being honest with me and 
ig me what 1 needed to know, good or bad, for all the 
stuff we've done and for making me laugh. Brian: For 
lys making me laugh, your crazy laugh, golfing, the 
, your crazy games at lunch, the Nova baby, monkey, 
ing around when we had nothing better to do, and for 
g a great friend. Rick: thanks for all the times we went 
ig, for making me laugh whenever, Raul and Rafael, 
camp, cape cod, chorus, Spanish, dav camp, and most 
jrtantly for being a great friend. Stephen: hey Boo Boo, 
ks for always listening to all my problems, and for 
ig me an answer to all my questions, for Gretzky, 
;ing out at your house, the club, for making me feel like 
;d to be studying or doing my homework, thanks for 
ling me down when I overreact over something stupid, 
for being a great friend. Griecci: Thanks for all the crazy 
s skiing, Inzinc, bike camp, Jessie Teramina, helping me 
k my wrist, day camp, and for being a good friend, 
e: The wild turkey, lunch, break, the Tercel, sammys, 
ngton center, walking around the mall. Ana: Thanks 
rying to get Kerri fired, being afraid of the scary sister, 
ig, the semi. Beth: for all the help in Spanish, sittmg next 
le at lunch, and for working at McDonalds Natalie: 
ks for calling my car the "phat car". To Mr. Sabourin, 
Keltner, Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Taub, and all of the other 
t teachers I had in high school and earlier on. Thank 
to everyone on the track team, all the coaches, and coach 
p. Everyone at BDC: Dave D. Chris P., Rick, Lindsay 
s), Suzanne, Ana, Elie, Denis, Pat, John, Dan C, Vik, 
m: thanks for two awesome summers, all of the kids, 
ing me out on niy bad days, and being a great friend, 
) in touch. To everyone else that 1 left out, I didn't forget 
and I know I left out a lot of people but 1 have only so 
h space.fhank vou and I'm sorry. 

rhanks to: rirst I'd like to thank my family for all vou do 
ne. Mom and Dad, you have made me the person 1 am 
y. Both of you have instilled so much in me and have 
;ht me everything 1 know. Thank you for always look- 
)ut for me. I'd don't always appreciate it at the time but 
DW you're just doing your job. I love you. JENN- if we 
;n't related I probably wouldn't be friends with you, 
kidding. Thanks for being so strange, letting my drive 
■ car and letting me buy your breakfast all the time, 
i-since we've known each other our whole lives I guess 
been through a lot together, "Like my slips.. .1 love 
', smiling for pictures with your bottom teeth, the night 
ook pooh and you were running alongside the car, our 
t year of anatomy together, thanks for always being 
e. LIZ-you are the strangest person I know. Thanks for 
iys making me laugh, working together, driving over 
island, Gloucester "Leaving Las Vegas", telling stories 
have no point, randomly laughing and making noises, 
lys humming, calling me strange names, let's blow this 
side stand, for being a good listener and an even better 
id. ANDREA- Disney freshman year, Glouscter canoe- 
on your dock, "remember butts", for always having 
ething stupid to say, getting to be almost as weird as Liz, 
ling Pooh bear and laughing at Kevin, jumping off cliff s. 

you're the best. RYAN-my best friend since kindergarten 
when we both had little afros, maybe that's why we were 
drawn together. I don't know what 1 would do without you. 
You're always there to listen and help me with everything. 
You never fail to make me laugh even though you embar- 
rass me all the time. Thank you for everything. CARRlE-for 
always touching all of us, sophomore year English, always 
being stressed out, dancing all those years. I'm so glad 
we're friends, you're the best. KRISSN - you've been an 
awesome friend since we've known each other, thanks for 
always working with me in class, cooking, Spanish, physics, 
except we never did any work, Pysch with Ricky's girl- 
friend, having so many boyfriends. I love ya babe. 
C ATHERINE-for being the nicest person ever, stealing pooh 
bear and laughing at Kevin forever about it remember 
"Criminals". Thanks for being such a good friend. KEVIN- 
you are too funny. I don't think I've ever been with you 
without being hysterically laughing. You never cease to 
amuse me. RICKY-white chocolate, for being the most 
"cultural" person ever, making frappes, being so cheap, 
rides to school in the fortress. Thanks for being such a great 
friend since we were born. ERIK-for always making fun of 
me but always making me laugh. We're not as close as we 
used to be, but vou're still great. AN A-for life goals, hating 
school more than anyone, never being in class, table of 
values, always making me laugh. MIKE M. -for ceramics 
and being awful and always driving me crazy. DAN-being 
one of the most random people, flipping out all the time, the 
bird in mv pool, I know you're really not lazy. Thanks both 
of you for the joke about what happened in my pool. 
wasn't funny. STEFAN-calling me quacky, chex mix. 
LARRY-for never leaving your house. STEPHEN LY-being 
the smartest boy alive, but the biggest punk, telling me I 
have stubby nails, helping me with anatomy, you're gross. 
Gross. NICOLE V. -blue birds, being one of the sweetest 
most clueless girls ever, making us laugh in math class. 
BOBBY-palabra subir. JEFF S. -being the best dancer, and 
\veirdest boy ever. Everyone at Bedford Farms. NICOLE 

RAH C, BECCA you guys are all the best. NIKKI-Betty 
Softball was fun, but having turds thrown was not. LINDS 

H. -my throwing partner, saying the stupidest things. ERIN- 
pysch was the best. Forest ranger, Ricky's girlfriend. BRIAN- 
I don't know where we'll be when you read this but I do 
know how important you are to me. I had the best time with 
you while you were here; picking out bad movies and 
always having to explain them, "who sings this song", 
driving with me even though I know it scared vou, putting 
up with my weirdness, grocery shopping, not being com- 
fortable in any girls store, telling me I look like a bird, being 
"cute as a duck" laughing with me not at me, writing little 
messages on my hands, and for simply being able to make 
me smile all the time. I can never thank you enough for that. 
I love you and miss you so much, and will never forget you. 
To anyone else I missed, I'm sorry. I love you all. 

To you wno have been my friend, family, teacher or 
even kind to me I'm not going to thank you because I feel it's 
unnecessary. You already know how grateful I am by the 
sincerity in the smile that I give you when we pass the 
halls... However those of you who have attempted to shoot 
me down at any point that I have lived in Bedford probably 
don't know how much 1 like you. You all know who you are 
and I'd like to use my senior thanks to pay homage to you 
who laughed at me, imitated me, said I was a freak, or 
pretended to be friends with me because you liked my 
house. Some of you even openly admitted that to me and I 
went along with that because at that point in my life I had 
not learned how to make use of your comments. Now I'd 
like to thank you that told me I couldn't come into your 
party because you don't trust my friends, you didn't want 
to be friends with me because I dress different, or pretended 
to feel bad for me that 1 was the only one who wasn't invited. 
Now all your actions have taught me to be better than you 
and even if I don't try I still am simply because. I hope you 
learned from what you did too because it would just make 
you all the more pathetic if you didn't learn from your 
mistakes. ..Oh by the way. Mom, Dad, Rene'e, Mike, Meff, 
Jen, Jessica, Angle, Steph R., Dan, Sarah, Rosie, Pat, Maovan, 
Preston, TJ, Janell, Little John, Tricia, Ryan, Matt, Talise, 
Jimmy, Jay, Andy, Alex, Redneck, Scuzzy Alex, Chad, Josh, 
Jeff, and Cody I love you! 

Activities: Freshman Football 1; JV Football 2; V. Foot- 
ball 3, 4; V Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; V Lacrosse 1, 2, 3, 4; Reckless 
Driving Team 3, 4. Thanks to my parents for always being 
there for me for every good and bad time, for never letting 
me down, getting up for hockey and driving me to every 
rink in the New England area and always being my biggest 
fans and my biggest critics and also making me into the 
person I am, I love you. To my brother Matt for always being 
tafl and playing on the same teams as me and always letting 

me go first in all the things we did, going down the Cape and 
terrorizing the old people, fishing on the boat, going to 
Woodstock '99, Alimann Brothers, and always being a good 
friend. Now my friends. Preston- the biggest BIG DADDY 
I know who could always remember every line in a movie, 
always playing hockey with me and attacking me after I 
made fun of you, but I was only kidding, going to the Sox 
games (we are going to find that guy!) and we did have fun 
with all the drunks in the stands trying to make everyone do 
the wave. I would also like to thank your parents for leaving 
the door open any time I needed some place to go, even if no 
one was home thank you again. Now for my friends: Mike 
Dunne for being lethargic and being so lazy at work. CJ for 
lax and always making jokes during school. Mike B. for 
being the most hardcore metal fan in the school, playing 
guitar and for being the kid who won crackabout in gym 
class. Russ for always slithering and antagonizing me, and 
for being the smallest kid with the biggest mouth. Larry yaw 
kid! lax was always better when we didn't care, hockey at 4 
am every day pretty fun. MR. TJ for being the biggest pimp 
in school. Gagnon, Brad, Jimmy K Tony T, Mark D., Joe K. 
LAWRENCE, Matt O'd, Fabz, Craig, Shane, Erik, Alex M., 
Kevin, Josh S., DANTE, Richard, McFarland, Daley Allaby, 
Keithv, Bentley, Austin, Pete savage, Jason H., Kirk, Kadish, 
Lima, Vandal, Tommy M., Josh P., DanHo, Jeffery Dacey, 
Ken Dog, Delungus, Corey, Ian, Brian S., Trelegan, Peter 
Lombardini, Dan, Schof, Duke, Jack, Harry, Jeff Jacobs, 
Mike Presti, Devin Lafo, Jay Raposa, Brad and Jeff Silva, 
Chad R., Nick K., chubby dog. Jay B., Danny Boones, Busa, 
Sebastian, De Arujo', Hank-eric, Doug M., Smiley, Teddy, 
Pippi, Randy-ryan, Squeaks, AU-Star David Salvi, Sarge, 
Jon See, Jeremy King, Christian, Rvan W., and anyone else 
I missed I'm sorry. My teammates from football: ENjy, 
Gartland, Griecci, Kennery, Marcus, Preston, Doug, Darren, 
Ricky, Dan, and my fiiend Chad for having football written 
on your forehead. Hockey brothers: Kenny man for always 
being the toughest kid and always calling me Wayno, 
Danny for using my equipment when you forgot yours, 
Larry for getting a new stick every game and shooting pucks 
at my head in front of the net, Preston for always trying to 
fight on the ice, Dunneboy for trying so hard in practice and 
going to the Fleetcenter every year and watching the games 
with me and calling me Wayne, Jeff for being on my line 
with Mike and always ignoring Bevins when he yelled at 
you and for always playing hard, Nicky for being the goalie 
and for always being the last one out on the ice and never 
doing sprints, Sargent for always making fun of the hanks 
on the ice who couldn't skate. Spencer for having the biggest 
cur\'e on a hockey stick and for always shooting it over the 
net, Greg D. and Russ for always slithering and making kids 
hit you back, and Chris for always coming through on d 
when we needed it. Lax men for every one of you calling me 
Ratio even Coach, Justin for being addicted to tax and trying 
to get us all to be as good as you, Derek for being the biggest 
oaf of a lax player, Griecci for playing attack and for talking 
trash to all the defensemen, Larry for making too many 
moves but still getting things done, DJ Bob for being a nut 
and playing goal( it is harder than it looks) but still keeping 
it real in the cage, Stockwell for cradling so much and 
always reminding me to join the Marines, Rocko for being 
one of the only one on the team who had a penalty for 
unnecessary roughness like me, Andy for going long stick 
kid, and for working harder than anyone else in practice, 
1590 for being the smallest attackman with the fastest hands 
and always throwing an up-fake before shooting, Jeff for 
being sick on d and always throwing gillmans down field. 
To the lacrosse managers who made us cookies thank you 
Anna S., Jenny M., and Sara P. you were the best mangers 
ever. Finally to all my girls: Trinity Dunne, Natalie, Lisa S., 
Stephoill), Danielle A., Greta, Nicole G., Larson, Matema, 
Sara, Shannon, Crystal, Michelle, Rachel, Andrea, Pam, 
Nikki I., Jenny L., Tricia, Jessica Mc, Liz B., Liz P., Kelli, 
Mystery Bathe, Heather T., Sarah A., Liana babe, Jenn ya 
beat, Robin, Sheena, MeghanCandice, Cristi, Nicole L., Juliet, 
Bianca and Aleah-hey of course I didn't forget you-its been 
short and fun we just met last year and we have built a great 
tTiendship which we will never loose and all the good times 
that we have had just make us more closer and we might 
move on but I will never forget you remember that... Future 
Goals- go to college get a degree while playing hockey, get 
drafted, many a beautiful brunette who would travel with 
me when I am in the NEL, have kids and bring in contracts 
until I have enough money where me or my grandchildren 
have to work another day in our lives, and I can buy a 
mansion, a monster truck, a mustang, and a collection of 
cars and live my life to its fullest. - 
RaVMA Oierr 

I would first like to thank the two people in my life who 
have always supported me in everything I do, my mom 
and my dad. Thank you for your continuous support and 
your endless love. 1 owe everything to you. I want to give 
a special thanks to you, Jenny. You always cheer me up and 
put a smile on my face. You couldn't be a better sister. Josh, 


I have always looked up to you and you've always looked 
out for me. Thanks for being my protective big brother. I 
love you all! Keith, 1 want to thank you for always being 
there for me and being my best friend. 1 can't imagine the 
last 2 years with out you. As for my friends, I want to thank 
you all. Catherine, Emily, Lizzy, Carrie, Krissy, Jessie, An- 
drea, Alyssa, Nicole V., Nicole G., Ana, and Katie we've 
had some great times together! Nicole, you definitely made 
Chem. a memorable experience. 1 want to thank Kevin for 
always being someone 1 can count on. You truly are a great 
friend. Emily, vou are the most sincere person 1 have ever 
met. Your friendship has meant so much to me over the 
years. I also want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan, for being 
the best teachers 1 have ever had! Thank you everyone for 
making my 4 years at BHS so memorable! 

ACTl V rri ES: Cheerleading 3,4 Captain 4; JROTC 1 ,2,3,4 
Commander 4; Drill Team 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; 
SADD 3,4; Interact 2,3,4; Softball 1; French Club 1,2; Peer 
Leadership 4; Girls State 3. First I'd like 2 thank my family. 
MOM: You are the "wind beneath my wings", my best 
friend, and someone whom 1 can always count on. I know 
1 sometimes don't show it but I luv U very much! 4 ever and 
always-bubbalu. DAD: Thanks 4 Letting me be your "little 
girl" & your "favorite daughter". U always find a way to 
make me laugh. G.l.JANE-l'll never 4-get. luv ya-bubba 
CHRIS: U R the best bro a girl could have and r always 
there 4 me whenever I need someone. Member-Halloween, 
"ricca" kids, your b-day party, "CHUBBY BU.NNY", OOB, 
help @ Jimmy's, Sorry about the t-bird! U R one my best 
friends & 1 miss you so much! To my grandparents: for 
always being there for me, giving me a place to sleep and 
always having good food. Thanks to all of my other 
relatives for fun times, and 4 always being there when 
needed RITA: thanks 4 locking me in the car BRIAN: 4 not 

being able to stop laughing ever! ERIN: beaverwackers! 

NY PAYNE's: badminton, bocce ball, & all the jello salad & 
baked ziti 1 could ever eat. BOLANDS,CHAPAS,NEFFS: 
vou're like a second family to me, thanks! MRS. BUSA, 
SPICER, AND MRS. HIGSON: 4 helping my mother re- 
main sane MAURA: "D.J. MO" my best friend. My cheer- 
ing buddy-What would 1 do without you? Mrs. Sakelakos's 
bio class,' cheering-UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,foothall games, 
Coggins, cheering camp, entertaining car washes , Hallow- 
een party, you and Chris, "his highness", you & starnzey, 
my b-ball player too! , parties, Tim's, MG & JS — pretty 
ugly!!!! ROTC ball- limo, nsync, getting lost ocean park, 
spilling coolata, OOB, hotties, PAUL, britney skank, peter, 
weren't we all 18? t-bird , "greenmobile", FLO. CHEVVY 
RUNTS!, staying@your house, JIMMY!!!!!(theghost),TONY, 
watching movies @ my house. You're my best friend and are 
always there for me. Thanks! KATIE: ROTC twm, frizzy 
hair, "skanky hor", ROTC class, hair gel , blue contacts, 
guys— BS, MA, PD, BS, oh yeah and BS. OOB- stealing 
rings, Chris flippin' out, staying up till Sam, 99 cent t-shirts. 
NYC, swearing in the park, liking every guy there, KK is 
hot. Able breakmg my nose, CHEWY RUNTS!. We've had 
so many good times that they outweigh the bad You're 
always there for me-1 truly appreciate it 1 love you 
CHAPERS!!! LIZ B: been through so much! Since /"^ grade, 
we've been wicked close, tree in your backyard, "lets go 
play arena footbaU, Larry." , pop-warner cheering, glamour 
shots, Doritos, awesome psyche bags. Crying @ cheering 
camp, youth center days with vervilles,Doug, Its been fun, 
1 can't thank you enough for everything you did for me "that 
night", "I'm okay cuz I'm standing on the rug, the stars 
aren't glowing anymore!" luv ya! DANIELLE: skittles and 
daisies, 8* grade, ice skating, saved by the bell, ced, country 
test, luv-ya! Thanks 2 everyone in ROTC COLONEL:great 
teacher, great stories SGT PICKNEY: 4 always picking on 
me SGT ROLLEND: 4 "pop" quizzes and always telling me 
my bangs look good JAMIE: rides, saying 1 was quiet, 
making me laugh, "role model commander" TERINNA: 4 
also liking Brandon NATASHA & MICHELLE: always 
telling the truth MARK & PAT: "secret lives of command- 
ers", drill team, Salem, great 2 party with! JASON: making 
me laugh, never on timeSTEPHANIE: "1 might be Betsy" 
KATIE B: not wearing socks ABBY: cheering a whole week 
BRANDON: my "yice-commander"-l luv ya!, I've known 
you for 4 years & you still make fun of me. 6:00 practices, 
Maine, carnivals, and all the ROTC dances, u made high 
school fun! MAURICE: those 2 V2 months were fun It was 
a relationship I'll always remember You're a great person- 
never change BECCER: frizzy hair, ROTC talks, being late, 
fashion advice, BNL. DRILL TEAM: #1 Baby! keep up the 
good work! '99-'0O cheerleaders — we have so much fun 
together! TALISE & CRYSTAL: hottie chicks, senior stunt, 
"superstar", FLO, I've gotten to know you both very well, 
luv you guys! CHEERLEADERS: we are #1 ! Beth, & Chris- 
tine "crackhead" Blanchard -goodluck next year! Michele, 
Jackie, Danielle, Nicole, liana, estrella(missyou) frosh-keep 
cheering! MRS GARAFALO: best spaghetti in the world! 

MRS GULLAGE: best coach ever LIZZIE V: rides, coggins, 
u and CJ, that thing you do, this kiss. 'I'm chillv" , 
"UGGGGHHHHH" and purple bridesmaid dresses MIKE: 
Chris' best friend, letting me tag along, surprise party, math 
class , making fun, sarcasm, klutz, seeing the "blue light", 
OOB was a blast! DAVE: laughing at me when I "slipped", 
dunkin donuts, fun @ Jimmys ROB: 4 calling me Chris 
MATT KERVER: fun at leonicks BRAD: 4 loanmg me 40S 
JEFF: that night at Tim's CLASS OF 2000: - luv each & every 
one of you. Sorry if I forget to mention anyone. JIMMY L: 
always finding ways to make fun, washing my clothes & 
letting me wear yours, "you don't hate me", trampoline, old 
house/new house, Halloween, SORRY ABOUT YOUR RUG! 
KEVIN: ROTC ball, Mr. Fichera's class, vanna white, mid- 
night murder, "hole in my pants" RICHARD, ANDY, 
AND JUSTIN: for making me laugh! CHAD: for LC class 
, pole dancing, teenage mutant ninja turtles ERIN B.: 
college fair , sorry about bush at end of vour driveway! 
KORYNNE: piano class ,going to dunkin-d's GAIL: fun at 
the cape, hot b-ball players, school dances, Mary Kay 
SHAUNA: long time friends, girls state tea, spooky world, 
class prez, cheerleading tryouts. Homecoming "driving 
me home" Chad pole dancing, teenage mutant ninja turtles 
MARK D: 4 parking spaces DINA: always complaining, 
homecoming MATT EVJY: 8"' grade semi-formal KARI K: 
piano, gym, junior prom MEFF: being my next door neigh- 
bor 4eyer, those were some great times STEFAN: SAT's, 
calming me down, deep breaths, Alex, double jeopardy, 
Alex, Barnes & Noble. GRIECCI: Thanks 4 5"' grade, having 
a crush, partying, that night @ tim's, and 4 being not only the 
best but hottest football player(#64!) Luv ya! PETER: turtle- 
necks, borrowing my jacket, smirk PAM & ALEAH: that 
night at Liz's JIMMY H: for prom, eating lunch together 
TONY: 4 calling me a skank. At First Sight, Outside Provi- 
dence, partying, leonicks, taco bell, "cool Jimmy" wearing 
abercrombie, gimme my hat back. VERVILLES: 4 always 
being there. U guys were my bestest friends. 1 luv u all! 
AMY F: CHEWY RUNTS! Mark and Pat in the dark, back 
sink of ROTC room, sox games, I'm gonna visit u, I sware. 
CHRIS DUPREY: #44 or 45?, jade. NICK, PETE, DOUG, 
DANNY, AND TOMMY L.: 4 fun @ jade. ROBBIE:wa tching 
movies, fun in the summer. Thanks to Alex: 4 being such a 
little hottie, "too cool" to talk to me, skank, your the "perfect 
height" at dances, and I hope things work out good, luv-ya!. 
A quick thanks to; Alyssa, Krissy, Andrea, Cirilia, Liz h, 
Catherine, Jessie, Larry, McFarland, Bobby, Craig, Ricky, 
Emily, D-Mike, Amity, Ana, Wiener, Marcus, Danielle 
Adams, Dan Baron '99: Jill, Kristin Twombs, Shamarian, 
Presti, Bosman, Tracey G, Tim, Jenn Moen, Busa, Keith 
O, Hannah, Starnes, Sara Yen, Jen Jones, Fagan, Jesse, 
Eric Lanza, 'OliJenny Busa, Sarah Collins, Nikki Downs, 
Jason Duggan, Josh, Liz P, Katie "skank" sylva, Jonny 
twombs, Johnny Whallon '02: Sarah A, Leslie, C Giusti, 
Dennis, Robin. Mrs Jordan: thanks 4 everything-your 
wackiness has gotten me through and you've made writing 
English papers so much easier! Thanks to Ben Affleck for 
being the hottest man alive. Last but not least I'd like to 
thank Fred-my imaginary friend anyone else that 1 forgot: 
I'm sorry but 1000 words is not enough. Future Goals: to be 
succ_^sful, lyippy, and live forever! 
BfxtTv ?etrhni 

ACTIVITIES: Tons of stuff 1234 
Thanks to: MY LORD and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me 
life, and allowing me to do all things through him. .MOM 
AND DAD: helping me every step of the way, being so 
loving and wonderful. I could not have asked for better 
parents.lLU. SETH: late night talks, watching tv with me, 
the drives, teaching me about life, being so smart, making 
me a strong person, being so tough on me to be myself and 
to be independent. I miss you soooo much! ILU. SARAH: 
being so funny, asking advice, letting me borrow your 
clothes, cruisin' around with me, being crazy and zany with 
me....shimmy shimmy coco pop! You are my best friend ILU 
babe. NAN: sharing your life stories with me, worrying 
about me, and being the most fascinating person I know. U 
should write a book someday. ILU. GRANDPA: seeing how 
my games went, and how scooping was going. ILU. 
GRANDMA; late night phone calls, Sunday dinners, choco- 
late chip cookies, Phil. 4:13 ILU. RAQUEL: being our third 
sister ILU. DONALD; Iways being my date, and the middle 
kid just like me ILU. SUZANNE;freshman year, notes in civ 
class, J/k, remember?, dirty dancing, rollerblading, semi- 
formal, net, mtm, mpb, ROTC, Germany!!! Long bus rides, 
eis, rotenburg, BSB, ryan, savage garden, Vienna, that was 
so fun! Thanks for all your support in everything! 1 couldn't 
have gotten thru these last four years without you, ILU! 
KATlE;first grade through twelfth, junior english, the gum 
the gum, psat's, lunch, how's my lipstick?, senior english, 
sociology, remembering every detail, being crazy. Writing 
me that note in psat's when I was crying, 1 still have it and 
it means so much! 1 still think you should add macoroni to 
your name! ILU NICOLE:aIl those phone calls, obsessions, 
free bread, driving like an old woman, taking pictures, nh. 

porch swing, "when is he coming over?", ice cream t 
with rubber duckies, borrowing clothes, semi-formal 
ior prom, chris and mike, calls to and from the HH 
babe! DEREK: notes, history, physics, our talks, spiL 
coffee in my car. 1 miss you so much! ILU. ANA:field hoc! 
making fun of me in 8th grade, colin and kyle, wind 
semble, physics.. ERIC: psat's, talking in the library, engl 
thanks for being there for me last year. LIZ B; art 9, typi 
10, bedford farms, prom committee, our fights.and beinj 
funny. .ANDREA: softbaU, hearts club forever! marybi 
driving hours, getting our licenses, psat's, indoor fi 
hockey. RAYNA: church, your sleepovers! AU the h 
talks, ILU. A.NNA: wind ensemble, peer leadership, all 
talks, bedford farms, your cool stories, derek, yearboe 
Germany, can't wait for London, we'll get a pic for y( 
hard core puppy love, have fun senior year, don't foi 
about me! ILU! NATALIA; our talks, keep the faith. LIND? 
M. sophomore year. VANESS.'\; wind ensemble, stu 
stories. JEN HANSON: teaching me so much and for 
inspiration books. SHWAYLO: making work so fun, ; 
telling me stories. ADAMJRICE;r my fav freshman. JC 
being so nice and always talking to me. TIMMY: beinj 
cool. JIMMY H: reffing,, car rides, coming to bedford far 
JONNY B; civ freshman year, our poems, you're the b 
ILU. RICKY: I'm going to sing jingle bells the way I w, 
VICKI V! being my twin in historv', indoor field hockey, , 
being so sweet. SHIRA; your prom shoes, you'll get tl 
back someday I promise! NIKKI; wind ensemble, bball, < 
tea time! STEPHEN; physics, mouse trap car, eating f 
with me, ping pong, and being a really great friend. I'll n 
you, BECCA: bball, and all our talks. MEREDITH: t 
hockey and bedford farms. LAURA SCARAMELLI! 
always talking to me. KATIE SLYVA: you're the cool 
ROBIN: for bball and for being awesome! SARAH C; [ 
ting up with me at work and being so funny. MR. V. A 
DAVE; thanks for being the best bosses! MR. REYNOL 
thanks for travel basketball. MRS. SULLIVAN; for encc 
aging me every step of the way, you have made such 
impact thank you! MR. SULLFVAN: HI! Okay 1 think 1 \ 
don't you? SEfiORlTA: for sharing your love of spat 
with me! 

MflcciA Pryce 

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. St 
stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and 
are never ever the same.. .."(unknown) FIRST of all 1 mu; 
thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ for granting me 
serenity to accept the things 1 cannot change... The cour 
to change the things 1 can, and the wisdom to know 
difference. Because of you 1 breathe, because of you 1 1 
You give me the patience to hold on, the strength tc 
strong, and the will to go on. Because of you this privile 
life 1 live and for all that I am and all that you allow me tc 
my thanks to you 1 must give. Mommy; It's been forevei 
how can 1 possibly say TU for all that you have done for 
? U taught me everything U thought 1 needed to knov 
gave me the foundation that I need to build my dre< 
upon and for that 1 TU. U showed me that life is so m 
more than what can be seen, and that 1 am so much ir 
than what others see and I believe U. U helped mi 
understand that life will have so much more to offer 
when I realize what I can give of myself, to myself and 1 1 
U. U taught me how to be a respectable, mature young If 
how to be an independent and strong woman with 
dreams and ambitions. TU for never letting me be 2nd 1 
and for helping me understand that I am so much be 
than average. U ha ve always been everything I needed L 
and for that alone, I TU. All that I am is b/c of U. All tl 
will ever be 1 owe to U. Mommy 143 & from my heart I ti 
doTU. Robin; t just wanted tosay TU, for always being tl 
for me. You gave me the chance that my father didn 
appreiate all that U do, and all the advice U give. 1 ki 
sometimes I can be stubborn, and 1 know it's hare 
understand me sometimes, but 1 appreciate the fact the 
do try, cause very few people do. 143 P.S. All the thin 
said that t wan't in life, trust me 1 WILL get ... Auntie M 
for always telling me what 1 needed to know, when t nee 
to know it. U taught me that strength and independence 
the best quahties for a female to posses and I trust U. 
143.. Uncle M; I just wanted to say that 143. I don t thi 
ever told U that. TU for always telling me the truth, 
keeping it real with me, that always has meant so mud 
Susan, U have finally found your quiet in this world fu 
thunder. Hold on to her. A toast to your happiness! 
TAD; My partner in crime when I'm in SC. Always 
confident and beautiful girl. Remember that boys wil 
ways be there, U take care of U first. Promise me U w 
make the mistakes t did 143. J.R; TU for being the best I 
cousin that 1 could ever have 143, even when U test 
patience. Robbie: Honey what can t say. We had 5 won* 
ful months together. I want U to know that I will nc 
forget you, how could I? We ve been through too much 
have too much of a past. Baby 1 /2 of me belongs to U 
a way it always will. TU 4 letting me be apart of a little f 

our world. Across whatever distance there is between 
I wiU always 43. TU for being that one special person, 
no one else can ever be. P.S.: Thanks 4 heaven. Marcia: 
ved U for last, because to U I knew it would be the 
iest to write. Where do I begin, how do I sum up years 
lemories, in such few lines? Together we ve been around 
world and back, and through it all we managed to stay 
There is so much that we've been thru, in such a short 
!, that onlv we know about. We've spent 1 /2 of our lives 
•ther. So... So many memories. Marc. Remember Wash- 
on? The pool, museum, and jacuzzi. The rught at the 
•1, What would've happened that night? That friday 
it seeing J on the train. The freezing in Kendall Sq. with 
ilv nothing on freezing, still lookin' cute though! 
mont & fields corner. The sweet factory, chocolate 
ihine. Oh shoot, Oh shoot. Estelle's St. Summer Sch. 
idng in the rain. Rose petals. White jeans. Our cuties at 
nail. The dudes on corona. The as long as we can count 
n on OUT hands, we're Okay. Our did you '^o 
ething's, yes! Shhh, don't tell member. So many memo- 
marc. So many, but honeyweV'ejustbegun.Westill 

^4ever.l43somuchgirl Thank U to Eric, 4 the 

norv, lef s just keep it at that Okay. Dia: 4 loving me 4 
i I am, helping me see the world and teaching me the 
meaning of so many things . 1 still 43, and always will, 
lan 4 being ther 4 me, 4 all our late night talks, 4 being 
atient and helping me understand that 1 do deserve the 
in every aspect. 143 honey, always. Dangelo 4 the 
ment". Shawn 4 our incredible car ride, keshia 4 always 
g there. Marcus 4 taking a chance to get to know me & 
iking my girl happy. Ryan & Shane 4 being so fly and 
. Simba 143 brown eves. Nana 4 loving me completely, 
la; R.t.P U'R truly an inspiration. Finally I'm done... To 
me 1 did not mention please blame my mind, not my 
1. 1 Thank god it's finally Over 

VIOM and DAD- Thank you for all your support and 
throughout the years. Thanks for bringing me to all 
e colleges even though 1 didn't want to go. I love you 
>. DANNY- even though we mostly fight, you are a 
f brother. Thanks for always playing the drums so loud 
no one can hear. DAVID- Thanks for being such a cool 
I kid. Keep doing well in school and practicing all those 
ts. You are growing up to be such an amazing kid. You 
lys are making me laugh. Stay out of trouble. I love you 
I. Thanks to Grandma, Grandpa, Mimi and Grandad 
all the rest of my cousins, aunts and uncles. SARAH B- 
ik you for always giving me advice and being like an 
r sister. You helped me get through high school 
lOut worrying about anything. Whenever I did face 
ething tough, you always had lots of suggestions on 
t to do. I don't know where I would be without you. 
ik you so much for everything. STEFAN-drums, toys, 
, five people, newbury comics, fatty, pipe down, school 
hes, giving me a hard time, wars, accepting the fact that 

> see the future, highway time, for stupid fights, bets, 
pton beach, my spazes, toohappy, davcamp, old pez so 
h more and especially for just being there when I really 
led you. Also, Mrs., Mrs and Catherine I- for always 
ng the best stories and being so funny. CAT-1 am so 
we have become good friends. I have onliy known you 
years and still so much has happend. highway time, 
te, excedrin, driving range, learning center, toys r us, 
ground mcdonalds, that good music tape, borrowing 
jres, Billy, 26...w'ait no.. 27 now, train lessons, divorce 
;k, he has a doggy, the omni theatre, where Indians live 
street signs. JESSIE-jessica, we have been here too long. 
I glad you see things the same way as me. Thanks for 
ing issues, hockey vs. soccer, math class, daycamp, 
'ol lunches and trails at Wachusett. AMITY- thank you 
noving here and introducing a whole new culture and 
uage. thanks for being so gullible, fixin, joshin, coppers, 

p.e., jokin on, giving blood to that poor child, garth, 
o, daniel, the age thing and every thing else that 1 just 
t type. NICOLE V-thanks for being such a good friend 
natter what, newbury street, harvard square, reading 
>, movies, learners permit, bikes to CVS, algebra II, 
nany, your cd collection, kicked out of the house, 
sucks, sledding in the summer, apple trees, hamtpn 
h, ballet, doorknobs, email, and of coarse the novel that 

> and I will publish later this year. KRISSY- scatagories, 
r dogs, sledding on the driveway, nintendo, vataha, 
I hockey, band, my one year of tennis and fashion 
;n. KENDRA- for being the funniest person I have ever 
and always making me laugh. I am glad we have 
ained friends. ALEX- for keeping in touch, being such 
ce friend and helping me with stuff. BRADY- camp, 
da, your shaking, singing, running up stairs and skiing 
usches. CARRIE- grn, sociology, and acting "normal" 
n you are around me. FRED- dunkin donuts, physics, 
husett and for always being funny without ever trying. 
'SSA- table of values! KEVIN- choking in seventh 
ie, pooh, sociology, dawsons night, physics and those 

toothpick towers, cooking crepes, golfing and burger king. 
ED- andi, your mom driving us to camp and for Softball 
freshmen year. WIENER-the midget and tuxedos, Jesus 
loves you! EMILY- physics class, fourth grade, eight grade 
and for being the nicest person I have ever met. NICOLE G- 
Walsh, borrowing your car, teaching ccd, babies in pots 
calendar and much more. CATHERINE H- camp and that 
great tan of yours. LARRY- wind and for bemg online all the 
time so 1 know where to find you. SARAH M- Dunkin 
Donuts, cranberry muffins, dessert table, the fast walk, 
Teagan and Billy. KATIE S- not ever being aware of how 
loud you actually are, singing, taking cheese from the tray 
to try and catch the mouse, that cd that I will buy and 
learning center. TRICIA- being a goalie, camp, driving 
range, highway time and learning center. MIKE G-latin! 
NIKKI DOWNS- latin! and VA mass. DAN L- engUsh with 
you know who. JILL- Germany and staying up late. MIKE 
J- patriots are number one and don't ever forget it, little 
babies, twenty dollars and no necissita un tablecloth. 
KRISTEN M- for trying to watch my little line in field 
hockey. MIKE MEAD- street signs, semi, daycamp, 
Wachusettand scary sister. ANNA S- french horn and 
nsync. COLLEEN- the nose thing. GREG- 1 know your 
album will someday make a lot of money. I promise to buy 
every cd you guys make. Thanks for always being there 
even though you have been through so much yourself. 
ELYSE, ALEX'and RICHlE-for being the coolest and only 
freshmen that I know and (alex) for telling me when he is 
home. CAPTAIN BLANCHARD- daycamp and hockey 
camp. MS. MEAD, for getting my meals straightened out 
and for making me do all my work and not just some. 
KELLY (MS. GULLAGE) for helping me with everything 
and always saying the most random things ever. Thank you 
MS. ROACH for being my favorite middle school teacher. 
MRS. MORRIS- Winnie the pooh, how did you find out? 
MR. SHEVORY- Just wait and see. I will be'back in a few 
years to prove it. 1 wUl be so rich. Gravity is a state of mind. 
You know lam right. Thanks for being such a great teacher. 
You made an impossible subject interesting, and thats hard 
to do. Last, but definitely not least, MRS. JORD.AN. Thank 
you so much. Without your help, 1 would probably still be 
a sophomore. Thanks for being so weird and always listing 
to me complain about everything. No matter what you have 
always been there for me. Thanks to anyone else 1 may have 

First of all 1 want to thank my family. Mom- thanks for 
always being there for me when I needed you, thanks for 
putting us before yourself so many times. You mean so 
much to me. I love you. Dad-thanks for helping me through 
tough times, playing catch, and helping me stick through 
little league. Rvan- 1 couldnOt have asked for a better 
brother, youOre the man. Thanks for wrestling and just 
always being there. Jessie-YouOre as cool as a little sister 
can be. 1 know youOre going to be a heartbreaker in a few 
years. If you have any problems with guys or anything, just 
let me know and lOU take care of it. Brenden- thanks for 
being a cool cousin. Thanks for skating, (all the time), and 
not caring what anybody thought. Jon- thanks for being 
another cool cousin. Thanks for always laughing at my 
jokes and knowing how to drive a street sweeper. Thanks 
Auntie Diane-pizza night, Earl-my funniest uncle, my car. 
Auntie Debbie-for having a video store. Uncle Billy-hang in 
there, my thoughts are with you. Auntie Lisa-helping with 
Spanish, and funny songs, Melanie, Lindsey, and Kylie- 
thanks for being great cousins and neighbors. Next I want to 
thank my friends. Richard-for being the craziest, funnest 
guy around, for our deep philosophical conversations, for 
not moving to another town, for helping me get a job, then 
quitting, snowboarding, and for all our other zany adven- 
tures. Justin-thanks for never finishing any food, getting a 
car first, teaching me how to slack, snowboarding, and for 
having a cool j;irlfriend. Mike- thanks for being a football 
player, ChadOs house, and for always being up to doing 
something crazy. CiriUa-thanks for being the coolest girl 
around, being one of the guys, the quarries. Biology, and 
always calling me names. Kyle-thanks for being German, 
having a cool dog, having the coolest family, and 
snowboarding. Kristen-thanks for being so great, shooting 
stars, screaming while Justin was driving, snowboarding, 
once in a while. Nicole-thanks for the rides, and letting me 
take care of your dog. Griecci-thanks for being in my band, 
snowboarding, and the mail. Stefan-hanging out at your 
house, the band, the mall, and always doing something 
funny. Larry-for being the friendliest guy around. Brent- 
for a crazy summer of mischief, warped tour, going to 
California, and coming back, and just being a fun crazy guy. 
Crystal-for junior prom, and being the best cheerleader. 
Amity-for semi-formal, and for being from the south. Sara, 
Kim, Lee, and Kathrv'n, thanks for being fun to hang out 
wiht. Kennery, Marcus, Darren, Shane, and Erik-just for 
being so fun to hang out with. The lax crew, Presti, Jacobs, 
Rob, Devon, Sylva Brothers, Derek, Kesslar, and everyone 

else. My teachers, Mr. Sheinfeld-for being the best art 
teacher around, and putting up with us, Mrs. Sulhvan, for 
being the best english teacher, sorry 1 never wrote that 
paper, Mr. Griffen, Senorita, Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Irving, and 
everyone else who ever taught me anything. My coaches, 
Ed wards-for being a fun guv, teaching me about determina- 
tion and dedication, Leary-f or being such an understanding 
guy, and just being a great coach, you make me want to win 
and give all I can, OOConnor-tenacity, McGrath-thanks for 
all the crazy stories. Thanks to Officer Undzis for not 
arresting us, and for the rides. Everyone else who should 
have been thanked, thank you. 

First off 1 would like to thank my parents. Thank you for 
helping me with all my school work and also helping me get 
by day by day. Mom- I am going to miss our talks, your 
advice and you helping me with my homework. Dad- It is 
going to be hard for you not being there for me when I have 
a problem with either my life or my car. Thanks for all the 
help. 1 love you both very much and I am going to miss 
being so close to the both of you. Tucker- 1 do not know if 
I have been the greatest influence in your life, but I have 
tried my best. We have had some real fun times, like all the 
family vacations, yeah! 1 do not think 1 could ever have gone 
through Ufe without you. 1 hope we stay close throughout 
our lives. You're a cool kid and 1 love you very much. To 
my dawgs, Michelle, Jenny, and Danielle, we have had the 
very best of times. Michelle- 1 seriously do not know what 
I would of done all of these years without you. There are so 
many fun times that we have had partying together. One of 
my favorite times with you was at my N.H. cottage on the 
dock. We sat there for hours and talked about things that we 
would never tell anyone else. After that night, 1 knew that 
I had a certain connection with you. 1 really appreciate all 
of you advice and honesty. I hope that we never lose touch 
because I know 1 will never in my life have a friend as 
precious as you. Jenny- 1 do not know how I will ever go 
through life without you, so we better keep in touch. I am 
so glad we became best friends. I have never found a friend 
that I felt that I had so much in common with. I always have 
felt that 1 could tell you anything and you would not judge 
me or look at me differently. We have had a lot of good times 
together. Remember when we were in Danielle's blue car 
and you, me, Michelle and Danielle drove to that aban- 
doned truck place. We went through all the trucks, cars and 
sheds. That was so scary but wicked fun. Partying this year 
has been fun, when we finally found a place to go. You 
better come back to M.A. for college, so that all of the dawgs 
can get an apartment together and always stay in touch. 
Thanks for everything, babe! Danielle- A burger is a burger. 
That can be our private joke, that no one else can know- 
about. I love how we became so much closer this year. Hove 
our lunch talks because I know that nothing would ever 
leave the truck and you give such good advice. I hope we 
stay partying together for years and years. Jessica Dee- lam 
really sorry for puking all over your house. I hope we stay 
in touch. Russ- What can I say? We may be going through 
some dif ficult times but I just want you to know that you are 
one of the best things that ever happened to me. I think we 
helped each other go through some tough times, and we 
have had a lot of fun together as well. 1 will always love you 
and you w ill always be in my heart, no matter how 1 may act. 
Thanks for all you have done for me. Jerry- Even though 
you may not be reading this, I just want you to know that I 
think you are one of the coolest guys I have ever known. 
You always make me laugh and feel happy when 1 am sad. 
You have a personality unlike any guv that 1 have ever met. 
You were one of the people that was always ready to party. 
1 am going to miss you so much. Sean (Tuna)- Hey toots! 
You are a one of a kind person and I am glad that we are 
friends and neighbors. Thanks for always being a funny 
and ready to party kid. Mike Donovan- You are the goofiest 
kid 1 know. Thanks for bringing me up to Hull with you 
guys. I hope everything goes well with you and Jessica 
Kenny- I am sorry for almost puking in your mouth at 
Tuna s house. You are always fun to party with. I hope we 
do not lose touch. Ryan Kennery- Remember that night at 
Nick Deluca's house? Sorry, I really had to go home. I know- 
all of these years you have had a crush on me but you can't 
have me, just kidding. Danny and Brian- Thanks for always 
making me laugh in school to work class. GregDacey- Even 
though you may be annoying sometimes, you always make 
me laugh, even when you are making fun of me. We may 
not be as close as we use to be, like in the summer when we 
went out to breakfast and drove around town all day. We 
do end up partying together. I can not wait to see you in ten 
years. I'd like to see how much you have changed or if you 
have stayed the same. Good Luck in life. Special thanks to: 
The Bieren family, Lawrence family, Mrs. d'Entramont, Mr. 
DiPietro, Mrs. Ambrose, Jessica Materna, Kefe, Dale, 
Meghan, Ana, Greg T., CJ, Austin, Ken Robinson and Joe. 
To any one else that I forgot, thank you. 


First, I have to thank mv Dad for putting up with me. I 
love you, Pops. Jen for being the best friend I'll ever have. 
Love vou always. Thanks to Josh M. for everything. Thanks 
Ms. O'Malley for always listening to me when I needed 
someone to. Ms. Carol Spicer, you rock. Thanks Spicer & 
Josh S. for all the cruises through Chelmsford — Good 
times!! Greg, Michelle, Kenny, and Ken Dog for always 
being cool. Also thanks to Little Spice for being the coolest 
little chick I know. Love vou man. Thanks to Billy for 
always helping me out. Thanks N Boy (you know who you 
are) for all the after school sessions. Stephanie for everyday 
at lunch. Thanks Cirilia for all our wonderful conversations 
& all the little games. Trish for listening to my constant 
complaining, I appreciate it. Mr. Sullivan, cuz he's the man. 
Richard & T.J. cuz we go way back. Love you two. Justin S. 
you're like a brother to me. Finally, I thank myself for 
making it. And Thank God it's over. 

Activities-Soccer-1,2,3 Skiing-1,2,3,4 Lax-1,2,3,4 Spanish 
Club-1,2,3 SADD-3,4 Bov Scouts-1, 2,3,4 Peer Leadership- 

Future Goals: live out west for a year, then get a real job and 
settle down. First I'd like to thank mv parents-you guys 
helped through all of the good times and the bad. For this 
I'm forever grateful. You helped to shape me mto the person 
I am today. Thank you for always pushing me to do my best. 
BETH-my one and only sister. We have had our good times 
and ourbad,but I don't think 1 could have asked for a cooler 
sister. 1 know we'll always be close. The TATES-my second 
family. I have grown up with vou and I will always remem- 
ber the family get togethers and, of course, the fanuly 
feuds. ..Thanks. JEREMY-now that you're out of college I 
hope we can continue our friendship. I have always looked 
up to you and I hope that we never lose touch as the years 
progress. ..JON-we've been through a lot together, from 
breaking windows at Davis to just hanging out. Thanks, I'll 
never forget all of the memories. ..JEFF-you've always been 
in the mix of it all. Have fun in High School but don't be 
stupid. I'm here if you need me. The GARDINIS-thanks for 
all of the holiday fun. It's nice to know that I have a place to 
go besides home. Thanks for all of the trips to Maine, they're 
memories I'll cherish forever. Thank you to the rest of the 
family, especially Aunt Debbie and Michelle and Uncle 
Paul. Y'ou're the greatest. DAVE&AMY-I love you guys. 
You helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life. Dave, 
I'll be coming to you for a job, be ready. Amy, we'll always 
have Ben and Jerry's ice cream and Dave there's always 
sports, thanks. LARRY,MlKEM,JlM,MIKEG,DAN-youguys 
are great. Physics was great and so were the family style 
lunches. May the saga be continued once we leave. It's been 
real fun, we made high school a blast. BOBBY(Bubba)- 
we' ve grown apart these past four years. We just went in our 
own directions. I always had a blast when I was w/you. We 
have so many memories that 1 couldn't list them 
all(backstreet), I'll always think of you on April 14, good 
luck w/DJ BOB and everything else. DON-chillin' with you 
in your basement, projects, playing darts. I really admire 
your artwork. I'm glad I finally got to model for one of your 
drawings, I always wanted to, good luck in the future. 
EMILY-thanks for being there if I needed to talk. I hope you 
never change b/c you're always happy and looking to 
brighten everyone's day. We'll always have PSATs and 
Espanol, thanks for always helping me out, I'll never forget 
you. BETH-vou're such a weirdo, buts it what makes you, 
you. Surgery buddy, I'll never forget it. Keep it real, always, 
and good luck with basketball, you'll never stop making me 
laugh. JUSTlN-we'll always have espanol and struggling 
through math. STEPHEN(Lylicious/1590)-you've always 
been my voice of reason and valued friend. I've always 
known that I have you to count on. So many memories- 
kickin' back, relaxing, blitz, physics, you being the smartest 
kid in the world, lax, the club, going crazy w/lack of sleep, 
driving standard, proms and semi's, and everything else. 1 
can't thank you enough for everything you have done. I've 
always looked up to vou, thanks for all the advice, I know 
we'll always be friends-l'll never forget you. KRAZY-K- 
we've come a long way since 7th grade. I'm glad we've 
become friends, we always have fun-hide'n-seek, Laekan 
stuff, private parties-everything else. Laekan will go far, I 
know it. In the future, always leave enough time for fun, 
don't forget that. You're a great friend and I appreciate it. 
JEFF-where to start? We've been friends since 2nd grade. 
Our friendship has always been strong. You've always 
given me the right advice and showed me the right way in 
life. I've looked to you for moral examples as we've grown 
up. We've been through it all, no short cuts. It's great to 
know that 1 have such a great friend that I know I can 
depend on, forever. Our friendship is something I have 
always valued. It's one in a million; I'll never find a greater 
friend. Our memories together will always he a part of who 
1 am Thanks for everything. TRACEY'(babe)-thesepast four 
\ ears of high school we only as good as they were b/c of 

you. "If s all coming back to me know." We have so many 
memories together-Oct. 1 9, November 27, April 1 , Su perbowl 
Sunday, and most of all September 6. Always remember 
that 1 will always be there for you. I said it in 7th grade and 
I still mean it. There's always Chilis, Michelle's front steps 
(the beginning), Hanukkah(when we became one), doctors 
and dentist, long talks until morning, bike rides to each 
others houses(day or night-Columbus Day '97), shoeboxes, 
letters, NY'-Aunt Ellen's house /Thanksgiving( vou being 
sick all day but still being so cute), finding out what our kids 
will look like(it will happen, 1 promise- 
AshleighLauren&AdrienneEHzabeth), the trip back from 
NYthotdogs&saurkraut), Limo birthdays. Cafe Luigi's, the 
malKbuying shoes), P05/Dawson's-walking the dog, fig- 
uring out what 143 means, flowers&balloons, semis and 
proms(aIl of them together-always), being there for me 
through the good and bad, even the worst. FloridaCriding 
jet-skis, tanning), Maine-the memoriesCPictionary, fishing), 
making tapes for each other, Christmas, meeting the 
fam(being a part of the fam) I could go on forever... Thanks 
for everything. I love you now and forever, never forget that 
or forget about me. Thank you for moldmg me into the 
person I am today-without vou I would be a lost soul-you 
complete me. You filled a space in my heart that will always 
be yours. No matter where my path takes me in life, I hope 
that I always have you. I love you, thanks for making me, 
me. To everyone else-thanks. I hope I didn't forget anyone, 
if I did I'm sorry. It's been real, tfianks everyone. 

ClhliA Role ' 

Activites: Rizzo/Grease, Sarah Brown/Guys and Dolls, 
zines, German, peer mediation, class presidentCll), track, 
prom chairperson snowboarding, skiing, swing dancing, 
photography, golf course, Dunkin Donuts, Jiffy Lube 
To Bedford High: I know you think Bedford is boring but I 
wish you knew how much I envy the years you've had to 
spend together. Thanks for always making me feel wel- 
come. To everyone-you'll all get a letter that has what I 
didn't have the room to say, okay? Thanks:Mom, Dad, Vin, 
Nana and Co., Texas relatives, Pat and my new stepfamily 
Joey my awesome baby sister and my pug Spankv. To 
Heather (for DD's), Jessica McLaughlin, Greg "No words 
can explain. .."Trelegan James Reinhardt, Ryan, Jamie, Den- 
nis for making me feel hot, Brenden FoylCI'm talking about 
a place called ASPEN...") Stephanie "You look like me" 
Abrams for not only sharing our asian eyes but my crush 
and insecurities. You're awesome. Larry, for polisci, 
Rickadoodle, Talise my favorite girl. Shannon for goosing 
me, Alex, Rayna, Crystal, Kevin, Rob Luongo Tony, Warford, 
Napalie, Jeff for letting me stare, Mike Gartland for being an 
8-year old teddy bear, Justin Andy my doppleganger, Rich- 
ard, my first friends and still the best. Remember spin the 
bottle MFA, the skywalk elevator hoedown, wifebeaters, 
stranded at Sunday River, Maine, the quarries, Wachusett, 
lunch, Fenway, my guUability, I love you guys so much, 
ever since the time you surrounded me at my locker. Chad, 
I'm glad you are in my life. Teachers: Sullivans, Reynolds, 
Palmer, Pete, O'Malley, Tosio, Hennessy. The J-Team for 
being nice to me, and Nomar Garciaparra for being so 
awesome. In my future, marriage, 3 boys, big house, old fast 
cars, wealth and fame would be nice, love aplenty, happi- 
ness galore. 

I d like to thank my grandparents for believing in me. 
I'd like to thank my two dads; you' re both great dads. To my 
mom thanks for keeping me on my toes and just for keeping 
me around. Thanks to the Santerres and the Dorhetys for 
making me who I am to day. Much thanks to Spicer, T.c, 
Carrie Ruch, Shannon the lizard queen, Jon and Stephane, 
Pinky, The china man Jamie, my sister the pain, the hfc you 
know who you are, and beckwiths for being so cool. Thanks 
to the to the two of the greatest people in the Bedford high 
school system Mrs Jordan and MissO'Maley thanks to them 
for helping me and being cool for five years. If I forgot to 
thank someone you probably didn't deserved to be thanked. 
Last but not least I'd like to thank myself for accualy coming 
back to school i couldn't have don't with out me. 

Sean SMAae 

I would nke to thank my Mom most of all for standing 
by me and helping me through everything. I would also like 
to thank Mrs. Jordan for always being there for me, sticking 
up for me and keeping me on track. If it wasn't for you I 
vvouldnOt be graduating. I would like to thank the ACE 
program for Iielping me out and smarting me up. I would 
like to thank Mrs. O'Malley and Mrs. MacGregger for 
helping and making sure I was where I was suppose to be. 
I would like to thank a bunch of my friends: Danny and 
Biannca- I had allot of fun partying it up in your garage. 
Danny you are one of the my coolest and funniest friends. 
Biannca your the youngest and coolest chick 1 ha ve ever met 
that can party, thanks for staying up all night in your garage 
instead of going to bed. Kenny- You've been one of my best 
friends for more years. I've had the bomb time partying 
with you. Michelle- your one of the nicest girls I know, I'll 

never forget the time you stole my car and almost 
arrested, I'm glad we are friends. Jen and Rachel- I had 
of fun partying late night during the summer and or 
weekends. You guys are mint. Russ- I have been 
friends with you since we were little. We have had all 
fun together and I hope we always do. Danielle- Yo 
Babe! Thanks for always being there for me. Thank 
driving us all home after Allman Brothers. Kendra- 1 1 
you are the most unique and wildest chick. Thank; 
always picking me up for school and being a good fri 
Jenny- What's up toots! I've had allot of fun chilling : 
you. Remember all the great times at the Rez. I'll miss 
when you move. Dunboy- Its been the best chilling 1 
you at lunch and other places, 1 hope we are still partyii 
up later. Ken- We have been real tight over the yearsi 
been allot of fun chilling in your back yard and cruii 
Great Road in your "Pimp Ride". Thanks for always sn 
ingmeup when I'm being stupid. Leanna-Thanksforb 
real sweet and friendly. I'm glad we are good friends, 
and Andrea- I love chilling with you at Danny's, 
mounds and the island. You guys are some of the cutest 
sweetest chicks. Lennie and Jess- you guys are the a 
couple and its allot of fun partying with vou guys. Brae 
been fun having in school and after school sessions, 1 1 
we have allot more. Nikki- Its the best hanging out 
you. I'll always remember the trail behind your he 
Daley- Its been a riot watching you drink your sp 
flavored coke. Your the man. Keith- Its been funny w; 
ing you think your huge. Some of the best times I 
remember were with you. Trisha-Thanks for alway: 
couraging to do the right thing. Your a great friend. T 
vou to aiybodv 1 missed. 

I would like to thank my Mom for having the gre 
influence thus far. Thankyou for giving me freedo 
make the right choices and allowing me to be totally he 
with you all the time. Thankyou for asking a mi 
questions (I mean that). Thankyou Dad for always kee 
your door open and teaching me to never give up it m 
alot to me . Tom for being the "best step father I ever 
and taking me to the Bruins. Debbi thankyou for kee 
Dad inline and always having a sense of humor and hel 
me get my license. Nana, Grandpa, and Glen for al' 
looking out for me and teaching me morals and 
importantly pinochle. Tommy for being the most hi 
person ever and someone to look up to as well as makir 
putt everything out. Liz for being so caring and ke« 
secrets. Jeffrey-being the best little brother and being a 
role model for me and for always smiling when I see 
Aunty Cathy+Uncled Dick (A.C for having us clear 
house-it was the only time it was clean) and being the 
generous, kind, caring family in Bedford also for own 
houses esp.Sugarloaf/golf and future at the cape. San 
calling me Cha-Cha and always laughing together..."! 
just cousins". Keith(oh my 2many things to recall) E 
thing I have ever done with you ever in my life. Its 
quite the experience (proving that yes pepsi can com 
the nose)also for fishing in the Canoe!!-dancing of all k 
Tower Records-teaching me golf-golf camp and just c 
everything spur of the moment. Caley- 111 grow on ■ 
promise. All the Fitzgeralds (Aunt Pat, Uncle Jack, 
Patti), Baums, Smiths, and extended family ever\'wh< 
the USA. the PAYNES for Sturbridge and Disney Wo 
wish we would do more things together they are some i 
best memories. Thanks to the Brutti (the talking chair 
Hill/ Walker family-Larry thanks for playing golf and 1 
21azy to go out but opening up your basement! Cath 
thanks for being my best friend and hopefully the 
doesn't sink. I have the most fun when 1 am with you- 
are no spotted skunks and driving my car- Carrie for 
the best girlfriend-whose line-and good talks-tiki tore 
Liz for meeting me at the church, always havinj 
together,Pizzas, and for being so weird, thanks t 
Friday-breakfast club. Ana you are the funniest perso 
probably despite what you believe will be the most su( 
ful. Nicole for being a good friend and thinking you 
drive better than me, Gloucester, all the stuff we've 
and most recently your "bum on the banister" an 
having a cool mom Mrs. Carey-for being a second 
Stefan thanks for your plan about Amity however I v 
like to thank Amity for all those moonlit walks etc. 
Prom night. Shania RULZ thanks to the Smith family E 
for being cool Mr for making fun of me and Mrs for h 
the same name as my mom. All my friends parents. / 
for giving me the name Kevano. SHANIA!-for just 
you. Rayna thanks for being a good friend, hanging ou 
marrying my cousin. Dawson's people. Stephen you a 
funniest kid I think I have ever met "the quotes are I 
ya" my physics buddy Lindsey thanks for going tk 
torture with me. Krissy for being so gosh dam sexy, 
for being my phone skills student. Mike McF.-Dan-Ji 
Eric I bet we are gonna have fun this year. Family style 
and the conservative coahtion. Jackie S. how did you 

;o sexy. Kremers Kristen its too bad you moved but 
iks for keeping in touch and the BBC. Emily P. you my 
nd are so nice-and so is your family. Andrea we have 
fun that reminds me POOH BEAR!!!(that was the best) 
;eG. you've always been nice. Ryan for the Wizard of Oz 
tree climbing in winter. Shauna you are a great person 
will make an awesome judge. Danielle for sitting 
lUgh 3 years of Math. Pranitan-vou dress nice. Crystal/ 
se-if vou were the last girls on Earth-I definitely would- 
1 1 would if you werent. Katie Busa for being hilarious 
being Scarlett Natalie how did you get to be so loud?!?! 
.C. A special thanks to the only two kids I know that 
lid ever set up a fight and then not show up-you guys are 
,! CatherineG for having good taste in girl friends. Ricky 
memorizing everyones life. The Vanarias-Mr.and Mrs.- 
tor being lifted to class with me-Jamiefor being a genius, 
la L. thanks for thinking of me when you go on your 
5. Kristen J. thank god you are in ceramics and choir. 
Brutti for all your help and advice and all your ques- 
s. Mrs. Walker for always laughing at me no matter 
it I say. Bill for being a cool guy-we should hang out 
etime. Mrs Winick for always sticking up for me with 
and letting me drive vour car. Sorry Matt but you know 
idn't happen like that-good luck with football. MRS 
RRIS- you are the best teacher 1 ever had- thankyou for 
ig tough I know it will pay off in the future. .thanks for 
jys making fun of me at every oppurtunity and all the 
:tical jokes. All my teachers esp. Mrs. Hoyt. I know that 
•got a bunch of people but if you remember me than 1 
ember you and don't feel bad if 1 didn't put your name 
'n, cuz in the usual Kevin-fashion I did this the night 
ire it was due and you can imagine what goes on m 
eones mind when they have to remember every little 
g that has.ever happened to them. 

MOM and DAD, you're the best parents I have! Not to 
ition my best friends. Thanks for trusting me, letting me 
out late then waiting up for me, sending me south so 
ly times, and my 18th B-day- car and partv! DAD you're 
)nly one who can make me laugh at stupid commercials 
the same old jokes. I've loved all the baseball talks and 
;es- all-star and playoff games. MOM thanks for being 
"woman with poofy hair", watching scary movies, 
ing me up Sunday mornings! DANIEL, I'm glad you 
; become as big of a dork as I am! I had fun having 
iowns and letting you win in wrestling! Thanks for 
wing food at me. Oh and the bad dog, he's yours! To 
rest of my family, I LOVE YALL! My thanks and love 
;OD and my church families. MEL, you're my best 
id and my hero. Remember our daily one-hour talks! 
s Cheers, Fridays, running in the rain at Auburn games, 
y grins, or skies that don' t go bring back any memories? 
. the beach trips with the songs that Brian loves, I'm 
;hing now! KRISTEN K. Thanks for being my first friend 
' and for understanding me. Flashlight tag, Killington, 
concert, horse back riding, and the countrv concert... 
e poor boys! Thanks for all the secrets kept! FREDRICK, 
/e one word for vou... Bertuccis! "Who fixed the rolls?" 
nks for being my V friend, fake voices on the phone, 
ing your English grade- "Don't touch me", and for 
g on my side. I'll miss you on Super Bowl night! LINDS, 
nks for rollerblading, egg drops, and bearing through 
ice with me! You'll have to come visit me down south, 
lember guys stink! And to the rest of the HARRINGTON 
ily, thanks for the Dr Pepper! NATALIE You make me 
lad on minute then laugh the next! Beanie babies, loser 
5, getting my car blocked, and my parents leaving town! 
OLE A, vou're the only friend I can say I have grown up 
I. Remember the Grand Canyon! Boy can we dance! 
we have it aU on tape! 1 can't wait to live closer to vou 
CASEY! LYNDON AND FAMILY- Thanks for Jenny! 
NIFER S, I can't believe we got into that Red Sox/ 
kee game! I've never stared at someone so long. Re- 
riber our secret guys! PRAN "where's my chicken?" I 
fun sittin on ALL the benches in Boston Common. We'll 
; fun living together! KRYSTAL, you eat too much 
il! Don't laugh at my initials and stop trying to hook me 
KEV, Garth rulz! But thanks for taking me to theShania 
:ert anyway. Thanks for holding my hand, junior prom, 
■-patch kids, skiing, and Dawsons. Sorry about that 
ting ticket, at least we fought the law! ANNA 
JANNA, I promise I'll give blood someday. Thanks for 
cing my southern ways... and for laughing at me 
never 1 fell for yalls pranks! And remember, age doesn't 
ter! STEFON- be nice to me cause there is a Starbucks in 
cord. Maybe someday we will watch the rest of the 
ityville horrors. And look out for the pooping seagulls 
he beach! HEATHER for long talks, southern ways and 
-lunts class. NICOLE G, for falling down stairs at work, 
ic jams, and rafting in wool socks! KRISTEN M- snick- 
ind skipping PE! CHAD for chasing me down Ricky's 
St! NICOLE V, the skiing talks /cries were awesome! 
iNDON for cleaning my bmw. SHAUNA AND DINA 

for yearbook and lunch. MIKE LINDGENS for talks in Mr 
Palmers class. MAE for letting me roller-skate in your 
house! Thanks to my Bostonian FRIEND for helping me be 
more open-minded. SARAH E, 1 miss skating with you! 
BRIAN H (BK), Do I "hurt you right here?" KATIE N, for 
dying my hair, all the talks on the front porch, the cloths, 
and hurrican opal's memories. ADAM A, 1 miss vou. ERIN 
G he's "pretty fly for a white guy!" AUBREY B for STILL 
being my friend- freshman prom! Thanks to my ice-skating 
coaches 'KATHY and KRISTEN. I'm doing this at the last 
minute so thanks to the people i forgot! 

Jennifer Srniifn 

First I would like to thank mv parents for bringing me 
into this world. I would especially like to thank my mom for 
getting us to move here in the first place and also for 
encouraging me to try new things like the Germany /Aus- 
tria trip my sophomore year, the NY trips, and the London 
trip this year. I would also hke to thank my two brothers, 
Jared and Jason, for setting a good example for me. I'm glad 
that you both always tried your best to get good grades 
because without that influence I might not have cared to do 
the same. Next I would like to thank my teachers for getting 
me through the years here even if I made myself struggle a 
bit. Then I would like to thank all of my friends. Without 
them I would have never gone to the junior prom (thanks 
Erin, Emily, and especially Dan), or I might never have 
joined the \-olleyball team (merci Amandine), or I wouldn't 
have mv fish set up in their tank (thanks Katie). There are 
more of you to thank for being there for me even if all we did 
was talk once m a while. 

Marching Band: 1,2,3, D.M. 4; Jazz Band: 1,2,3; Swim- 
ming: 1,2,3,4; Tennis: 1, Captain 2,3,4; Telemedia 3,4; Pit 
Orchestra 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,4; NHS 3,4; Future Goals; 
To get to bed before 12 tonight, sleep in past 12 tomorrow, 
and maybe, sometime, when I'm not too busy, to play in a 
famous band formerly known as Laekan 
First of all, I'd like to thank my family for always supporting 
me: Shirley and Daddy, thank you so much for always 
pushing me to do better; Dave, Mike, and Vil, thanks for 
being the best brothers in the world; I appreciate all my 
family's done for me; Patti, you've always believed in me, 
even when I didn't meet expectations, and I'll always lox e 
you; All my relatives all over the world, I love you all, 
you've all made me realize how important it is to make time 
to visit people; Jon B., you've been my friend for 12 years 
now, even when I didn't feel like playing tennis, thank you 
so much for putting up with me, and for the great summers 
we had at WW (and the trivial pursuit), for being a great and 
caring friend despite our differences; Stefan 1., thanks for 
being my drumming buddy, and knowing how to get to 
G.C.; Lilian, for being my fellow high school music major; 
we'll go see Dave Matthews one of these days, for the 
wonderful edit room experiences (stickers), for letting me 
make fun of violas, for condoning my drinking of Mountain 
Dew, and for the AP Chem award that's on my wall; Karan, 
we've become great friends over the past few years, thanks 
for making the band happen, random night walks, ping 
pong, being someone who I can talk to about anything, and 
being a fellow Indian; Donnie, you're the man for letting us 
hang out at your house countless times, thanks for the food, 
cherry coke, the car rides (clockwork orange!), and con- 
stantly making me laugh; Jeffy-J, thanks for always being a 
good friend, for paying for your share of the jam session 
pizzas, and for being a fellow Armenian; Danielle, thanks 
for being the best co-drum major I could have hoped for, the 
wonderful week at DMA, thinking up new & neat hairstyles 
for me, and for being another person that I can talk to about 
absolutely anything; Ellen, thanks for not talking about me 
with Danielle, always smiling (bubble of happiness!), and 
for the online conversations; To the entire marching band, 
thanks for making this year a really good one; Shannon, for 
being #3 (or 2?) and remembering all the things I didn't; 
Justin, thanks for 2 years of lunches, comprende, muchacho?; 
Katie C, thanks for being the most understanding person in 
the world, and for the mad swim team bus rides; Steve S., 
thanks for being the other fullback for many years in soccer; 
Dave M., thanks for the wonderful stories during swim 
team, and for making lifeguarding a lot more fun; Stephen 
L., thanks for being one of the funniest guys 1 know, and 
always keeping it real; Brian L., wind and jazz band rocked, 
mad solos, we'll form a band one of these days - school 
song!; Tiger, thanks for being the best damn web page 
designer in Bedford, and just being the coolest guy; Dan C, 
thanks for a very interesting summer with Mr. Tibido and 
Bill and the mad Ikd; Koster, for the AP chem class and 
letting me drive your car (and stickers); Bob, for some of the 
first jam sessions, AP chem, and the DJ skills; Bethany, for 
letting me hang out with you during work. Star Wars after 
the prom, and being someone I can always talk to; Kristen 
M., for being my chamber singers buddy and for the sum- 
mers at WW; Dan B., thanks for letting me get you hooked 
on Mountain Dew, and for pit rehearsals; Jesse Dill, you're 

one of the funniest people around; Danya, for being some- 
one who listens to me, and for the many generally weird 
phone conversations; Erin, for being one of the most honest 
people 1 know, and just being a good friend; Merideth and 
Dianne, for being formidable trivial pursuit opponents; 
Nicole v., for WW summers and the high school swim team; 
Thanks to the swim and tennis teams for a lot of fun bus 
rides; Brett and Tracy, thanks for being my longest-running 
friends, and for always being there for me; Robyn and 
Herald, you've helped me through many tough times, and 

1 appreciate all you've done for my family; To everyone that 
believes in Laekan, we appreciate your support; Kamali, 
Dorai, Tara, Vidya, for the many wonderful trips to NJ, and 
for always being there for me; Mr. Reagen, for all the 
musical inspiration (just ch*ll); Reagen, Chris, Andrea, Lisa, 
Jim, Pat, Nash, and Dave W. for being the coolest people 
ever to run a marching band; Mrs. Krueger, for 2 years of 
endless scientific fun; Mrs. Hoyt, for being the greatest 
teacher and helping me get through tough times; Mrs. 
Litchfield and Mr. Hirsch, for always expecting the best 
from me; Ms. Lorree, for being the coolest teacher and 
encouraging open-mindedness; All mv other teachers, I 
appreciate all you've done; Lastly, 1 would like to thank my 
mother - Amma, you've always been and will always be in 
mv heart, and you inspire me to achieve my goals, thank 
you . 

I+evcn StoczymV'^ 

First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for 
pushing me to do my best even though I usually didn't, and 
God for leading me through my high school years. Also, I 
would like to thank my brother James for going to wrestling 
with me, giving me rides everywhere my freshman and 
sophomore years, and always helping me out when 1 needed 
him. Additionally, I would like to thank all my relatives in 
New Jersey as well as my cousins out in California for 
having mad parties on Christmas and Thanksgiving, and 
for always inviting me to vacation in Pennsylvania. I would 
like to thank the following high school friends and peers: 
Brian - for giving me rides before I had a car; for coming up 
with nicknames for everyone with me - the bums, monkey, 
homeless, etc.; for almost getting us to the Pats-Dolphins 
game (Ticketmaster shafted us); for persuading me to switch 
into my favorite class. Anatomy; for making fun of a certain 
someone who will remain nameless (dudeguys); and for 
just pretty much making fun of everyone in general. Stephen 

- after all these years, we've still remained pretty good 
friends. You and me will always be the best there was, the 
best there is, and the best there ever will be at video games, 
especially Blitz - remember the 150 point massacre we had 

- and Attitude (I'm still waiting for you to beat me with 
Taka). Anyway, I am sure we will stay in contact after high 
school. Take it easy. Ken - whatsup dog? I remember in 7th 
and 8th grade when us, Karlen and everyone hung out 
every day. Dam, I thought it would be like that forever but 
things change. In high school we still got a couple classes 
together and it was cool talking wrestling with you. Triple 
H...I told you he was the man. Good luck in whatever you 
are doing after high school; I still think you could be a great 
writer. Jon Ko - hows your delta? Too bad the Heartland is 
no more, but we can always say that we once worked there. 
The Warped Tour was fun - 1 know, the yoohoo bikini. Are 
we still going to sell lemonade at the '00 Tour? Bye the way, 

2 words. Krystal K - for being the coolest girl 1 know cause 
you watch RAW. So I guess I'll see you tonight, right after 
you get back from you're stripping job (kidding) Justin - 
even though we don't hang out anymore cause of the little 
fire incident, it's still cool talking to you at lunch and math 
class. I'll remember that crazy game with the snakes and 
boggles, and that time I put one in your shoe. Chad - 1 mean 
Beauchamp - for being without a shadow of a doubt the 
most talkative kid I have ever been friends with. I will 
remember the bike camp days and that time at Ken's house 
when. know the rest. Mike M - for being the only one 
with a car that is anywhere near as great as the Tercel. 
Vikram - how's your band? Good luck with the drums, 
don't stop playing. Jeff - Congrats on being homecoming 
king; keep up with the guitar playing, Derdorian. Elissa - 
Sorry about the prom, but it was'nt my fault; anyway good 
luck with whatever it is your doing; tell Orlando I said hi. 
Stephanie A - for drawing on my arm in Humanities Karan 
- 1 still can't believe I saw vou in Disney World; meet you at 
Tubbys Eric R - for having some good blitz games (1 will 
never know why you were always QB) Jose; you the man for 
working at Heartland Castellana - for letting me and Brian 
make fun of you all the time and for being the goofiest kid 
I know I'm gonna give a shot out to my '99 crew: Nick K, 
Chad R, Leshin, Starnes, and Eric D And to those '01 /'02 
party animals: Danny B, Brian B, and Danny F To anyone I 
may have forgotten, you know who you are. 

Julfin ff. Mwe^ence 

I would like to thank my parents for keeping on me 
about school and for loving me no matter what I did wrong. 
I also would like to thank my little brother ,just because. 




Next I would like to thank Richard for being a crazy A-bag 
and for all the great times we had these past years. My 
girlfriend Sara for being persistent and for being the most 
beautiful person I have ever met (I'll get back to you). 
Griecci for Dan's lake house and the spur of the moment 
decisions we gotta a lot of partying to do in college. Mike for 
being mv favorite Quarterback and home run derby and for 
owing me a dollar. Marcus for always calling me Richard. 
Shane for randomly dropping his droors. Captain M. and 
sunny D for letting me know everything is gonna be OK. 
Braxton's Mom for helping me with my homework in 
middle school. TJ for representing the HFC and for being 
the most hardcore Hackey sacker ever. To all the forgotten 
base kids that moved away. Darren for beefing in English 
class. To Simon Davis we all miss you R.I. P. To Shannon 
for being my favorite sibling. Andy for being a worry wart 
and being my friend since fourth grade. Tuna for Woodstock 
and not showing up to your tent. Ken-dog for those times 
on break during the summer and for being one of the coolest 
kids 1 know. Bree Mccay for telling your sister to call me. 
Richard don't forget all of the summers and fourth cliff. 
Also don't forget about the time at power lines and how we 
became real men. Kim Robinson for knowing who is the 
real Lord of the I Dance. Lee for being a freshmen and for 
parting like a senior. To Josh for Hempfest. Deluncas for 
having a nice truck. I would also like to give a shout out to 
my old school in Billerica, form there 1 would like to thank 
Jessica Diorio, Jen Long, Paul Orbin, Joe Roberts, Mike 
Russeo, Andy Porter, Justin Grande, Matty Friedo, and who 
ever I left out. Kyle Kremer for representing Westford. Alex 
Marto for being the hardest kid I know. Preston for being a 
big daddy. Brent Duncan for the Wildest summer of my Hfe 
and also for that night at Wedgwood. Karl Rivera for giving 
me the name "white bread" and for the times at the pool. I 
would like to thank Brian Sundet for beating me up in 
Spanish class. 1 would like to thank Chad's front lawn for 
those fun summer nights. Josh for sticken around to gradu- 
ate with us. Mrs Carlo for the best class in high school 
history. Stephen Wilkes for always getting me in trouble. 
Cirilia for hangin out with us all the time John Potter for 
Woodstock and staying cool. To the 98 graduates for letting 
me chill with them over the summer. Sara, You mean so 
much to me I am so glad I found vou. Don't forget our 
summer together, our spot on the dock, P-bench, and don't 
forget about our long talks. I don't know what I would do 
with out you, I never thought I could care for someone as 
much as I care for you and no matter what happens in the 
future I will always love you. 

First of all, I would like to thank my mother and father, 
for always pushing on me to do better, and never giving up 
on me. Julia and Peter for always being there, even if we did 
fight all the time, we had fun together. Stephen Ly, we've 
been friends for a long time, even if we haven't always 
gotten along. You're a funny guy, I'm glad to be able count 
you as one of my friends. Thanks for giving me mv nick- 
name. Jon Ko, how's your marmot? We've had some good 
times over the past four vears in school, and at work, 
whoops, not at work! Gomg to movies instead of studying 
for physics finals, and those trips to Boston. And of course 
the rifle team, thanks to all the members past and present, 
it was a lot of fun. Undefeated league champions 98-99!! 
Don't forget Dennys, Jon, "Lots of sunshine" and "I'll have 
what he's having." Commando, glad we got to be friends 
last year, rifle wouldn't have been the same without you. 
Steven, thanks for making analysis more fun to be in, how's 
your blackboard? Donald C, we've made some great art 
projects in the past, and who knows, the globe theatre might 
be around long after we graduate. Vikrin, you've been a 
good guy to know these past years. Kristin Fehlau, even 
though you graduated last year, thanks for coming to my 
junior prom, it was a lot of fun. Tricia, and Danielle L., you 
two made work a lot more bearable. Talise, thanks for 
always trying to make me more outgoing, I appreciate it! 
Finally, thanks to Larry Brutti, Mike "The Man" McFarland, 
Eric Rogers, Ricky Harrington, Kevin Sheppard and Mike 
Griecci for creating Family Style Lunch day, and good luck 
to evervone in the future. 

Jennifer TAna 

Activities: Orchestra 1,3; Chamber Orchestra 2,4; Ten- 
nis 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plavs 1,2,3,4; Chamber Singers 
3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Pit 1; French Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2; 
Interact 3,4; SADD 3,4; NHS 3,4; String Quartet 2,3,4; Double 
Sextette 4; Peer Leadership 4 

Thanks to everyone who has ever entered my life - 1 would 
notbe the person lam today if it weren't for all of you. MOM 
- 1 love you so much, thank vou for always being there and 
letting me know that I can tell you anything, for your 
support, your guidance, for letting me try my hand at all the 
activities I've shown interest in, and just for loving me. 
DAD - I know I don't say it much, but 1 love you. You've 
given me so much through the years, staying home, driving 
me everywhere. Thank you for your love, I'll always be 

your little girl. Both Mom and Dad, thank you for instilling 
in me the values that 1 hold so dear , they will guide me for 
the rest of my life, and I owe it all to you. Be proud of the 
young woman I've become, because I am. JONATHAN - 1 
love you too, big bro. I couldn't have a better brother. Thank 
you for putting up with me and for not beating me when I 
deserved it, for looking out for your "mei-mei." I'll miss 
you next year - now go to college! BETHANY - BFF, thanx 
for actually listening to me, for telling me to shut up, and for 
always providing logical answers to my worries. Good luck 
with everything you do, I know you'll end up happy, so 
SMILE! LILI-dude! you're an awesome friend, and a darn 
good viola player - districts, orch, cafeteria west, it's all been 
fun. Stay true to yourself. KATIE -for being the most down- 
to-earth person I know, and for making me an honorary 
Chapa. Lunch is everyone's favorite part of the day! JOSH 
- for everything, soccer and all its injuries, the movies, that 
night by my car, for staying friends, for really long online 
conversations, for honesty, and mostly for being the sweet- 
est guy I've ever met. I miss you!!!! JOE, CJ, STEVE W, and 
SPRINGER - you guys'll always be my freshmen boys! 
JOSH T - 1 know you won't read this, but thanx for being my 
bud, you know me better after 3 months than some of my 
friends do after 1 years. LARA and ALLYSON - 1 miss you 
guys! Always remember Germany, the trains, 
Berchtesgaden, and all of us squished in the car together! 
Thanks for being such great friends and awesome violin 
players! SARAH - This summer was so much fun! Thanks 
for always being you're energetic silly self, and for helping 
me pick out this picture! Ev'eryone at Cafeteria West and all 
those band groupies - lunch. Star Wars after prom, bbqs - it's 
been a blast!!!! SUZANNE and LINDSEY M - we had so 
much fun together, thanks for always being incredible 
friends. STEPHEN - I'll never forget all the times we had 
together, both good and bad. I'm glad we're finally friends 
again. DEE - My guy advice person! You've helped me out 
so many times with everything, thank you so much! 
AMANDINE - You are a really cool person, and I hope 
you've had fun this year! SARA - Y'all better come back and 
visit soon. ..Finally, someone who knows about 
CTY... Shepherd's moments! JESSE - You've been like a 
cousin to me, or something like that. ..You're a great guy, 
buddy - keep working hard. DAN - the semi, English 
visuals, being a young'un - I'm really glad I got to know 
you. APChem people -PV=nRT! I don't think any of us will 
ever forget that..."'Tis but a flesh wound." To Monty Pv- 
thon, SpacebaUs, and aU the movies we watched in that 
class! To the class of 2000 - let's make this the best year of our 
lives.. .we deserve it! To my teachers. Gate, Mrs Osborn, Mr 
Mod, Mr Stephenson, Mr Maffa, Mrs Morris, Mrs Krueger, 
Ms Keltner, and everyone else who deserves to be here but 
I can't fit in - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! You've 
guided me and made me the best student I can be, I owe so 
much to you. Thank you for making school (or the violin) 
not just a learning experience, but also a fun one. To 
everyone - 1 love you all. Thank you for an incredible first 
18 (almost) vears of my life! 
^MM\ V/AdheM 

ACTIVITIES: TENNIS (2,3,4); DRAMA (1,2,3,4); DE- 
BATE (1,2,3,4); SADD (3,4); MUSICAL (1,3,4); LAEKAN 
(3,4)Namaste. First to mom -i- dad. DAD, thanks for always 
being home, bringing me food, yelling at me, helping me 
with math, telling funny jokes, and keeping me in line. 
MOM, for being supportive, never getting mad, helping me 
with all my papers, and being super nice. Thanks for all the 
love and support you have given me over the years. NINA, 
thanks for always giving me rides and being cool when I 
was a freshman. PAM, thanks for letting me be older than 
you, dance of the day, thanksgiving songs, and ignoring me 
in the halls. Thanks to KIRAN-B, for the psycho-mumbo- 
jumbo and the parent lectures and RENU-B, for being the 
best cook in Bedford. ARON + JENNY, thanks all the advice 
and Philly trips. To all my uncles, aunties, and family all 
around the world, I love you all. Thanks to (in no specific 
order): TIGER, u are the man, for tennis, rides in the blue 
van, 99' summer, Blair Witch, laekan webpage guru, becom- 
ing the funniest junior by far, sleepwalking, and for letting 
me influence you. RYAN(K), for exchanging Ws, secret 
spot, 3am conversations, soi-cra-tes, making fun of Crhissana 
and Boel, crazy e-mails, "crotch", Germany-baby, macking 
techniques, ditching me in FL, and being a great friend, we 
miss u. KRISTEN, for being my friend in 7th grade, b-day 
parties, 8th grade semi, bike-riding, the car, denny's, hide + 
seek. MEREDETH, for being super sweet, a great singer, 
acting confused, but still acing every class. KATIE, semi + 
prom, being wicked funny, tournament plays, da bomb 
actress, and accepting my ridicule. TIMMY B, being the 
coolest Busa, making the musical fun, making fun of scratch 
w/me, busta rhymes, and the rest, have a good Hs career. 
JON, u r a character, for letting me and ly have our way, 
always getting pissed, have ever)' girl love u, and singing 
like a bird. NICOLE, for long talks, being my neighbor. 

coming over all the time, Mulan, "ISLAND!!", flipping < 
walks, sat card, and piggyback rides. DJ BOB, '...krazy- 
his car at his side DJ bob', for creating my name, 
countless raps, techno dance parties, being the illest on 
vinyls, and all the men's octet fun, we'll be famous real sc 
HERINE, sitting next to me in math. CARRIE, for mus 
fun, me and the maid. KRISSY, never inviting me to y 
house, and chillin' in Germany. JESSE D, u have made a 
change over these past 4 years, u are hilarious, brilliant, . 
a great friend, keep in touch dill, ... I mean studmeis 
ALEX M, making fun of my neighborhood, always winn 
when we wrestle, u'll be a bomb chef soon! MIKE Mc, 
hating physics for a week with me. To all my peep; 
were with me in GERMANY, you guys are the best, < 
know who you are. DANIELLE De, you are so quiet, 
funny, thanks for hanging out and doing tae-bo. SHA.' 
CARL, for making my trip to Germany the best, giving 
rides, advice, not mentioning me in your senior that 
same for BOSMAN, French can never be the same with 
you. TRACEY, for always calling my house to talk to J 
JACKIE, for musical memories, PMS days, and gettinj 
trouble with my moms. BIGGIE, u are my biggest influei 
R.I. P. ERIC, chillin' at my house w/Vik, mad rides, 
talks, basketball camp, neighbor stuff, making fun of] 
physics conversations, being the best manager and #1 fa 
are one cool kid. VIKKY-VIK, I am so glad u became 
drummer, u are musically brilliant, thanks for jamm: 
recording, kicking the tightest beats, decorating my car 
chillin' at donnie's, teaching me to drive, helping mt 
bosman's, mad van trips, teimis, and all the memorit 
hope Laekan will work out. JEFFY, thanks for being 
friend since 2nd grade, chillin' ever)' day in 3rd gre 
jammin', writing great songs (shows on the TV), long 
conversations, letting me and ly picking on you. Germ 
times, recording the CD, acoustic sets, dreaming the se 
dreams, karate studio, walks with Tory, Armenian/Ita 
jokes (ur grandfather buys that cheese), picking on u ab 
SATs, who finished their homework first, and other g: 
times, Laekan Rules!! DONNIE, for being my friend in 
grade summer, ALL THE FOOD, the awesome art, 
cover, mad videos, calling u all the time, "1 don't wa 
go!", the basement, b-day parties, and for becoming on 
the greatest kids I know, u are the man don-diego, di 
change too much. LITIGIOUS, too many memories nt 
Thanks for sharing the funniest sense of humor that c 
three of us possess, u are the smartest kid, and the ni 
person 1 know. Don't forget 1590, 'everybody wants me' 
the advice, Germany 'master plan', locking me in the b. 
room, super plans, crazy talks, the neutralizing con 
everything being a riot when we're together, lovin' bij 
w/me, 'beef?', Katie Holmes and RYLA, Germany re 
niscing, and the million other things we'll do senior y 
you are one of my best friends, peace. "And last bu 
(sound familiar)" the greatest brother in the world NAVE 
u can never imagine how much I look up to you. 
influence me in everything I do, musically, socially, . 
demically (almost), and the way I conduct myself throu 
out the day. I try to emulate you as much as I can, but 
not even close to you. Thanks for all the lectures, ta 
sports games since we were kids, always being there for 
helping me when I was hurt, babysitting, making me 
smile, and truly being my best friend. PEACE TO ANYC 
I FORGOT (it is very late!) OR WHO I AM YET TO ME 

Future Goals: Have Laekan go multi-platinum, and I 
over Europe and Asia with Stephen, after we build 
Pronthi-Empire!! Tour with DJ Bob!! 
^^\M\t Wiener- 
Activities: "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" Th, 
First, I'd like to thank GOD because w/o him, I woul 
have made it here. To my family: My MOMMIE and 
friend, for being there for me when I needed you, supp 
ing my decisions and lovin me at any point. You \ 
always been such a big influence in my life and I'll alw 
love you. DAD, for letting me get a car right away, eras 
fix it, crash it again, and for another. Thanx for our long t 
and all the phat stuph you have brought me. 1 love ; 
BRYAN, my bro. Thanx for always introducing me to 
hot friends, letting me use your car, talks when you v 
busy and yer sk8 skillz. Even tho we fight, I love you. 
other bro, SKOT. For yer awesome sk8, photo, and rec 
skillz. Thanx for all tha free movies, posters, advice anc 
lovin Ani as much as I do. Yer a pro movie boy, I love ' 
My BROTHERS' FRIENDS that are like family- Dave, B 
Brenden, Matt, AurUous and Jeff. And... to my friends: F 
to JENfCosta, Meffa, Medford)for becoming my clc 
friend in a day. You've been there for when I net 
someone most. Thank GOD that I found a friend 
understandsfnot a girl!). Never forget laughing for hoursi 
know why), gym, sleepovers when my mom was g 
Cranberries, riverside, parties!, drivin me everywhere, li 
me drive yer car, CE, my back porch, lunches at yer he 

)ppin, online. On the Border, meeting yer psycho room- 
te and our long talks. Thanx MS. COSTA for the food, 
iversations and always lettin me come overCeven if Jen 
sn't home); MICHELLE and AMANDA, you 2 are like 
:ers, 1 luv ya! BERT, yer an awesome friend, and I'm glad 
made our crew. Thanx for yer football games, introduc- 
me to Dan!, lettin me use yer car, riverside, tha drinks 
i tha laughs. You always make me laugh or smile when 
! down, and give great advice. I dunno what I'd do w/ o 
i,good luck w/ Jen =) AMIT\' for hating me, then loving 
. Long talks about our non exsistant guys, someone 
king behind you. Chili's, Disturbing Behavior, waitin 
my mom to answer tha door, sleepovers last summer, 
worth, "1 thought you said 'drive sex!'", Walden Pond, 
beemer, blowing up yer microwave, getting chased and 
senior pix. KRISTEN you've always been there for me 
DUgh thick and thin. I know we'll be friends for life. For 
bodvsuit, DC trip, Neil, Walden Pond, loosin Jingles, 
za Hut, mv senior pix, Jim's party, propadas and cheese- 
e. HEATHER, we've been through so much, but we'll 
'avs be tight. For '98 summer. The Other Sister, Basils, 
Ilin, our letters in English, and yer popsicles. Oh, and 
iTT, thanx for the birthday present. SETH for the best 
;s, talks you didn't have time for, parallel parking, tha 
er, semi, UNOS, video store and watchin movies. MLE 
being a dork in DC, drive to Gordon, bball, my movies, 
etin Matt, our classes together, bein there for me w/ 
is, and online chats. Mle and Seth, I love you guys!! 
JDSEY you've always been someone I could cry to. 
mx for junior year, the glasses, yer dad snoring, xmas 
sentsand rides toskool. MARCUS for biology and chem, 
!rrupting me, CE, youth center, stealing my calculator 
I our bet you called off. CRYSTAL for smiling, cvs talks, 
Tovvave field, Denny's, yer car and hugs! Thank you for 
ug someone I've been able to talk to. TALISE, we've 
>wn each other forever. Thanx especially for breakfasts 
e a week and my car accident. BECK for just bein you, 
km up for me, car rides to Basil's, talks and bein a good 
i\d. BRANDI for not putting me in yer senior thanx. 
A for not working for me, tux place, my crazy driving, 
liW's house, "Jesus Love U!!!" and always makin me 
gh. NICOLE for the long talks at parties. KLYLE for tha 
IS, parties, rides and being mean. HEATHER, yer goin 
ces and you have yer head skrewed on straight. I loved 
talks in Spanish and I've always been able to trust you. 
<EV, you always make me smile, #15 4-ever. RYAN for 
>h year, last summer, Ms. Lavers class, and the note. 
<E for havin a phat car. RAYNA, 1 dunno what I'd do w/ 
dass with you. Band and Art rocked!!!! KRISTEN, you're 
best coach and role model. I always looked forward to 
sideline chats. And CHRIS you pushed me to be better, 
xi Luck with Varsity! JEREMY you'll never read this, but 
never forget you and who you were. To teachers: MR. 
3 for ENTHUSIASM!!! MRS. D, I can't thank you enuf. 
I've taught me so much about life, love and the future. 
JORITA, gracias por tu sonrisa y ayuda. Estas LOCA!!!! 
S. O'MALLEY, what could I have done without you? To 
I MR. WALSH for helping me get where I am. To every- 
' in the SENIOR CLASSlincluding Michelle Bieren)thanx 
the memories, our class is the best. Good luck in the 
ire. And last but not least, to MATT. What can 1 say? 
I've always been my shoulder to cry on, lean on, laugh 
ind smile. I can't say enuf to you b/c you've helped me 
jugh the four most important years of my life and 
ame my best friend. You've helped me realize that 1 can 
eand beloved. .Mwaysremember our 2am talks, online, 
eo store, and Thursday nights. You'll always have a 
cial place in my heart, 143. Sorry to anyone I forgot, it's 
d to remember the last 12 years of life and thank every- 
' with only 1000 words. 

ure Goals: Go to SOME college, get SOME degree, marry 
VIE guy.and have SOME kids. 

Activites: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Interact 2,4; NHS 3,4; AFS 
'earbook Staff 4; Basketball V 1,2,3,4 Capt.4; Soccer 1; 
ck V 1 ; Cross Country V 2,3; Tennis 4; Collecting milk ads 

Nikki, Sarah C, Katie S., Sarah U., Robin, Sheena, and 
Courtney. Without all of you, I wouldn't be the player I am 
today. Mrs. Sullivan- For being a great coach and for having 
such a supportive family that believes in me. Stephen- For 
being the only other norma! kid that lives in Huckins Farms, 
our endless hours of love making after school, elephant 
blanket, physics help, and for listening to me about my 
latest crush. Eric- For being so supportive after my two 
surgeries last year, for listening to my stories, for looking 
out for me, and for hooking me up with.... D.Mike- for the 
semi and for what we did before the semi. Jeff- Thanks for 
being the hottest guy in our grade. Christian- for playing 
bball with me and letting me beat you every single time. 
Laekan- For being my favorite band. You guys are great and 
I know you'll be famous some day. Duck chew- 1 know I 
spelled that wrong, thanks for being a great friend, bachanal, 
for being supercilious, bachanal, and for making fun of that 
one teacher with me, bachanal. Chad- for always asking me 
to m*" for you. Shauna- for being so smart in math :) and 
for excepting me into your exclusive yearbook staff. Dina- 
For laughing with me when 1 always made fun of la seno- 
rita, and letting me laugh at you whenever you call home. 
Mle- gracias para todo. You are the nicest girl 1 have ever 
known. Barry- for making running fun. Yes 1 did say that, 
and 1 do mean it. Mr. Fay- For pushing me to the extreme 
and for being one of the nicest coaches 1 have ever had. No 
thank you. THANK YOU.. .no.. thank YOU. I would like 
to end this by thanking Pete C. for being the best trainer and 
helping me through my rehab. I would like to thank 
everyone personally, but for every word I type it's costing 
me mucho dinero. Thanks to everyone that has ever taught 
me anything cause you are the ones that shaped me into the 
person I am today. 

it of all I would like to thank anyone who is reading this 
It now. I know that you've just read 130 some senior 
nks and finally you've reached mine. Mom- For listen- 
to me whenever I needed to complain about anybody 
I for laughing at all of my jokes, for spoiling me, for being 
number 1 fan and having NEVER missed one of my 
nes. 1 couldn't ask for a greater mom. Dad- For worrying 
lut me ALL the time, for being the best Christmas present 
er, and for teaching me so much. Pita- For being the best 
;gie ever. Ricky- for being a great brother and for being 
one who taught me how to play basketball. Jenifer- For 
ng the older sister where 1 got to learn from you, and for 
ng where you do, next to New Yee Dynasty. To all the 
Is I ever played basketbaU with: Katie A., Geri, Kacie, 
Kim, Vik, Hannah, Kristin, Sarah S., Sharon, Lindsey, 


An J Mrs. Ponoi/An 

This June we will say our final good-byes to Mr. Duggan and Mrs. 
Donovan who will be departing as Principal and Assistant Principal 
of Bedford High School. The pillars of the Bedford High School 
faculty, two very important people, who have devoted much of 
their time and dedication to all the students who have passed 
through Bedford High School within the last 30 years, will be 
retiring at the end of this school year. 

On July 5, 1972, Mr. Thomas Duggan 
took his first step into the Bedford High 
School to start a twenty-eight year ad- 
ministrative career. Pre\'ious to enter- 
ing BHS, he had been a highly respected 
member of the Concord-Carlisle fac- 
ulty. After graduating from Fitchburg 
State in 1960, he had become an Indus- 
trial Arts teacher in Concord until 1969. 
There, he coached numerous sports 
teams, such as football and track, and was responsible for creating the first soccer 
program in Concord. After receiving a Master's degree from Northeastern Univer- 
sity he became acting Principal of Concord-Carlisle High School before entering 
Bedford High School as only the third principal since the school opened. Since that 
time, he has watched thousands of students pass through Bedford High School, 
helping the troubled reach their full potential, and guiding the lost along the way. 
After a long, rewarding career, Mr. Duggan has decided to retire, and continue with 
his recreational hobby of carpentry and he also hopes to spend more time with his family. 

"A job becomes a vocation when it forces you to grow." Mrs. Eleanor Donovan has made this her own 
personal motto, throughout her 33 years working in the Bedford School system. Mrs. Donovan has grown in 
ways she ne\'er thought she would. Her teaching career started in Bedford in 1966. After graduating from 
UMASS Boston and then a few teaching years in Weymouth, Washington D.C., and Connecticut, her teaching 
career started in Bedford. In Bedford she began her career as an English teacher. Her administrative career 
began as Dean of Students, progressed to English Program Administrator, then Co-Teaching Assistant 

Principal and ultimately as 
Donovan's decision to retire 
She explains that her decision 
and she thinks that it's in the 
istrative change. Mrs. 
contact with the students and 
future plans include reading 
1966, "settling in" to her new 
All of the students and fac- 
indebted to the guidance, lead- 
Duggan and Mrs. Eleanor 
ever and sorely missed by all 
work with them. 

full-time Assistant Principal. Mrs. 
came as a surprise to most of those at BHS. 
was motivated by Mr. Duggan's retirement 
school's best interest for a complete admin- 
Donovan also admits that she'll miss the 
her friends at Bedford High School. Her 
the books she has been collecting since 
house, and being a full-time grandmother, 
ulty of Bedford High School are greatly 
ership, and administration of Mr. Thomas 
Donox an. They will be remembered for- 
those who had the privilege to know and 


Mrs. Allen 

Mrs. Ambrose 

Mrs. Belbute 

Mrs. Bosak 

Mr. Byrnes 

Mr. Cacciola 

Mrs. Caves 

Ms. Cohn 

Mr. Connolly 

Mr. Corliss 

Mrs. Coyle 

Ms. Davis 

Mrs. d'Entrement 

Dr. Davis 

Mr. Desantis 

Mrs. Dinitto 

Mrs. Devaney 

Mr. Dipietro 


Mr. Donahue 

Mrs. Donovon 

Mrs. Dubitsky 

Mr. Duggan 

Mr. Flynn 

Ms. Foley 



Mrs. Malouin 

Mrs. Marklis 


Mrs. Matthew: 

Mr. McGowan 

Mrs. Pellegrini 

Mrs. Miele 

Ik. Modzelewski Mrs. Messmer 

s. 0"Shaughnessy Mrs. O'Toole 

Ms. Pasucci 

Mrs. Morris 

Mrs. Milligan 

Mr. Norton 

Mrs. O'Malley 

Mr. Palmer 

Col. Pappas 

Mr. Petrillo 

Mrs. Piantedosi 

Mr. Milliken 

Mrs. 0"Neill 

Mrs. Parker 

Mr. Pilla 

Mr. Reagan 

Mr. Rimsa 

Msgt. Rollend 


Bobbie, we love you for the funny, amaz- 
ing, multi-talented person you are. 
You've got your roots; now it's time for 
your wings. 
May you always mark to your own 
phatty beat! 

Happy Graduation 
love. Mom, Dad, Kelly, Chris, Bill & Ted 

From pots a 


We love you for always being you. Your 
sweet smile, imagination, sense of hu- 
mor, caring for others, and enthusiasm 
for life always brightens our day 
Thank you for making us laugh and 
teaching us the true meaning of fashion. 
Love Always, 
Dad, Mom, Gretchen and Beth 

Wherever you go. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every- 
thing, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, 
present you requests to God. And the peace of 
God, which transcends all understarjding, will 
guard your hearts and your minds in Christ 
Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 
Love, Dad, Mom, Philip and John 

rdArrkr for f (te rv^erv^ohexl 
lolty PaJ^ Morv^ ArrJ Me^ 


;^ Mcl-Mcl 

Bold and staccato or sweet and sustained, 
the music you create resonates 
your strength and your gentleness. 

With love and admiration. 
Mom, Dad and Jonathan 

Just remember you are special in 

Everything you do. 

Never give up in what you believe in. 

N ever let anything ever stand in the way of your dreamy 

Imagine you can do anything. 

Forget not the lessons you have learned. 

Embrace all that life has to give. 

Remember, that you are dearly loved. 
—Love, MOM 

cIaxx of zoco 





(781) 275-0575 

American AssociatKxi ol 


Congratulations Class of. 


Burlington Studios 

Bedford High Schools 
ofBcial Yearbook Photographer 


99 Cambridge Street. Burlington MA. 

We have watched you grow 
from a small, curious child 
into a beautiful young adult. 
Wishing you success and hap- 
piness in whatever dreams 
you pursue. 

Mom, Dad, Tyler 
and Spencer 

Be proud of your accomplishments! Keep 
reaching for the stars! Remember, you can di 
anything. We'll cherish all the memories. 
With love always. 
Mom, Dad, & Mary 


Retire to a life of learning and growing. Plus the 
finest in independent housing, assistance in living, 
skilled nursing and rehabilitation. It's all the support 
jou'll ever need, in one beautiful location. 


100 Old Billerica Road • Bedford, MA 01730 • 781.275.8700 

A not-for-profit continuing care retirement community / ^^ S 
Accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission '^JJ™ 



Thank you for all the fond memories of watching you 
^row from our little girl to a fine young lady. Your love 
and devotion of family and friends has been a wonder- 
ful gift to us all. We have enjoyed all of the ballet 
recitals, track and swim meets, orchestra concerts, and 
ield hockey games. Your strive for excellence will carry 
you through the many challenges life will bring. We 
wish you continued success in all endeavors. We have 
been truly blessed with a great daughter and sister. 


Mom, Dad, Kara, Richie 

We hope you will 
always get a "kick 
out of Life!" 
We are proud of 
you Craig and we 
hope that all your 
dreams will come 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Kyle, Kara and 

Cor?^Mf uIaI ior?j fo M A-ff AnJ \\^t cIajx of 


We are all proud of you. Good Luck in all of your future 


Mom, Mike, Grandpa Fox, Helen, Marina, Eric 

Elizabeth M. Lowe 

Financial Services 

8 1 Concord Road 
Accounting, Bookkeeping, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 
Payroll & Taxes (781) 275-8852 Fax: 275-8852 




Best wishes. Buddy, as you gradulate 
and explore the world. 
Love You! 
Mom, Dad, Chris and Keri 

You're on your way! 
We are so proud of you. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

CotiarAWWiom CAn'itl 

We are so proud of you. You constantly 
amaze us with all your talents and abili- 
ties. Although it is hard to see this 
chapter of your life come to a close, we 
can't wait to see what your future holds. 
The best is yet to come! 

Love it to pieces. 
Mom, Dad, Emily, and Tommy 

We've watched you bloom from a shy quiet 
girl into a confident young lady with many 
varied interests. The world awaits your 
talents, go and be your best. Remember 
that we love and support you in all that 
you do. 
Mom and Dad 


in ike Uak^Y of iheit JteAr^/^ 

We are all proud of how hard you have worked. 
You have grown up to become a wonderful young 
woman who is intelligent, sensitive, sweet, funny, 
and an expert on football. Danielle, you are what 
every parent hopes for. 
All our love. 
Mom, Dad, Vanessa, Philip & Lily 

My little brother, 
I am so very proud of you. 
Thanks for always 
watching out for me. 
The bond that we have 
is very special. Happiness 
Love Kim 

''VoK Ah file Wwi 

Ate llere {oY^jo^^,,, 

Mor^, PaJ Ar»J cdhx 

Vmen Vim^s 

Reach for the stars but, 
keep your feet on the 
ground and never forget 
where you came from. 
We are proud of you and 
we love you. 
Dad and Laura 

on your 
We are so very 
proud of you. 

Love your 
Mom and Dad 

VomVc or? yoMi^ ivAy . . . 


76 Loomis Street 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 


Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 



89 CONCORD RD. (RT. 62) 



Our pride and love for you is immeasurable. Con- 
tinue to hold dear your 
values, sensitivity and 
kindness as these have al- 
ways defined you as an 
individual. Experience 
life with your heart and 
soul as you develop and 
explore your talents and 
potential. Be yourself and 
others will benefit from 
your sense of humor, en- 
thusiasm and integrity. 
We are so excited to be on this journey with you as we 
share a wonderful lifetime of thoughts, emotions, 
hopes and memories. Our lives will continue to be 
enriched by the person that you are. Follow your 
dreams, follow your heart and continue to grow as 
the wonderful person that you are. Congratulations, 
love and happiness always.e 
Mom and Dad 

Cambridge Savings Bank. Big enough to take care of 
all your banking needs but small enough to take care 
of you. For more information please call 61 7-864-8700. 

Member FDIC/DIF Equal Housing Lender 


VcM NAffy, 

You've been precious to 

us since the day you 
were born. We are very, 
very proud of you - the 
world is yours - take it 

& run. 
Love Mom, Dad, Scott 
& Bryan 


You liave made us very proud 

of your accomplisments over 

the years. You have grown up 

to be a fine young man. 

We wish you a lifetime of 

happiness and success. We 

love you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 

Lindsay and Krista 

C\m of 2-000 

From your friends at 

lAZAhX Oil 

Your hometown heating 
oil dealer 


Brie Ro^crx, VJt Mt xo prouJ of aII your Accorv^pllxdrv^enfx: xpor+x, ACAJer^^la, 
XCoufX, leAjerxdfp, efc. VoM (lAl/e -fdc xf^ff fo XMCCecJ irr life, tol^e, Morv», PaJ 

AdJ ^€fll 

fo Jirv»r^Y tAfvcKence - Tirvie pAXXeJ <iMicMY. VouVc An aJkI+ rroiv ArrJ cdoiccX you 

rv»A(^e Arc yourx. CrcAfc a fu-f^rc tri^n-f Axyo^r pAXf. Con^MfulA-fionx, tofc 

Morvi, PaJ, Nicole he ^hAr? 
To Jeff PerJehAn- our prije Ar?J joy, 

We Are i/ery prouJ of you for fde ivonJerful perxon you Are An J aII you Ve ac- 

CorviplixdeJ. V/elol'eyouI 
Loi/e, Morv», PaJ, ^ MonicA 

fCAfie C(lApA, 

V/e Are e>f+rerv»e|y prouJ of you. MAy +(le torJ Mexxyou AhJ (^eep you AlfvAyx. 

loMtj Mor^ ArrJ PaJ 
PaoIa WererrA, 

WeVe enjoyej (lAVing you for A jAug(l+er. ^oJ Mexxyou AllvAyx. V(/e ivill r^ixx 


loi/e, Your U.r. Morv» AnJ PaJ 
Cryx+Al TAlvi- ^'Prex+ige Tpirif. He ^^Juxf Po If'' A+ifuJe. Your Perxo^Al 

eil/epierrf. A|| -fde <|UA|i-fieX of Top^eorre I \ooV up fo. I 

tery prouJ of you. I loi'e you. Mur^rv^y 
M6AP BroX. Tree Sm\ct QuAHiy fetl^lce All YeAt 'flonnJ^'-^o rdAivxdeerT 

Ave. ^eJforJ, MA (7^1)^75-77^5 


CIaXX of 2-000 


From ciiMfmoti Vz ^^Jy 
Pror^ cliAfrperTon Tam Mon^Aller 

May your life con- 
tinue to be filled with 

great accomplish- 
ments and wonderful 

Always know that we 
are very proud of the 
outstanding person 
you have become. 
Continue to dream 
your dreams and 
always reach for the 
Love always. 
Mom, Dad, Liz and 

We watched you 

grow into a 
and sensitive person 
who is always will- 
ing to help a friend. 
You have brought so 
much happiness into our lives, and we are 
proud of your accomplishments. With your 
drive and ambition you will achieve any 
goal you set for yourself. 
We love you very much. 
Dad, Mom, Tom, Debbie, Tommy, Liz and 



ciHm,m. ^ 

Director, Carol A. Liff 

• One-to -One Tutoring 

• SAT, PSAT, ISEE Prep. 

• Computer Tutoring 

• Classes and Workshops 


120-R School St. 
Lexington, MA 

We're very proud of 

you. Thanks for 
always keeping us 
laughing. Our love 
and support will be 
with you always. 


Mom, Dad Kerri and Kristin 


Alexander we wish 
you a wonderful time 
sailing through life 
on the 55 Segal. 
We will always be 
here to provide a 
port in any storm. 
Love Mum & Dad. 

We are very proud of the wonderful person you 
have always been and continue to be. You are a 
truly determined, honest, compassionate, loyal, 
and generous young woman who sees only the 
best in everyone and readily forgives. You have 
and will always have our deepest love, respect 

and admiration. 
We wish you a life full of happiness, love and 
success. Remember that we will always be there 

for you. 
Mom, Dad, Eric, and Terri- 


We are so proud to have a daughter like you. 
We're so happy with all your accomplishments. 
Your just a wonderful girl and we love you with 
all our hearts - good luck in nursing school. 
Love you always 
Mommy, Daddy and Leanne 


To Pir?A 

Since the day you were born, 
we have always loved you 
and always will! We also 
always will worry about you 
as long as we live. You have 
brought such joy to our life. 
Success and happiness in 
everything you want to do! 

You are our only daughter and 
sister and we love you very 
much! We have given you what- 
ever we could and now it's your 
turn to take what ever you want 
in this life, (we'll help!) Go for it! 
Remember, we'll always sup- 
port you in any way we can! 
Mama, Papa and Danny 

We are very glad that our 
daughter has such a wonder- 
ful friend as you! Even if your 
professional li\'es go in differ- 
ent directions, we hope your 
friendship will last for the rest 
of your lives! We wish you all 
success and happiness in the 

The Dvinov's family 

There are not enough words 
to tell you how much we 
love you and how proud we 
are of you. You are entering 
a new world now and we 
wish all your dreams come 

All our love, 
Anya and Sasha 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 
to the Class of 2000 from 


cUn of 2.000 





VoiA Mt A ivorrJerful Son AfiJ Uof (lei^. V/e loVe you i/ery r^^ucd 

ahJ ivfxd yoM xuccexx Ar?J (tAf pJnejj in your fu-f ui^e. 
loi/e, Morv^, PaJ, ahJ Vttim 







FRANK BAUDANZA FAX (61 7) 27S6679 

tflfArr &c|(cr?Ap 

All our love and best wishes, Lili, as you move forward. 
Making the world a more beautiful place with your 
music, your creativity and your love... 
Dad, Mom, Jesse, and Abby 

Or Any AiK of r^KxJc foKcIt -fdcir eAn, 

J»V£t-f pOlV€Y of r^»KTfC... 

tIic Mej-dtArrf of Vcrria 






Mr. Col-lixT. (teepee of file (^eyj. 

The Bedford 
Jewish Community 
the Graduating 
Class of 2000 

From the beginning of this beautiful 

child's life we gave you love & 

support. Russell, a new door is 

opening; believe in yourself! We do! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Set your goals high and your 

ambition even higher and you will 

accomplish your dreams! 

Love, Candice 

Hope life treats you well! 

Love, Chris 



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Bedford • Lowell 

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People have been looking 
at our school yearbooks 
to help them remember 
for over 50 years. But our 
innovations have been 
progressing steadily forward 
for a century, since we 
invented the first class 
rings. In fact, Jostens is 
part of the whole school 
experience from start to 
end, even supplying 
students with graduation 
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we were there then, too. 


Thank you 
for allowing 
Jostens to 
help your 
print it's 
for all these 

Good Luck! 
Have Fun! 






Your Mother's love of life and joy of living will stand you in good stead. We wish 
you a life of humanitarian accomplishments. Your keen intellect and judicious 
temperament will enable you to go forward to make the world a better place. 

~ With Admiration and Love, 
Aimt Lois and Aunt Mae 

The best education does not come 
from books but from life experiences and 
we wish you all the best that life has to 

~ Love, 

Jeff and Sue 


What a wonderful thing to be 
touched and to learn from the 
calm dignity of the sweet and 
fearless "Colleen" you are. You 
have already achieved all 
the things worth having, kiddo. 
~ We Love You, 

The Inferrera Family 


Your efforts are known by their 
results. Congratulations! We could not be more 
proud of your accomplishments. Wishing you 
the best in your future goals. 

~ Love, 

Chris, Cheryl, Jake, and 

-to the burnt popcorn and Chex Mix 

-to the canoe camp and searching for sunglasses in 

the river 

-to skittles and daises and Springs Brook Park 
-to spiders and spaceflakes and kissing scenes 
-to useless boyfriends and romantic dinners 
-to bonding nights and chick flicks and endless 
summer jobs 

-to being so different and being so alike 
-to our Dan-smelly from her two best friends 
with love, devotion, and eternal camaraderie 

cathbrinb RB^eccA vt/ytiB writ 

You have always been a 
child with drive. You 
move in a positive direc- 
tion and we expect that 

will continue. Your 
beauty inside and out 
will carry you far. You 
should be forever proud 
of your many accomplish- 
ments. We love you 
dearly and are so very 
proud of all that you've 
done and of what is to 

May all of your dreams 

come true. 
Mom, Bill, Casey, Alex 

and Abby 






In Bnei-gy 


Orre PA+hofX PaI^Ic 


ConcttmJi BIacIc CHizttis of 
^eJforJ, Inc. 

clAXTof 2.000. 

furriftcT, ArrJ excellence ir? eJuCA+forr, 
ivdfle ACCepfIng Cil/fC reTporrXftflifieX ArrJ 

Bedford Funeral Home 




EST. 1940 


We have loved you from the day you were born. We 
are proud to be your parents. The times that we have 
shared as father and daughter are special memories 
that I will always cherish. Time or distance will never 
sever the bond. You are a blessing and we wish you 
the very best in your future endeavors. 
Love Dad and Mom 


Congratulations and 
Best Wishes to the 
Class of 2000 





Bedford High Schools 
CUss ofZOOO 

We Ai hAtffCorh RJet/il Ctejlf Union Ate ptonJ ofyo^tACCor^filskr^eniSAnJ 

mni /o ivifli yoii con-flnnej success. 
Cor^r^Knl-fy^ eJucA-flotif AnJ ike ctejlf anion pdllofopdy of ^^people (ielpln^ 
people^ aII ^o liAnJ In (iAnJ. We UJleVe -ffiAf yoa Ate oKt fnhte An J fketefote 
Ate An Infe^tAl pAti ofivliAi out fvotU h^lll Ucor^e, 

tIiIs Is ivdv m Ate ptonJ sponsots of yont yeAti>ook. 

hAnfCor^ FeJetAl Ctedlf Union fetm ike Alt Fotce AnJ ike PepAtir^eni of 
Pefense Cofhfy^^nliy Ai hfAnscor^^ Af^ Aion^ fvlik r^oSi feJetAl ^oVetnr^eni 
erhployeef In ike Cor^r>^onmAiik of MASSAck^SeHs AS mil AS r^er^UtS of ikelt 

exiendej fAr^llles, 

Out no fee ckecf^ln^ ACCo^ni^ ioiv Inietesi ne/v An J KSeJ CAt loAns ivlik no Jofvn 
pAyn^enif An J a no fee VIsa ^oIJ CAtJ Ate j^si A fefv eXAr^pleS of ike r^Any 

l>eneflis m offet o^t r^er^i>etS. 
CaII oKt Mer^Ut ^etvlces PepAtir^eni Ai l-Zoo-^g^-HfCU (iJHZ ) ot i/lsli out 
ivei> slie Ai ivfvfv.kfca.ot^ io fInJ o^i If yoK Ate efl^lUe fot n^er^Utsklp Ai 

hAnscofh FeJetAl CteJii Union. 



You have been a miracle to us. Our lives have been blessed tremendously as we have 
watched you become a young woman. You have a radiant glow about you - - your 
humor, wisdom, and love (and Southern Charm!) - - and it warms all those around 

you! We know you will always remember — 
WHO you are 

WHOSE you are... 

We love you dearly and we are so proud of you! 
Mom, Dad, and Daniel 

or? errfchna fite ivijc Xociefy. 


pbmocmtic town comnittbb 

ul'^eT yoK +0 criAA^c ivi-fll ouf Todc+y. xllApe i-f. AtrJ iriflMerrCe »-f fol- +(le teffer: RB^IITBR TO VOTBl 
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InJcpenJen-f, f(t»x cAr? U your fJrxf xfep fo a |ifcfir>»£ of rviAtJn^ a difference. 

CaII fdc ^eJforJ Toivrr Clert'x office A-f 2.75-00^5 ahJ Axk VoM juXf r»eed fo te 1^ Ar?J A U.f . cifizcD. 

Bedford Toivr? PernoCMfic Cor»rv>if|ee 

Bedford jewelers Inc 

P.O. Box 202 

723 The (5-reat Road 
Bedford, MA 

■51^ Great Kocicl 
Cjrccit RockI Shopping Center 
Bedford. Mdssdchusetts 01:^0 
781-17^-790^ * 800 816 vgos" 

rde cIaxx of 2^0001 

Bedford Vrinting and 
Copy Center 

168 Qrent Road 
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CLASS OF 2000 

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TEtEPHONB (7^1)2.75-7072. 


rdooffr?^ for fdc TfAM, +(ie 2-000 ycArUolc of ^eJfoi^J Higd Tcdool 
ivAT pi^irrfej Joxfenx Pi^infing AhJ Putlixding Pivlxioh, 401 Science 

Ff{t\c RoaJ; TfA+e College, PerTnTylvAniA l^^oi. He JoX+errX irr-plArr-f 
ConxulfAn-f rvAT Tor^ Vonfoxd. Tde JoX+enx AreA repreXenfAfife »vAXjodn 
Neixfer. rdADf^ yoM Uf d foK aII youl^ delp ArrJ exper-fixe. 

e CoVe^ aK ivax proJuceJ (>y Rlclc Brookr of JoXfenx Cl^eAfil/e P.e- 
XouKeX. rde CoVel^ rvAX finJxdeJ fvi-fd di^d gloXX |!+do Xfoc(c In Colorx 2-^5 
Blue AhJ ^77 S\\m. rde officiAl yeAl^toojc pdo+o^Mpdel^ fvAX BuHing+orr 
rf uJloX AnJ fdey fveKe AXXixfeJ t>y l/ArioMX xf uJenf pdo+o^Mpderx. 

All deAJIIneX ivel^e Xe-f in Ai^xfl^eArv^ ITC poinf . BoJy +ejtfx ivere ivhf- 

+er7 In PAlAfIno 10 AnJ fde cAp-flonx PAlAfIno I. 

Tde BJI+oI^X of fde yeA^tool^ ivel^e ^dAunA Cl^edAn An J PinA Pl^lnol/. 
rde Ajl'lxor IVAX MicdAel RinAlJl. Tde |ax+ JeAJUne ivAXflnlxdeJ MAKd 
^, 2-000 A-f 4:00 PM. 


Tde puMlcA-flon JA-fe fol^ fde yeA^tookf ivax MAy 15, 2-000. 


Pilgrimages to religious sites are seen as 
acts of faith. Roads and towns develop along 
the pilgrim routes, expanding trade and 
communication in Europe. Beginning in 
1096, Crusades to the distant Holy Land 
expose Europeans to Arab culture. 

Thinking he has 
^Jr pioneered a westward 
route to the spice-rich 
East Indies, Christopher 
Columbus lands in the 
Bahamas. At the time of 
first European contact, 
about 90 million Native 
Americans live in North 
^^^^ and South America. 

i^er {V)llectiiin 

Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes 
introduces horses from Spain into the New 
World, changing transportation and culture 
for Native Americans. Cortes carries out a 
harsh conquest of Montezuma and the Aztecs. 

Stagecoaches offer public passenger ^ 
and covering 15 miles a day is considered a 
good speed. The coaches travel in stages, 
changing horses at each stop. As a result, the 
stagecoach line is born. 

A Lett 



Chinese invent 
magnetic compass. 

^ Marco Polo ^ 

Gondolas first 
appear in Venice. 

1 Ciiina. 

is buiit. 

Ills world map. 

First Conesloga Volcanized 

explorers start 
slave trade. 

wagons are t 

Mayflower lands 
at Plymootli Hocli. 

Is invented. 

Lewis and Clarli 
explore American VVest. 

railroad spans U.S. 

engine appears. 

Pulilic rides 
first escalator 

_gfkf^ Pirates terrorize 
the seas between 
1690 and 1730. One of the 
most notorious pirates is 
Edward Teach, known as 
"Blackbeard." The fictional 
Captain Hook first appears 
in the 1904 play "Peter 
Pan" which inspires 
books, musicals and films 
throughout the centur\'. 

Birchbark canoes provide transportation for 
many Native Americans. The canoes are made 
with a light wood frame covered with pieces 
of bark sewn together and made watertight 
with melted pitch. 

The first practical wheelchairs provide new 
mobility for those unable to walk. Early 
models of wheelchairs have three wheels 
and hand cranks to propel the chair forward 


A During the Revolutionary War, a submarine is 
"^Ifif" used in battle for the first time. Built by American 
David Bushnell, the one-person vessel is powered by a 
hand-cranked propeller. Twentieth-century submarines 
are complex, nuclear-powered craft used for defense and 
scientific purposes. 

^jij. France's 
brothers launch the 
first hot-air balloon. 
Filled with smoke, 
the silk balloon rises 
to 6,000 feet. Later 
that year, the first 
[lassengers go 
aloft — a rooster, a 
duck and a sheep. 

Travel by rail revolutionizes land transportation, 
"^r' British engineer Richard Trevithick invents the 
first steam locomotive in 1804, but it is 1825 
before railroads haul passengers. 

Henri' Ford's moving 
assembly line makes cars 
affordable to the masses. 
Ford produces the first 
Model Tin 1908. In 1964, 
the sporty Ford Mustang 
rolls out at $2,368 and 
sets an all-time record 
tor first-year sales of a 
new model. 

Anient^li Slort.Arrhlve Photon 

P Firsi drive-in gis f] 

W llnitliergli illes mw mienm C 

Hoflians first || 

p Sopersonic |] 

p PiomrlO \ 

P PmiiMBP % 

station opens. 

solo, nonstop 

zeppelln crashes. 

orliit Earlli. 


spacecraft leaves 

and Sojnurner 

over Atlaotlc. 

lllglit begins. 

solar system. 

explnre Mars. 

I trattic iiglits. 

meters \ 

Jet airline 
service liegins. 


NASA develops 

"Clionnel" links 

1 starts drive- 

space sliuttle. 

U.K. tn France. 

^ tliroogli service. ^ 

¥1 d 

On her maiden 
voyage, the great 
steam passenger ship 
Titanic, thought to be 
unsinkable, goes down 
after hitting an iceberg in 
the North Atlantic. Of the 
more than 2,200 persons 
aboard the ship, about 
1,500 perish. 

Piloied lialloon 
circles glolie nonstop. 

Man walks on 
the moon. 
Apollo 11 astronauts 
Neil Armstrong and 
Buzz Aldrin plant the 
American flag 238,000 
miles from Earth as an 
estimated 600 million 
people on Earth watch 
on television. 

First built in 1903, the Harley-Davidson 
becomes America's best-known motorcycle in 
the 1950s. Raw power and a distinctive rumble 
appeal to rebels of the 1950s and 1960s and 
to business executives of the 1990s. 

Freeways change the nature and pace of 
travel in America, in 1956, President 
Eisenhower authorizes construction of the 
interstate Highway System. By the 1990s, 
this nationwide network includes more than 
42,500 miles of highways. 



Orbital construction of the International 
Space Station (ISS) begins in 1998 when 
space shuttle Endeavor crew members 
connect the station's first two sections. 
ISS is to become the largest cooperative 
space mission in history. 

rfff»v iiLiLijidif ii'ijin liie 
New World takes 
Europe by storm. 
Brought to Spain from 
Mexico, chocolate is 
so costly that 
Europeans water it 
down for use as a drink. 
Natives of Mexico have 
prized chocolate since 
ancient times. 


John Montagu. 4'" Earl of Sandwich, instru 
his servants to bring him his meat between 
two pieces of bread. This way he can eat with 
one hand while continuing to play cards with 
the other. The term "sandwich" is born. 

As the millennium begins, European peasant 
ill- food is plain and often scarce. Feasting on 
meat is reserved for the wealthy Table 
utensils include only a knife; most people 
just eat with their hands. Slabs of dense 
bread, called trenchers, serve as plates. 

^ ^ Spli:es are Spice Irade Nslive 


! popcorn 
10 colonlsis. 

j-if. Europe's first 

opens in England. By 
1700, there are 2,i 
coffeehouses in London 
alone. Early coffeehouses 
are important places to 
transact business. Lloyd's 
Coffeehouse evolves into 
Lloyd's of London, the 
giant insurance brokerage 

PolaiD lamine 
swells Irlsli 

Jell-0 Is a ^ff^ Tupperware Packaged salads 

new treat. 

become avallalile. 

World's first 
restaurant opens 

Forlts first 
'on li 

Boston Tea Party 

First commercial 
pizzeria opens. 

Pop'iop caos 
are created. 

sales soar 

Swanson creates 
the TV dinner, 
sold in boxes designed to 
look like television sets. 
Frozen dinners are 
possible because of 
Clarence Birdseye's 1929 
invention of early methods 
for freezing food. 

Domestic ice chests provide early refrigeration 
Blocks of ice are cut, delivered to homes and 
sold for use in kitchen ice chests. It is the 
early 1930s before reliable electric home 
refrigerators are in common use. 

Brooklyn, is the 
first to deliver milk 
in glass bottles. 
For many years the 
milkman is the 
most common way 
to obtain fresh milk, 
before the age 
of supermarkets. 

America's first large self-service supermarket 
opens, followed by the invention of the grocery- 
shopping cart in 1937. During the Depression, 
supermarkets become a significant part of the 
food distribution network. 


Choices expand in school lunch programs. 
A growing number of public schools begin 
featuring national fast-food outlets and soft 
drink brands in the school lunchroom. 

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Archery competition is a common pastime in 
ttie Middle Ages. Archery skill is so important 
that English kings ban football because it 
takes men away from archery practice. 

_,+,_ Golf is a 
^'r popular 
sport in Scotland. In 
1552, Saint Andrews 
is a favorite place 
for golfing. Mary, 
Queen of Scots is 
reportedly the first 
woman golfer and 
helps spread golf's 
popularity in Europe. 


use engraved 
wooden blocks to print 
playing cards, one of the 
first uses of printing in 
Europe. Playing cards 
come to Europe from 
the Middle East during 
the Crusades. 

rst piayea in America, i 
sheep's bladder as a ball. As the millennium 
closes, millions of American youth play in 
organized soccer leagues. In 1999, the U.S. 
women's soccer team wins the World Cup. 

Europeans ^ff j^ German bowlers Norway introduces IceMey James Naismitli (^ffifc LEEO company Fooiballlans 

invent ciieci(ers 
aod darts. 

stone iiaii. 


French enjoy 
early iorm 
^ 01 tennis. 

aipine siding 

Native Americans 
piay iicrosse. 

In Canada. 

I iliaclismitli 
Invents pedal bicycle. 

invents basiietbail. 

Coney Islam! 
installs first 
roiier coaster. 

opens in Denmarit. 

Yo yo is 

^ in I 

enioy t 
Super Bowl. 

Barbie is born. 

Game coosoles 
^ PCtecyoiogy. 

Baseball is first 
played as an 


organized sport at Hoboken, 
NJ., when the New York Club 
defeats the Knickerbocker 
Baseball Club on June 19. 
More than 100 years later, 
Jackie Robinson breaks the 
color barrier in major league 
baseball in 1947. 

Tony Esfwraa/CBS/Enterlainment Communicalions 

jL. Game shows become widely popular TV fare in 
"^F" the 1950s. One of the top 10 shows of 1959, NBC's 
"The Price Is Right," still draws large audiences 
in 1999 on CBS, where it is the longest-running 
game show in television history. 

A Parker Brothers introduces Monopoly which 
becomes one of the world's most successful 
board games. By the late 1990s, the popular 
game is available on interactive CD. 


Athens, Greece, hosts the first modern 
Olympics. Winter Games are not held until 
1924. At the 1998 Winter Olympics, American 
figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan 
win the gold and silver medals respectively, 
and China's Lu Chen wins the bronze. 


considered by 
many to be 
greatest player, 
retires from 
the NBA. His 
talents lead the 
Chicago Bulls 
to sb( NBA 
in the 1990s. 


William Shai(espeare's "Romeo and Juliet" 
is first performed. London's Globe Theater 
opens in 1599, where many of his plays are 
staged. By 1600, the great playwright pen^. 
at least 20 plays. 


Literacy is reserved for the clergy and a few 
students. Monks and scribes laboriously 
copy books by hand using goose-quill pens. 
Books are such rare treasures that in some 
libraries thev are chained to the shelf. 

L im PholoDisc. Inc 

invents a way to mass- 
produce the written 
word. He devises the 
first Western movable- 
type system and a new 
kind of printing press. 
Gutenberg's inventions 
speed the spread of 
knowledge and literacy. 


are " 

Chinese Europe eKpands use 

Inveni tipsi o! AraHc numepals. 


music appears. 

I Leonardo da Vinci 

designs iirsi 
minute hand. 

of Independence 
creates It.S. 

Jajianese woman 
writes tlie first novel. 

The first 
printed newspaper is 
a four-page weekly 
publication, the Relation, 
printed in Germany It is 
1702 before the first daily 
newspaper appears. The 
Daily Courant of London. 

Britisli Navy 
originates signal 
flag messages. 

Mozart composes 
I at 

Braille develops 

Instant long-distance communication is possible. 
Samuel Morse invents the telegraph and a 
dot-dash code to carry messages over a wire. 
In 1851, Hiram Sibley founds Western Union 
Telegraph Company 

One if by land, two if by sea. Lanterns signal 
the advance of British troops, and Paul 
Revere rides to warn American colonists 
of the attack. His famous ride also signals 
the beginning of the American Revolution. 


Frenchman Nicephore Niepce creates the 
first permanent photograph. His partner, 
Louis Daguerre, carries Niepce's work 
further by inventing a process of capturing 
images on metal plates. 

American Christopher 
Sholes invents the 
typewriter. To keep rapid 
typists from jamming the 
keys, Sholes designs the 
keyboard so that 
frequently combined 
letters are located far apart. 
This layout lasts into the 
computer age. 

..^^ .... 

Austria introduces the first postcards. For 
only pennies, postcards iteep people in touch 
before telephones are common. Calling cards, 
commercial valentines and other printed 
personal greetings are popular customs. 

_|fjj^ Inventor 

Thomas Edison 
patents a practical electric 
light bulb. Electric lights 
have a profound effect 
on societ)', increasing 
opportunities for reading, 
writing, socializing 
and working. 

Pony Express 
carries mall. 

Viewers marvei 
81 early 
silent movies. 

Mitltey Mouse Beli Lalis invents 
lirst transistor. 

Graham Bell 
patents the telephone. 
By the end of the 
millennium, missing 
a phone call is almost 
mpossible as answering 
machines take instant 
messages. Cell phones, 
beepers and voice 
mail expand 
'ommunication options. 

©Xing deiivers Vietnam War 

juglielmo Marconi invents tnCfSilio, " 
providing a way for sound to travel long 
distances without the use of wires. During 
the 1920s and 1930s, radio is the primary 
source of news and family entertainment 
for most Americans. 

Berlin Wall tails. 

"i Have a Dream 

sparks protests. 

Edison invents 

U.S. women 
win riglit to vote. 

Drive-in tiieaters 
attract crowds. 


TV carries 
President Kennedy's 
> tunerai. 

MTV goes on air 

I becomes 

Movie making 
"^t'^ experiences a 
"golden age" in the late 
1930s and early 1940s. In 1939, 
Gone With the Wind and 
The Wizard ofOz premiere. 
Citizen Kane follows in 1941, 
and Casablanca in 1942. Studio 
giants are MGM, Paramount, 
RKO and Warner Brothers. 

^ Personal 
become available to 
the mass market, thus 
paving the way for 
desktop publishing. 
By 1990, laptop notebook 
computers allow people 
to compute from 
almost anywhere. 


A Television is invented in 1926, and regular 
"41^ network TV broadcasts begin after World War 
II. One of TV's most popular shows is CBS's 
"I Love Lucy," premiering in 1951. Television 
transforms almost every aspect of life in the 
twentieth century. 

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Elvis Presley's unique blend of \ 
■ blues, country, rock and gospel draws adoring 
fans and makes him "the King" of rock and roll. 
In 1956, his debut album becomes the first in 
history to sell a million copies. 



Millions of people worldviide cruise the 
Information Highway via the Internet, and 
instantaneous e-mail communication 
becomes common. As the millennium 
ends, computer, TV, video and telephone 
technologies begin to converge. 


return from 
the Middle East with 
new ideas, including 
that of the glass mirror. 
In 1278, the glass mirror 
is produced in Venice, 
Italy, and Europeans 
see themselves clearly 
for the first time. 

Queen Elizabeth n tht fdiliion trtudbetter, 
popularizing the wide skirt, jeweled wig, high 
bald forehead, and decorative ruff around the 
neck. She is rumored to have 3,000 dresses. 

Medieval knights wear a short wool tunic 
and a coat of chain mail. Gauntlets (heavy 
leather gloves) and sword complete the 
attire, which is so costly only wealthy men 
can afford to be knights. 

Medieval men's shoes have long, 
pointed toes. Individuals of higher 
social status are allowed to have longer 
points on their shoes, some as long as 18 inches. 
Moss stuffed into the toe maintains its shape. 


^ Europeans wear 
simple liinlcs 
and laggings. 

originate In Italy. 

Tootlilirusti Is Invented. 

Buttons appear 

not iaslenars. 


High heels are ^ "Flappers" ^ W.W. 

popular lor men 
and women. 






essenlial attire. 

slioe rationing. 

^ AIro hairdo 
is popular 

first appear 

Hair gets long, 
skirts get short. 



_^fk^ Men and women 
wear elaborate 
powdered wigs made of 
human hair, horsehair and 
goat hair. Because the 
large wigs are heavy and 
hot, some people shave 
their heads and wear a 
cloth cap under the wig to 
absorb perspiration. 

^fL^ With flowers in 
"^•f"" their hair and 
everywhere, hippies 
express their philosophy 
of world peace and love. 
Hippies favor bell-bottom 
jeans, granny dresses, 
bare feet, long hair, 
beads, headbands and 
bright colors. 

The Industrial Revolution brings mass-produced 
■ textiles, standard clothing sizes and the first 
ready-to-wear garments. In 1851, Isaac Singer 
invents the home-use sewing machine. 

Levi Strauss & Company Archives 

Young Levi Strauss comes to America in 
the 1850s and makes riveted canvas work 
pants for California gold miners. When he 
switches from canvas to blue denim. Strauss 
unknowingly creates one of America's 
greatest contributions to fashion. 


Indoor malls are popular with teens not only 
for shopping, but also for socializing. The 
first enclosed mall is built in 1956. In 1992, 
the Mail of America, the largest mall in the 
U,S., opens in Minnesota. 

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